Friday, August 29, 2014

Fixing Paint Chips, Cracks, Scratches or Finishes on Furniture

Princess Three wanted this black and grey computer corner desk for a jewelry holder. I thought that would be great so we posted yesterday about how we did that. Here is a link to that post.  

I went to cover a few marks on the desk top and shelves with a black Sharpie and Princess Three told me not to do that as it shows up darker and a purple color. 

I was a bit unsure what she meant and asked to show her how I do it and have her show me what she didn't like about it. 

I found a scratch or ding as you can see in the second photo. I used the black Sharpie to put some ink over the hole as you can see in the third photo. I then take my finger and rub the spot quickly after using the Sharpie on it and wipe away the excess off the sides of the ding and you can see me doing that in the fourth picture. 

In the fifth photo, you can't see the Sharpie mark, the ding or any white mark. 

She was impressed with that and allowed me to continue with what I was doing by filling in the lighter spots on the desk top and other areas needing some fill. 

You can see in the next picture, that there was some water damage and there was a larger area that had little spots of black missing and lighter wood was showing through. 

Rather than filling in each dot, I just scribbled the area with the black Sharpie and rubbed with my finger and blended it in. You can see where it did a spot in the center of the lighter area. 

I left the darker picture up so you could see that when there is normal light, you really can't see the Sharpie markings. The picture where it is all filled in, you can see some of the markings but that is with bright light. In her room, without the flash, you can't see that it was filled in with markers. It looks great. The edges also needed it as they get bumped and dinged regularly. 

I also found this great waste basket or garbage can that I thought would be great upside down to hang necklaces off and with the small holes, it would hold a TON of little earrings. She didn't want it at first and I told her I could spray paint it darker and she decided she liked it green and wanted to keep it that way. 

If she didn't use it, we were going to thread some black ribbon through the little silver holes and hang it down to hang the little earrings off as they would be small and fall through the holes so any type of ribbon that is wide would work. 
Just push it through one of the holes and tie a knot in the back and hang the little earrings off the ribbon. Or, if you don't want the ribbon to show. Tape it to the back side of the little metal holes and pin the earrings through the holes into the ribbon and it would hold. It would make it look a bit neater than having the ribbon hanging. Either way would work. 

As for Princess Three, she wanted to use the bin right side up so she could throw odds and ends into the center of the basket.Such as large bangles or bracelets etc. 

I showed it upside down so you could see how it could work by hanging the necklaces off the ribs at the bottom. Fun either way! 

Totally Awesome Cleaner from the dollar store or Walmart took the Black Sharpie right off my finger with little residue but I wanted to mention that this works on any color of furniture or clothes that may have a scratch or bleach spot. The other day, I used a rust colored Sharpie to fill in a little bleached spot on Princess Four's pants. It worked well. I have used this trick since high school myself and it has worked for me. Here is a link to where I used it on my trailer

Sharpies are one of my favorite things. Just ask my children. I have more Sharpies than anyone I know. I make sure my kids have them when they go to college and Princess Five has several in her room and one in her back pack. It is one of life's necessities!

Oh, I also wanted to mention that you can screw cup hooks into the holes that are already there or you can screw them in wherever you want them to hang scarves, more jewelry etc off the sides and back. you can actually hang more pegs from the back and hang your larger hats, scarves, wigs or anything else you want to "hide" there in the back. It can do double duty that way. Have fun designing! 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jewelry Peg Board Holder Out of Corner Computer Desk

About a year ago, I purchased a grey and black computer corner desk for Princess Two as I thought it would make a cute jewelry holder. It had grey metal angled corners with holes in them which I thought would be really cute to hold earrings and I figured I could add some peg board, a mirror, cork, white board or a chalk board in the center as well making it a fun for a girl to have in their room.

First off, I measured the distance between the sides and back as well as up and down to find out how big to cut the peg board pieces that I was going to screw on.

Once they were cut to the right size, I then spray painted them black to match the desk portions of the corner piece. 

When the peg board was dry, I screwed it to the back section of the desk using self drilling metal screws. I had to ask for help at the hardware store as I didn't want to get one that was too long or it would go through the back into the front metal and I didn't want that to happen so we measured the peg board and made it just long enough to go through the metal and the peg board.

At first, I was using a hand screwdriver which did work but it was hurting my wrist pushing down while trying to screw it in. 

