Friday, July 31, 2020

My Heavenly Father Knows My Needs and Helps Me When Needed

I have been thinking about this for a few weeks now, how my Heavenly Father takes care of all our needs down to the littlest thing. He always does! 

I shared recently in a post about this, and since Princess Five has been living at home while she gets ready to head to college, we have seen this in SO many ways. Over and over, we have continually seen how when we need or want something, within a day or two, that need will be taken care of in a miraculous or blessed way without us having to do anything about it. 

Princess Five has been getting all her health appointments taken care of seeing Dentist, Eye Doctors, and getting a new drivers license, and at each spot, we seem to have little miracles that make us KNOW that he is paving the way for each thing. 

For example, we went to the eye Dr. and her prescription had changed. She tried a new prescription in the left eye contact, and at first it was super clear. As the day progressed, the contact would slide and go out of focus. She was frustrated because it helped her see more clearly, but in the end, she would have to blink hard all day long to get it back into place. This has been the issue with her right eye for the entire life of her contact wearing. She has a VERY strong prescription in the right eye as she damaged in during a fall. We just figured that she would have to wear drooping contacts her entire life. It took the eye Dr. many tries to find a contact that could even work for her and with that, we were grateful that she could wear contacts as she was a cheerleader and couldn't wear glasses while stunting and cheering. 

We ask the Dr. to just go back to the old contact because at least she knows she could see clearer, event if it wasn't the clearest, but she wouldn't have to keep squinting the contact back into place. 

The Dr. said she would order a new contact trial but still wanted to try the newer prescription. I went to the store a few days later and asked about the trials. The worker told me that they sent the wrong brand and it had more of a curve and they were waiting for the other brand. I felt like I should ask if she could try that other brand for some reason figuring if it was a trial and it came in, perhaps for some reason she should try it. 

Within minutes of putting the new contact in, she was singing praises! She said it was the clearest she has ever seen with contacts! I call the store and they tell me that that brand of contact has the smaller cone shape to hold it on smaller eyes better and that the brand that she has been wearing for all these years only comes in the larger cone size so for all these years, she could have been wearing a different brand of contact that actually fit on her eye better and not have had these struggles with the drooping contact! 

She hardly wears them due to that problem, and wore glasses her entire mission for that reason. The contacts were just not easy or comfortable to wear and she struggled seeing clearly all the time. 

I know that this "Happy little accident" was not an accident. I know that her Father in Heaven cares about her and takes care of her needs, even when she doesn't know it is a need! 

Just yesterday, we had another little reminder! Since she was a missionary for 18 months, she hasn't worn a swimsuit for 2 years. She needed a new one and looking online, she found one she could order the larger size for the bottom and smaller size for the top as several of my girls are built that way. They were sold out and were quite expensive. She was a bit discouraged and was just planning on wearing shorts and a tank with a sports bra to our reunion at the lake. 

Princess One was going through a drawer and found a suit with the tags still on it that she bought for  an event when she was pregnant but didn't end up wearing before her stomach grew and the suit didn't fit. She thought to herself after finding it in the drawer, "I bet Princess Five could use this." So, she called her sister asking if she needed a bathing suit with the tags still on that she thought would look cute on her?

We saw Princess One yesterday and she gave her sister the suit. Princess Five tried it on and it looks like it was made for her! It is SO cute on her! 

Once again, her Heavenly Father knew her need and answered that prayer for a modest, cute, fitting swimsuit for low to no cost! It still had the price tags on the suit but wasn't something her sister could use, so God inspired her to clean out that drawer just before our family reunion at the lake! 

She used the suit today and it was comfortable, modest, and made her feel cute! What more could a girl ask for in a suit?! 

I am sharing a video I made months ago where I tell a gratitude moment and how grateful I am for my Heavenly Father taking care of our needs and share another moment when Princess One needed something for online schooling her kids that was a required item for the science curriculum she uses. We got the circuit board new in the box for $12 that is over $80 on Amazon! It is a jewelry sorting video but just watch the first few minutes where I share the story! I thought it was amazing that I have posted two jewelry sorting videos and have over five from that same time range still to share, yet the next in line just happened to have this little gratitude moment at the beginning on the exact day that I wanted to share about this cute bathing suit story and how  God takes care of our needs. 

