Friday, January 31, 2020

I Am Almost Done With The New Webpage - horsehairinhumans

I have been pulling a bunch of through the night work sessions trying to get the new website done. I had plans today, but ended up not feeling all that well as the parasite that is living in my left hip decided it didn't like the Lugol's Iodine I have been putting in the area and decided to lay eggs in my left leg. Here is a link to a post about that. Here is another about that. 

I gave up my travel plans for the day and have been working on finishing up the website. I think for the most part, the pages, links, pictures, and format are done. I need to proof read it, link it to google so that people can find it on searches, and link it to the advertising. 

I am quite disgusted with the advertising on my blog currently. Last year I had one ad on the left side of the page, now I have five through one blog post. Last year I made about $10 a month. This year, I have averaged less than $5 but with all the ads lately, I am at about $6 to $7 a month. It doesn't seem like it is worth it to have to scroll through all those advertisements, and often times it is not something I would like advertised on my blog. 

You can tell I am tired as I keep getting distracted. ha ha I will hopefully feel better tomorrow and be able to finish all those things I need to do before activating the site. I know it isn't going to be perfect, but it is what I can do. Hopefully, it will be good enough for people to find all the information on one site. 

Wish me well and have a Blessed Day!

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Waxy Film On Skin - Losing Hair From the Root - Horsehair Parasite Update 1-20

I haven't been doing much on the parasite through the holidays. I was dealing with the car accident, yard, family, and the methane problem in the house. 

I am so frustrated that things are keeping me from doing thing to figure out the parasite, so I am trying to make it a priority now that the yard and car are both finished. I have the methane problem on hold due to weather issues as well as fixing the brick wall I hit with the car. 

I am pushing to finish the website and committed to a name, buying a domain and also paying for hosting so the longer it isn't finished, it is now costing me money. So, I am hoping to get it finished in the next week or two. 

I have spent a few all night work sessions on it as well as hours during the day. I keep thinking I am really close to finishing it, but it takes SO much time to find the posts to link to about a symptom or to find the right videos to put along side symptoms because so many of my videos talk about many symptoms, so it really is VERY time consuming to find the right pictures, write the text, and then find the best video to show the symptoms clearly. I have 55 videos about the parasite so watching and figuring out which to put up is difficult. 

In working on the website, I realized that I don't have pictures for some of the symptoms as it is really difficult to show "waxy skin" in picture form. I had an idea and made a video of what I think is a way to show the waxy biofilm. I scraped some off me in the shower and placed it aside. I took a picture of it after pulling it out from under my nails. 

Once I got out of the shower, I placed the film on black fabric and rubbed it into the fabric. I wanted to show that there IS something coming off the skin because dead skin won't "Rub in" causing streaking on fabric. Also, I rubbed some of my waxy deodorant at the top of the fabric to compare what it would look like, and it made the pants greasy. You can see a dark oily stain on the fabric. So, you can tell from that, that the biofilm scraped off the skin at the bottom of the picture is not just oily skin or it would also stain the fabric. It is waxy in nature. 

The fact that I am over 50 and have never had this film on me before says something. I also show in the video that my hair is coming out by the roots. Each time I shower, I have less and less hair to ring out. I used to have to use two pony elastics as my hair was so thick and now, I can wrap the one elastic around my pony three times. I have noticed much more parastate activity in my head in the past six months. Eyes, nose, ears, teeth, mouth, etc. Every night for the past month or two I wake up with the parasites popping into my mouth from my left upper gums. It wakes me and happens even during the day sometimes. I am worried about my teeth turning orangy /black like my mothers. 

I also show on the video dry skin, but I think that is mostly from the methane issue I am dealing with as that is a main symptom. I can't know for sure so I included it in the video. 

I hope to finish this all off and then maybe someone will take notice and those who are suffering can make it a place to share things they have tried etc. 

Have a blessed and parasite free day!

