Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Nightmare Of It All – Horsehair, Nematomorpha, Gordian Worm - Stongyloides Stercoralis or Thread Worm Part 3


Here are more symptoms I have or am suffering still with this infection..... The top picture are the scabs that came from me picking out the parasites once they showed up under the skin. I don't pick them out now, I just let my lymph system clean them out as I don't like the scabs on my hands. If I don't do anything after soaking my hand, they eventually get carried away. I do have some edema and swelling as the lymph tries to keep up with the dead parasites but I thought I would show what happens when you pick them out.

I contacted my brother who has many of these symptoms this week and his wife tried my hydrogen peroxide on her skin as she has had a rash on her right hand for a year after their cat scratched her. She also did her left hand with no rash and the third photo is her left hand with the worms showing up.

They HAVE NOT wormed their cats and this is all from a scratch. I will post her two pictures of the rash before and the rash after as I instructed her to just soak her hand in peroxide as I have found that easier and less work than spraying the hand. I will put up a video post about that tomorrow hopefully. Anyway, the rash and the white on the rash after are her hands, not mine. My hand rash is almost cleared up after several soakings and applications of the yeast cream and parasite liquids I got from IFA. I will also post about that tomorrow.

I also put a picture of one of the girls nose rash. It gets better and worse for over a year and more like two years now. If you look close, you can see at the corners of her nose, there are rashes. She has had sinus problems for years. 

BRAIN, MEMORY, COGNITIVE PROBLEMS – Since having the “superinfection” my brain, coordination and thought processes have suffered. My girls were home and we were playing a simple game. I COULDN’T master flipping over a card. The girls looked at me funny but I had felt “drunk” for a few days. I had problems talking saying the wrong words. I couldn’t remember where I parked. I locked my keys in the car. I left my keys at two different stores having to go back in to get them all in one week. I shared this with the Dr. He ran all the tests but it really scared me as I am usually an educated and quick, coordinated person.

This past week, I needed to pick my child up a mile from home. I have lived in this town for 20+ years. It is a VERY small town. I took FOUR wrong turns going to pick her up. I back tracked on myself three times before picking her up. The next morning, she called asking for a ride. I saw one of the cheer squad pass me on the road and I thought, “Why is she out, it isn’t cheer time.” I then proceeded to the place I picked my daughter up the night before but didn’t take any wrong turns to get there only to figure out after no one was there that she was at a different location which I KNEW. It is always in the same place and it was cheer practice. That night, I went to pick her up from another location and took TWO wrong turns to get her.

If you listen to my speech in yesterdays post video (part 2) you can hear me slur some words and you can also hear me struggle for the right word "drug store" when talking about where you can buy hydrogen peroxide. This isn't funny when it happens to you but can be funny when you are listening to others inserting the wrong word. Today, I meant to say "We can apply teak oil" when talking about wanting to wash our window vinyl edging tomorrow for a work project and I said, "we can apply lime disease." I laughed but it really does scare me that I can't think clearly and I know it scares Princess Five who see's me having more and more of these "moments." 

I am an educated person with two degrees and have raised five children on my own taking care of house, home, family and cars with not much help. This of all the symptoms scares me most.

CARDIAC PROBLEMS – I have been having the chest / lung tightness for years now not knowing what it was, I figured it was just heart burn but I could get no relief from it. When I saw the chest x-ray results, it scared me. I have a prolapsed mitral valve but flutters from that are rare. Over the past few months since taking the Vermox, I have had weird flutters often and twice almost fainted from it. I get light headed often and my hands and feet often go numb. My Dr. wanted to put on a monitor for a month but without medical or financial help, I couldn’t afford the cardiologist fee to have it read so refused it after calling to try and work something out. I have chest / heart pain most of the time now. It is different than the tightness although I still have that sensation. I get heart “pain” where it aches all the time. The x-ray shows it as “smaller than average” but with all my heart testing before, I have never had that comment.

KIDNEY -  I haven’t had a urinary infection in 15 years plus. I had one in the past few months. I have had a little “urgency” feeling for about 8 months. I then got the acute UTI. It cleared up taking longer than usual to clear up but that was at least two months ago or more. There is now pain in my left kidney. It has hurt for about a week and aches. My bladder has felt a bit distended and bloated for the past month or two since taking the Vermox.

