Monday, January 31, 2022

Covid Omicron Hit Hard

Friday night I started not feeling well. I have had mild covid symptoms for two weeks. I didn't have major symptoms and thought since I had my first bout not that long ago, maybe I just lucked out not getting Omicron bad. 

Friday, I had stomach cramps, loose bowels, a massive headache, then fever and chills. I had my heating mattress cover on HIGH all night and I have never done that. I usually get hot and turn it off. I couldn't get warm. I just kept shivering.

I did not get out of bed other than to take pills every four hours and get a drink on Saturday.

Sunday, I opened a can of soup heated it in the microwave and the same. A friend dropped off a pizza but I was too tired to do anything with it. I took more pills, slept and had lots of body pain. 

I missed posting for today as I was still sleeping. I hope you had a blessed day!


Friday, January 28, 2022

Most Bunkos and a Bonus Surprise

We finally started our Bunko group back up after stopping during COVID. We have not been able to get everyone there since starting up a few months back. 

We had one of our group that was an original member move last year and we haven't replaced her. We have tried to move nights around hoping to get more people to be able to attend, but it doesn't seem to matter what we try, we just haven't been able to get everyone back. 

Tonight, we were able to get 7 of the 11 current members there. We had an added bonus as the host's daughter was in town that we don't get to see very often. She was one of Princess Four's best friends! I enjoyed visiting with her so much. It was lovely to get updates on her marriage and life. 

I was in shock when I won most Bunkos as it has been a LONG time since I won the biggest prize! I was able to pick from her great prizes and got a lovely blanket. 

Another bonus for the night, her son is gluten free and I was able to get a great meal as well. It was a wonderful day! I got to speak to my friend that sent flowers last week and catch up again and I got to visit with other friends as well. I am so glad I was able to catch up with people. 

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Friends with COVID


My daughter contacted me today letting me know that one of my dearest friends posted that she has COVID. 

I thanked my daughter for letting me know and then called my friend leaving a voice mail telling her to let me know if she needed anything. However, I know that when I had covid I didn't look at my phone much as I was sleeping tons. 

I decided to drop off some flowers to her home as she has lots of children and family living in the area and I know if she needed food or something, she would call them before me. 

I took some Gerber Daisies over to her house and as I was going to the door, I could hear the piano playing and wondered why as I knew she wouldn't have piano students having COVID. I knocked on the window when I saw her sitting at the piano and scared her accidentally. ha ha. 

She then opened the window a sliver and we had a great visit for about a half an hour through the window. It was weird as I couldn't see her well as I could mostly just see my reflection in the window. 

If I stood on tippy toes, I could see her face through my reflection and it was kinda funny visiting with her that way as I felt like I was talking to myself. 

She moved into the house this past year and is working on her yard so I told her she could plant the Gerbers in her yard when it gets warmer. She also said she was feeling better and was practicing the piano to play at church on Sunday. She has moved out of our congregation, so we are excited as she will be playing at our church this week! I love this woman so much and am glad to be able to hear her use her talents on Sunday as well as the fact that she is feeling better! 

I was able to give her some advice on cleaning out the gunk in her lungs and chest. She was really cute telling me how much I have helped her and her family over the years with my medical advice. 

I loved that she shared that with me. I also love that she is feeling better. Her husband who also has COVID but has different symptoms came in and said "hello" for a second. We made an appointment to go to visit one of our temples in a month. It will be nice to get to visit with them. 

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Door To Door Sales - Good and Bad

Lately, there have been a plethora of door-to-door salesmen in our neighborhood. 

I was resting on a recliner in the front room of my home when a somewhat beat car pulled up and parked across the street from my home. A guy that looked sketchy climbed out with a clipboard and approached my home. 

All I could think was I was getting served with some legal papers, but that is usually an off duty officer in uniform, so then I thought maybe he was selling something, but even then, I couldn't imagine what he would be selling dressed as he was. 

He knocked and I thought about not opening it, but I was in a chair in front of the window so figured he may have seen me. I answered the door and he told me he was a "neighbor" living in the neighborhood. I did recognize his parents name, but had never seen him before. 

