Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Still Cleaning Out The House - Never Ending Stuff

Princess Five has been going through all her stuff. She was mostly finished but today, she finished going through her t-shirts for her t-shirt quilt.

The other girls brought boxes of stuff they wanted to get rid of in case their sisters wanted any of the items. When they go through stuff at the house, or bringing it home, they just dump it in the family room where everyone can go through it. 

I just can't believe how much stuff we have collected over the years. I wish I had enough funds to just donate everything, but with taxes and other bills, I need to sell what I can. 

I do think it will feel wonderful to have more stuff gone. Princess Four said she is going to go through more of her stuff soon as she has graduated college and is looking for a full time job and only wants to keep stuff she will need. 

We are going to be going through Princess Five's college stuff for the next few days. We packed it all up after she graduated with her Associates degree and headed out for her mission and now we need to go through it and see what she needs before she heads back. 

It will be good to have her ready to head to school in the fall. I have to say it will be hard to see her leave. 

Have a blessed and safe day! 

Monday, June 29, 2020

So GLAD the Brick Fence is Finally Fixed

I had a huge situation with getting the brick fence fixed. I had a man check out the fence shortly after I hit it. Here is a post about me fixing the broken fence temporarily just after hitting the fence. The man that came to look at the fence said he could fix it for $600 and said I could help him chip off the old mortar he would do it for $400. 

He told me he needed it to be warmer before he fixed it. Then, he said he would call me when it was warm enough. I waited for month and called him and he told me to call him the next week and we could get it fixed. 

I called him and called him for months and left messages, texts and he never replied. I then posted on local website looking for someone new to do it but by then, it was peak rock wall building season. '

I called seven people to get a bid and none of them had time to even go and get me a bid. I talked to my local church leader and he said he may know of someone. He looked into the man who said he would fix it and was told he was retired. I found a man who said if I couldn't get someone to do it, he would do it for $1500 but he told me the original man hadn't retired but was working with him, but he just didn't want to do it for the quoted price as he thought it may be more work than he thought. I wish the original man would have at least had the decency to tell me that he felt he may have underbid the project. 

My church leader contacted a few people and was able to find someone who would do it for $1000. I was SO grateful that the family that lives in the home was willing to be so patient. I called asking what their favorite treat is and they said they like doughnuts. I bought them a dozen doughnuts and took them over letting them know that the fence man would be there on Saturday. 

I expected to go over and see the guy working, but he was finishing in three hours. I couldn't believe that after all that time and frustration, the guy replaced seven blocks with new blocks and spent three hours working and made over $300 dollars an hour. 

I am grateful for the fence being fixed and for my church leader finding someone to do it. I know the family is grateful the fence is now fixed, and I am glad it is off my list. I am sad that people can't be forthright and honest and tell the truth as if he would have told me he was worried that the job may take more time than he thought, we could have figured something out rather than him avoiding me and me struggling with finding someone else to do the wall. 

In the end, I am just glad it is done! Feeling grateful and blessed that I wasn't hurt and that I was able to fix the car on my own.

Have a safe and blessed day!   

Friday, June 26, 2020

The Fence is Finally Getting Fixed - Car Accident

Today is the last day this fence will be like it is. Tomorrow the fence is getting patched! I have a cute story about the day, but I am fighting a migraine so I will post some  "finished" pictures and soon.  Here is a link to the post about my accident, hitting the fence. 

Have a blessed and safe day!  

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Getting Eye Glasses Frames For Cheap - Cleaning Out the Stash Of Frames

When my children were young, I had two that wore glasses. They would get glasses each year. Our insurance had a dollar amount to be used for the exam and the glasses, lenses, and / or contacts. 

By the time we had the exams, the glasses frames, lenses etc, we would end up having to pay out of pocket. It got very expensive to purchase new glasses as they grew. Several times, their glasses got damaged and we had to purchase new ones with no insurance as we had used all the funds for the year. 

I started searching second hand stores looking for cute frames that would fit my daughters. When I would find one, I would purchase it for a dollar or two and then we could use the money for the eye exam and purchase new lenses for the frames that I purchased used. 

I was able to find frames that the girls liked and were similar to the ones they picked from the eye Dr. but for fractions of the cost. 

Now that my kids are grown, I am going to donate these frames / glasses to charity. It feels good to get things out of my house.