I was going to post about the suit yesterday evening as that was when her sister gave it to her, but Princess Five said, "Why don't you post about it tomorrow after I use the suit so you can get some pictures of me with the kids." Then, the video showed up! It was meant to be! 

It may seem silly for those who don't recognize God's hand in their lives, but for us, these type of Tender Mercies happen all the time! We feel so blessed to KNOW our loving Father in Heaven so well! 

Have a safe and blessed day! 

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Catching up Posting Some Grab Bag Videos

Hey Friends, today I am going to share another grab bag video. I have quite a few on my YouTube channel that I uploaded and never posted. I figure I could use the income from people watching them, and they are already made and uploaded, I just need to take the time to list them. 

I have quite a few other videos that need to be posted, but the new way to list takes me at least an hour or more per video. Since my videos all have different content, you have to put new tags to search each video. It would be simple if my channel was all one type of video, like children's songs, or financial advice, as you do your tags once, you description once for all the videos. With my channel the way it is, I have to create new lists, description and tags for each video. 

Making the thumbnail custom and eye catching also takes time. I am getting better at it, and it is coming a bit faster finally, but my frustration is that I have over 900 videos on YouTube now and need to go back and put tags on at least 800 of them! 

I need to make this a full time job to do that, however, it may pay off in the end with getting more views to my channel, so perhaps I should focus on that. 

I hope you enjoy my treasure hunting videos. I make myself laugh sometimes! 

Stay safe and have a Blessed day! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Jewelry Sorting Treasure Hunt - Silver Ring

I haven't posted any jewelry sorting videos in some time. I was reviewing my uploaded videos on YouTube yesterday and realized that I have quite a few jewelry sorting / treasure hunting videos that I never edited and published on YouTube due to getting lots at the same time and how long it takes me to upload things and I get busy doing other things and think that I posted things sometimes. I realize much later that I took the pictures and even uploaded the photos, but I just never posted it. 

I am going to upload a few of them this week and try to catch up some on my YouTube videos as there are LOTS that I haven't actually taken the time to post as it takes some time to get all the tags and things done to upload them. 

Be patient with me as I have been sick and I am trying to get Princess Five ready for college and moving. 

Enjoy! Have a Blessed Day! 

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

It's Been a Day

I had a super busy day and was up nearly 24 hours. I am fighting sleep so I thought I would just tell you why there is't a post. Have a blessed day!


Don't use this method if you care about your couch and are worried about it being damaged. Try this on a spot where it won't be seen before doing it where it may be visible. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!

When I bought this couch many years ago,  I purchased it to go into our basement after we had some flooding.

I wanted to replace the couches down there due to flooding. I found this $2800 couch at a clearance center for $900. Before I bought it, I went to a furniture store and saw the exact couch for $2800. I rushed back to the clearance center and purchased it. As I was paying, another person offered them $100 more if they could buy it instead of me. Since I had already struck the deal and was headed to pay, I got the couch. 

I was excited about being able to get it and paid someone to come to my home and help me move it into the basement. We tried for hours taking off the feet, going down the stairs with different angles and after a few hours of trying, we couldn't get it into the basement. 

Due to our moving it back and forth, around corners etc., it was frustrating and we got paint scratches on the leather. I wasn't able to get the paint off the leather without damaging the leather and taking off the dye on the leather. 

The couch back has had those white paint marks on it for ten years or more. Princess Five and I worked on the couch this week and I figured while we were working on it, I should take care of those white paint marks. 

I have made many posts on using Sharpie pens to fix scratches on furniture, cars, toys, books, and this post is on using it on leather! 

I use three different techniques to cover the marks, cover scratches, or fixing fading around the scratches. 

The first method is drawing on the scratches and before the ink dries, you use your finger to rub over the wet ink which blends it into the leather. 

The second method is to scribble a bit of the ink on your finger and rub it onto the faded leather transferring the ink onto the leather while it is still wet. It works if you don't want to use the marker directly on the leather. 