He asked if I wanted to hear about solar panels on my home but when he opened his mouth a bit wider on some words, I could see that he had a word tattooed on the tops of his teeth! I thought that was super creepy and I found myself stepping back as he stood close to the door on the porch. It was quite disturbing and thought that I didn't feel comfortable with him in the house alone with me even if I did want solar on my home.

The next afternoon, I had just gotten out of the shower, and still had my hair wrapped in a towel when there was a knock at my door. I opened the door as there was a man in a construction lime green jacket who was on my porch with a lanyard on his neck. I thought maybe it was gas or power needing access to my back yard as that has happened many times over the year. 

He introduced himself and had stepped back onto the top stair which put me more at ease. He then introduced his friend who was standing about 10 feet back on the sidewalk. He then said he had met with my neighbor who he said by name about putting solar panels on their home. He then asked what my monthly power bills were and that they could put them on my home with no cost to me.

The sales pitch lasted for about 2 minutes until I told him my power bills and how my house is brick with triple pane windows. He said it wouldn't be cost effective for me to do it then. 

They then left walking to the middle of the street looking at their phone in the street for a minute. I am sure they were looking at the names of the next home and I am sure they used my name to get a conversation going at the next home. 

As they left, I thought about the difference between the two different companies and the salesmen that approached me. 

Them giving me space at the door. Them wearing a "uniform" so bright you could see them clearly so I would be at ease that a neighbor would have seen them in the street and that also put me at ease thinking a murderer or thief would be more dressed like the first salesman that came. 

Them having lanyards with the company name on it. They parked their nice car in front of an empty lot on the street instead of someones home and the car didn't make you look twice. They came in twos, but stood back with one nearer the street so you didn't feel like they were going to rush you at the door. 

Using the neighbors name, not that I like that tactic, but it does make them seem neighborly. Being dressed well, but not over dressed with a nice haircut and shave. 

Not that any of those things can't be faked and Ted Bundy looked like a normal nice guy, but there was such a contrast between the two that it make me recognize how much power a first impression can have. It is worth taking notice how much control we have to make a good impression when meeting others.

Have a Blessed Day!

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Working on a New Gratitude Frame

I just had the weirdest experience. I started writing my post for the day. I wrote the title and put my first sentence down for the post and then went to search how long it has been since I last worked on my Gratitude Frames. I searched my blog and it was EXACTLY FOUR YEARS TO THE DAY since posting about my last gratitude frame!

Here is a link to that post from four years ago. What are the odds that I would pull out all the stuff I have been collecting for four years to put them into a frame EXACTLY FOUR YEAR TO THE DAY? 

So wild. I wasn't feeling all that well and decided I wanted to get something done as I had been sitting and doing nothing feeling so tired. I pulled out the bag of things I had been collecting and started cutting them up and gluing them together. 

I usually don't let it go this long before putting them together. I have so many blessings that I kept little mementos from so that I could share them on a new Gratitude Frame. They remind me of how blessed I am constantly. 

I have so much saved up that I may even need to start my fifth frame. It is going to be nice to get it finished as I have wanted to work on it for a bit now. 

I usually put together little reminders and usually try and write a date on it and who I was with at the time of the event. Many fortunes from meals with my family or friends and I find it interesting how sometimes the fortunes match the event we were going to or things that were going on at the time of the fortune. 

I have so many names and signatures of people I got thank you notes from or cards with gifts I have received. I have little notes from my girls, things off tickets I won or stubs from events I've attended.

I am so blessed that I have so many frames packed with things I have been blessed with!

Have a Blessed Day!

Monday, January 24, 2022

Sweet Friend Sent Flowers - Feeling Blessed

I had a bit of a stressful day the other day. I was on a call with a friend about a situation I have been dealing with  for a few months and am trying to figure out how best to handle things. I had just come to the realization that I have done everything I can and now I just need to leave the situation in Gods hands and was telling my friend on the phone that she also needs to let it go as well as we both have given everything we can to the situation and now we just need to trust God to deal with it. 