EYE PROBLEMS – My left eye has felt like something is coming out of the tear duct many times since I took the Vermox. I was laying outside on the ground with my daughter one afternoon and I could see many, many little things zipping around my eye. Not the traditional float type things that move as your eye moves but tons of zipping worm type things. This was the actual reason I went to the Dr. for this last visit which helped diagnose this. My eyes have been getting worse over the past two months. I have never had a hard time seeing things but since taking the Vermox, I have had to squint, move things, blink lots of times, fight really bad red / pink eye. Not that I have goop like you get with pink eye but my eyes are really red or pink most of the time and I have been using eye drops to get them to not be red.

I wonder if that is why Princess Five's eyes stopped improving some as well as she has been dealing with this for a few years now.

SINUS PROBLEMS – My nose has been feeling like something is coming out in the fine hairs. Several times when I feel that, I spray up my nose with hydrogen peroxide (3%) and then grab tape and stick it up my nose. I get the same black thread looking worms that I get when I spray my hand and dig out the “worms” from them.

HIGH WHITE BLOOD COUNT –EOSINOPHILIA – For years I have gone to the Dr. telling them I thought I had parasites. I even told the Dr in January I thought I had parasites in my lungs. I had several tests over many years showing a chronic high white blood cell count. Not one Dr. looked up parasites and eosinophilia. If they would have come up with a diagnosis, especially when you include that I had the lung issues and sores in my throat, I could have saved myself years of pain and damage. I would always get a call after testing from the Dr.’s offices saying they found a high white count but not one addressed it now for years. .

BLACK OR BROWN LINES UNDER FINGERNAIL – For at least five years, I will get these black lines coming up under my finger nails. I did searches on it for years thinking it may be related to parasites but never could find anything. They can start anywhere on the nail on any nail and show up in a day or two or take a week or two to show up. Sometimes it is just a dot and sometimes, it is almost the entire length of the nail. They grow out with the nail and as soon as the nail is long enough, I can dig out the dark line. It isn’t “in” the nail itself but underneath it. That is why I thought it was a parasite getting trapped trying to come out and gets stuck under the nail. I was bleaching my hair with peroxide a few days ago and got some on the tip of my middle finger. Within seconds, the black line appeared under my nail. I also had little white “worms” like the hand picture around anywhere the peroxide touched. They DO NOT LIKE PEROXIDE! I will show pictures of the fingernail lines as they are very distinct. I saw them on one of my children’s nails last month and two months ago, saw them on my nieces nails.
ARTHRITIS – A few years ago, I was having lots of pain in my knees. I think at some point some of the parasites set up there. I did one of the many cleanses and the pain stopped until a month ago when after I took the Vermox, I started having knee pain. Soreness in my joints. It feels like arthritis and I did find on one site that said it can be a side effect. I have to say that I had every symptom on each page and then I would type in a new symptom I was having and by including that symptom, I would find another page that describes how some patients with this problem have whatever my new symptom was. This is an example of that. The more oils and treatment I take, I am now having left leg / hip pain. The lung damage is on the left. The heart obviously, the eye, the initial rash, the kidney on the left is the one that hurt and now the left hip and down the leg. I do have the knee pain on the right but most of my ailments have been on the left side.

GALL BLADDER AND LIVER PAIN – I had gall bladder pains and liver area pains frequently for about a year. It got quite bad before I took the “Vermox” but after that, more of the pain was in the lungs, heart, kidney etc. When I would take a few drops of rosemary in my mouth or Frankincense oil, my gall bladder area would hurt after about 30 minutes. I think when the parasites get something they don’t like, they go to somewhere that is less toxic for them. After an hour or two, the pain would go away and things went back to how they were before. I eat fats, cheese, and meat and don’t have any problems, just with a few drops of those oils. 

To Be Continued.....


  1. How are you doing ?
    I have a few medications I could reccomend
    I also have a nightmare story
    A parasite was biting me and caused a umbilical hernia then it spread to my nose and head lesions
    Swollen ankles/ feet and severe distended abdomen in which I looked 9 months pregnant
    The red flags were all there !!!
    But doctors did nothing ! Went to CDC and not one test.
    The doctor said it was impossible to have parasites effect the nose and head .
    I had them coming out of nose constantly and when my husband cooked bacon the parasites went all squirmy .

    Do you like sushi ?
    Have you ever taken pain pills for pain ?

