Thursday, February 28, 2019

Where to Find Markings on Bracelets and Necklaces - A Jewelry How To

I have had many more people looking at my jewelry "how to" videos recently. 

I thought I would show specifics on certain types of clasps and types of jewelry. I wish there were a standard for where they would "Mark" jewelry, but it seems like every maker or country marks their jewelry in a different place or spot. 

Even the size of marks varies. One would think there would be a standard marking stamp or something. Some are microscopic, they are so small, even with a loop I can't read them clearly. Others are quite large and you can see them on someone while they are wearing an item. There are no standards that way.  

I made a video and put all different types of clasps in it and showed where the markings were on each clasp. I have tried to make it in better light than some of the other videos and using the computer, I can see what I am showing you to make sure the markings actually showed up. 
I hope that these pictures and video will help you know better how to know if the jewelry you have is real. So many people don't know how to tell, and they discard it without knowing its value. 

I hope you have a Blessed Day! 

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Update on Parasites - 2-19 Teeth, Eyes, Waxy Body Film ALL Worse

I have been looking into several things people suggested on my YouTube channel and tried a few things and am thinking of trying a few more things. 

I need to do more research on some of the suggestions that people have made. I have tried a few more things recently to try and get the parasites down. I have noticed that they are getting worse. I am losing more hair and it is always from the root. 

I have much more biofilm, or waxy substance all over and especially more on the back of my neck and head. I have noticed my hair is super waxy since I haven't colored it recently but even then, it is worse in between colorings than it has ever been. 

I have noticed a few more lines in my teeth and feel them burrowing in my roots and gums and even have some teeth pain now. I am worried if I can't figure it out soon, I may loose my teeth or at least they blacken and yellow like many neighbors and family members. 

I feel them much more active in several spots and I just have to keep putting either Lugols Iodine and / or diatomaceous earth in the areas as I don't know what else to do.

I am contemplating using medical marijuana since those three dreams I had, but I would have to find someone who has fresh leaves and flowers. I am looking into a different type of cbd oil that uses the whole flower to make the oil verses just parts of the plant. I didn't have any noticeable reactions to taking the cbd oil I bought about a year or so ago. It is super expensive and I just didn't notice anything. 

I also had a suggestion of trying a human and animal treatment I hadn't heard of that is made out of tobacco plants. The problem I am finding, is that even though it worked well, it is no longer easy to find. None of the places I contacted sell it anymore in any form but an animal drench. 

I need to make a visit with my Dr and see if he can get it or prescribe it. It may have been taken off the market if the patent ran out similar to Vermox a few years back. It worked well and wasn't all that expensive but when the patent ran out, they took it off the market as they couldn't make as much because all the generics came out. I wonder if it is still available in another country. I am still looking into all that. 

I have more lung damage and am very tired and at times don't think I am getting enough air. I flip - flop all night long with apnea, worms moving, out of breath, numbness in my arms and legs and the burrowing pin pricks that come with this parasite. 

I have been trying to take vitamins and drink less Coke but as has happened before, I am so tired without caffeine that I drag around all day. I was so tired today it took me over three hours to get out of bed. I was awake but I was just so tired. I finally dragged myself up, drank some Ginger Blast drink with cayenne pepper in it hoping to get some energy and another hour of dragging around, I climbed back into bed and slept three hours in the middle of the day. I got up, ate an early dinner and tried to work on my webpage for the parasite and just started crying because I am so tired! I have all these things I WANT to get done and even pulled stuff out to work on, I took some pictures so I could post a few things and was so exhausted I just couldn't do it. 

I did have a SUPER horrible migraine a few days ago and it is supposed to storm tomorrow so I wonder if the weather is affecting me more than I realize and I do have a scratch in the back of my throat so I think I may be coming down with something and that is why I am so tired, but I feel like I haven't got any iron in my system or something. I hate feeling like this as my will and mind want to do things buy my body just can't do it. 