I was just about to hang up the phone with her when there was someone at my door. I opened the door and there was a flower delivery! 

I waved at the driver who was back at his car, and brought them inside. I teared up thinking that God had prompted someone to send me flowers just when I needed them, to know that I had done what I could for the situation and then to trust Him to take care of the rest. 

When I opened the box thinking it was from one of my girls as they are the only ones to have sent me flowers in years, I was really taken back by who sent them. I have known this person since he was a child and was really good friends with his father. He found one of my videos on YouTube by chance and reached out and we have reconnected in the past year. 

He has been so sweet to check in on me and he has been busy with his family but we text every so often just touching base. 

I cried as they were so beautiful and thoughtful. Since I am not feeling well for so long and other stressful stuff recently, it was just nice to know that someone was thinking about me and caring how I was . I am so blessed as I have so many kind friends and family members who do care, but I know that God sends someone to us all when we are in need. 

I am grateful to this friend for listening and being willing to do kind things when needed. I was pondering about how kindness comes full circle. I was kind to this person and his family when they were in need, and now, he's taking care of others as well as me when I was in need. 

I am very blessed! I hope you are as well.

Friday, January 21, 2022

All Out Nerf Battle War Fun - Annual Family Activity

My kids were all coming for the first time in six years for Christmas this year. For about a year, I have been buying up used Nerf guns at thrift stores trying to buy all the same types of guns so we could have an all out Nerf battle over Christmas. 

After purchasing about 10 guns that are the same, I kept looking for foam soft tipped bullets. The one thing about Nerf Bullets is that they get lost or broken. I wasn't able to find more than a few used foam bullets. 

I started researching online for inexpensive bullets and found 1000 bullets for under $35 shipped! It was worth taking a few minutes to compare as there is a huge variety of prices for the same exact thing. I knew we wouldn't need that many bullets, so I sold off bags of 100 red and 100 blue soft tipped bullets for $20 locally selling off about 500 bullets and making more money than I spent on all 1000 bullets I ordered. I loved that I could make some money on the bullets covering what I bought and helping pay for some of the used guns I purchased. 

I kept an eye out at thrift stores for cute and fun sunglasses for eye protection. I purchased enough glasses for men, women, and children. Most of the glasses were new but purchased at thrift stores and were kind of fun shapes. 

I also kept an eye out for cheap string pull back packs so that each gun had a pack and a spot for bullets so everyone had enough bullets. I found new bags for $0.50 each. 

I was able to find two birthday NERF sets that had tattoos, stickers that we put on the back of the bags, and we put tattoos on before heading out to have our Nerf Battle War. 

The sun was bright so I had a hard time getting good photos. I actually set up a video camera on a tripod but because the playground was so big, everyone took off and you couldn't see much on the longer video, so I tried to move it and because everyone was in and out of the playground equipment and running from the bullets, the video is a bit boring. I think if I had a go-pro on, it would have been more exciting. 

EVERYONE said they wanted to make it an annual event. I was glad I had glasses on as one hit my on the side of the head right on the glasses, also with the kids playing, they can't aim as well, so the eye glasses were for sure a must. You have to plan on losing some bullets. For some reason, one of my daughters wanted to see how many we lost in the game. At the end, we all stood a few feet apart and walked the playground, but the bullets went onto the soccer field and basketball courts, so in the end, we lost between 20 and 30 bullets. 

Everyone had fun with this and we did have a moment of "hurt" feelings with one of the kids getting shot as even though the bullets were soft tipped, they still sting when they hit. However, the crying didn't last long as they wanted to get out and shoot some more. The 3 year old was just happy to run around picking up the foam bullets. 

Years ago, I made a bunch of marshmallow guns and we take them camping or to the park. The problem with them is that in the heat, they start to melt and you have to clean them up at the park and they get sticky and make a mess. So we have enjoyed having massive battles over the years, but after having this NERF battle, I am going to sell my marshmallow guns and just keep these Nerf guns instead. Of course, the marshmallows cost less per game, but can only be used once. Since I made money on purchasing the bullets by selling some, we can always buy more and sell some off and there is no cost for the game / war / battle. You could even rent out the guns and glasses for parties. If someone rented them for $50 for a family party, you could lose over 1000 bullets and still make money! 