Have a blessed day! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Still Cleaning Things Out - Bathroom Cupboards

Our area has had a supply drive to help some of the lower income areas that have been hardest hit by Covid-19. 

They were asking for medical supplies and cleaning supplies as well as hygiene products. I have been busy with the girls being home, but I wanted to donate what I could as things are quite tight financially with much more than I expected taxes due. I also thought during Covid I would save money, but I have spent much more on food having the girls home. 

Since I didn't have extra funds currently to spend on purchasing items to donate, I decided to go through my storage items and donate soap, shampoo, and medical supplies. I was able to quickly get a large bag of items together to donate. 

There were two large trailers hooked on to trucks ready to haul the donations to those in need. It was amazing to see about 75 women working on sorting the items to be donated. 

I was surprised however that there were only one or two in face masks and I was sad about that as  I know things are getting worse currently. Hopefully, all those helping will be blessed and not get covid during their service. 

Once I got the items out of the closet shelves, I found that I had lots of items in there that I used or needed when my girls were in the house or young, but no longer have a need for now. I had the girls go through all the different hair care products and keep anything they thought they would want. 

I had so many spray in products, palm ointments, gels and heat activated items that I had two medium size totes full. I also have a full tote of sunscreen and aloe products for sunburn along with bug sprays. 

I also was able to get rid of curlers and other items we wouldn't need anymore as well. I can't believe how much stuff was in that closet that I haven't used in years. I found many boxes of unused expired contacts. It seems such a waste of money but I couldn't believe how expired they were. I don't wear them so they were just in the girls stuff but they were so old that the two girls who wear them couldn't even remember whose contacts they were. 

I think having the girls home is good for me to be able to get rid of things without having to send photos of everything asking them if they want it etc. 

I am amazed at how much stuff we have collected over the years. I think I spend more time doing stuff outside than I have keeping up with the stuff on the inside. There is always something to work on. 

Have a blessed and safe day! 


Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Father's Day Walk In The Cemetery With Bagpipes and Family Ties

I went on our nightly walk on Father's Day with my girls that were home visiting. 

We walked around the cemetery as we often do, and ran into the bagpiper who I blogged about on Memorial Day. You can see that post here. 

Princess Two was with us as she was down for the weekend. She and Princess Four came down to get her car worked on. While walking, she recognized the bagpipe player! He is a friend of my Aunt / Cousins. 

It seems wherever we go, Princess Two finds someone she knows. I guess he is working in our area for a short time on a job and can't play the bagpipes in his apartment so he goes to the cemetery to practice. We have seen him three times and in the past few weeks and have enjoyed his playing each time he is there. 

Who could guess that my daughter would know him and that he was like an adopted son to my aunt which would make him my cousin somewhat? ha ha. 

I have loved hearing the pipes while we walk and now we can wave and say "Hello" each time we walk past! 

On the way home from our walk, my niece and her family were visiting her husbands parents who live across from the cemetery. We got to see her cute kids. 

It was a fun and enjoyable walk and day! Have a blessed day! 

Monday, June 22, 2020

Happy Fathers Day to Some Great Dad's In My World

I have a wonderful Father. He sacrificed so much to provide for our family having 8 children. He always took extra jobs at the holidays so he could provide Christmas for our family. He always had enough to give us what we needed.

One thing I love about my father, is that he didn't put money first. In my entire life, I KNEW I would get an education. He spent his entire life working towards getting an education for EVERYONE! He pushed all his family to get educated and shared ideas and thoughts on how to decide which field to study.

He is forever grilling his grandchildren with math questions, and sharing tricks on how to remember different problems and solutions in math. I laughed when my girls were talking with their cousins about it and all just smiled thinking back how Grandpa would give them different questions to answer.

He also likes to use incentives to help the children remember and memorize things and money speaks with children.

I remember one time when I was having a difficult time with something and he asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up. I was about 14, and I jokingly said, "A Brain Surgeon!" and he didn't laugh. He asked me what goals I would need to set currently in order to make that dream a reality. I thought he would laugh and tell me I was being silly, but that moment has forever remained in my head because I KNEW at the moment, that my dad KNEW I could actually become a brain surgeon!

I have always wanted to be a nurse since my childhood hospitalizations, so when my former spouse asked my father for my hand in marriage, he made us both promise that I would get my degree if I got married so young.