    Some new doctor who I just met was a arrogant pompous jerk and he did not even know what flagella was and even denied I had lymph nodes in my neck that swelled up as big as a walnut.
    I got liver cysts, cysts on ankles, arm and several ovarian and cysts near my uterus.

    I was furious they did not do explatiry surgery and I even went to a plastic surgeon and told him to do lipo but I woukd like to kerp contents to send it off to CDC but he said I had to find a doctor to take me serious

    After I showed one doctor years later what was coming out of nose he gave me the meds I asked for .
    He said" I'll also give you what I take when I go to Africa"

    Can you believe this ?
    A doctor with no symptoms gets to take anti parasite medication

    Oh I went to Mexico and had them suck out the worm , it got caught up in the tube and it was big !
    From years of abuse and neglect I woukd up at the Mayo Hospital with a 6 hour surgery
    And it was achalashia caused by parasites !
    If people heard all the dumb excuses I got from doctors and I recently got reinfected auto infection and I told doctor I could not have steroid shots , but I'm back to where I was 3 years ago but worse
    I'm losing my eye sight and my hair is falling out
    Been to dermatologist and they even saw what my lesions on my head were but the idiot did not even do a skin biopsy , like before !! Ughhhh
    Seems as though you have filariasis or threadworms.
    I woukd get ivermectin
    Praquataxil. Albendaxole and try a few things

    But was wondering how you think you got sick

    These doctors are saying it's because I'm in pain management !
    Then they said my stomach is distended because I had a 9. Pound baby .
    And my feet are swollen and that's because I could have heart disease

    After I took anti parasite meds
    Everything went away including my angina of 25plus years
    But after that darn steroid shot
    It's back everything and more ����

    How are you doing ?

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your struggles. I do not have thread worm. I have been diagnosed with a non-human parasite called "horsehair nematomorpha" which has a very similar life cycle to thread and hook worms. I have tried all the medications you suggested and none of them did anything. I wish I had an answer for all the people that are writing me weekly wanting help but I haven't found a cure. I just do the stuff I mention on my posts to keep them out of my head. I will post anything I find on this blog and my youtube channel. I hope I can find something that works soon as they are just getting worse and worse. God bless.

    2. Have you all tried NAC?

  2. I'm so thankful for u! Thank u 4 all of ur information!I have been going through he'll & after reading this I'm 99% sure this is what I have. I can't type 2 much & I havnt even been able 2 read a ton but I really would like 2 talk 2 u if u don't can we do this? I'm 38 & my husband & I have gone thru so much trying 2 figure out what's wrong with me. I truly feel as if these things are killing me at this point. It's like they are changing my personality. I'm still working full time & I have close family & friends but I'm in so much pain & it's been going on for so long I can't handle it. My eyes and sinuses are the worst. The Dr's have diagnosed me w m.s. bc I have chronic optic neuritis but they can't figure out why it's chronic. I've been diagnosed with crones & other things as well. I truly think I have an infestation of this worm. I have bizarre things coming out of my nose and eyes and I see those things u r talking abt all the time. It's living in my tongue too. It moves on its own! I have the eggs all through my mouth. I have gone to the dr w this, they r now sending me to a psychiatrist!!!! Omg! Really?! I do have an apt w a parasitic dr the end of October but I'm worried I'm already discredited on file or worse that it will be too late. How have u preserved Urs eyes for so long??? I get the worst beyond migraines & eye pains. I have pictures of the things in my eyes. I managed to get a picture of the worm before it entered my eye! I did the horse hair thing, pulled 1 right out of my foot& have a gross video of it moving & curling! I saved it in saline. I hope this is enough proof in a month! Please write back. I'll chk ur blog l8r. I have 2 go 2 wk. Thank u 4 everything!

    1. Chrissy, I am so sorry you are dealing with this hell. Put the worm that is in the saline in the fridge and hopefully it will slow down degradation but what I really suggest is don't wait to get it diagnosed. Take the worm in saline to your regular Dr. Tell him how you got it out of your skin and how you know about someone that has all the same symptoms and was finally diagnosed with "horsehair nematomorpha" which isn't supposed to be a human parasite but they are finding cases now that they know what they are looking for.

