GSE, Silver, Oregano, Tea Tree, Natural Cures


When my oldest left to go to the Philippines, she asked me to make her a "first aid" kit like I took with us to Peru. These things are what I sent with her to the Philippines. I put them in a padded lunch cooler when I went to Peru and everyone was very glad I did as we were living high above Cusco in a village without sanitation and limited resources. This information was typed up for her as she wanted a reference on how to use each item. I post this only for a reference to those who may be leaving the country and going where they may not have medical care. I also took a regular first aid kit with typical items and sent my daughter with one as well.

What I carry in my purse at all times. 1 - Concentrated GSE small bottle. 2 - Colloidal silver 100 ppm from Solutions IE. 3 - Liquid minerals from Marine Mineral in a small squeeze bottle. 4 - Thieves oil from Young Living oils. 5 - Pan away oil from Young Living oil for migrane, sinus and muscle pain. 6 - Tea tree oil. Small dropper bottle for burns and teeth pain on the go. 7 - Emergen C packs for quick boost if I feel I am getting sick, I put GSE in the Emergen C drink and I don't get sick.

Colloidal Silver – NEVER MAKE YOUR OWN OR GET IT FROM SOMEONE WHO MAKES THEIR OWN! YOU CAN TURN BLUE FOR LIFE! Buy it from a trusted maker. I like solutions IE brand. A close second is ASAP brand. Spray in eyes for pink eye every hour until clear for a day. Spray in mouth for any mouth sores, spray on wounds and cuts for infections and for general infections where you would take antibiotics, take in the mouth, 1-10 sprays every hour until you feel better for 1 full day. You can spray it on a band aid or bandage to keep it from causing fungus or infection.

GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) – NEVER USE EVER WITHOUT DILUTING, it is an ACID and can BURN. This can be used for fungal infections; athlete’s foot, dandruff etc. mix in water and soak feet for foot fungus. Put a few drops in shampoo for dandruff. Put three drops of concentrate in about 4 oz water and mix. Drink quickly and follow with more juice or water or eat something sweet to cover taste. Take it three times a day for general infection. It helps with most illness as it kills most anything. Take for ten days if you have something you would need antibiotics for and use with silver almost always for major illness.

Oregano oil – Take the pills for anything you would need antibiotics for. You can cut open a pill and use the oil for tooth problems but you may need to add olive oil so it doesn’t burn.

Olive leaf extract – Use after the silver, GSE and oregano if those three haven’t taken care of it all, then add this. Good antibiotic.

Tea Tree oil – (Wal-Mart sells a 2 oz bottle for $8 which is a very good price) This is the best stuff for any mouth sore or infection, wisdom teeth removal, and the best thing I have seen for baby teething. Use on cotton ball or gauze in the mouth for a few minutes many times a day for mouth sores or infected tooth. If infected tooth, use all of the above for full week on the heaviest doses!

Burns – Tea Tree oil is also the best thing for burns and burn pain. Rub over burned area and then use lavender oil to prevent scaring. Use several times a day and for a severe burn, use both many times a day and cover with a clean bandage.

Sinus infection due to mold, cold or tooth problems - To make nasal spray. Put a drop of GSE in 4 ounces of water. Stir and pour into clean nasal spray container. Spray up nose every hour for sinus infection, cold or fungal infection in sinus. When the spray is empty or the infection over, bleach the spray bottle and nozzle and rinse well, let it air dry and make a new batch for the next case so that you don’t reinfect yourself with the old bacteria left in the bottle. You can also spray Colloidal silver up your nose and snort for sevier sinus infections. Spraying in the eyes can also help sinus infections.

Swelling feet and limbs - The fluids aren't getting absorbed into the cells. Use liquid minerals in all your drinking water to help pull the water into the cells and absorb the water you are drinking. Marine Minerals from the Great Salt Lake are what I daily. This helped many people on the Peru trips who had started to swell. As long as they took minerals in all water, the swelling went away. 

Charcoal – If you get diarrhea, take 4 capsules of charcoal twice a day. If you feel toxic from anything or just sluggish, you can take charcoal for a few days but don’t take it within 4 hours of vitamins etc as it absorbs anything in your system.