I LOVED that my father cared enough about me and my self esteem, and being aware that I may at some point need to support myself or my family, that he made us promise I would finish school.

I had two girls and was pregnant for my third when I took my nursing boards and finally got my nursing degree!

My father has been the only grand-father my girls have ever known as an example. He is the closest example of what a good father looks like as their father hasn't been in their life much, so my father has had double duty where my children are concerned. He has taken that responsibility seriously and has ALWAYS made sure that my girls have had a car that is in good running order helping us find one we can afford and that is in good shape. He has repaired said cars numerous times! He is always calling asking if I, or they, need anything. I remember during my divorce, he wrote me a check and told me to cash it if I ever needed it. I found that check last summer and returned it to him. He was a bit confused, but I just told him "thanks" for making sure I had what I needed.

He continues to give his grandchildren advice on their studies and suggests masters degrees or higher as he has a PHD. He believes each person should get as much education as they can in life. He has at least 25 grand-children that have already gotten at least an associates degree, with most having bachelors degrees and a few went on to higher their education. Most of his children got at least some college, many finishing with a few Masters degrees in the mix.

My girls and I are truly blessed to have him in our world!

I would be amiss if I didn't also include a tidbit in here about his wife. She isn't my mother by birth, but has been in my girls lives as long as most of them can remember. She is SO supportive and helpful, and my father is a better father and grand-father because SHE is so amazing and is the perfect match for him! They can do so much more together for our family. I see her and think I need to find myself someone like her to marry as she brought so much to our family. I can't imagine our life without her in it!

I want to mention my Son-in-law here as well. He is SUCH a good father and does more for his children than any other father I have seen. He reads each night to the kids before bed for their entire lives. He plays with them constantly and is forever teaching them. I am grateful for Princess One picking such a good example of a worthy and loving father for my other girls to follow.

I am truly blessed with many good examples of fathers in my life! Have a Blessed Day!

Friday, June 19, 2020

Fun Surprise in Our Front Tree - Robins Nest With Eggs

Most years in the spring, we have a nest on our house or in a tree around the yard. The most fun nest we have had, was a hummingbird nest! It was the size of my thumb nail. 

Here is a link to a post about that.

Here is a link to a post about me trimming the tree and leaving a large branch to save baby birds in the nest! 

Here is a link to a post where I knocked down a nest off the house that had newly hatched birds in the nest, which I will always regret! 

I have several other posts about birds which you can search in the bar at the bottom of the page if you are interested. 

Other years, we usually have a Robins nest somewhere in the yard, and many times, one of the babies will fall out and we try to put it back into the nest, but it doesn't always work. Sometimes, they build the nest in a non-protected area, or on the house, and I have to knock it down before they get babies in them as birds can bring bird mites into the house when nests are on the house. 

So, this was a bit of a new situation as the nest is where we can easily see it and it is just over the sidewalk where people walk or ride bikes regularly. I keep those front trees trimmed very low so the nest is within reach and I could reach into the nest and remove the eggs without a ladder or stool. 

I wish it had made the nest on the other side of the tree so it wouldn't be so exposed as it is clearly seen as well. Usually, they are hidden in the branches more. It will be fun for us to be able to watch the progress of the eggs as we walk past the nest nightly on our walks, but probably not as fun for the momma bird as she was a bit protective today when we walked under the tree. 

We will have to keep our distance when the eggs hatch as I have been attacked by momma birds in the past when I was pruning trees when I got close to the nest while working. It will be interesting to see what we can see without causing trauma. 

I love having my girls down for a few days while Princess Two's car is in the shop getting her A/C repaired. We have been having fun mixing work and fun together. I think it will be hard for me to have all of them leave in the next few month when school is starting. 

It has been a blessing having them home! Have a blessed and safe day!  

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Mandibular Tori - Boney Growths Under the Tongue - Who Knew

When one of the girls was home recently, she asked all the sisters to show her under their tongue. We all wanted to know why she had so much interest.

She said that she and her friend were comparing tongue tricks that people can do that are genetic, and while doing that, her friend freaked out when she told her to just put her tongue into the little gap under it and turn it sideways. 

The friend was like, "What little gap?" Then they looked under my daughters tongue and there is literally a "little gap" between two larger white bone looking things. 