I see no negatives for this activity. It was really fun and I think worth all the time collecting the guns. I am going to keep looking for that exact gun at thrift stores as our family is just going to keep getting larger. I keep it all in a labeled tote for easy access and storage. 

Thanks for watching and have a blessed day!

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Nerf Target Range In Home - Fun With Grandchildren

My kids were all coming for the first time in six years for Christmas this year. For about a year, I have been buying up used Nerf guns at thrift stores trying to buy all the same types of guns so we could have an all out Nerf battle over Christmas. 

While I was buying those guns so we could all have the same type to make the game even, I looked for "Bullets" and realized that there are different types of bullets and some are suction, others are hard tipped to go farther, and others are softer tip so they don't hurt as they hit as much. 

When I realized they have suction tipped bullets, I thought it may be fun to put up a target in the house for practice for the kids so they can learn "gun" safety and not shoot themselves in the eye. I kept my eye out for a smooth target that would allow the suction tipped ones to stick.

I was feeling lucky when I was able to find a brand new two sided target that hangs over the door still in the box with darts! 

I set it up in the hallway at my house and we were able to practice shoot so they could know how to aim and get used to pulling back the air pressure draw in order to get it ready to shoot. I had taken up some small targets to their home the month before with smaller suction spring actions plastic shooters. 
I taught them gun safety and how to stand, hold them, and how to load them without looking at them as for some reason, that is always something they want to do. 

I set up the target and my 5 year old grandson LOVED it! When I asked him to explain to me how to shoot, I was happy that he has been able to retain the training given him and I think having that training can only help them with gun safety when they get older. 

I am going to post two videos about this. One of my grandson shooting at the target, and then my daughter was video taping me shooting without me knowing. 

I had fun spending time with the grandchildren doing this and it is nice as we can put it up and take it down quickly. It was something that they would come back to over and over making it fun for a few days. 

Have a Blessed Day!

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

I'm Sure It Is Covid

I woke up in the night with dreams of swimming under water. When I woke, my chest was tight and I couldn't get back to sleep since my tongue feels like I burnt off all the taste buds on hot chocolate or pizza. 

I have had sharp pinpoint pains all over my body now instead of just my toes now. My head feels congested and a bit like I am underwater. 

I remember that my lungs and chest were "hot" when I had covid last time, and drinking iced drinks make my chest feel so much better. I have been drinking them all day. I think I am starting with the fever as I have been super cold an have been sitting in a heated blanket all afternoon. I fell asleep in the chair and just felt heavy headed.

I also have had swollen glands for the past two days. I hope I don't get it as bad as last time. 

I had to cancel my long awaited Dr. apt for tomorrow as I didn't want to contaminate the entire office. I don't remember how many days I had the burnt tongue feeling before the really bad days happened, but I know that the symptoms are showing up exactly as they did last time for me. 

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Methane - Radon - Off Gassing Oh My

I fixed the issue I had with methane gas a year or so ago having a sponge / foam in the sewer vent.
Here is a link to that.

For years I have had issues with something when the furnace goes off. When the air intake goes off before the furnace starts blowing, I will have heart palpitations. I have been talking with many different people recently about how air tight my home is and the things that it could be, and how to fix the issue. 

When I had the energy audit years ago, they found my house to be the tightest they had tested ever as long as any of them had been doing that task. I talked to my brother and for some reason, when I thought of methane coming into the house, I always thought about the bathrooms that we use as if you have basement bathrooms that don't get used, methane can get into the house. 

For some reason, I never thought about the larger bathtub and two sinks that we NEVER use. The water is turned off to the two sinks and the big tub gets used once a year or so. I make sure to run water into the regular bathroom drains but can't believe I never thought to run water in the big bathroom.