The last method is to use the tip of the marker and just making dots so that there is a darker area in the center and then lighter as it goes out. Natural leather sometimes takes up dies in a dotted pattern so this can be used to make it look more natural. 

WATCH THE VIDEO for more detailed instructions. You can see very clearly on the video how it can match fairly well if done right. Depending on the color of leather item you have, you may have to try different colors of Sharpie markers. I have sometimes even used non-sharpie brand permanent markers. 

Always try this on a spot that won't be noticed if the colors don't match exactly. Sometimes you can blend a darker marker in by mixing some of the ink on your finger and mixing it with a bit of fluid, I have used spit and water at times. Gross but effective. 

Feel free to ask questions! Have a blessed day! 

Monday, July 27, 2020

Still Collecting Stuff to Sell

I am still going through things and selling items and it feels so good to get "stuff" out of the house!

I was able to sell some Bosch mixer parts this weekend. I had someone contact me asking about them and said they were interested in buying all the parts. I figured it was someone who wanted to sell them online. I wanted $160 for them but said I would take $150.

I put gloves on and boxed the items and put it on the front porch since I wasn't sure what I had the past week. When they got here, it happened to be a person I knew. I told her that the parts I had were three different machine parts and she said she owned the Bosch Universal, Her oldest daughter owned the Bosch Universal Plus, and her younger daughter owned the Bosch Mini. I had parts for all three machines! 

She said she had been wanting to get a new mixer for her machine and was happy to pay the price. She left and I found that she had only paid me $120. I called her before she got to the end of my street and she said some of the money had fallen between her seats. That was the second time that happened when someone was coming to pay me last week as well. 

When she came back, we ended up talking for an hour about health things. I was glad that we were able to catch up. We talked outside and had a good visit. Princess One and her son were really good friends and dated through high school. It was fun to visit with them. 

I am glad to be cleaning out and making money at the same time. The pile of things we are getting rid of continue to grow and we hope that we can continue to make money as well! 

Have a blessed day! 

Friday, July 24, 2020

My Covid Test Was Negative But I am Still Not Feeling Well

I have been feeling sick for a few days. I have been having stomach issues which have lasted for about a week or so. I got a sore throat within a day or two of the stomach symptoms starting. 

I got a sore lymph in my neck about day 2, I had some sore spots on my feet for a day, I cleared up my sore spot on my neck taking some GSE, Oregano oil, Colloidal silver, Thieves oil, and vitamin C. Two days later, I had swollen lymph on both sides of my neck. I didn't have much of an appetite for a few days. I was tired, but was having a hard time sleeping. On day five or so, I started having swelling in my nose, some dry cough moments, and tightness in my chest. 

I started to get nervous and did a few nebulizer treatments with some food grade peroxide drops in normal saline and had some relief after the treatments. Yesterday, I was feeling nervous and decided to get a Covid-19 test. 

I was able to sleep for a few nights after doing the nebulizer treatments. I felt fairly good this morning and thought maybe I was on top of it, but this evening, I started feeling worse. I got the results tonight and my test was negative for Covid. 

I am glad to know that I don't have covid. I am frustrated that I am not feeling well.

I will keep taking what has helped and hope that I can overcome whatever ails me soon! 

Have a blessed day! 

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Not Feeling Great

I haven't felt well for a few days. I have a post I wanted to put up but I am going to bed early and hope I feel better tomorrow.

Have a Blessed Day!

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Fixing Scratches, Dents, and Dings on Furniture Legs - Arms - Wood

Yesterday, Princess Five and I worked on fixing a couch I have. We decided to make a few posts on how we did that. 

Today, I wanted to share how we fixed up the legs on that couch. We unscrewed the legs taking them off and Princess Five tried using Old English Dark Furniture Polish them, but the color wasn't taking and the scratches and dents were visible.

I pulled out the Sharpie Markers that I love to use, and we tried all the brownish Sharpie colors and tried them each on the base legs on the couch. By coloring the scratches using the closest matching color Sharpie pens, we were able to cover the scratches, and by using the pens on the scratches, and then rubbing over the wet Sharpie with a dry finger, we were able to match it near perfectly. 

