Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Monkeying Around In The Yard

I have been working in the yard at night when the sun in almost down as I don't do well working in the heat and we have had a long running heat wave. 

I helped a neighbor clean out her yard and she had a swing set with monkey bars in the center and said she wanted it out of her field so I dug it out and brought it to my yard. I had to move the edges of the garden area out so that I could fit the monkey bars in garden area as I don't want to garden anymore. 

I was able to finish putting up the wood edging and I finished the sprinklers last week. I then put down plastic over the grass to kill it. I put dirt and grass on top hoping the layers will keep the grass from growing. I then put down cardboard and then used the old trampoline tarp on top of that. 

I borrowed my neighbors hole digger and dug the holes. Because the metal hadn't been in cement, the bottom of one side was broken off, so I cut a piece of wood and was able to make a leg by inserting part into the leg and leaving some wider so that it would stand even with the other one. 

I got the ends buried and then got the bars going across up and then tightened the entire thing up. I then started putting the trampoline tarp around the legs and poured black bark on that area. 

I need to get more cardboard so I can finish off the area and I still have room for a few tomato plants if I want.  I can't wait to have it done and  when it is finished, It will be much easier to keep the weeds out as I have most areas landscaped now. 

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Handful of SILVER in a Thrift Grab Bag - Musical Ring

The local thrift store hasn't been having many bags of jewelry. I actually went through this bag a month or so ago but haven't posted about it. 

I was shocked when I found that they had a bag with anything of value in it. I think since so many people have started going through sort bags on YouTube, that the stores are getting an idea of the value of some of the items of jewelry. 

I was really excited to see some silver in the bag and didn't even examine it much at the store seeing that there was at least one longer silver chain was enough for me to purchase the bag.

There was a lovely pinkish moonstone bracelet in the bag that I will actually wear. I probably keep one item out of ever four bags to keep for myself, so it was fun that I found something I would enjoy in the bag.

I also got an adorable music ring that I think one of my girls will like so that was also a plus. It is a happy day when I can find a few things in it that we will keep. 

I think the bag was worth it. Have a blessed day!

Monday, June 28, 2021

Using Teak Oil To Freshen Up a Batik Box

I found this really cool wooden box at a second hand store recently. I could see it was sun faded but thought maybe using the teak oil on it may bring up the color again. 

I made a video showing what using teak oil on the faded wood would do for it! You can see the huge difference when I put teak oil on half of the mask.

In this video I share how to refresh and shine up old wooden items. I have used this method to shine up my garage door, the outside of my trailer, the fiberglass cover and door on my trailer, wooden knife handles, aluminum siding on my home, aluminum windows, a grill, wooden boxes, toys, bathroom cabinets, and kitchen cupboards. I am sure I am forgetting some things as well.

This shines and protects whatever you put it on. It will even clean oxidation and surface dust off items. If you are going to use it on something that is really dirty or oily, you can clean it first. Mineral spirits will clean metal fairly well.

Here is a link to me using it on the barbecue grill.

Here is a link to me using it on the garage door.  

Here is a link to me using it on the trailer siding, easier than waxing. 

Here is a link to me using it on the kitchen cabinets.  

Here is a link to me using on aluminum siding.  

Here is a link to me using teak on my wooden knife handles. 

Here is a link to me using teak oil on my swamp cooler. 

Here is a link where I use it on a larger jewelry box.  

I am so thankful for the older gentleman that interrupted my phone call asking what I was going to be waxing and told me about Teak Oil. As you can see, I have used it so often that I have gone through 4 or more containers of teak oil. 

It is such a versatile product and I am grateful to have it in my life. Have a blessed day!

Friday, June 25, 2021

Double Rainbow Viewing

I shared a few days back about two people in my neighborhood passing away. 

One of the viewings was today. I was able to visit with the children of the man who passed away. 