I got my drill out and the job went much more quickly. Instead of purchasing individual screws, I just purchased a box as some dulled before getting through the metal as I did drill through the peg board in places if the holes weren't in the right spot.

Just make sure if you are going to do something like this that you go into the center of the metal and not on the edges or you may go through the side of the metal which won't hold and will not look as nice. 

The self drilling screws I used were 3/4 inch long and worked very well. Most of the time, you can see in the pictures, I just used an existing hole in the peg board and drilled into the metal but at other times, you can also see that I had to drill some holes in the peg board. Be careful to make sure you don't go to close to the edges or holes or it will make it too large a hole or crack the board making it not secure if you ever need to take it apart for any reason.

I used peg board everywhere but the center in the back. I had intended to put a mirror in the back center but Princess Three has a full length mirror that hangs on the back of her door so she didn't want another mirror. She did however want a cork board that she can pin pictures on and Princess Four uses large thumb tacks to hang up her rings so I shared that with Princess Three and she wanted the cork board. 

I showed you how she covered it in yesterdays post. She wanted the frame black to match the desk top so she painted it black before I attached it to the stand itself.

I had to cut two pieces for each side as you can't have a piece behind the silver holes or you won't be able to hang the earrings off it if you need to put backs on them. 

She had something else to hang the little earrings on which I will show you tomorrow but she LOVED that idea of the dangling earrings hanging on the silver area. If you don't want to use the silver area for earrings but just for a magnet board, you could just put one piece of peg board, cork or white board behind the entire section but she wanted it for hanging jewelry so that is how we worked it. It was easy to screw in each piece with four screws.

Make sure when you are cutting the peg board or whatever else you may want there, that you cut it long enough so that the edges are not showing. Cut it so they hide behind the lip of the metal center and long enough to touch the desk top.

You can see how it looks after screwing the peg board into the sides of the top section of the corner unit. We didn't have the two lower shelves to screw into the top section as we wanted to hang jewelry on them so you can see the holes in the center and bottom sides and I wanted to screw tea cup hooks into those holes and she could have jewelry off them but she is a minimalist so she doesn't have that much jewelry to hold on there. 

She has a few favorite pieces that she wears and is content with those. 

Because it was in pieces for transport, I didn't want to attempt putting the back center on until it was together in her college apartment. We hadn't eaten for hours and I couldn't get her to take a break as she wanted to get this piece together. 

She kept at it until it was mostly together and I needed to do my part putting the back center in. She put it together while I helped the other girls get their rooms together as they all had a hard time trying to move the dressers and beds. 

I thought that I took a picture of the back of the unit once I got the center pieces on. 

The center was a bit more difficult due to the metal being at an angle since the unit is a corner unit. 

Once the top shelf and top were on holding the side pieces together, I was able to put the back on. At first, I was trying to bend 90 angle anchors into fitting the angle of the back to hold the peg and cork boards in place. Then, I cut one off of a metal bracket you use to nail two pieces of large wood together but that wasn't working as quickly and well as I wanted. 

I then remembered my plumbers tape that I used to bring the two sides of my cracked bumper together. Click here for that post. I packed up the plumbers tape, the self drilling screws, the drill, and some wire cutters and took them with us so I would have the right tools to fix it once we were there. 

I cut off strips of the plumbers tape and screwed part of it into the metal on the side and then into the back of the cork board frame which would hold the cork board in and did the same with the top section of peg board. The plumbers tape worked really well. There were some sharp edges which I just bent back towards the peg board and told Princess Three to put duct / duck tape on them so she wouldn't scratch or cut herself while moving it etc.

You can see how it looks without anything on it but I do wish I had remembered to take a picture of the back. However, if you read the post for the past few days, you will know that I was exhausted and had a horrible headache by the time we got into the room and got this put together. You can see it is dark by the time we finished getting it together. 

Princess had fun putting the pegs on the board and putting the earrings in the silver slotted area. I thought it came out so cute. The top center is a bit glared in the picture but it is black like the rest of the peg board so she could have put jewelry all over and with a mirror in the center like Princess Two wanted, it would have been so cute as a vanity with a cute stool. 

She started putting her jewelry on it and her tissue box and some dvd's on it as she had some extra that weren't fitting on her shelves. She really enjoyed putting it together and it gave her plenty of space for all her jewelry and she really likes that fabric so we used it on top of her dresser as well. 