      Send a note to the lab saying that if they can't find this parasite on the known human parasite database, suggest that they look at "horsehair nematomorpha" parasite as there are now human cases. It will give them a direction to look. Until we get more actual diagnosed cases, no one is going to do anything about it. I can blog for years about it but unless people get diagnosed, no one will take notice.
      I understand your frustrations but imagine the Dr.'s who haven't even heard of this. I spoke to a Parasite guy today and he hosts summits on parasites and he had never heard of it either so lets just pray for the Dr.'s and ourselves that we can soon find a test and treatment for this horrible parasite.

      I don't talk to people about this other than posting things online and replying to private messages via youtube as I have nothing to share other than what is posted on my blog and youtube channel. Once I get more information, I post another blog and video. I hope you can get the worm diagnosed as it can help us all! Thanks for contacting me and I will say a prayer for you. I wanted to share that I put castor oil over my eyelids each night to suffocate the worms coming out of the eyelash area. It seems to help keep them down some. I also drink Spicy V8 and hold it in my mouth and the Cayenne pepper kills them off as well as using "thieves" oil in my mouth each night and on my neck and swish a few drops in my mouth to keep them out of my mouth at night.

      Have a Blessed Day!

  3. I am so sorry that people are suffering in silence without the support of the medical establishment. All of my skin issues cleared up with artemisia (wormwood, sweetannie, caphfor grown from garden) baths. I also take cloves capsules, removed sugar from my diet, and eat only organic meat. I stopped drinking an soda pop and I do not drink water from any plastic bottles). I keep my fingernails short and clean under my nails every time I wash my hands. I spray my bed daily with 90% rubbing alcohol. I also take internally Lymestat. I take Adrenal support and candida yeast control. I stop trying to get a diagnosis when doctors would not help me. I went to MD's who do not study or have any knowledge of infectious disease. Then I went to a chiropractor who got specialize training in infectious disease and used a biofeedback machine that Id co-infections to Lyme disease. I also made a tincture of Black Walnut and I put it in my daily tea helps with parasites and thyroid. Anything that is not a supplement I grow. I also take 5-HTP to help with moods as all of this can be a tad overwhelming. Helpful books Morgellons: "The legitimization of a disease" by Ginger Savely. Another book.."The Cure for all Diseases" by Hulda Clark, Ph.d., N.D. Another book is "Herbal Antivirals" by Stephen Buhner. He also wrote "Herbal Antibiotics". I believes these are all superbugs as the result of eat GMO foods. The only doctors that seem to be trained to Identify and treat these infections are doctors that take the elective in medical school for infectious disease...usually only doctors that are thinking of working in 3rd world country even think about taking these elective parasitology. More of our general practitioners need to take these course but it is not mandatory therefore 99% of our doctors do not get trained. Therefore we have to inform ourselves, clean up our diet, removed sugar, and start growing the plants we need. I send my love, support, resources, and prayers. I hope you are able to find the answers and relief you seek and deserve.

    1. Wow, so much information presented well. I think it is great that you can grow your own herbs and take it and it helps. I feel like I need to find things that everyone can get. I have people that live in the inner city that wouldn't be able to do that but they can get stuff online. It is also great that your found a Chiropractor that is helpful. I actually saw mine this week and he sent me a link that I found very helpful and am so grateful that I have been blessed to find an MD who also is working to help me. You are right about the Doctors not being trained and if it is something they don't understand, many will put blame elsewhere rather than admitting they don't know. It is human nature.
      It is so frustrating to continue to spend money on new and different things to try and cure this as I spent near $100 today at the health food store. I do have faith that I will be able to figure it out with everyone's help. People are so good to take the time to share.

      I still need to read Hulda Clarks book as many people have shared that. I haven't heard of the other books you mention but have taken many of the same things you have.

      Thanks again for sharing all that and I am grateful for your kind words and everyone's prayers. Have a Blessed Day!