 I made an update video and got a few close up pictures of my teeth lines. I noticed a new line behind the other and one in a further back tooth. I think these parasites are taking all my nutrition and leaving me with nothing. I pray I can figure out what to take to get rid of this. I don't know how much longer my body can take this. 

Have a Blessed and Energy filled day! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Second Call From Princess Five - Love The New Rules

Princess Five called me today and sounded very happy and better than the last call I had. I think she was just unsure with how she would react to talking to family that first call. I think she has realized that she can talk to me without getting homesick now, so the call today was probably ten minutes and she was very fun to visit with and gave the me information I needed to send her a package, and it was wonderful! Her email from today is below. 

Hello all! This week has been full of challenges and miracles! 

Earlier this week we received an email from our mission president saying that the mission department released a new policy for missionaries saying that because there is not a temple in our mission boundaries, we will no longer be able to go to the temple. When I first heard this, I was a little upset, but after thinking and praying about it more, I have found peace with it. I'm sad but not mad. And what a BLESSING, the heavens are open, and the leaders of the church are receiving revelation continually, even if we may not be happy with, or understand it now.

The other day we went knocking and my companion and I both felt we should go to a certain street. We had the idea that when people would answer the door to just start teaching the plan of salvation, we didn't even give them time to speak, at one ,we were already talking about the spirit world before she said she couldn't speak English.  We knocked 7 houses, 5 were home, 3 were Hispanics, and all 5 listened to our message and said we could come back! BLESSINGS!

We had our half mission conference with Elder Haynie of the seventy, and he talked a lot about gathering scattered Israel, it was amazing. The next day, we had stake conference and heard from Elder Hamilton another seventy, he talked about how when Jesus was in the garden he came back to the sleeping apostles and said, "could ye not watch with me one hour". He talked about how there are 168 hours in a week and we have one hour in sacrament meeting and very often we are falling asleep or on our phones(I personally am guilty of both of these) but could we not give him one hour?

On Sunday afternoon, we had a lesson with Sisco and Maira. Last week we asked them to read and pray to know that Joseph was a prophet. We called them in the middle of the week to see if they had received an answer Maira said she hadn't but her husband had, but he would explain on Sunday. We were so nervous all week so we planned for the worst. Let's just say we planned correctly. Sisco said he had prayed and received "revelation" that our message was wrong, then he asked his preacher about it, and some other friends, and the internet. In the end we bore our testimony of this gospel and the truthfulness of it,  because they had already made up their minds. They respectfully returned the book of Mormon they hadn't read, and asked if they could pray for us before we left. 

During the prayer sister Byron and I looked over at each other in tears. We weren't crying because our feelings were hurt, which is probably what they thought, but because for the last 3 months we have loved them and seen them as God sees them. And, we know of the blessings and the life they could have had. They love God and are doing what they believe is best to follow him, but unfortunately they have just been misinformed. So, we are not mad, just sad, and we will miss them.

I KNOW this is Gods one and only true church, I know Joseph Smith was and is the prophet of the restored Gospel. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God, because I've read it for myself, and have felt it in my heart, through the power of the holy ghost.
Thank you so much for all your love and support!
Hermana Princess Five

Me and an Elder from my home town 
Sister "companion" and I Proselytizing
Our friend John we always pass on the street while he's waiting for the bus, he's a fun guy

Monday, February 25, 2019

Helping A Friend Make A Memorial Quilt

I had a friend contact me saying she needed some help for her friend. This woman and I have been friends since she moved to our town about ten years ago. They were living in a camper at the KOA until they could find a home to purchase and had made an offer on one near my home.

We invited them to dinner and to hang out many times as the camper was rough for her four boys. Since then, we have helped each other with weddings, farewell for missions, and other things. She helped me last summer move all the bins and totes of my girls stuff, so we could get all the yard sale stuff out. 

We even took a road trip last year, as we both have family living in the same area in another state. I believe that we were meant to be friends as our kids are all similar ages as well. She also has an older daughter the age of Princess Two, and they were roommates for awhile years ago. 

