Monday, October 17, 2016

Fixing Weathered or Water Damaged Antiques or Old Furniture - Mom's Jewelry Armoire

My mother passed away several months back and we cleaned out her estate in the following weeks. When we cleaned it out, she had two jewelry armoire chests or cabinets. 
Both were in terrible shape. My niece wanted one but no one wanted this one. The leg was bent and I thought it was broken but then figured I don't have a spot for my jewelry so I thought maybe I could paint the entire thing black. 

After I used the teak oil on my bathroom and kitchen cupboards, (See that post here.) I thought maybe the same technique could be used on the jewelry box. 

This box was in my mothers bathroom right next to the shower. You can clearly see that the finish was worn off but I didn't want to take the time to sand the entire thing down as it has so many edges and some parts are real wood and some are particle board with wood faces.
The drawers were very dusty as my mother loved powders so I vacuumed the drawers out and then used a damp paper towel to wipe the drawers out. 

I then washed the entire thing. There was some loose varnish so I lightly sanded that off where it was loose.   
I started applying the stain to the drawers before I took the "before" pictures. You can see that I did the top three drawers but it does show contrast. 

Basically, you can just use the "teak" or "tung" oil if the stain isn't damaged or there isn't any stain on it. If it is a dark stain, you can just use the "Old English" dark furniture polish to cover scratches. If you have the stain color of the item, you can just use that. For this item, I needed to purchase some oak stain and needed some for another project I want to do so I bought a larger container. 

Just wipe the stain on and the wipe it back off using a clean t-shirt for both the on and off. Then, after that dries, I use the Teak oil on top and wipe it off after a few minutes so it doesn't dry sticky. That is like the varnish coat. 

I did need to do some gluing of the inner liner velvet where the edges had come loose and I put a few screws in the legs where there were two missing. That was why it looked like the legs were broken but they are solid wood and just missing screws. I found some in my loose screws as well as four to attach the top back on as it was off for some reason. 

That type of box online and in wood go for over $200. It is VERY heavy and in "OK" condition now. 

I will be happy to have a place to store my jewelry as what I was using hasn't worked for some time and I needed something so I am excited about that. It will make finding something to go with my outfits much quicker as now they are in a box.       

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