We all started looking at each others mouths and come to find out, she has really large ones. She then looked it up online and when we were all together today, she explained that the white bone looking things are called "Mandibular Tori" and are common in 20 to 40% of the US population and are more common in males. Out of those people, 80% have it on both sides of the mouth! 

She has really large ones, another sister has very small ones you can hardly see, and I have a small one not visible, but I can feel it on the right side of my mouth and almost nothing on the left. The other girls have nothing we can see, and they don't feel anything.  

Weirdest thing about this is, she has never noticed that she is different and I have never noticed and they aren't born with them and they grow. They can grow so large, that they touch in the middle. We looked at them online and some people have no space at all between the sides. 

The causes are unknown but it is speculated that it is genetic, but there is a finding that it can be caused by trauma to the mouth or jaw. Another speculation is that if you clench your jaw or grind your teeth, it can cause them to get bigger or disappear as you don't grind teeth. There is another school of thought, that it is a vitamin deficiency. 

I am not sure what the cause is, but I would think that perhaps trauma could be the cause as she has had several blows to the face / jaw over the years falling on ice when she was little and other situations when she was older. I don't doubt that it could be grinding teeth as I have several that do that. I know that we are vitamin and mineral deficient, so that could also be a contributing factor. 

The girls have been much better lately about taking vitamins and many are getting chiropractic help, so hopefully, if it is from trauma, that would help them disappear. I just worry that maybe it is a result of the nightmare parasites we have been dealing with as I believe some of my girls had them before I did. 

I guess we will never know, but I hope they stop growing. If they continue to grow, they take them out surgically. That is expensive and painful, so lets pray we can figure a way to get them to stop growing. 

Being a nurse, I am surprised I have never heard of this. I love that I can continue learning new things! 

Stay safe and healthy and have a blessed day! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Princess Four Graduated With Her Bachelor's Degree - Looking Good In The Process

I am so PROUD to announce that Princess Four has graduated recently from College with a Bachelors Degree in Business Magna Cum Laud with High Honors.

She worked through all four years of school and maintained a scholarship for all four years. She paid for her own housing, food, and gas. She has worked so hard to keep her grades good to maintain her GPA to keep her scholarships.

She took two years off between the Associates Degree and her Bachelors degree to serve as a missionary in Japan.

She jumped right back in to school and work only spending a day or so home after returning from her mission. She has worked every summer, and while going to school, to have funds to go to school without loans. 

I am so proud of her being able to graduate from a very competitive Business School with all she had going on. She also served as a Women's leader in her church congregation for the last year with lots of responsibilities. She was also on the team of students who help guide other students, as well as holding an office job. 

Today she applied for her first post college job. She is excited and a bit nervous as she was going to do an internship in Kiribati for the summer, but then Covid-19 happened and the trip was cancelled. It was postponed at first to the fall, but then as it dragged on, they canceled it for the fall as well. 

It threw her off as the other internship she wanted to do was at Disney, so that also was thrown into nothingness as well. She also said "goodbye" to her boyfriend who moved to another state and planned a few farewell parties as everyone was headed off to their individual lives. 

She isn't sure where things will take her with this new uncertain world, but I love how optimistic she is about her future. I am excited to see where she will end up! 

If you see her, make sure to wish her well! 

Have a Blessed and safe day!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Mommy Gonna Give You A Lollipop If You're Good TODAY

Here is a funny video of Grand Prince One. One day, he had been disobedient and broken into the pantry door by putting his weight into it and broke the track it was on. He had taken some snacks without asking, and this was his solution on how to get a lollipop. 

You have to know that this isn't the first or last time he has done amazing things over the years starting about 18 months of age. 

I wish they had hidden cameras in their house so I could show you more of the crazy stuff this child has gotten into and how he figured out how to climb on the top of the "child proof" security measures on the drawers to get onto the counter. Then he taught his older sister to push the entire kitchen table over to the counter and climb up on top. He figured out how to push all the blankets and pillow into the corner of the playpen and climb onto the edge of the playpen before he was two, and then up to the top bunk on the bunk beds, and on and on. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 

Have a Blessed Day! 

Monday, June 15, 2020

I Recognized The Person In The Mirror - It's Been A Long Time

Over the past few months, I have been dieting and releasing some weight. I did well for the first two months, plateaued over the third month and have started losing slowing this past month.

More than pounds this past month, I have noticed inches around my middle leaving at a faster rate.