My friend said that her good friend died many years ago, and when she helped her best friend and her mother clean out their home last year, she found a box of t-shirts belonging to the sister who had passed away. 

She knew I made T-shirt quilts, and hoped that I would be willing to take the shirts and show her how to make them into a quilt. I wasn't feeling all that well, as we have had lots of storms, but she has been so generous with me helping me in so many ways, that I really did want to help her even thought I wasn't doing well. 

On the first day, it was long as we laid the shirts out, started cutting, went to buy a back sheet, rearranged the shirts to make a longer twin sized quilt rather than a square picnic type of quilt, and then finished cutting all the squares and then sewing the more "odd" squares that needed a bit of help, like sewing down a collar, applying a shirt cut out onto another square etc. 

I didn't get to bed until SUPER early the next morning as I had been having a migraine starting early evening. I couldn't sleep due to the pain. I finally got to sleep about 7 a.m. and she came over about 3 p.m. waking me. I had a splitting headache and so I took some things and she had sewn all the squares into lines. I showed her how to measure up the lines and make sure they were exactly the same length and gave her the last square I was finishing the night before. She took them home to sew them all into the quilt top, and I took more drugs, and laid down hoping not to throw up as it was a super bad migraine. 

I couldn't sleep for the pain and nausea, but at least I held everything in. I hadn't eaten and still had a headache so took more drugs, drank more coke, and showed her how to lay out the backing, then the batting on top, and finally the quilt top. I showed her how I use the backing sheet to edge the quilt and how to cut it about 3 inches longer than the quilt top, so you can just fold the backing to the top edge of the quilt and then fold it once again at the edge of the quilt top, and it gives a nice boarder edge framing the front of the quilt. 

Once the edging was pinned, we tied the quilt squares while it was still laid out so she wouldn't have to come back after sewing the edge. I was having a hard time bending with my head still feeling pressure and we had everything done, but sewing the edging when she left around 10 p.m. I think. I was up all night taking several more doses of different pain medication and I hadn't eaten anything all day, so I ate something and finally got some sleep about 6 a.m. until church wake up at 8. 

I felt fairly good today but think I had lots of pain meds on board and just an hour or two ago, my head started hurting again. I think there is a whopper of a storm coming this week. I am glad I could help my friend and we could get this project finished for her so she can give the quilt to her friends family when she will be seeing them in a few months. She also learned how to make a quilt, so she can now help her mother make a quilt out of her step-fathers shirts for his 80th birthday coming up, and for her sons with their sports shirts. She is excited to do those thing now having learned this new talent. 

Yea for good friends and being able to serve each other! Have a Blessed and Friend filled Day! 

Friday, February 22, 2019

Hawaiian Haystacks - Inflatable Limbo - Blue and Gold Scout Fun

I have mentioned that I am now working with the Cub Scouts for Boy Scouts of America. I have never done this position before having only ever done Pack meetings 20 or so years ago. 

We have a new Cub Pack Master and for our first big event, we had the blue and gold banquet. I am only an assistant, so I just let them do there thing and take what they want me to take. I got a call today from my group leader saying they asked her to do the "limbo" and get the music. 

I told her I had a Disney CD with a great rendition on it and also have a blow up Limbo set. Of course, not having had a child's birthday party in 15 years or so, I had to look in about five different places for the CD as I had given it to one of my girls so I checked in all their "Stash" spots for old cd's, in my big stash of CD's and was so excited when I found the case but it was empty. 

I then looked in my "Want to transfer to iTunes" pile and in one of the cd cases from one of the cars, I found it. I then set my sights on finding the Limbo kit. I had it last summer camping reunion but with my yardsale, things got moved around in the garage and I spent a few hours looking for the two items. I found the set, but while doing that. I pulled out all the sea shell jewelry and leis and puka shells I have from my jewelry bag sorts. 