    2. Thank you for your courage please keep in mind that 15 years a psychic healer actullyd's diagnosed during which Alan Magellan's one before the doctors you know even with a dress exist so I've been approaching that and I can kind of pick up on that and healme I'm using a voice generator so it's spelling everything wrong and picking up on things wrong but so it's not snowing Magellan's right but anyway keep in mind that the psychic Community is way more advanced than the medical doctors morphe brushes

  4. I've been thinking the same thing for yrs I'm in my late 30s yet since I was late teens in late 20s I've had all these medical conditions come up everything from gallstones kidney stones diverticulosis all types of things and then back in May of this year I started to get lesions and this kitching all over my body which no one's been able to tell me what it is my nails are brittle little black spots to over the years and my hair is so brittle it looks like it's going to fall out all since late May I've been thinking it's parasites worsening and bug bites on top of that and I've seen the same type of things through my skin to over the years when I've tried to put peroxide or bleach on my skin so who knows what I have on top of possibly having this I just hope that doctors finally diagnosed me and i anti parasite drug... I've been around pets all my life and even as a child of the 80s no one said eating raw meat was bad I assume I was never completely treated or developed more parasites over time by the time I was 12 my bones were week fractures knee which couldn't be fixed with any pins in to fix have arthritis since and asthma so if vermox will kill all the types i think i have ill be thrilled as im a single mom oF 3 small children from 8,3 and 5mo.. it's been killing me with my skin like this afraid to touch my kids I want some sort of life back is right now it feels like it's killing me literally

    1. Hello, I am so sorry you have been dealing with this for so long.
      I did try generic vermox (mebedazole) and it didn't work. I tried some other types of mebedazole) and it also did not work so I am not sure of any treatment currently. If you do try vermox, make sure it isn't generic mebendazole as it didn't work. Also, I would try treating on for a few days, off for a few, and then on for a few to kill off any eggs that may have hatched from the worms you kill off or you may end up with a worse infection as all the eggs of the worms you kill will hatch causing a hyper-infection.

      With all your health problems, I would hate for you to end up with pneumonia a week after treatment as all the new hatchling burrow through your lungs. I don't mean to scare you or discourage you but try to get diagnosed if you can before treatment. I have a video showing how to try and find them in the stool on my channel. You can search my blog for "parasite stool" and the post with that video should come up.

      Find a good Dr. and go from there. Send in the worms in contact solution and send a note in with them that if they can't find the worm on the human parasite database, to please look at the horsehair nematomorpha parasite as you have all the symptoms of someone who has been diagnosed with this parasite even though it isn't supposed to be a human parasite. Not trying to tell you what to do, diagnose or treat you, just sharing what has and hasn't worked for me. Let us know how it goes for you. Good luck. I'll say a prayer for you. Have a blessed day!

  5. Hey can u please email me I would love to speak to you about this as my doctor kicked me out of his office and said I was crazy.

    1. I am so sorry your are going through this! You can email me at but I have nothing to share that I haven't posted online.

      I went to three different Dr. saying I thought I had parasites and only the third one believed me and tested me. When things came back negative for most of the common worms, he was willing to send in worm after worm until we finally got a diagnosis. I would say get a different Dr. Take in worms if you can find them in your stool. Get a lung x-ray saying you feel burning in your left lung area. See if anything shows up on the x-ray. Get a Pulmonary function test (PFT)to see if there is any lung damage. The lung symptoms were my first symptoms. The PFT can show problems. If there is problems and proof there, the Dr. may be more willing to listen to a parasite theory. Taking worms into show him in contact solution could help. I wouldn't go back to a Dr. who isn't willing to at least do some tests and see what they can find. I have no other advise for you. I am still looking for a cure and am trying new things all the time.

      I wish you well. Have a Blessed Day!

    2. I have tiny worms that come out of my scalp. I can't even go get a haircut because every hairdresser notices my hair moving like its alive and kicks me out of their chair but doctors would just look at me like I'm crazy but then I ordered a microscope off of the internet and slowly learned how to use it and started putting everything on slides and when I started bringing evidence into my doctors office the finally helped me but that was after 3 yrs of excruciating joint pain, chest pain and the loss of half of my hair. It turned out I had a type of roundworm I picked up from my dog and somehow the eggs got in my hair and when I'd wash my hair it would just get worse because as soon as my hair got wet they would come out of my skin and lay massive amounts of eggs and nothing kills worm eggs except high heat at temperatures that humans couldn't tolerate so I'm still battling this parasite with no end in site yet. My doctor has told me I'll have to shave my head and I haven't done it yet because I've spent the last 10 years growing my hair long. So good luck to you all. It's a nightmare.

    3. I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. It is a nightmare. I wish I had a way to help you but am still dealing with the nightmare myself.

      I pray that we can find a cure soon and end the nightmare for everyone!

      Stay safe! Have a blessed day!