Turmeric – This is really good for diarrhea. It is used for many illnesses. Take one pill three times a day if you get diarrhea. This can also be made into a tea if the capsules open. Drink in hot water.

Thieves oil – Take thieves in your mouth if you have a sore throat. Put it on your neck if anyone is sick. Rub it on the bottom of your feet before bed if you start feeling sick. Put it on your wrists during the day if people around you are sick. Never use your fingers to apply as you can touch your eye after causing burning. NEVER use on a baby or small child without using olive oil and put 20 drops of olive oil to one drop thieves and only use on the feet of someone under 14. Their skin can burn. If someone has burning, rub olive oil on the area and if it continues, use ice to cool the area.

I have dabbed this on collars of pj's for small children to boost the immune system if they are getting sick. I also put a few drops on a gauze and put behind a fan and it will make the room smell like Christmas and kill bacteria and boost the immune system.

Bed bug spray is all the thieves oils mixed in a spray bottle along with thyme and citronella oil if you have it (thieves oils include, cinnamon, clove, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus) Spray it on the edges of your bed after making it to keep bed bugs and fleas from biting or just rub it on your body at night before bed to keep them from biting. One oil a night would probably work. Like thyme one night and clove another etc.

Frankincense oil – This is a good oil when your spirits are down and energy is low. I rub it on my neck and wrist after contention or stress to calm me and bring up good energy.

Di-tone oil blend is good for your lungs. If you get a cold, rub it on your feet over the tops and middle of the bottom of your feet to help with your lungs. Wintergreen, spearmint and eucalyptus are also good for colds and lungs to open them up.

For sore muscles take Vitamin C and rub wintergreen, spearmint or peppermint with lavender and eucalyptus on them. For muscle pain and or a head ache, use Pan-away.

Pan-away – I use for muscle pain and mostly head aches. I rub it wherever I feel the pain in my head and down my neck if it is tension headache. I also rub this on my lower back every night to calm my restless leg syndrome. If I don’t, I continually wake.

Parasites – Colonix by Dr. Natura is the best I have found. I do a three month routine every year or two. When I got hookworm giving pedicures in Peru, it helped. It also worked as well on other parasites the first time I went to Peru. Black walnut is also a good antiparasitic. If you get canker sores when you eat walnuts, you have parasites. There are many types of pills but I like the Colonix as it is also a colon cleanse.

Chest cold, pneumonia and bronchitis – Rub Vicks Vapor Rub on your feet including the top and onto the ankle, put on socks and do in the morning and at night unless you can’t do the day time. This will open up your lungs. Don’t rub it on the chest as some have sensitive skin and will end up with a rash. 10,000 mg vitamin C at first sign of illness.

For major illness, take GSE, Silver, oregano oil and olive leaf. The treatment below helps get rid of the illness and can be done on the feet at night. This is similar to the raindrop treatment through Young Living oils but I adapted it to the feet so I could do it on myself. Apply Valor oil on hands, place on feet and hold for a few minutes until you feel a pulse in the feet, this may take a few minutes. Then, place the oils on in this order (thyme, oregano, wintergreen/birch, cypress, peppermint, basil and marjoram.) and drop the oils on the inside (spine side) of the feet. The oils need to be dropped on the feet starting at the heel and working up to the big toe dropping several drops up the foot. When the drops are on the foot arch side, take your fingertips and rub from the bottom of the feet toward the top or toe side with the backs of your fingernails like you are combing the oils up with the back of your fingertips. This disperses the oil without your fingers picking up the oils and spreads it up the spine reflex points up the foot. Do this with each oil. When you are done with this step, using your thumb, press firmly on the foot working your way up the spine in small steps until you get to the top of the toe. This hits all the reflex points in your spine. Then, place very warm wet washcloths on the bottom of your feet and wrap in a towel and let them sit for as long as the cloth feels warm. This can be done as often as needed. Try not to wash of oils for as long as possible.

When all else fails, say a prayer and seek the sprits guidance as to what to use and how much.