I'll show you one or two more tricks we used when finishing up her corner shelf tomorrow as this is long and I am tired. :-)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Covering a Cork Bullitin Board with Fabric - Easy

Princess Three wanted a cork bulletin board for her apartment at her new university so I purchased one and shared with her how we covered the one in her sisters room with fabric and how I have covered the one in the kitchen using wall paper that matched the kitchen and used plain paper on another years ago. 
I got this one for $1.50 at a second hand store still in the wrapper. They have them there often and you may want to check at one before spending much on a new one as you will probably paint it or cover it anyway, it doesn't matter if it is used.
I asked her what she would like to use and she said she had some cute fabric that matched her room that we used on top of her dresser that she would like to use. She dug through her bins and found the fabric and I told her how to make it work.

When we did her sisters, I used a stapler to staple in the fabric before I realized in the end that I could just tuck it in with a straight edge. 

Here is a link to the post where I covered that board for her.

You cut the fabric the size of the cork board and frame. If you cut it bigger, it will be difficult to "tuck" in. 

Once you have the fabric cut. You lay it out on the board how you want it. If it has a design on it, you will need to lay it with the design face up. You can see how she wanted the palm fronds in the center and not just edges so she laid it on the fabric so that she could get the full fronds.

You then use thumb tacks to hold the fabric in place directly on top of the board. You then take a paint scraper or another flat, stiff tool or item and use it to push the fabric under the frame. 

You can still use a stapler to tack the fabric down and hold it into place or you can put thumb tacks in the corners but if the fabric is at all thick, it will hold itself in. 

You can paint the frame before hand if you want. You can mask the entire thing with tape and newspaper and use spray paint or just acrylic paint. 

She used the acrylic but I did spray it with clear to seal the paint on and give it a shine but either works OK. Spray paint is more scratch resistant but does give more of a smell until it dries completely and airs out. 

She didn't use anything to hold it into place but tacked a picture she took with her friend up to show you how it would look when done. We used it for another project which I will show you tomorrow hopefully.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Moving in Madness Part 2

Cont.... I take Princess clothes shopping to look for a router as I find out that each apartment needs to provide its own wi-fi! I have never heard of this as most apartment complexes have one massive router for their unit. NOPE!  I try to calm myself down and get away from the fumes and it is raining so being outside or unloading is out of the question. Walking campus to find classes is out so I go shopping for several hours after taking her to breakfast / lunch.

Her roommate texts hours later saying no one is there and none of the carpet is laid three hours or more after we left. I want to cry as I am so tired, migraine coming on and I asked the carpet manager guy for his number before we left to be able to call and make sure it was finished before heading back and he started to give me a number, backs up to the wall, kinda slides down the wall, thinks for a minute and gives me a number.

Before that, I asked about why they couldn’t lay the carpet and the email said something about glue. He tells me there is no glue and I ask why they can’t lay the carpet and he gets a look like “I’m a kids caught with my hand in the cookie jar….” And tells me then that it is “difficult” carpet. Basically, I am thinking that he just lied by the way he reacted. I think they messed up somehow and he doesn’t want to admit it. He lied telling me the carpet would be laid just to get us to leave.

Well, when the room mate tells us that no one is in there, I write a text saying, “Hey, just wanted to make sure it is ok to come back and that her room is done.” And send it to the number he gave me. Um…. It is a land line…… I call the number twice on my phone and once on Princess Threes and it NEVER rings. It just was silent forever. The minutes add up but no sound at all comes out.

I don’t want to go back to the place with the smelly carpet as there is no where to sit, and her room mate said one guy is laying carpet in the bedroom that no one will be in until Sunday night. We go back and ask him about it and he tells us he will do her room next but he doesn’t get any help until about 7 p.m.

As soon as he finishes a room, I take the door and put it on the hinges trying to clear out a room. When he finished the carpet in a room, I vacuumed the room so we could move stuff in from the cars. We ended up having to sit in the car in the rain for about 1 ½ hours waiting for her room to be finished so we could clean it and move stuff in. While in the car, I see the “Carpet Boss” and poke my head out and tell him he “gave me the wrong number” laughing like it was a funny mistake. He looks at me like he knew he had been caught, doesn’t say a word and enters another apartment. No, “I’m sorry…” or “Oh, that was a mistake” or anything. Just a passing look.

