Monday, October 21, 2013

Fixing and Patching Inner Thigh Wear, Jean Holes or Tears

With today's pre-washed jeans and worn look pants, the softer cotton wears through quickly in stress areas. Having five girls that dance and the thinner jeans they make now, we have had our share of torn jeans and worn spots on their jeans. 

One of the girls brought me her favorite jeans as they are comfortable and she likes to wear them often. They had a small wear hole in the inner thigh area. It seems that most of the girls have had this problem in the past with the thinner jeans. 

If they wait to show me until the wear patterns are large, they usually rip in a large area and there is nothing that can be done. 

If it wears in a knee, we usually cut them off for shorts. If it tears at a man-made wear spot elsewhere, I usually zig-zag the parts together and it usually holds for a bit longer. 

If, however, they get worn and the girls get them to me before they rip or the wear is great, I can fix the problem.
You can purchase iron on patches or you can make your own iron on patches using old jeans or the bottom part of another pair you have already cut off. You can buy iron on fusing material that you cut the size of the patch and iron it on the INSIDE of the pants. If you iron it on the outside, it looks funny. 

The iron on patches I show here, I purchased at a second hand store for a quarter. You cut off the size patch you need and iron it on the INSIDE of the pants.

CUT THEM IN A ROUND PATCH because corners will catch and irritate the skin and can eventually start pulling off. If they are round, there is no corner to catch on and they tend to be less irritating.

Use a hot iron and it only takes about 20 seconds to get the patch to melt into the fabric. As you can see, I did both inner thigh areas even though only one was thread barren. I did this as it is only a matter of time before the other starts to wear and this way, they are both strengthened. 

Princess put them on and was worried that the thicker patch material would show through to the back of her pants. She was conscious of it but we kept telling her it didn't show. Finally, I took a picture of her backside so she could see that there was NO sign that there were patches on the pants. You can see in the top picture that it looks a bit worn but not like a hole as the patch underneath shows. I think I will use a blue pen to darken up the white areas of fray so it won't be so worn looking.

Hopefully, she will get a bit more use out of her favorite pants. They looked fine everywhere else. :-)


  1. I've always done this but never thought about cutting the patches round. I'll do that next time. Thanks

    1. Hi Pat, Thanks for your gratitude and comments. Have a BLESSED Day!