Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Horsehair Nematomorpha - Gordian Worm From the Ear on Q-Tip Video Part - 2

I think people reading my blog on a regular basis would find it crazy how many people seem "upset" about my posting that there are parasites out there that medical science hasn't totally figured out. If I were searching something, and found someone with a post about a weird thing, I wouldn't attack them for having that weird thing or for saying that they had that weird thing. I would think it sad that they had to experience that situation and probably say a prayer for them that they would be able to find a cure and heal themselves of that nightmare. 

Not so much the case most of the time on my youtube videos. I am posting these two picture which aren't very flattering of me on this post as I only have the second video to post and wanted to post more symptoms which I am having. I have avoided posting due to it freaking some people out but wanted to share the video information and this other symptom which I haven't had before and only once since.

I woke up one morning with a very sore spot under my tongue. When I looked at it, there was one of the white parasites in the spot and my guess was that it clogged a glad or something under my tongue. I "popped" it and the white dot came out as they do on my hand when I soak it in peroxide and "pop" them. In using the mouth rinse I do from the dollar store that contains hydrogen peroxide in it which helps keep down the bumps in the back of my throat, I am guessing this parasite got stuck somehow. So, I popped it and got it out and my mouth then went back to normal. In the picture, on the left side just near the blue vein to the left just over mid way down, you can see a white squiggly and it is a bit red around it.

I had someone post recently on a few of my parasite videos. Tetra Digm wrote several "pointed" posts on them the past few days. I always reply calmly and as scientifically as I can as I don't want to cause a writing war or heated debate. I want facts out there to help others who may be having the same health problems. I have NO desire to debate or "prove" anything to anyone. I post information because I feel I am to share what I know to help others, that is all.

Today, Tetra wrote this in reply to my comments which basically told him/her to read the documentation on my blog rather than have me re-post it all in the comment sections of each video. The first comment was if I diagnosed myself or had a medical Dr. and Lab do it. Here is their reply today as I guess they didn't like I wrote I had a MD and Lab diagnosis it. I am putting their direct quote so please forgive their typos. 

"It just seems odd that you supposedly have a parasite that dosent live under the skin but is in fact in the lower abdomen. human infections are actually quite common in south east asia, and they never lead to any complications, as they are passed through the stool like tapeworms just as they are in all mammals."

Here is my reply in full:

"Hi Tetra, I agree that it may seem odd but as you know if you have done much research, not much is known about this parasite in humans and even those few human cases you can find to research don't have much other than "a worm was found in vomit, throat, urin etc" on those cases.

There really isn't much on this parasite, symptoms or treatment. Its life cycle is VERY much like thread worm and hook worm. If you study those you will see that BEFORE they are in the gut, they go through the lungs causing a burning sensation termed "Lefflor Syndrome" which is when the parasites burrow into the lungs. They also cause dry, irritating cough in the back of the throat as the parasites come out of the lungs for the next phase.

The next phase is in the lymphatic (under the skin throughout the body) until they reach the last phase which is in the gut.  They can then cause a hyper infection, super infection or auto infection syndrome in some re-infecting them monthly. They are in "phase two" when under the skin in the lymphatic which is what shows up when I use hydrogen peroxide. I have documented all this on my blog.

I have every symptoms of hook and thread worm but more other symptoms as well. The tests for those parasites were negative even though we (Dr., Lab staff, and myself) could actually see the worms in the stool moving around coiling with each other like a snake ball. I shared how the lab could see the parasites each time but didn't know how to diagnose them as they came back as "?" or "Unknown human parasite" I will share here that NONE of the prescription or over the counter parasite treatments work on this parasite - Horsehair Nematomoropha - Gordian worm.

I don't know why you are searching this weird subject but I hope you don't have any of these symptoms. I have been contacted by people from all over the world having the same symptoms and situation and have many in my neighborhood with the same symptoms. Just because it isn't well known, doesn't make it not real. 20 years back, Lyme disease wasn't known, before that, toxoplasmosis wasn't known. Hopefully science will catch up with this soon. I am documenting all symptoms, tests, treatments and anything else so that there is some data for others looking for the cause of their symptoms.

I didn't choose this but I can do what I can to help others who may have it as I searched for many years looking for the cause of my high white count, lung burning, cough, bumps in my throat, black lines under my fingernails, and had no luck. At least with the information I have posted, others can point their Dr. and lab techs in the right direction for identification of the worms coming out of them!

I'm not suggesting that anyone diagnose themselves. If more people get positively diagnosed with this parasite through help from my videos or blog, the more science can catch up and know that this is a huge problem and we can then figure out a treatment option giving people their lives back.

The reason people are searching online is that many Dr.s only have a few tools to diagnose people with parasites and when those tests come back as negative, they figure the problem lies with the patient and not medical science. Where are people to turn if the medical community hasn't got the information needed to get them the right diagnosis? We as a medical community have failed those patients!"

I get frustrated that I have to spend time re-writing all the information down for each "Hater" on youtube who can hide behind their user name writing whatever crude, offensive thing they feel at the moment. I am sad for them that their life is not spent in better pursuits. I had someone write "F*** ME" last week on my video about dehydrating avocado pits. That was it, just the F bomb. No comments or reasons why. It was such a non-threatening video. 

Also last week, I had someone post, "Your a B****!" on another obscure non-offensive post. I checked out the offenders youtube pages and facebook pages and they seem to live lives judging others and playing video games from what I can tell but since I still have many times more "thumbs up" than thumbs down and most of my watchers are men, I think I will continue to get the comments as they seem to have more time on their hands for those types of things and are more apt to give their opinion.

I still don't understand why those "haters" on youtube would think ANYONE would post the horrific stuff I have posted online if it weren't for the reason to help others. It is disgusting, horrifying and scares me, why would I want to scare others with it? I am posting ALL of the information I can as I have felt from the start that I was supposed to get a diagnosis to help my family and neighbors figure this thing out. 

That is why I never gave up sending in specimens in all sizes and forms so that at some point, they could actually figure out what the parasite is! I would be thrilled to NOT have this and to take EVERY video and post down about this nightmare KRAKEN parasite that has invaded not only my body, family and home but also my neighborhood. 

I am stressed to eat vegetables from gardens, or fruit as that seems to be where it comes from in some situations posted about in Asia. I am terrified to work in my yard, go without shoes or gloves to do anything outside. My mom is gone now so I can go outside to work in the yard but find myself doing other things not wanting to go near the dirt as the cats poop out there daily!!! I took these pictures this week of my neighbors cat using my yard as a little box. It is a daily thing!

I truly wouldn't wish this horror on anyone as it is a living nightmare!!!  


  1. I need to speak with you regarding the Kraken as I and absolutely positive that I have this condition. How do I contact you?

    1. Feel free to write me privately on my youtube channel. I have people writing me all the time but truly, I have no cure, no hidden thing that treats it, I am still suffering with it and just do what I have shared to try and treat it. People all the time ask if my Dr. will treat them or other questions but he said "until we find a cure, taking on more patients won't do anyone any good." He actually spoke with the pharma company today that makes Vermox hoping we can do a "trial" to see if we can find a treatment plan but we have been going back and forth for a year about this so I am not holding my breath that this will be a reality any time soon. I wish you well and pray that science will catch up soon. Best wishes with your health.