I was complaining to Princess Five this week that I wasn't having the best week as I had some fatigue and stomach issues this week, and was frustrated that I wasn't losing more weight each week.

With the exception of one week, I have lost at least some weight every week since starting this on January 31, 2020. I weigh myself every Friday and just put it on a paper to keep track of how I am doing.

I went all out for three months and lost and then didn't lose and was starving hungry by the third month. I shifted around some vitamins and supplements, and I think that helped me where I am losing again slowly.

When I was complaining, Princess Five said, "I think you losing a pound or two a week is a good way to lose weight. You look healthy and are glowing and have more energy. My reply was that no one even notices that I have lost weight, or if they do, they aren't saying anything about it. It was a day or two later when I know what she said was true.

I have a friend I have known for many years, and she has always had a weight issue. I ran into her at a store this week the day or so after I had that conversation with Princess Five. I almost didn't recognize her. I did a double take and was in shock and how drawn she looked. Her skin was hanging off her.

I asked her how she had lost the weigh,t and she said she and her mother had gone to Mexico and had stomach reduction / stapling surgery. I asked when she had the surgery, and it was the end of January which is when I started my diet.

She had lost 50 lbs. but her skin was just hanging off her. She said that she threw up for months and can only eat a tablespoon of food at a time. She said she can't tolerate many foods anymore and we compared what we could eat finding that it was many of the same foods that we could both tolerate.

My thought was she could have saved herself so much money and body stress if she would have just gone on that diet anyway, and not had the surgery.

There is a lady in our congregation at church who has lost over 110 lbs. eating better and walking each day. She is looking so healthy and glowing. Today at church, she had all her kids and grandchildren in the pew with her, and she looked so cute in a adorable dress and happy being surrounded by her family. I ran into her walking tonight and shared with her how proud I was of her doing it in such a healthy way and how she was an inspiration!

I was wearing a pair of capris today while walking that I have had for a few years, and I kept having to pull them up as they were sliding down and hanging on my hips. I had just gotten them out of the wash but they were loose. I then was looking at a picture of when we went to the airport to pick up Princess Four from her mission to Japan just over 2 years ago, and I was wearing those capris in the picture at the airport. They were tight on me in the picture, and I realized that I have lost more inches in the past week or two because I wore those capris recently as I had to retire a few pants I was wearing at the time that were falling off me while walking. Several times, I had to catch them before they were at my ankles. I started wearing a belt with them, and then finally went into some smaller sizes and raided my closet for the pants that used to be tight or not fit well.

If they were stretched out, I would have thought maybe I wore them gardening and stretched them, however, pulling them straight out of the laundry pile, I realized that I may have not lost much weight last week, but I did lose inches as those pants are now loose and baggy. I had Princess Five take a few pictures and you can see the pants are rippling in places. There is lots of fabric at the hip and side seams to the point I can take a fist full on both sides.

I will need to go through my closet and remove some of the clothes. I tried on about six different dresses for church today. A few I can take in to help them fit better, but others are in a 'give away" pile since I didn't wear them when they fit.

It feels good to be releasing weight and getting thinner. Yesterday, I looked into the mirror and thought, "Oh, there I am!" like I have been staring and someone other than myself for the past few years. It reminded me of Robin Williams in "Hook" when they are squishing up his face and then say, "Oh there you are!"

I hope I can continue to release the weight and feel better. Now, I just need to figure out a cure for the parasites so my gut and body can heal! Won't that be a beautiful day!

Have a Blessed day and stay safe!

Friday, June 12, 2020

Parasite Psoriasis Cream and Ointment Tried - Didn't Help Took Another Thing Off The List

I haven't tried any new oral medication or herbs to try to get rid of the parasites recently. 

I did, however, purchase two new products used on psoriasis to try to get the parasites out of the skin / glands over the past week or two. 

I bought two products from MG217 Psoriasis. The first was "2% Coal Tar Ointment" which is very greasy and smells like you are putting gasoline mixed into Vaseline on your skin. It wasn't very good in the fact that I felt like I was toxic. I wanted to wash the smell off my skin. 

When I purchased Coal Tar soap, it smelled like a camp fire and I had no problem using it. However, this ointment smells just like gasoline, so if you don't like that smell, you will NOT want to use this ointment.