Princess was so tired and stressed she refused to go into any store. We couldn’t get groceries because we couldn’t get all the stuff out of the kitchen until the front room was done. So, we sat in the humid car rather than standing in the rain or sitting in a restaurant as there is no community room at those apartments and most of the units were not finished having their carpet laid and all the stuff was moved into the main living areas.

I wanted to go to a hotel but I they were all booked. Um… Move in weekend! Finally, about 8 we move her boxes in and I am vacuuming the house and putting on doors and about 10:30 I am so sweaty and tired and the bathroom is FILTHY and wasn’t cleaned and the walls have marks on them, the stairwell light is out and it is dark as she is in a basement apartment. The living room light fixture is cracked and a light out. I had to call the carpet guy back three times as one of the vents didn’t get cut out in one of the rooms, as I vacuumed, a string was stuck up in the transition and I was worried it would run if I didn’t tell them and he told me it probably would have. The pressure stretcher dented the cabinet base and the carpet was just lying on cement there with no carpet tack to hold it and he pulled out the cabinet and told me to tell the manager that they would need to “glue” down that carpet later when they came back to finish the stairs.  
I can’t blame the carpet guy as he was alone working straight all day, I didn’t see him take a break and he is a teacher and was doing this to help someone out and lived three hours drive away. I was VERY grateful he was there but somewhere along the line, someone messed up as this should have been done months before that day.

The guy in the next apartment said he was told for months they were putting in new carpet and another guy a few down said he moved his stuff out of his room two weeks ago and hasn’t been in there waiting for it to be done. I don’t know where the brake down was but it isn’t like they don’t know when school starts.

We hadn’t eaten since 10:30 that morning so we get some dinner just before 11 p.m. and I am so stressed my stomach was hurting as I have been having issues and I think it is my gallbladder so we go shopping at Wal-Mart just before midnight. There is nothing left on the shelves.

We get back about one and unpack the food, put it away and are making the beds for the night when I realize she has no plugs where she can use them near the bed. She also has no mattress cover, garbage can for the bathroom etc.

TWO a.m. I AM BACK AT WALMART! What the $(*)$&%#)(@% is my thought as I can barely walk having slept on the floor, stood in stores all day because I didn’t want to sit in the car which I was in the entire day before driving in pouring rain, having carried heavy bins and boxes down stairs and moved beds, drawers, vacuumed the entire apartment, cleaned the bathroom for several hours, swept the kitchen twice, hung doors by myself for the entire apartment, scouring tubs, mopping floors without mops and no hot water!

By the time I waited for a worker to tell me there were no toilet brushed on the last truck they were unloading and another worker to check on surge protector power strips twice and telling me they had no more in the store, another forty minutes had gone by. I finally figure that I can purchase a heavy duty extension cord and plug her surge protector unit in it. I search the store and find them on a back wall only to turn to leave and there is a wall of surge protector power strips!!!!! I heard the guy ask the manager on the radio if they had power strips anywhere in the store other than the electronic section and they all said “NO” to that! I wonder how many how many people ended up not getting what they needed at that point. A garbage can and some light bulbs later, I am back at the apartment gagging on carpet fumes washing light fixtures and putting in bulbs!
I took a FREEZING shower and was grateful that I had water as after cleaning the entire apartment, hanging doors, moving heavy dressers etc, I needed a shower! I slept with the windows open, fans in the hallway, the fans on in both bathrooms, the fan over the stove on and it was FREEZING in the apartment and rained but the smell was so bad I couldn’t close the windows. I had a HUGE migraine when I woke feeling very toxic and my body was so swollen my eye were even swollen and my sister came dropping some bins off for us on her way through town and they told me I looked “puffy.”

I dreamed in the night that a Dr. told me I had a really rare cancer I had never heard of before and they didn’t know of any way to cure it and I kept waking through the night thinking the alarm hadn’t gone off. I really shouldn’t say “night” as I didn’t get to bed until is was really morning but I was glad I didn’t have to be somewhere at 8. I know the smell was making it hard for me to sleep and my head hurt so much that if I moved at all, I would wake some.