It was so nice to be able to catch up with each of the kids and see where they are currently. When they moved to our area, the oldest daughter was around 13 and my eldest was a year ahead of her in school.Their mother married a man in our neighborhood and knowing that they would be moving here from the midwest, I asked if they would like my daughter to write to their eldest daughter and welcome her into the town. 
Princess One wrote her and welcomed her into town and introduced her to people in her grade and included her in the group activities they would do. 

The oldest son that moved in married into another local family and friends of mine so I have been able to keep tabs on him.

I was able to see the second son who I haven't seen in a few years, but I visited with him a lot over a few weeks while helping his mom at the time. I got the best hug from him when I saw him tonight. 

When I left, there was a double rainbow over the wife's car. I got a picture of two of the kids under the rainbow. I felt like my mother was there sharing a rainbow from her and a rainbow from him. 

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Let the Wedding Parties Begin

I have some really sweet friends that are planning a wedding shower for Princess Three. 
One designed and printed up the invitations for the shower in our town and dropped them off tonight. I had a very long day and was struggling to get the excel list to print on labels. 

I watched several videos on how to do it, but it wasn't working on my system. Princess Three had me send her the list and she was able to go to the label website and make the list into label form and sent it back in a few minutes. I had tried for hours and she was able to do it in minutes. 

I printed it no problem after she changed it over. I then spent a few hours stuffing, sealing, labeling, and organizing them into delivery piles. I have a pile to mail, but plan on walking and distributing the majority of them. 

I sent out the electronic invite to my family for the shower in a different city, and need to get the wedding invitation list organized so they can do the list spreadsheet so I can print those labels as well. 

Between all of us, we are getting it done. Princess Five made the electronic invites and created the "event" on Facebook allowing me to invite as well. Princess Four does the spreadsheets, and I got the lists together. Everyone is so willing to help.

I hope to get all these invites out tomorrow and send out the local invitations on Facebook events as I haven't done that shower invite yet. 

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

A Bank Honors A Bank - Fun Luncheon

I got an email from the Director of the local food banks saying there was a local bank that wanted to honor the food bank workers and board. 
I was surprised by this as I have been involved with the food bank for about 17 years. I have never seen anyone local do anything or honor the food bank in any way. 

I had been out of town but promised the director that I would be there to support her by going. I got home late  the night before and was quite exhausted but wanted to keep my promise. 

I went to the luncheon and it was very sweet as they purchased me a chicken salad as I am gluten free and couldn't eat a sandwich. They brought what everyone ordered and we had a great lunch getting to know about the workers. 

After lunch, they took a tour of the building, fridge, freezer and asked questions throughout the tour. It was such a thoughtful thing for the bank to do for us! I really enjoyed the visit and my salad. 

After they left, I asked the director if I could make a "thank you" basket for the bank workers as I thought it was so wonderful for them to do that for us. 

It just happened that there was an extra basket at the food bank, so she gave me the basket and allowed me to go pick out some fun treats to put into the basket. I wrote a thank you letter and took the basket to the bank and thanked them for their kindness. 

I had enough treats left over to make two more little baskets of treats. I brought home a few baskets Princess Two was getting rid of, so I filled those two baskets and took them to two neighbors who lost family members in the past week. 

I know when there is a death, sometimes you can't eat a meal as your body goes into shock, so I took over the baskets and visited with each family. The funerals are both this week and I may be babysitting for one of the families during the viewings. I have know them for many years and am glad that I can offer that service to them. 

It was a nice day and I felt appreciated for my service at the food bank which hasn't happened in many years now. 

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Air Fried Pizza - So GOOD

I wasn't feeling all that well today. I am not sure what is going on but I think I may have gotten bitten by a poisonous spider. 

The night before last, I felt a burning pain in my right side just above the pant line. I had been working in the back yard and had been sitting on the ground. I came in to eat dinner and was sitting in the recliner and the burning was severe. 

The next night, my side was really itchy and then today all day, the area is red and raised up. I have heard that black widow spider bites really burn. I have seen so many in the yard this year. 

I was just so tired today I wanted to cry as I have so much I need to do, but I just couldn't do it. 