  6. I have them. Haven't found a cure, but keep them down with various techniques. Currently taking mebenzadole I bought on internet. It helps. Taking 100 mg/day. I had no other choice since doctors won't help me. Does anyone know how long you can take mebenzadole 100 mg/day before you kill your kidneys and liver? Thanks for any information you can provide.

    1. I am so sorry you are dealing with this. I wouldn't stay on it for long if it isn't killing them off. I tried it on for a few days, off for a few days, on for a few days and off for a few days mixing in the abendazole with my Dr.'s help but nothing we tried alternating dosages, using both etc. killed them off. I would be super careful if I were you as my eyes are now yellow with all the different things I have tried and if you have been using it and it isn't working, why continue to tax your body that way? I am still trying new things all the time. I just ordered two new herbs I am going to try in hopes they may work. If something isn't working, move on and try something else rather than hurting your body.

      I wish I had more to offer you but I am still looking. I'll say a prayer for you and us all as I get people writing daily suffering with this.

      Have a Blessed day!

  7. My husband and I have been dealing with this for 3 months. W have been to b hospital on 3 different occasions and they dismissed us like we were on drugs. This has consumed us and our marriage. We are very irritable. My anxiety has been at it's highest and I constantly feel as if I can't breathe. Everyone thinks we are on drugs (especially with the weight loss) so we don't even talk to anyone about it now. Do they get in your hair and tangle it? My hair literally moves around on it's own and gets the worst knots in it . I would love for you to email me sometime!

    1. I am so sorry to hear stories like yours. I get them all the time. I pray that I can find a cure soon and science will start to study this. They do get in the follicles of hair and cause hair loss. The hair does get knotted and usually at the hairlines. I get relief from using peroxide on my hair every six weeks. They hate peroxide. I will continue to post things I have tried on my youtube channel and on here. You may want to watch my video where I share how I used peroxide huffing to ease the heaviness in my lungs where it felt someone was sitting on my chest. I couldn't do it long as peroxide kills normal flora and can cause fungal overgrowth and I haven't used it in a few years, but when I had that horrible tightness, it gave me some relief. I would suggest you pray to know what is best for you and I am sorry that I can't suggest you go to the Dr. as they don't know about this so it has to be placed on you to figure out what would be best for you. I'll continue to pray for guidance on figuring out a cure and also pray that science will catch up! Have a blessed day!

  8. Im dealing with ALL of these things. The hair! Its not even my own hair anymore. I feel like my bed is alive! The fibers i feel are coming from my bed.. Its everything that i touch in my house. Right now im having a very bad day. They have came out of there hiding spots my legs and arms are swollen. My nose is hard.... I feel like i need to burn my new house down!!!

    1. I am so sorry to hear that you are dealing with this. I wish I had an answer for you. I am still dealing with it all. I have found some things that help and made videos on what I have tried. I have a parasite playlist on my channel with those, thesecretisgratitude is my youtube channel.

      I hope some of them help. Have a blessed day!

  9. I have been finding this little worms everywhere in my house they like float in the air like lent or on my couches my bed my furniture in my hair my daughter's hair and my husband's hair I even found some of my daughter's ear and I think there's some in my ear I have tried so much stuff I went to the doctor and the doctor was like I don't know what they are but you have eggs in your head and she just put it as lice? And I've been doing so many different lice treatments I have done a sulfur hair treatment my husband thinks I'm crazy and he just thinks his hair fuzz and I am literally going crazy I don't know what to do about it and it's been going on for like a month now it started after we got pinworms 2 months ago but we got rid of them and then all the sudden they came back and this time they were in her hair furniture and everywhere and I'm pretty sure they're not threadworms I think they're horse worms but everybody's saying that I'm crazy and I'm seeing things I don't know who to talk to and what doctors could help

    1. I am so sorry to hear that you are dealing with this situation. It is so hard for me to hear stories like yours as I have no way to help others as I am still dealing with my own problem and situation.
      Everything I know about this is on my website or on my youtube channel. I wish I could figure this out so people could be cured and move on with their lives.

      I will continue to post anything that I find on those sites.

      Have a blessed day!

  10. Where can I see your videos

  11. This is a silent war. No nukes or guns, but a ubiquitous organism...nematodes

  12. I can't reply to the above comment, but I have tried NAC. I take it daily! I appreciate you taking the time to write. Have a blessed day!