When you rub your finger over the Sharpie, it will blend the ink into the wood creating a type of wood stain. Make sure you don't use this method unless you try it on something you don't care about or that you can test first. It can leave permanent stains on anything you use it on. 

I have used this method for many years and have shared many posts about using this in many different ways. As I was making the video today, I had Princess Five helping me do this to the couch legs, and thought I had shown her how to do this, but when I shared it on the video, I showed Princess Five how to do this today, and she seemed shocked, so I guess I have shown my other girls, but not her. 

I was VERY happy with how the legs of the couch looked once we finished using Sharpie on them. I will share tomorrow how we fixed the couch we worked on. 

Have a Blessed Day! 

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Selling Items Online And Locally - Heavenly Father Loves Me

I have shared that funds are tighter than I would like due to many factors, but have shared in the past few days, that I have faith that God will, and does, provide as he has my entire life. I have never gone without my needs, and most of my wants.

I shared how the girls went through the children's books in my post yesterday. Here is a link to that post.  I have been posting things on the local yard sale sites hoping to clean out the house. I want to have a yard sale but, don't want to store heavy boxes of books, so I posted the 3 boxes of children's books online taking pictures of each and listed them locally. 

The next day I was able to sell the three huge boxes for $300. I was so grateful! I was able to help someone and they were able to help me. 

I also had a phone that a good friend gave me when I didn't have a phone, but it wasn't with my carrier so I wasn't able to get it working. I posted it many months ago and it never sold as that carrier isn't a favorite in our area. I was very grateful for her kindness and offered it back before listing it, but she said she was fine with me selling it. The day after I posted saying that I KNOW God will take care of me, the phone sold! I got $125 for the phone. 

Princess Five has been going through our Wii games and deciding which would be fun to keep and which would be good to sell. 

I listed four of them and they sold the next morning. I was able to sell them to someone I know. When he was here, I was able to share some health things with him and he was VERY grateful that I was able to help solve a problem he was having. It is so interesting how when we think we are doing something for someone, we often get helped ourselves. 

God is wonderful to always takes care of me! I know that even though some people do things to harm others on purpose, God sees everything and has a way of evening the scales. Karma is real and I know that by doing good to others, good comes back through others! 

I am blessed, and hope you are staying safe and have a blessed day! 

Monday, July 20, 2020

Going Through the Children's Books

While the girls were home last week getting Princess Four's car fixed, the girls and I did lots of projects. I shared that we put in some decorative rock, and landscaped the backyard next to the house. 

I forgot that I didn't post about other projects. I do this sometimes as I take pictures to post about something and think I did a post about it at the time it was going on. Later, I look for the post only to realize that I was busy at the time and it didn't get posted, and I moved on to current things, and it never got posted. I started to reference this post, and then realized it didn't get written, so I will write this post today and share my other gratitude post tomorrow!

While the girls were here, they went through LOTS of things in the house. We have been working on thinning out the items that I won't need and they don't want to keep for their families or future. It was super wonderful that we were able to get through stacks of stuff stored in the garage, and some stuff in the house.

One morning, I woke to find, they were going though the book shelves. They went through all the children's books in the house. They got on a video chat with Princess one and her husband, and they went through two very tall bookshelves of books. Several of my girls really enjoyed reading. It is interesting to me to see how there are some books that all the girls like, such as Seuss books, but then each tended to read different series of books. 

Princess One loved Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books. Yet, Princess Five read more Sci-Fi books, and Princess Two liked books on body language, color coding, poetry, and romance. Others, never really enjoyed reading, but learned better through other media. 

Several years ago, we went through the book that were series. Each girl in turn picked their favorite sets of books, and I wrote them down. Last year or so, we went through all the Dr. Seuss books and each girl picked in turn, the book they would like from the collection. 