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Finding Joy and Gratitude - Trusting God

I have a dear friend who I worked with many years ago in our Church Women's Group. She was a young mother and had a few children and my girls were older.

Over the years working together, and being neighbors, we have gotten to know each other quite well and I worked with her boys recently in the cub scouts as well.

She recently invited me to attend a workshop she is putting on about being "Mindful" as she has read many books on self improvement and wanted to help others by putting on these classes. She started a few years ago teaching preschool in her home and then started homeschool many of her own children. Her family has doubled in size since she and I worked together.

She then started teaching children's classes and has worked her way up to teaching adult classes. I wasn't sure why she invited me to her classes but she has told me several times that she didn't get what I was trying to share about gratitude for many years, but recently when I talked about it again in church, she said it finally clicked.

Today was her fourth class, and most of the hour class was about Gratitude and Joy. Those are two things I know much about. She actually talked about me in class without mentioning who I was as she was sharing that "someone she knew" always talked about gratitude.

She then shared a story about how she was really resentful one night on Halloween evening when her 8 children and husband went to bed and hadn't helped clean up the mess. She said at first she was upset, but then thought about gratitude and at first started giving gratitude for dishes to eat off as she was cleaning them up. It went that way for awhile as she picked things up. She found after some time with it going that ways she started giving gratitude for bigger things she may have not focused on being grateful for before that day.

She said it took her about 2 hours to clean up, but by the time she finished cleaning the house, she felt JOY. She said it was hard to go to sleep because for the first time in her life she realized that there was a difference between happy and joy.

She has shared something each week that I think I have helped or influence her in since we have been friends. I have also shared some tips with her that I thought may help as she develops the classes to serve more people.

At the end of last weeks class, I was also able to share with some other neighbors some thing that I felt were worth sharing. The husband was saying that at night it is hard not to find fault in the way he did or didn't get something done, or how he did it. I asked them if it was "OK" to share something I learned from a friend many years ago.

They said I could share, and I told them that our Heavenly Father is a kind father and if we ask Him what He wants us to get done each day in the morning and then report what we got done each night, as you would a boss, HE will be thrilled that we asked His advice. Even if we don't finish everything on the list, HE is proud that you got what you got done. I asked this man if his son came to him at the end of the night and said, "Dad I got half of the list done today." would this father get angry with his child or would he be glad that the son did his best and finished half the list? The father nodded saying he would be loving to his son. I told him that God is the same way. In the past I have gotten upset saying, "I didn't get my list done" getting down on myself, but then God puts into my heart, "No, you didn't get the list done, BUT you did visit the elderly neighbor and help her put salt in her water softener and carried some heavy things for her." and I then can be gentle on myself knowing that people always matter more than "lists" or "things" by far.

My friends both seemed to take that information in stride. I sent a text to my other friend that taught me that lesson this week thanking him for sharing that with me during my divorce. His advice was a bit different in that I NEVER asked God for anything as I figured I should do everything myself and only ask for the BIG things. This friend asked me if I would help my child tie their shoes even if they knew how to do it but their hands were full? It is something they are capable of, but as a parent, I would want to help them with even that little of a thing if I thought it would help them as I wouldn't want them to trip and they had their hands full!

I thought about that. It touched me as I really love to help my children succeed in any way I can, even down to the little things like filling their gas tank etc. From that time on, I decided to give God a chance to help me even with the little things and I feel so grateful that down to parking spaces near the front door of a store, God has never failed me when I ask in faith and need.

I love how sometimes I am the receiver of great advice, and other times, I am the giver and sharer of the good advice. God loves us and judges us in HIS way so we need to stop judging ourselves and others in our way.

I hope you have a Blessed and Abundant Joy Filled Day!

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Venting the House Due To Methane Poisoning - Part 4

This week I woke for several days in a row with headache and would wake in the night due to heart palpitations and having a hard time breathing when the furnace was on. 

After a few days, I woke up so nauseous that I was feeling really sick, but noticed for the few days prior that I would have the waves of nausea when the furnace was on. This has happened before, but not to the extent. It has been super cold and the furnace has been on almost constantly.