I scrubbed black off the bathroom floor where they must have used hair spray and it pulled in the dirt off shoes or something as it was terribly hard to remove. The tub looked like someone used toilet cleaner on it and was a blue color along with lots of dirt. I scrubbed that three times trying to get it clean which I did sort of but I think the cleaner they used ruined the finish as it felt like in those areas that someone had used sand paper so I am sure it will just get dirty there again but at least it is clean for Princess Three. I put a picture of it dirty and then one of it clean in here to show the contrast. You can still see the area that is a bit sanded but it is MUCH cleaner now!

We visited my brothers church where his daughter was speaking about her mission service (she did a wonderful job with her talk) and my dad gave us a few bins we sent up with him. We left his house early and went back to the apartment to hang pictures and paid to do a few loads of laundry, washing her sheets that were sent up with my sister from her other apartment that hadn’t been washed yet.

I got her settled the best I could but she had dinner plans with her friend where we stayed the first night so I left at 7:30 with a horrible headache. I had already taken pills and drank LOTS of Coke hoping I could make the five hour trip home without incident.(See here for a post about my headaches.)

I was blessed that the only time it really rained hard on the way home was when I pulled in to get gas and use the restroom. It POURED while I did that and when I pulled out to get back on the highway, it slowed!

In all, it was a horrible weekend and I worry about Princess Three sleeping with those fumes as I know they are toxic but at this point, she had paid the entire year up front and moving isn’t an option at this point so I pray she can keep her windows open and the fans on long enough to clean it out. I may try to get the ozonator up there somehow to clean the air.

BUT, with all that, when I was cleaning the bathroom floor, guess what was there on the floor? A dime. Even with all the crazy, Heavenly Father was telling me it would all be “OK.” He is so good to give me little reminders that it will be alright.(Click here to read a post about the finding money thing.)

Also, when Princess was looking at computers to purchase, she was just typing in numbers randomly on the 10 key numbers as she needs those for one of her classes and guess what the random numbers added up to? Yes, 11,1108 or something. There were four ones in a row. I laughed as she said, “I didn’t do that on purpose!” with a shocked look on her face. I told her I knew she hadn’t and that was why I was laughing. I checked out and paid for my order and then she was paying for her computer and I look down and there on the little shelf in front of her was a penny. I pointed to it and told her I think someone was trying to tell us she picked the right computer with both of those signs. I thought it funny that I didn’t see the penny until she was actually paying for the computer.(Click her to read about the 111 post.)
The move in morning, we ate our breakfast/lunch at Wendy’s and as I got out of the car there was a penny on the ground. I picked it up and showed it to Princess and when we got into the restaurant, I dropped it into the “Wendy’s adoption” donation box near the register. I thought perhaps that penny was a blessing for someone else as I had already received a reminder to “Trust in God” by just seeing it as I got out of the car. Princess Three told me, “Way to pay it forward.” We both smiled thinking that penny wouldn’t do much financial for someone but for me, it meant much.

So, even with my nightmare weekend, I gave thanks that we arrived with no car issues, safely and that they agreed to lay the carpet and that we were able to get her in and that she had a wonderful friend who allowed us to stay and that she is moved in enough that she can start school without the added stress of moving furniture in and out! I was grateful to get home safely tonight as well. It is now 4:30 a.m. and I still need to figure out pictures and think I will break this into two posts as it is so long. I have a list of things to do today but think I may just turn off my alarm and phones! Like that would ever really happen. 

Also, I am not taking pictures of all the things wrong in the place to "dis" the place as it is really a nice apartment and in good repair but because of the issue with the carpet, the manger said that they must have kicked the cleaning people out to cut the carpet. She also noted that she noticed the bathroom baseboard on checkout from the old tenants and they should be getting new flooring in the kitchen and bathroom so that should be fixed then. She thinks the light fixture was cracked by the carpet people as that wasn't there when she checked the other tenants out either.

I wanted to write a post about documenting things with pictures or video when you move in or out so that if someone tries to keep your cleaning deposit due to damage or it not being clean, you will have documentation that when you moved in, the problem was already there. 

So, now I have documented it and given you some great advice for moving in to an apartment. I ALWAYS take pictures of any damage to each girls apartment when they move in and they have come in handy and we have actually gotten more back after the fact from their deposit because I did document it.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Moving In Madness Part 1

I moved Princess Three to college this weekend. I can TRULY say that this was the WORST moving in college experience of my life and I am SO exhausted. Princess Two lived in this same housing several years ago when she attended the same university and she loved the housing so I suggested that Princess Three live in the same housing.
We needed to be there at 8 a.m. to pick a room of the four in the apartment so we went up the night before and stayed at her friends so we could make SURE that we could get a good room choice and have the time needed to move her in and get her settled so she could focus on finding her classes and getting to know campus.