I thought I had posted about going through the books at some point, but I searched to put links on this post and couldn't find links about us going through things. I think the problem is that I am so busy when they are here, I get so many things to post about, that I don't share about the sorting stuff usually. I do want to share why I go through things in this way with each person getting to choose items if they want. Here is a link to part 1 of that post. I have a part 2 and 3 on how we go through things, but in part one, I show pictures of their "lists" and that was when we divided up the book sets.  I also posted about how I purchased all the children books in two posts. Here is part one of the post on buying from the library, and here is a link to part two of that post. 

The girls each kept a pile of books they wanted and were very respectful of sharing and divided some smaller sets if needed so that each girl was able to get some of the books they enjoyed and remembered, or would like to share with their children. I was able to share with them two of the books from my childhood that I still had in the bookshelf, but none of them remembered they were mine as a child, so that was fun to be able to share that with them as well. 

I have a box for Princess One, and each girl has a shelf or two of books that are theirs anytime they want them as they are now all grouped by person. Princess Five was able to put all of hers in the bookshelf in her room, and put those belonging to her sisters on their shelves. The books are all quite organized now. My biggest thrill, was that I had three banana boxes full of books to get rid of after keeping a few "grandma" books for the grandchildren to read, or be read to while visiting Grandma's house. 

I think it is cute that the girls chose favorite books to leave at grandmas house both in the Christmas and Holiday books, and children's books. They knew that all of them would want the book, so they were good enough to just choose to leave it here until they can't anymore. At that point, they know how I like the divying to go, and they will choose numbers and go in order so that no one person takes everything. I LOVE that we are cleaning out the house and look forward to each new visit as we seem to be able to let go of more and more each visit. 

Have a safe and blessed day! 

Friday, July 17, 2020

God Blessed Our Town - A Car Full Of Food

I got a call about 10:30 that the food bank had almost a pallet extra of boxes of taco meat and bags of mozzarella cheese that wouldn't fit in the freezer. I spent near five hours delivering a car packed with food. I called my sisters kids as she is driving one of her children to Texas to live, and they picked up some snacks the food bank had outside for free for anyone to take, and three cases of the boxes of meat and cheese to keep and share. 

Each box had 2 - five-pound bags of Mozzarella cheese and 2 - 5 pound bags of taco meat. I visited with many people and prayed before going that I would know or be led to the people who it would help. I spent time visiting with several people who I had wanted to check on as several are suffering with health issues and visited with many others as well. It was a blessing. 

I wanted to share something cool about having prayed to find the people who needed the food today. I was going to take some of the food to a secondhand store in our town who gives job training to those who may not always be the most hirable due to a variety of reasons. Many are low income. I felt like I should take some of the food there as I have many times in the past. I was going to take it later in the day as the boxes were frozen and I didn't want it to melt all day but I could keep it in air conditioning in my car as I delivered to people. I felt that I should go right then instead of waiting. I took a shopping cart of boxes in and ran into a woman who has 8 children if I remember right. She mentioned that we hadn't seen each other in months and I told her I felt that God had led me to her and asked if she could use some of the food. I was able to give her some. 

I then thought about giving some to a woman whose daughter was a friend of Princess Five for many years. I don't even know her name. I haven't seen her in a long time. I did know that she works with someone I know, but I didn't think I could go to her work and ask if she wanted some food. While I was delivering food, my car ran out of gas and stalled while I was visiting with someone. I wasn't sure it would start, but the driveway was at an angle. Just at that point, someone I had called earlier and left a message about the food called and said she was near my home and could meet me to get some food. I was able to start my car and had her follow me to the gas station to make sure I made it. 

I pull into the gas pump and am getting gas at the front pump, and someone pulls in just behind me. I was wondering why they would pull in behind me when there were other open pumps. I look behind me, and it is the woman I thought about earlier whose daughter was my youngest daughters’ friend! I couldn't believe it! I told her I had just thought of her not more than 1/2 hour ago. I offered her some food. She was hesitant until I told her where it came from and she could see how much I had in my car. I was in awe at how God put people into my path and into my mind with whom I should share. 

I thought later about how I missed many people I normally would have normally shared with, and found those that needed contact or those whom I had never shared with before. 