I went down to check on things and twice when I went down the stairs, my ears started ringing. I know it had to be related as I was having all the other symptoms and the main symptoms I have had constantly for years now is the dehydration. My heels are so cracked when I wake up that it is painful to walk for a few minutes. It was worse during the few days where things were so bad. 

I decided I needed to do something as I am waiting for the sewer camera to come back from being fixed and am on the Plumbers time table, so I decided to turn off the furnace. It has been super cold, but I have been bundling up. I finally turned it up to 64 as it was super cold before, but I can tell you that having the furnace off and blocking the basement rooms and drains with towels under the doors, and not having the furnace draw the methane into the rest of the house, I have felt better in the past few days than in months. 

I put fans around the house aiming towards outside, and kept the door open most of the day to blow it all outside. I opened windows so that the fans would draw the clean air into the house. I also have been using the bathroom vents to draw out air as well. When the furnace is on more, I have both bathroom fans on in the upstairs, but was still having symptoms. 

My electric bill has increased much since last year due to the fans on 24/7, but I feel my health is worth it! I have however been cold, but that is the price to feel better and more clear headed, it is worth it. I have noticed my eyesight has also gotten better in the past few days. Also the muscle cramping has gotten better.
So, in short, I blocked the sewer drain with a towel robe. I closed all the doors to the bathroom and laundry rooms in the basement, and put towels under the doors to keep any gasses from coming out. I vent the house using fans and open doors and windows, and have turned the furnace down so that it isn't blowing the gas around the house all night. In the summer, I used the swamp cooler and open windows to blow the gas out of the house. 

I also realized that the small sink hole I noticed over the past few months is getting a bit bigger and is still soft in the bottom. It could be snow and rain, but I think it may be over the sewer if there is a leak there, it could be the source of the air in the line causing the gurgling. I may just start digging it up without waiting for the camera to come as I need this issue fixed. I need to feel good again! 

I will update you once the camera has come and if I dig up the sink hole. Have a Blessed Day!

Monday, January 27, 2020

The Pruning and Yard Are Done - Oh Happy Day

I had someone come on Saturday and use a chainsaw to cut up the last few logs that were in the yard. 

I am blessed with good friends who are so willing to help me finish projects. He was the one who helped me take down the larger branches. While he was cutting up the last few logs, one of my neighbors came over and was going to offer to help but could see we were almost done. 

It feels so good to be finished with all the pruning and yard for the first time in years. I want to find a new trampoline top and hang another tire swing in the now pruned tree so that it can be safe and fun for the grandchildren when they visit. 

I feel so blessed to have a big fenced beautiful yard with fruit trees. And now, I have a super great year supply of wood for the wood stoves.

Have a blessed day! 

Friday, January 24, 2020

Busy Day Visiting the Temple - Bunko - Methane and Migraine

I have been fighting a migraine for a few days as I think there is a large storm headed my way. I was able to get on top of it but then it comes back. I was able to head to one of the Temples for my church with some friends and then had my Bunko group tonight. I have been blessed to be part of that group for 23 years. I really am grateful for my Bunko Friends. 

I was able to call a local plumber who has a 200 foot camera and said he would be able to come and run it through my sewer vent and lines in the next week or so which makes me super happy hoping that we will be able to figure out why the venting is not working. His camera was gone to be fixed and is in the mail back now. 

I'll keep you updated but will share a jewelry video showing some things I found at a pawn shop and then sorted a jewelry bag as well. Enjoy. 

Have a Blessed day! 

Thursday, January 23, 2020

I Finally Finished the Tree Branches in the Yard

I wanted to share how happy I am about finishing up my yard. 

I had a few hours this afternoon after my food bank board meeting and the sun was out even though the yard was really wet. I figured out that I could probably finish the branches that needed to be cut up.

I spent several hours cutting up the rest of the branches and breaking up the twigs and sticks and then stacking the rest of the cut up wood on the wood pile. 