We arrive later than usual on Friday night due to heavy rain almost the entire 5 hour trip and my car is rear wheel drive so I didn’t dare go more than 50 in the slow lane for much of the trip.

We purchased a new computer and were up very late transferring all the data via a back up drive from her old computer to the new one. The old one was one I purchased for Princess Two when she left for that same university four or five years or so ago. It was used then and Princess Three really did need a new computer. I was sleeping on blankets on the floor so my night was not a restful one and having driven five hour in the rain with a loaded car and making sure Princess Three was always behind me in her car left me really stressed and I had a hard time falling asleep.

We get an email that night before going to bed about how there was an issue with the new carpet for the apartments and that the carpet wouldn’t be laid until Monday and they would have to pull everything out of the apartment for them to lay the carpet as they have to stretch it from one side to the other. I freak out wondering how my thin Princess with a bad back is going to move all the stuff out by herself and where she would put it all on the first day of class so of course, now I really have a hard time trying to sleep. I think I finally got to sleep about three a.m.

We get up and rush over to the apartments at 9 a.m which was the earliest they said we could go and another mother is there with her daughter and picking rooms. There is carpet cut throughout the apartment sitting out but none of it is actually laid and we can’t even see into the bathrooms since there are all the doors for all the rooms and closets in one along with a dresser and mattresses in the other. The Kitchen is filled with three dressers, three mattress sets, a couch, four stools, four cinder blocks and a few other things. We can’t see the floor or the fridge, stove etc. We can’t move anything in since not one room in the place has carpet laid.
The manager tells us that since the girls didn’t get the heat turned on, they won’t stretch the carpet because it will buckle when it gets warm so until Monday, they won’t install it. The other families are a distance away as well and our cars are FULL of stuff. We ask the manager what to do and she tells us to put stuff in the pantry. Um…. The shelves are thinner than a closet shelf and there are five. I ask her how the girls are to go to the bathroom all weekend with all the doors etc in there and she tells me they can sleep on the mattresses on the carpet as long as they move them out before Monday when they leave for school. I ask where they are to put their stuff then. She tells me into the guys apartment upstairs. NONE of the girls are from the area and don’t know anyone in the place.

By this time I am getting really upset. The place smells like a carpet factory. I am getting a horrible migraine and the manager tells us to go shopping for food for the girls. I ask her how she thinks we could put it away with all the chairs, dressers, couch and mattresses in the kitchen. She has a toddler in her arms and just looks at me blankly. The other mothers resolve is to unpack everything and put it out in the girl’s room. I ask her what she thinks they will do with it when they need to put the carpet in on Monday and she tells me that the carpet men can move it.
I tell her that carpet men DON’T move furniture and this is reinforced when she hears the manager tell them that they all have to move their own things out before school on Monday. I tell the manager that she is making her problem our problem and that I don’t care if the carpet buckles, that is their problem but they need to get the carpet men in TODAY to lay the carpet.


If they had given us a few weeks notice of the back ordered carpet, we could have found other housing or planned on moving her in the next weekend or something and have her stay with friends but by the time they sent the email, we were almost there and didn’t get the email until we had wi-fi much later.

She is just the manager, not the owner, not the carpet guy. I ask her to please ask the carpet men to lay the carpet so the girls can unload their items as I DO NOT want my daughter moving things on the first day of school by herself with no help and not knowing people. She is by far my most timid daughter and doesn’t even ask me for help most of the time. I know she would have done it herself and hurt herself in the process. As it was, we were tripping over scraps of carpet and carpet edges and I thought, “If someone falls and breaks their leg on these scraps and pieces of carpet, they will pay out more then having someone come to stretch the carpet again later.”
So, I start picking up the scraps and taking them outside to the scrap pile at least making her little part of the crazy world safer. All the while it is now pouring rain like crazy outside.

The manager talks to the carpet guy and I walk over and BEG him to lay the carpet. He tells me he will get it done and start on Princess Three’s room and it will be done in an hour. 

To be continued.... I didn't take pictures until he was almost done so I don't have pictures of what the kitchen and bathrooms were like because my camera was loaded in the car with all her stuff.