I was so HAPPY to see in the fridge today that I had some pizza left from my good friend who owns a pizza store. She brought over a gluten free pizza to visit yesterday and I tried it in the electric fryer as I didn't want to heat up the house.

While she was visiting, I made some french fries for her to try in the fryer and she really enjoyed that. A bit later, I had another friend who moved away a few years back show up. I made her some fries as well and she enjoyed them as well! 

Later, I put the pizza in the fryer and sent photos to my friend that brought the pizza over to show her how brown the pizza got in less than 5 minutes. 

It tasted so good! It was dry enough on the bottom that I could fold it over and eat it like a sandwich. Usually, all the toppings come off and the center is very wet with that crust. 

I was able to fry up that last piece of pizza today when I wasn't feeling all that great and gave gratitude for my friend and her pizza. 

I hope I feel better tomorrow as I need to get the back yard landscaping done, but hope my side feels better. My side is burning currently so I hope I can sleep well.

Have a blessed day!

Monday, June 21, 2021

Car Shopping, Dehydration, and Migraines

Here is the post I had done the other night but had problems posting. I think I fell asleep while posting being tired, and hit some keys that reformatted the page so I couldn't get it to post.

I have had maybe 6 hours sleep in two nights. I shared about Wedding Dress Shopping, and today I spent the day car shopping.

Yesterday, I woke with a migraine and threw up before I started to go wedding dress shopping. The temperature was 100 and running from store to store and it was super hot in the dressing rooms with the curtains drawn. I was sweating all day. 

Today, I went car shopping with Princess Two from 10 a.m. until nearly 6 p.m. It was 102 degrees today. I was so hot getting into hot car after hot car on several different car lots while Princess Two test drove 20 cars or so. 

She wasn't sure what type of car she wanted but was hoping to find something smaller than her Honda Pilot. She drove a Subaru Outback, Subaru Forester, Grand Jeep Cherokee, Mazda Something, Subaru Esprea or something, Honda Pilot, Honda CR-T, Chev Blazer, Toyota Rav - 4, Honda Passport, Toyota Highlander, and some others I am forgetting. It was SUCH a hot day as the big dealerships have a hard time air conditioning such large offices, and the smaller dealerships, we just stood out in the hot sun, and being in the hot cars over and over, I was just so dehydrated by the end. 

There were so many times I just had sweat dripping down my face. Princess Two was a trooper. She just kept going trying to find something that would work. At the dealerships, they kept saying that they had half of the regular inventory and due to not being able to get the cars they needed due to Covid backlogs, the prices of cars has driven up causing high costs of almost any car! 

In the end, she didn't purchase one as we have a friend that may be upgrading their sweet ride and may be willing to sell her their car. She has also decided that she is very grateful for her working car and that it is paid off and after driving some uncomfortable cars, hers isn't all that horrible! 

I am so dehydrated that I have been drinking non-stop since.

Have a blessed day!

Friday, June 18, 2021

Computer Problems

My Computer has been having problems tonight. I hope I can figure it out! 

The entire post I had deleted. 

It just continues to have the fan run and I am going to just post this and shut it down hoping it will reset or something. 

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Wedding Dress Stress Yet We Are Blessed

For the past two days, we have done more dress shopping than I have done in 20 years. 

When princess 1 got married, we found a dress at the very first shot on the clearance rack that she loved. It was less than $100, and we were able to get it altered and buy all the accessories for less than $200.

I have looked at more wedding dresses in the last two days than I’ve seen in my entire life probably. We have tried on dresses at a rental place, looked on classified ads for used dresses, and today I was in 8 different dress shops, plus four yesterday.

Princess three had to work during the days, and then we would shop at night together with Princess Two. I went shopping during the day for her and she got out of meetings early. 

She went to several stores in another city before we met up. About dinner time, she had had enough. She tried on so many different dresses and she loved some of the dresses that certain shops had, but they didn’t have them in her size. The covid problem has manufacturing out three months or more on ordering one in her size. She doesn’t have time to get them altered, so it was very frustrating for her. 

