Friday, March 16, 2012

Reflexology Points for Constipation or Colon Issues

This post gets so many views that I am adding this information at the top so you won't miss it. Try the reflex points in this post. If you still have problems, click on this link and read about this product I posted about. I have no connection with the company but LOVE their product. If they both don't work, try the tapping I post about here. Look at "What am I having a hard time letting go of in my life" as constipation issues deal with "holding on" to something emotional. Please read this post but know these other two suggestion can help if the problem is more than an occasional bout with constipation. 

I had something happen this week that made me think I should post this information on my blog. I was at the dentists office of all places in town visiting with the receptionists. One had laryngitis and I suggested she take some GSE and Thieves along with Colloidal Silver to help her get over her laryngitis since she has had it for at least two weeks. I gave her some of my thieves oil and she dropped it into her mouth and swished it around. Within a few minutes she was talking with more of a voice and we continued talking about how Vitamin C in large doses would help her get over her illness much quicker as well. I continued on saying you can't overdose on Vitamin C, if you take too much, it will only give you diarrhea. Her friend said, "That wouldn't be a bad thing for you." laughing. I asked if she had a problem with constipation and she said she did.

I have known this woman personally for years and actually gave her our goldfish for her beautiful pond. I explained that reflex point are on the feet and other parts of the body. I explained also, that the bottom, center of the foot, is like the spine and the big toe is the head and the base of it is the neck. I took the picture at the top so you can see the similarities in the foot angle and arch to the actual arch of the back. If you put both feet together, it is the body. The shoulders are the outside of the feet just below the toes. the two arches make up both sides of the spine etc.

I asked if I could come show her where to rub on her feet to help that problem. I spent about 2 minutes rubbing her feet on the reflex points for the colon and she had lots of "crystals" in the area of the transverse colon. I seriously only rubbed each foot for about 1 minute each. I washed my hands and went on into my appointment in the dentists office. (Always make sure you wash your hands after doing any energy work or working on another person in any way.)

The next morning, my friend called me and told me "Thank you so much for doing that, it worked wonders and was a cure for her constipation." She then asked a few more question about what to use to rub the area and I suggested that she take a few minutes to find a foot reflexology chart online and print it off so she can make sure she is on the right spot but it is hard to miss the right spot when it has lumps and hurts when you push on it.

She told me thanks again and I felt really happy that I could help her. Sometimes I give advise or show people things and wonder if they ever followed through or if what I shared helped them or cured them. It was nice to have that feedback.

I will share that I usually use my knuckles when I am doing reflexology on others. I have used my thumb or other finger tips but my favorite thing to use is a large pencil eraser when I am doing reflex points on my own feet. It is hard to get the right angle sometimes on your own feet.

When I was in Peru doing our service missions, (click here to read about that) I bought these wonderful little rocks with lots of little points of different angles on it. I gave one to my sister who is into reflexology and I kept one for myself. They work really well but sometimes, they work too well and hurt more than a knuckle may.

I have several books on reflexology, two that I like are by the same woman. Mildred Carter. Her revised addition says that they have sold over 400,000 copies so it shows that reflexology works or there wouldn't be that many copies sold. I have included a picture of her page and a picture of the front of two of her books so you can see what a general chart looks like and keep an eye out for one of her books.

The nice thing about reflexology is, that once you have the feet chart or hand chart down, you can fix any problem with just your hands. No tools needed. The only thing you need is a foot and time. It is a simple healing technique that will give you results almost immediately.

One of my favorite things to do with my mom or sisters, is we sit at opposite ends of the couch and we put our feet up and we both give and get a reflex treatment at the same time. This is really funny when one of us finds a painful spot and we stop and hold on that spot. We start saying "ouch" and the other will then find a spot and push on that painful spot and we both start pushing harder and harder laughing as we go, sometimes we hurt so much we start crying but we are laughing at the same time so it makes it all the funnier.

The colon runs right across the middle of the feet. The ascending colon comes up the outside and then the transverse comes right across the middle of both feet, then the descending goes down the outside of the left foot and then the sigmoid goes across and down towards the bottom of the arch on the left foot.

You always rub and work in the direction of the normal movement of the colon so you start on the outside of the right foot and work your way towards the left foot and then down the outside of the left foot and across to the bottom of the arch area.

If you feel any lumps. Stop on the lump with a little pressure and hold. You will feel the lump start to get smaller and smaller as you hold it. You can gently rub it in small circles to help it move and if you tell the person to picture the lumps melting like butter in their mind and send that thought with some heat into the spot energetically, you can help move the process along.

There are spots on the hands, face and ears as

well. That is why acupuncture works on the ears. It sometimes is easier for me to work on myself using my hands, rather than my feet, but then my muscles get sore in my hands so I prefer to swap treatments with someone else.

My kids know, every holiday and birthday, they always ask me what I want and I just look at them and don't say anything and they then say, "A back rub and a foot rub!" I never have to say anything because they know that is what I ask for every time.

I made the video and laughed after when I realized, I was holding the camera on end and the video looks normal when you are taking it and actually even looks like it is taking it at the right angle when you watch it on the camera but when you transfer it to computer, it is sideways. My daughter had already gone to bed so I decided to post it sideways anyway. It gets the point across.

So, if you have a child or family member that has a problem with constipation, you can give them magnesium, lots of vitamin C, some fiber or you can rub their feet! I wish I knew what I know now when I first had babies. I had one princess that was always constipated. We gave her prune juice by the buckets and that didn't work. I gave her enemas constantly. I had suppositories in the diaper bag and at home because I had to use them regularly. Finally, I gave her straight apple juice and that was the only thing that helped her for years. Now, I would just rub her little feet! But, if any of the grandchildren ever had that problem, I would know what to do!

This is something you CAN TRY AT HOME! Don't you hate when they show you something really cool and then say, "Don't try this at home!" Well get to it! This works for everything not just constipation. Start Rubbing!


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  2. If you still have issues with constipation after trying these reflex points, check out this post listed below. This is the next suggestion that I have for that. You can read about many people who have always had constipation all their lives on Colonix website. This product helped them get rid of it.

    Look up colonix on my blog or search it online.

    If this doesn't work, the last option is emotional release.... Look at what you are afraid of "letting go of" in life. I hope this helps.....

  3. Thank you so much for your reply. Will keep you posted from my results

  4. Please share your results with these therapies here so others can get help from your results.

  5. Reflexology has been used for thousands of years in all corners of the world. It was rediscovered in the western world in the late 19th century when studies on the bioelectrical and chemical systems of the body were advancing. Reflex therapies continued to be developed within the medical field, and in the mid 20th century the basis of reflexology as we know it today was introduced to the public.