I also pulled out some of the "treasure chests" that I have from "This or That" game I play at the reunions and put all the shelled necklace in the treasure chests and let all the scouts and families pick out a necklace. I gave all the adults "puka" shell necklaces and we all were ready for our "Hawaiian Banquet" for Blue and Gold Banquet. 

We all chipped in on Hawaiian haystacks for the dinner and we had a cake bake off with a Hawaiian theme and voted for the one we thought the best. I was helping so much that I didn't take pictures of the cakes, the tables, the treasure boxes or jewelry, but I did snap a few pictures of the "Limbo" game as it was a HUGE hit! 

I had a few big lei shell necklaces for prizes that were really ornate as well. The kids played it over and over. I had never gotten to use the blow up kit even though I took it last year, so it was nice to see how it worked. 

We pumped it up with a car compressor and it took a few more minutes to take down squeezing the air out but it worked really well. No falling stick to hurt kids, it was great! No one had to hold the stick up and I got the set new, in the box, at a used store for under $10 if I remember right. 

I looked them up online and this set was cheapest on Oriental Trading Co but this wouldn't be good for adults for long as it isn't very high. They range from $20 to $50 and they have adult ones that are really expensive, but I like this one as it is super compact and worked great. 

The CD I use is by Disney called "Sebastian Party Gras" and it has the most fun songs on it, and we used it all the time. It was great for birthday parties. I don't know if you can download all Disney songs, but it is called "Limbo Rock" and very fun song for kids and has an "Island" sound to it. 

It was super fun and I think everyone really enjoyed their time tonight. It was snowing as I left and my head has continually gotten worse as the night progresses, but I would say it was a "Hit" as the kids all enjoyed their time. 

Have a Blessed and Warm Day! 

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Diatomaceous Earth On Bed To Keep Parasites Down

I was reading a comment on one of my blog posts, or my youtube channel, and the person commented that they put diatomaceous earth in the dryer to get it into their bed linens or clothes to help keep the parasites down. 

I can't imagine putting any type of powder in the dryer is safe. I have however, been using this method to put diatomaceous earth on my bed sheets and mattress cover to help keep the parasites down for many years now. 

I wash my bed sheets every week or so. I put all the blankets, pillows, comforter, and cover in the dryer on high each time but don't wash them each time. I have down pillows, feather bed, down comforters, etc and you can't wash them as often as they break down. 

After I wash and dry my sheets, I use a small tea sifter and sprinkle diatomaceous earth on the mattress, mattress cover, sheets, cases, pillows and  once it is spread evenly over them all, I then use my hand to spread it out and mix the powder in the fibers of the fabric so that if any of the parasites come out at night, they will die. 

The parasite has always been more active at night and they come out to lay their eggs I am fairly sure. I find that if I put the DE on my skin in that areas of the rashes, it helps. I also feel like putting it in the bed sheets helps me feel they aren't able to survive. I think that this will help Horsehair Nematomorpha, Strongyloidiasis, Morgellons, and any other parasite that may come to the skin surface. 

I have been using this method for years and I realized when the commenter shared what they do putting it in the dryer that I don't think I have made a video or blogged specifically about this so I wanted to make a post and make a video, so that people looking can know what has helped me.

Have a Blessed Day! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Lemon Ginger Blast Recipe For a Repeat Performance

Many years ago I posted about a drink that our family has used for laryngitis and throat issues for years. We hadn't been sick for quite some time with throat issues and I really forgot about it until a few weeks back when I got sick visiting the grandchildren.  

I made some then and it made me feel so good, that I have started making it and drinking a small glass in the morning and a small glass and night. There is still all sorts of stuff going around that I want to keep myself healthy. 

I realized that I never made a video about the Lemon Ginger Blast, so this time round, I made a video so that my kids could have it in video form. It works wonders and I don't mind the taste so for me it is a win / win. 

Here is a link to the other post.  I stopped at my sisters tonight to drop something off, and she had no voice. Funny enough, I bought the last piece of ginger root that Walmart had and it was in my car. I reminded her about the Lemon Ginger Blast drink and gave her the root I bought as she had all the other ingredients already. Hopefully, reposting this will remind a few other friends about it in case it is needed. 