The second product from them was Sal - Acid cream. This had no smell and went on like a hand cream and dried clean and not waxy or oily. I had no problems using this product. I didn't feel like it did anything other than a bit of tingling the first time I used it. It could have been that my skin was wet after a shower so the acid made it tingle or something. 

I didn't try both of them on one spot at the same time, so perhaps I will try that for a week. I won't post about it if it doesn't do anything. I also have some Sulphur powder that I may try with one of the products and see if mixing them together does something. 

It is so frustrating to keep trying new things and not having anything working. I just keep researching and trying new things. 

At some point, I am hoping that I will stumble onto something that works so I can be done with this nightmare and help my children through it as well. I'll keep studying and praying for guidance on this! 

Stay safe and have a Blessed Day!  

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Finding a New Trampoline Mat Top for CHEAP

Last fall, I had some neighbor kids helping pick up sticks in my back yard before their brother mowed. While they were in the back yard helping one day, I was headed back and three of them came running from the backyard passing me looking guilty. 

I told them it was fine that they were back there and then later, I looked in the back yard and noticed that the trampoline top was torn. I had the top of the trampoline sewn and I guess they used cotton thread and when the kids were jumping, the sun had deteriorated the seams and when the kids were jumping, the seams started to come apart and they slowly came off the tramp onto the bark . I could see the spot where they slid off the top. 

I called the parents and made sure that the children were all well and was relieved to know that they were all fine. I took the top off immediately so that no one else would try and get on it. I then looked online at buying a new top. My grandchildren love to jump on it. I forgot about it for awhile as the tops were really expensive and I was busy. 

I was talking with my grandchildren recently and they asked me if I had fixed my tramp. I took some time to do some research and found a company that seemed to have a top that may fit my trampoline. My tramp was purchased used over 15 years ago. It has 104 springs on it which is an unusually high amount of springs. The springs are also 8 1/2 inches long verses most trampolines that have 5 1/2 springs. The frame is steel verses the aluminum the newer / cheaper trampolines are made of. 

I didn't want to buy a new trampoline, but it looked like it may be cheaper to purchase a newer trampoline rather than buying a new top mat. 

I found this one company that replied to my emails about the top size. When you are measuring the top mat, you measure from end of mat to the center to the other edge of the mat. Then, you need to measure the rings on the mat from end to end in the middle. You measure the springs, and you measure the frame and then you count the springs. With all that information, I had the measurement of 12.3 inches but the trampoline mat they offered with 104 springs was only 12 feet long. I got an email back the next day saying that the top mat will stretch over time and that the 12 feet top would probably work but they also told me if it didn't, that they would pay for me to send the top back. 

With that reply, I got online and as I was going to click on "order" the page refreshed and it said "Out of stock!" I couldn't believe that as I was about to order the top, it sold out. I wrote the customer service person that had replied and she told me they would have some in stock within a week. 

I looked at the site Trampolineandmore.com a few days later and was thrilled they had one for order. It was shipped the next day and took a few days longer than they said online to get to me but I do live in a small town so it is expected sometimes to take a few days longer. 

When I ordered it, I looked online for a discount coupon code and tried two before finding one that would work. The code took another $7 off the price of the trampoline top and I was able to get a new trampoline mat for under $80 as they had free shipping! 

The only issue I had with the top, was they sent a tool to help you put it on, and the tool broke within three springs. Other than that, the entire process was GREAT! I was very happy with the entire purchase and the tramp top seems to be quality. I can share that I don't know if it is UV protected or if the stitching is plastic or cotton etc, because the site doesn't tell you that much information. Other sites have that type of thing listed but the top for my trampoline on those sites was $222 dollars. I felt that even if this top only lasted 5 years, it is still just over $10 a year to have so it felt worth it to me to buy it. 

I suggest you measure the top carefully and go with a smaller top by 3 inches or so but make sure you measure the springs, count the rings, and measure the top across the center. 

I was grateful that Princess Five was home to help me put the trampoline top on as it is hard to do alone. The best way to do that is using pliers by holding the springs at the top of the spring and pulling it towards the trampoline pad and put on one and then go to the other side and put one on there, then one directly in between those two springs and one opposite that one and then keep putting one on directly in the middle of the springs that were on the tarp. This is the only way to do it or it is to hard if it gets lopsided to one side. 

Feel free to ask questions if you need to, I am very happy with the entire process with this company! 

Stay safe and have a BLESSED day!