I think that all those drains being dry all the time, gas can escape into the basement and when the furnace intake comes on, it draws air from those drains as the house is such a tight home and when I turn on the swamp cooler in the summer, the bathroom fans in across the house blow out and I can't open the door without much strength as there is pressure in the home. 

I believe that the furnace is causing a vacuum / negative pressure / suction effect. I contacted the national Radon site and talked to them asking if I did have radon gas, what would happen with my air tight house and the man that is in charge said that if they put a Radon Mitigation System on my air tight home, that it can create even more of a negative pressure situation and pull more radon into the home. 

I talked to him about "off gassing" as well and he didn't think that was what I was dealing with, but we talked of other ways to fix the problem. 

Currently I am using box fans to air out the house daily. My brother is an expert in sensors and data loggers, and is rigging a logger to detect the air in the house at regular intervals. He will be sending it soon so I can see if the gas in the house is thicker than air and if the house oxygen levels drop, that means that the negative pressure is suctioning either methane or radon into the house. 

If the situation is off gassing, I don't think anything will show, however, this situation has been happening since before I put the new memory foam carpet padding down, so hopefully this sensor would be able to detect anything going on. 

I will start running water down those large bathroom drains every few weeks to keep water in the trap. It would be nice to figure out why I am so tired and what is causing my health problems! 

Have a blessed day!

Monday, January 17, 2022

Covid Once Again - I Hope Not

I woke on Saturday to find a text from the state health department and a voicemail from my friend Emma. 

I sat next to Emma at church last Sunday and I guess Monday morning, she got really sick. She works at the hospital and got tested immediately for Covid and was surprised that she didn't get notified until Friday evening that it was positive. 

The health department asked her who she was close to 24 hours before coming down with the major symptoms and she said my name as we sat very close as the folding chairs were touching and I am big woman, so our legs were near touching before she got up and left halfway through the meeting. 

The health department got my number and texted me a link to fill out a questionnaire and she was told to contact me to watch for symptoms in the next few days. Her voicemail she left was a bit jumbled in the transcription as she is from south America and has a thick accent, so listening to the voicemail made it more clear than the transcriptions. 

She told me she had Covid last year, and then had three doses of vacinations for COVID as she works at the hospital and then came down with it this past week for the second time. 

She said all the symptoms this time were the same as last time other than she had nausea this time. She didn't have as much loss of taste or smell this time. She said she didn't understand how after three doses of vaccines she could still get it to the point of being so sick. Her third dose was last month. 

I had some phlegm in the throat Thursday night and Friday and, Friday and Saturday I had pains in my toes like pin pricks and thought maybe it was the parasites, but then I remember last time I got COVID, I had those types of pains in my toes. It could just be parasites, but just in case, I decided to skip church as I didn't think singing towards everyone while leading the music would be a good choice. 

I also had swollen lymph's in my left side on Friday as well. I was also VERY tire this week and spent several days in bed sleeping much of the day. I hope I don't come down with anything.

Wearing a triple thick mask I went to the store Saturday. On my way, I dropped off some homemade chicken soup and a few cans of soup at my friend Emma's house that has COVID. I wanted to make sure she had something homemade to make her feel better as she had no family at home. 

I bought toilet paper, paper towels, more canned soup, and a few chickens to make more chicken broth just in case I do come down with it. 

I am a bit worried as my lungs are so damaged and I worry another bout with COVID can really do some damage, and as I was getting ready to post this blog, I laughed and felt at peace as I made $1.11 on my blog yesterday and seeing the 111, just made me realized I need to trust God as all things are in HIS hands. 

Lets hope I don't come down with it but when checking out of the store on Saturday night, There were lines in the store I haven't seen since the first Covid close-down. IT was so packed that the self checkout line was back into the produce section and I took pictures as there were people in line at all the open registers. I then thought perhaps everyone realizes how bad it is. Princess Five told me several people at her work have it, and several people at church and school had it.