I also want to share with you, that I make one batch and put it into these smaller cups and store it in the fridge so I can grab one in the morning and one at night. One batch makes about five of these cups so it lasts me a few days if drink two a day. If I am feeling sick, I drink a few more throughout the day.

Have a Blessed and Healthy day! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Wonderful Suprise Talking to Princess Five

Princess Five wrote today with a lovely email. I had written asking if she was going to call. She wrote saying she would call me between 12 and 2. I couldn't wait to talk with her and when she called, I asked if she wanted to video chat. She did want to try, so she and I were able to video chat for 20 minutes or so. There were a few glitchy moments, but for the most part, I got to see her beautiful face!  

I know it is kind of boring for her just having me at home to talk with, but she said she likes writing as it is sort of a journal. I agree with her that it is smart for her to keep writing emails as I like getting them and also like seeing pictures, so she is going to keep it up. 

Here is her latest email: 

"What even was this week?  

On Tuesday, we went to district council but received a phone call in the middle saying we should all drive home immediately because the snow was so bad, and president was worried about us driving on the roads. So we were on foot for the rest of the day, and we had to cancel our appointments we had planned.šŸ™

On Wednesday the roads were clear, and we went to Ellis island, which was empty, so we basically got an extra three hours to study. Then we taught a man named Albert. He's awesome, everyone in New Jersey is always busy, the same is true for Albert, but he always makes time for us to stop by. He lives with his whole family and people are always walking in and out, so it's a little hectic, but we are always able to teach. 

Thursday, we decided to heart attack some of the less active we are teaching, as well as our friends we are teaching. We spent a couple hours making hearts, and delivering them, then our check engine light came on and we had to take it in to the dealership, so we had another night on foot.

Friday morning, we picked up our car, and on our way back home, my companion received an email where the subject line was "calls, texts, and video chats?!" That was such an unreal moment. First pants, now this! I thought we were getting pranked. My mission has been legendary and I've only been out for 3 months! I'm beyond excited to be able to call my mom. Its amazing how the work is progressing! After the excitement, we went finding all day, met a lot of "come back later and "I'm Catholic, thank yous" and even one, "sorry we don't believe in the same thing. You don't believe in death right?" Met a lot of wonderful people, but no one who was prepared to receive the gospel.

Saturday, I was in Passaic with sister not companion. It was a blast. We taught a couple lessons and I talked the most I ever have in lessons, it wad a miracle. We went knocking doors for the last hour of the night. We were walking up to a door, and it swung wide open and the man who opened jumped. His name was Nino. The best way to describe him is a an Italian version of Lin Manuel Miranda. He was just about out the door, when we asked if we could share a scripture with him. We shared Mosiah 16:9 with him, but he kind of read it like a rap, like every time it said "yea" he said "yeah" but it was actually very beautiful. He said he didn't have much time but after he read the scripture, he went and got us water, and continued to tell us about all the members he new, and about all the good Italian places to eat in town, and that we should be careful in the streets. He was really nice, but ultimately he said he wasn't interested in our message, which was very sad! But the work continues.

The best thing that happened this week, was in a lesson yesterday! We have been teaching this woman named Yomaira every Sunday. Her husband is basically like the clerk of their church, so for the last two months he hasn't been there, I literally never met him until yesterday. We were able to teach both of them which we were not expecting. We started reading through the 13 articles of faith with them,  and they had SO many questions about the priesthood, it was amazing, but also a little nerve racking. But luckily, we were able to answer all their questions. We extended an invitation for them to know for themselves if these things are true. As sister "companion" was reading the promise in Moroni 10:3-5 she started crying which, is unreal because she doesn't often cry if ever. Yomaira asked her why she was tearing up, and sister companion bore the most humble and beautiful testimony about the truthfulness of the gospel, and about how so often we go out and share this wonderful message to bless their lives but their hearts are so hard they are not even willing to listen to our message. Yomaira looked a little shocked, and hung onto every word. The spirit was so strong, and we have been continually praying ever since, that they may know the truth of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
So yeah, that was my wild week
Hermana Princess Five

Monday, February 18, 2019

Some Good News For Missionary Parents

The missionary department for our church came out with a big announcement this week.