After a little drive and a break, I found a little shop accidentally while looking for a different shop. I called her to come as I found the exact dress  I found it 1/2 before closing. Princess three arrived ten minutes before closing. We found lots of dresses that fit her in her size and we loved four or five of them!

The worker kept the store open for a full hour over closing time to let us try on all the dresses. The first dress that I picked out for her, I thought she would love, the woman and her daughter that came in behind us waited for us to finish for the hour, and her daughter tried on that first dress that we loved and ended up most likely buying it for her wedding as we picked three other dresses as finalists. Princess Three really loved and looked beautiful in them all. She will make a decision probably tomorrow.

I’m glad that we were able to find some dresses that she likes looked beautiful in! I told her not to worry about the price because she is worth it! I am blessed to have such beautiful daughters and this is something important to her. They each have things that are important to them, I try to be supportive about the things that matter to them and this matters to her! I want her to feel beautiful in her photos and on her big day!

God is good, and I’m sure that He’ll take care of the finances as He always has  I know He cares about her and wants her to feel beautiful too!

We are truly blessed! Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Let The Wedding Dress Shopping Begin

Princess Three is getting married in a few months. She got engaged over Memorial Day weekend. You can link to that video HERE. 

She only has a few months to get married as they need to get moved out of state for his schooling. With that time limit, she has been on overdrive trying to get everything organized. She has a good group of friends that are helping her and my sister owns a wedding reception business, so she is doing all the decor for the showers and reception. 

I went to my sisters today and picked up some of the decorations to take to Princess Three. She has a friend that is doing her bouquet and boutonniere and wants to put some matching flowers into the backdrop flowers. 

She also wants to make the centerpieces so I picked up the metal octagon shaped centerpiece bases so she can work on those as well. 

I am meeting her at some wedding shops in several different towns and she is looking at renting, and I posted a post about dresses online and had a few people reply so we are going to cross the state looking for the perfect dress. 

I spent some time online looking and sent her some that looked great, and I know she has looked as well, but we are just leery about it not coming in time. 

I hope we can find something that will work on the limited time we have. 

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Working on my Massage Chair Again

I've made several posts and videos about my massage chair. I have had the chair for a few years now, and I was so glad that I was able to fix it. 

Here is a post when I got the chair.  

Here is a post where I worked on the transformer getting it working. 

Here is a post where I fixed the back fabric of the chair. 

Recently, the rollers have been poking into my back at the top of the chair.  I had never had that problem before. Also, the rollers started squealing when it would hit a certain spot in the rotation. 

I have had it on my list to call the company and see what can be done, if anything, for the problems. I took the back off last night and a broken spring fell out when I took it off. Once the back was off, I tried to put the rollers down to the bottom and no matter what I did, it kept going back to the top. I couldn't remember if the rollers were usually at the top or the bottom.

I was able to call the WONDERFUL repair guy who has helped me every time I have called. I had a hard time getting through as the customer service guy didn't want to let me speak to him since my chair is out of warranty and they don't offer any of the parts anymore. 

When I spoke to him, I told him about the spring that fell out when I took the back off the chair.  He said that there are springs under the rollers that allows them to contour to the back when moving. I inspected the one side and saw where the spring was, and when I looked at the other side, it was missing the spring. 

I also told him the roller screw rod top was loose and causing a squealing. He said it has been so long since he has worked on this chair, that he didn't remember what should be there. 

He said that the older chairs that would have the parts in them are in an older warehouse and he didn't know if the parts I needed woulds be on the chair, or if they would work if they were there.

He asked me to take some pictures and text them to him. I sent them, and am really hoping he can find the two parts I need as it is really uncomfortable with the roller in my back and I am not using the rollers for the back due to the high pitched noise / squealing. 

I know the man wants to help me. He mentioned that when someone calls ordering the newer transformer, he refers them to my YouTube video about how to take off the base and where to install the new transformer. I think I have made his job easier for him as they can refer to that video on how to open the back etc. 