Prince number 2 had it over New Years Eve, and I called my neighbor to lead the music for me at church and she said her husband just tested positive and she wasn't going to attend church either just in case, so that explains the lines at the grocery store as so many people are coming down with it. 

Have a blessed day!

Friday, January 14, 2022

One Good Apple Saves Us All

I posted two days ago about how one bad person can change the entire circle around them. I called it "One Bad Apple" and here is a link to that post.

I was at a thrift store in town today. Not the one I mention in the above referenced post, but the other in town. Both thrift stores are "christian" book stores. As I was doing my shopping looking for anything I can sell to help my income, I overheard the main man that works there testifying about Christ. 

He is a Born Again Christian and was sharing how "faith" works and that you just have to TRUST that God will be there when needed. 

The other man just kept asking "How do you know? How do you trust?" and the other man just kept sharing his own experience how he knows God is there and Christ is his savior. 

When I went to check out I asked if I could share with them a few stories from my life that have built up my faith. I shared with them my situation when I was lost in a foreign city and right after a prayer, I had someone I knew from the smaller town where I was living as an exchange student happened to be in the big city on the exact street I was when I had no place to sleep or any way to get home. Here is a link to that story. 

I shared how when I needed a new video camera and had no funds to buy one, I prayed and gave the situation to God and I had miraculous events transpire which gave me $20,000 in Panasonic Equipment. Here is a link to that post.   

I shared a few more things before leaving and on the way home thought about my post sharing how one bad apple can spoil the bunch, and how one good apple can save us all as Christ through his atonement does save us all. I loved that this humble worker in a thrift store in a small town KNOWS his Savior and had faith enough to share it with a "lost soul" as Christ is the living water and can give relief to those who are lost. 

I rejoiced in my drive home knowing that even though there are "Bad Apples" around, there are just as many "Good Apples" as well. 

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, January 13, 2022

My Little Pony - Still a Favorite

When Princess Five was younger she loved Care Bears.  For some reason in my head, I thought she liked "My Little Ponies" and bought her a lunchbox full of them over time. 

She didn't want them and I sold them at a yard sale and the woman had the look like she stuck her hand in the cookie jar and I wondered if I had sold something valuable for cheap. It wouldn't be the first time I've sold something I should have looked up first. They were older ponies which are the only of value. 

Recently I found a "My Little Pony" lunch box and bags of ponies for sale at the thrift stores. My grand-daughter loves "My Little Ponies" and so I started picking them up when I would see them and she gets so excited by them. 

I bought a bag this week and they looked like the legit ponies, but they said, "Patent Pending" so I looked them up and it is amazing to me the prices that some sell for. Some of the oldest sell for less than $1 on eBay. 

Most of them don't even sell, but the ones that do sell are mostly less than $10. There were only a few that sold for under $20 and just a few that sold for over $100. They are first year makes that are a bit rare and have to be new or like new. 

So, I decided to just let my grand-daughter play with them unless I find one in the package. Sometimes it is worth looking up how much things will sell for as I have had some good luck selling older toys and games. 

It seems like late 80's on, they made so many toys in runs that you can find the toys easily. The only toys of value are the ones that are mint in the box new that were super popular toys. 

I figured I would share what I found as I haven't felt that great today. Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

One Bad Apple Can Spoil A Bunch

I have been involved in several organizations for lengthy periods of time and have worked well within those groups with no issues for many years. 

Awhile back, I was introduced to someone in one of those groups and "Red Flags" went off in my head immediately. This person kept approaching me and calling me asking what I would do with the situations and group if I were in charge. 

I went against my gut and trusted this person and things then got bad rather quickly in the organization and people were arguing and having issues. 

I myself had issues come up and tried to resolve them in the normal fashion, but due to this person's influence over a few key people, almost everyone in that group was forced to leave or quit due to the stresses of the situation. 

I have personally been stressed over the situation for months. This week has brought many stresses associated with that situation. 

Also, this week, another situation I have watched over the past year came to a close. There is a store in town that used to be frequented by many regulars. We would visit in the isles and talk and we even had a potluck party at the park and each brought a white elephant from that store. 