It used to be that missionaries serving as a full time missionary, could only speak to their family on Mothers Day and Christmas. They could email one day a week for an hour. Thus, I would post our weekly emails from Princess Four each week and posted sometimes about my other missionaries a few years back 

Since cell phones and iPads are now used by many missions around the world, the way to allow families to contact their missionaries can change. Before, many areas didn't have access to internet or cell phones. 

In the past few years, they have become so integrated all over the world that many missionaries, even in remote areas, have access to cell phones so they can keep in contact with their mission president. Princess Four was my only missionary with phone and iPad as part of her gear. She wrote her emails home every week on an iPad. We had to pay for an iPad for her when she left to go on her mission to Japan. 

Princess Five had to take a certain type of cell phone with her on her mission, but her internet at her apartment isn't good so she uses her phone to write and visits the local church to do her calls on the holidays. 

This new announcement will allow missionaries to call their family on their one day a week preparation day and to have a reasonable time on the phone. They can also video call if they have access to that option. Many missionaries in remote areas won't have this option I am guessing but if they have internet at cafe's then perhaps they could video chat. I just know when we were in Peru a few years back, the internet was iffy at best in the high mountain areas. 

So, I don't know if I will get a call, an email, or texts this week for her Prep day, but I am excited to see these new changes that will make it a little easier for some people to go on a mission. Some kids aren't strong enough to go on their own without reassurance for that long of a mission. 2 years is a long time to be away from family if you aren't secure in yourself. 

I will let you know how it goes. Here are some pictures of our calls from the girls over the holidays while they were on video chat with us all. I only talked on the phone with the older girls on those holidays as they were a bit more remote and didn't have those option, but exciting news for us.

Have a Blessed Day!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Funny Valentines Day Orchid Story - How Blessed I feel

A few weeks ago, I shared a story about a beautiful little Orchid that one of my girls sent me a few years back. Here is a link to that post. 

I share it has become a bit of a joke in the family due to the size of the orchid. For Valentines Day, I got a knock at the door and by the time I arrived to the door, there was just a box on the doorstep. I can imagine that UPS and FEDX are both super busy this week. 

I figured my girls had sent me some flowers for Valentines Day and upon opening the card attached on the box, I had guessed right. It was a lovely card from my girls and brought a smile to my face. It is nice to be remembered on Valentines Day and I sent or dropped off a Valentine gift to each of my girls. 

We usually do a Valentine scavenger hunt for the holiday, but since none of them are anywhere near me today, I had to plan ahead sending them out weeks ago. 

Here is a link to the first of our scavenger hunt posts. 
Here is a link to our second post on that. 
Here is a link to 2012 hunt. 
Here is one for 2013. 
Here is a link for 2015.

When I opened the orchid, I made a video because I was super excited and I wanted my girls to be able to see me open it and to see the beautiful flowers they sent. 

I really laughed hard when I saw how big the orchid is. It is SO much larger than the other but both are so beautiful. I really LOVE the white orchid. After I stopped video taping, I was able to look at it a bit more. I rinsed it and took out some Styrofoam that was in the glass container and allowed the orchid to drain as there isn't a hole in the larger glass container. 

When I looked at it, I realized that there are six blossoms on it. The "mom" and five daughters all in different stages of blooming and sizes, yet all white and perfect! It really made me reflect and it stood so proud, straight and strong and was so tall it almost touched the top of my kitchen window. 

I feel like it really does reflect my girls and I and enjoyed it the entire day and really made my Valentines Day! I hope you all had a Blessed, and beautiful Valentines Day.