I hope he can find the parts as I would like to enjoy my massage chair again! I use it every day! 

Have a blessed day!

Monday, June 14, 2021

Getting an Old Book Repaired - Is It Worth The Cost

I had a very weird situation happen today. I received an old book from my father several years ago when I was helping him with his knee surgery recovery. 

I wanted to read the book, but the binding was off and some of the pages are loose. I worried if I read it, I will damage it more. It is from 1853. 

I read an article about a woman who restores old books, so I thought I would try and contact her. I looked her up and wrote a note asking her if I could visit with her about fixing this book. 

It has been a month or so since I wrote her, but she texted me today saying I could send her some pictures and give her a call about fixing the book. 

I called her and she was really friendly. I think we would be good friends. While having a conversation about cost, she said looking at the photos, it would cost around $300 to fix the book and keep the covers. 

I asked about the water damage and she said it can be fixed by taking every page out individually, and since the pages are in good condition and there isn't any smell, she said it would probably be fine leaving the pages as they are, and just fixing the cover and some loose pages. 

While we were talking, I mentioned something about my family and she said, "This sounds familiar, did you having another family member email me? I said "I didn't think so," and she went into her emails and said, "Do you know Princess One?" and I said, "That is my oldest daughter!" She said my daughter must have read the same article as she emailed her about a book belonging to my mother in hopes it could be repaired! 

I thought what a weird coincidence that was! I told the woman that maybe we need to be friends! So weird that the timing was so far from the article being published and that we both contacted her within a few weeks of each other. My daughter contacted her through email, and I contacted her through Facebook. The article was not recent as I had it sitting with the book for some time before finding time to contact her and find her on Facebook. 

I called my daughter after talking to the woman, and my daughter said that the book she wanted done would be $175 and she didn't think it was worth the price. It was an old hymnal belonging to my mother, but it wasn't a rare book. 

The book I want to get done is more rare, so the woman said she would contact a few rare book dealers and she would ask them if the book was rare enough to spend $300 to fix up. 

I contacted a university library asking if they would want it donated, but they already had a copy of the book. 

It will be interesting to hear what she finds out. 

Have a blessed day!

Friday, June 11, 2021

Unexpected Enjoyable Distraction - A Four Hour Phone Call

After I blogged last night, I spent hours replying to comments on my social media. I am not sure what is going on, but I have had so many more views in the past month or so, and have gotten many more comments than usual. I try to keep up on the comments daily as if I don't, I am worried I will get so far behind that I won't be able to "catch up" as when I go visit the grandchildren, I don't do blog or social media while with them, but when I get home, it takes me hours to reply to all the comments on my blog, YouTube, and my website. 

With new subscribers, and non-subscribers just watching videos and asking questions, my views have gone up and the comments also go up. Today, over and over I would look at the YouTube app on my phone and I would have 5 comments, 7 comments, 3 comments. It seemed I no sooner replied, that I would have another comment showing before I hit "reply" on the last comment. 

I have always wondered how people with a million subscribers can even look at comments on their videos. I love that I can reply to comments and feel like my viewers are my friends. I think sometimes I want to keep my channel and blog small so I don't have to deal with so many people. I know that doesn't make sense as I want to help people, but think I don't want to be famous for having a parasite, so it is a bit hard to want it to pick up. However, I spend so much time on the replies, making and posting videos, updating the website etc, that it would be nice to make enough to give me a salary and to help pay the fees of keeping the website up and for all the herbs and treatments I try. 

I was going to go out today and finish the sprinklers in the yard, but I got a call from a relative that lives in the East that I haven't talked with in awhile. I was shocked when the call went on and on and in the end, it was over 4 hours in length. We hung up at 1:30 her time, and well beyond dark for me! I didn't get the things I had to do on my list done, but I had a very enjoyable call with her updating me on her family and updating her on my family. 

It was unexpected but wonderful and I am very tired. but can go to bed smiling. 

Have a blessed day!