One woman I hadn't talked to in years. I talked with her and we enjoyed catching up and I got a text from her after I left thanking me for the visit and kindness. I know she has struggled with mental health issues and think it was really good for her to have a visitor. I was also able to meet a new women who moved into our congregation and share with her. I even got to deliver some right to the freezer for those who were working who told me how to enter and where the freezer was located. 
I think it is interesting that some of my last words in my post yesterday were "God has always taken care of me and I know he will continue to take care of me!" 

Today, HE did take care of me, and not just me, but many others. It was just another faith building experience! God is good! 

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Finishing an Easy Project Today - Sorting Sheets

For many months now, I have had a project stacked in my family room. I pulled it out months ago thinking it would take me a few hours, maybe watching a movie to sort them into bins for use as quilt backs.

I have been so busy having children home and working on other projects that I haven't been able to get to it. I didn't want to pull all the bins and sheets out when I had people home, so it has just been stacked in a corner not getting done. 

Today, Princess Five was helping me go through a bunch of Wii games to pull out the less fun games to sell. She played the games while we watched "Relative Race" and I sorted the sheets into totes by size. 

I usually use the king sized sheets for more of our family life quilts, but when making quilts that are themed, I need different sized back and love to match the back pattern with the front. I buy most of my quilt back sheets at second hand stores for $4 or less. I don't think I have ever paid $5 unless it is a custom fabric that is copyrighted. I used to buy them new, but that can get expensive and sometimes it is hard to find the right color in the right size, so I have learned to purchase them when I see them and then I have them when needed.

I think I have enough backs now for all the quilt fronts I have. I have all the shirts organized but a few the girls have pulled out of their drawers for a life quilt addition. They have worked so hard going through everything for the past few months. I am excited to be getting rid of things and need to finish going through things so I can have a yard sale. 

I wish I could just get rid of them by giving them away, but finances always seem to be an issue with health issues. God has always taken care of me and I know he will continue to take care of my needs. 

It is nice that I have enough backs and shirts to make some fun quilts, and I am glad that I finally have them organized! 

Have a safe and blessed day! 

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

A Sweet Little Robin Mother

I posted a few weeks back about there being a robin nest in our front tree.

Things were a bit crazy with all the girls home but I guess Princess Five took a photo while waiting for me to get outside for our nightly walk. She sent me this picture with four beautiful blue eggs in the nest. 

One day we forgot to go around the tree and scared the mother bird and ourselves by walking a bit close to the nest. We took a video and could only see one baby bird in the nest and it didn't look like it was doing all that well. 

Coming back from our walk, the neighbor children said, "Isn't it cool that there are four babies in the nest! I didn't even know they knew about the nest. I asked how they knew that there were four babies in the nest. They told me that they had climbed up (there were lots of neighbor kids around) and saw them all that morning. 

I then got a bit stressed for the bird mother as I can imagine that all those little hands up there looking into that nest, that more than one of them held a baby bird or even may have taken them out of the nest. There were no dead babies in the nest, and there were no dead birds on the ground so I think that there must have been some kind of mishap with the baby birds during the day that only one bird was left in the nest. 

We have tried to avoid the nest for the past week and when walking outside we take a large circle around the tree to help keep the mother Robin from stressing out. She starts calling to her baby or warning us if we get close to the nest. 

Last week she was making noises with a worm in her mouth wanting to feed the baby. We quickly left the area so she could feed the baby. 

This week, we noticed she wasn't near so we took a few pictures and a short video and the baby opened its mouth seeing itself in the camera on the phone. It was really cute. 

The mother then started making noise from my roof letting us know she was watching. I can only imagine her stress having only one of the four babies left. We took a quick picture and moved on so that she could be with her baby. 

Every year I end up with a baby bird falling out of the nest as it gets bigger, and several times they end up in the window wells, so I am hoping that for all this Robin mothers work, this baby will make it to adulthood. 

It has been fun being able to see the progress but the downfall is that little kids can get to them as well. Thank heavens the local cats situation has gotten better or there wouldn't be one baby left. 

Lets all hope the baby makes it! Keep safe and healthy and have a blessed day!