I filled all of my garbage cans full and am very happy that I was able to finish raking up all the small debris just as the sun set and was able to get everything in the garbage cans. 

I am so excited to have the yard completely finished. It is the first time in years that I have been able to get all the trees pruned before spring and to get all the landscaping done, bushes pruned, edged etc. 

I am glad that the sun was out long enough to melt the snow so I could get it finished. 

I took a video of the yard finished and will share my excitement with you. 

Have a blessed day! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

111 Post on a Slow Day

I haven't been feeling very well today. I am super tired and feel like I am fighting something off again. I may have picked up something from my grandchildren, or I may just be dealing with methane issues from coming home to my house. I can't know, but just wish I could feel better and not be so tired.  

As I was getting my blog and YouTube info for my journal tonight, and laughed when my YouTube income was $111 and then I checked my blog and my top viewed blog post today was 111 views. I think God is telling me it is going to be "OK" as I am so tired and wondering how things will get any better. It is hard feeling so tired and horrible so much of the time, but then there are these little blessings reminding me that things will be alright. 

I think I am fighting some illness as my throat is sore. I hope I can feel better and get back to things I need to get done. 

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Cleanest Car and Apartment in the Zone - Princess Five in NY

This week we were able to meet with our new friend Daby! She is one of the happiest people I've ever met, she loves the Book of Mormon and has been reading it along with the Book of Mormon videos!

We had Zone Conference this week! Every transfer we have a contest of who had the cleanest apartment and cleanest car and we found out that last transfer sister Bea and I won both! We talked about how to be better teachers, and it was just what I needed!

We had exchanges this week as well, sister Ellis came and stayed with me in New City! In the morning we had service with salvation army and we helped speak Spanish to people to give them food. We visited with Daby, but when we left there was quite a bit of snow. We went to Rockland bakery, and I had some of the best cheese cake I have ever tried, and some yummy rolls and bagels and such. At this point, it was about 6 but the roads were snow packed so we decided to exchange early, but the roads were too bad and we ended up deciding to head home instead to stay exchanged for another night, then we exchanged back the next morning. 
Our friend Aime came to church, and also our friend Dee, who moved here from China!

Yesterday we had dinner at Bishops house. They have four boys under 11, so it was a little crazy, but exciting.

Not a very eventful week, but I always feel blessed to be laboring in the Lord's vineyard!

CuĂ­dense mucho!
Hermana Princess Five

Monday, January 20, 2020

A Bit of Western In My Blood - Grandchildren Photo Shoot

I spent the weekend with my Daughters family, and in turn, that means I got to spent a heavenly few days with my grandchildren~! 

If you know anything about me, you know that I LOVE my family and I take LOTS of photos. I have a few stuffed rocking horses at my house, and have two I want to sell. I took two of them to visit the family and take some photos. I grabbed some cowboy hats, bandanas, some cap guns, and some other photograph props and hauled it all to my daughters so I could take some cute photos and videos. 
True disclosure on this, my two youngest grandchildren are sick with a horrible cold so they didn't feel all that great and I also didn't feel all that great the first day after a long drive on snowy roads and some not so great food that I reacted with.

They kids weren't dressed for the photo shoot, but I figured if I didn't get it when I could, it wouldn't happen. I know my daughter doesn't like me to leave lots of toys at her home, so I have to take boxes of things with me to entertain the kids, so the horses couldn't stay, I need them gone out of my house as well, so it was really now, or never.The kids were tired as it was at night, and they were frustrated at me only having two horses as I couldn't fit a third in the car, so taking turns was rough. We also had some issues as my daughter doesn't like guns, so it became an issue as the three year old couldn't get the concept of not shooting at people, so he kept getting upset if I threatened to take away the gun.