About a year ago, a new person came to work at the store and things began to change. All the workers at that store were friendly and everyone felt at home there. One by one, the workers that were beloved left, others complained to me that the new person was making their job miserable and it wasn't as fun anymore. 

I went in one day and saw that worker raising her voice at a couple and accusing them of changing price-tags on the item they were trying to purchase. The front of the store was full of customers and the husband said, "There is an entire shelf of these same items with the same price on them." and this person said, "Well, they shouldn't be marked that way so if you want it you need to pay the higher price." The customers left without anything.

As customers left the store super upset, I felt they would never shop at the store again. I went to the back of the store and sure enough, there was a shelf full of the items with the lower price tags on them.

I talked to the store manager and said that the person was giving the entire Christian community a bad name with their behavior as the store was a Christian operated store. He told the worker that I complained and the next time I was in the store I saw her actually talking nice to a customer and thought that maybe the manager had gotten his point across to this worker. 

However, when I went to his office and told him I saw her being nicer, I left his office, and this person attacked me in the middle of the store with customer around asking if I was complaining the to the manager again. I mentioned that the way they were acting just at that moment would be exactly what I had complained about. By confronting me in front of other customers, they see it and become afraid to be around the worker.

I mentioned that I was telling the manager that I had seen them be better with customers but now was regretting that conversation because other shoppers were now standing around us wondering what was going on and getting involved in the conversation. 

I told the manager that if that worker had accused me at the register, I would never have said anything because I don't like confrontation, however, the fact that it was at the front of the store and many people were watching, I felt like it reflected bad on our religion as we are supposed to be Christian and that type of conflict in any store with a customer is not appropriate. I felt that maybe the manager wasn't aware of the way this person was interacting with the customers and I knew him well, so I felt that since it could affect relations with our church, I needed to say something. 

I can not tell you how many people outside of that store told me they didn't like shopping there anymore due to that worker not working well with people. The entire energy at the store changed. I stopped saying anything to the manager as it had only made the worker hate me and I can usually get along with anyone. 

People stopped going as the prices were so high things weren't selling and then would get thrown out or be on the shelves for months without being marked down. 

I mentioned to the manager this week that I have had several people approach me outside the store and ask how I thought things were going there as they knew I was a regular. He then told me that this one unhappy worker was leaving! I went in yesterday and the store felt different. I thought the person had a few more weeks, but yesterday I was joking with the workers and there was a new face. I visited and realized this new person had replaced the unhappy worker. I could see the workers relaxing and laughing more. 

I came home tonight after a long stressful day thinking about things and realized that in both cases, it was ONE person who caused the problem. I wanted to blog about that and I sat down to eat dinner as I had been fasting all day for inspiration on the one situation that is still active. 

There was a show that came up on Netflix that was called "Bad Sport" and so I put it on while I ate. In each show, there was a central person who came up with or instigated corruption and recruited others into their plans and ruined the lives of those they recruited and their families. 

I found it interesting that on the day when I felt to write about one bad apple affecting those around them, I watch this and see how evil can filter into so many situations, not just in business, even in sports which bring people so much joy. 

I have learned so much over this past year. Both situations were started by one new person coming into a fine situation and by their negativity or thirst for power have brought so many people down around them and made the lives of those around them difficult for the past year. I found that both of these people were unhappy themselves, and I believe that unhappy people don't like to be around happy people. 

This entire situation in both cases reminded me of the story of "The Count Of Monte Cristo" as in the story the man who has everything is jealous of the man who has nothing and is just happy and in love. He ruins the life of the poor man and then continues to marry his woman and ruined all the lives of those around him. 

I do believe that we each have a choice. We can choose to be happy or sad. But then, we also have the choice when faced with negative people. We can hold our head up and choose to not allow their behavior to bring us down. 

Each time I have had to deal with both of those people, I have always been kind and said "hello" and tried to not allow their behavior to influence my happiness. 

God is very good, and I was blessed with parents who have taught me to love others and be a kind person. I hope I have inspired that in my girls as well. 

Have a blessed day!