I tried about ten times to get a good video as the youngest was adorable on the little horse, but in every video there was arguing, snapping, tantrums, names, crying, or just so much cap guns, squeals of delight, or screams of joy, that I couldn't use a one without editing the video. Since I still don't know how to edit on my new phone, and I was out of town, you are just going to have to enjoy the pictures as I have no way to upload a usable video. 
Let me just say that the baby was adorable rocking and bouncing himself up and down on the small horse, and the larger horse has cute sound effects like a riding horse. 

One of the horses I have at home actually neighs and his head moves. I am going to keep the two that make noise and have saddles and stirrups on them, and get rid of the two that just rock and are smaller. 
I keep finding cuter and cuter horses for my western room in my home where I hung my dad's black-bear. It is the first place the kids go when they arrive at my house. I love having a fun home for the grandchildren. 

My grand-daughter told me she was going to be the "bad" cowboy for a few minutes and she just acted mean and you can see by her face in the picture, she is a good little actress, you can see it in her eyes. ha ha The kids had fun, but none of them liked the bandana and by the end, they had all taken them off. They liked the hats, and the guns were a favorite. The baby would pick it up, climb on the horse, ride and then throw it through the air off the horse, get off the horse, pick it up and start all over again. It was so cute. 
I have pictures of my grandfather on his horses. I have a post where I show how I made a cute collage out of some of them. I have pictures of my mother on horses as a baby, photos of me on horses, my girls on horses, and now these cute western photos. 

I am truly blessed!

Friday, January 17, 2020

Spending Time With Family For the Holiday Weekend

Hey my Blog Friends,

I am going to take today off and spend some time with my family for this holiday weekend. We are going to celebrate Christmas and a few birthdays as well.

Please enjoy this jewelry sorting video where I find some beautiful costume jewelry and TWO sterling necklaces with charms. I have fallen asleep about ten times just writing those few lines. 

Thanks for watching and have a blessed day!

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Selling Locally Pays Off - Check Out Your Local Yard Sale Pages

 I am trying to clean out the house lately in-between all the crazy things that are my life. 

I wanted to have a yard sale in the fall but with everything going on, I wasn't able to do it. I took most of the clothes to the local food pantry as they give them out free where as if I took them to a thrift store, people would have to pay for them. 

I then started putting some things online and have tried to put just three items on per day. I hadn't do well for a few years as I don't have time to babysit the pages as you have to bump the item by making a comment on it so that it stays near the top of the feed or it gets lost and people don't see it. 

I have found that the serious buyers will "like" something you are selling and then watch it and when you lower the prices, they will then get a notice because they commented or "liked" the item. 

I posted the hand made leather chair many moths back but a guy liked the post. I bumped it once or twice in a few weeks and he commented on the chair. This week, he contacted me asking if the chair was still available. I was able to sell it for $100. 

Most of the item I sell are for a few dollars like something you would sell at a yard sale. The candles stick and some other glass items I sold for $20 last week and today sold a child's toy and a puzzle we had already done for $4. 

Yesterday I made $15 having a couple come and dig through my jewelry bags that I have left over from my jewelry sorting bags. Anything I make off of selling that jewelry is all a bonus because I usually get my value in Silver and Gold from the bags so if I make money selling items from the bag it is just "frosting on the top." 

The pyrex bowls on sold awaiting pick up for $20 and this just dance game I bought for Princess Two but she decided she didn't want it. I paid $2 and it is still new in the package. I listed it for $10 and have someone who wants it. 

I know I could make a little more online but I don't have to deal with shipping, payment methods, or taxes. I purchased most of these items second hand so the taxes have already been paid on them so it is frustrating that eBay and other auction sites are now charging taxes for selling. 

This isn't something I have done much of recently but did a lot more when the girls were in school and needed money for activities, I would have them sell things locally to earn money. 

If you haven't tried it, it is very easy and you can have them come pick the item up or you can meet them in a local store. I have met people all over town in parking lots, and stores. I delivered a "Catan" game last week to a lady working the self check out at Walmart~! 

It may be worth it to you to try it as you clean house. Have a blessed day!