Friday, July 29, 2022

The Revolving Flute - Blessings All Around

Princess Two was going through some things and decided to get rid of her flute. She has played the flute since she was in sixth grade! 

She played solos as a senior and she would play it for the Christmas programs. There isn't much else you can do with a flute as it isn't something you would play around the campfire, but it still is nice to have it to play for those programs that come up. 

But, she said it isn't worth keeping to play once every year or so. 

I posted the flute on our local yard sale classifieds, and I had it on there for only a few days and had a woman contact me today. She said she would like to come look at the flute with her daughter. 

When they arrived, the girl is young and was just accepted into the band as she is going into middle school. She wanted to play the flute and has "Band Camp" next week. It happened to be her birthday today and her party was starting in a few hours. 

She had never held a tried a flute before. I gave her some tips and showed her how to hold her lips to blow and how to hold it, how to put it together, take it apart, and how to clean it. She was so cute putting it together over and over and by the time they left 1/2 later, she had it to the point she could make some good noises! 

The daughter mentioned something about her dad maybe coming to some of her concerts, and it came out that the mom has been going through a divorce for several years. She then mentioned that her former spouse was abusive and that she stayed at the woman shelter for awhile. She said that this daughter was her second daughter and her name happened to be my grandmothers name. We had so many similarities in our lives. Her oldest daughter is 14, and her youngest child is 3. She is going through what I have already been through. I was so shocked that our stories were the same. I was asking $100 for the flute, but I ended up giving the mother $20 to help pay for bills, and gave the daughter $20 for band camp and her birthday! I can't tell you how many people helped me out during my divorce. I had people support my children earning money for their drill and other camps. I still have people that are so generous and giving me money for holidays, or just because they are kind people.

I wish I were in a spot where I could just help other single moms, but for now, I am glad I can help some. The daughter was so cute and we clicked right off. I told her to invite me to her first concert and I would drive to their town and watch her play. 

Princess Two was glad that her flute could go to someone who will appreciate it! It always makes me happy to see things go to a good home where they will be appreciated. 

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Another Double Rainbow, 111, and A Great Play

I have shared recently how often I am seeing 111, double rainbows, and finding coins. It is so often that I feel silly mentioning it so much, but it is what it is. 

This week, I found three coins but have to share that during our Sunday lesson in the women meeting at church, the teacher mentioned that her extended family finds dimes all the time and it reminds them of their mother, and they often find them during times of stress. They also keep them in a jar as I do. I thought that was so interesting. Then I get home and Princess Four spoke at her church on Sunday and sent us a recording of her talk. During her talk, she talked about finding a dime with a few friends and explained to them that it has God's name on it and shouldn't be on the ground and she also has a jar she keeps her "found money" in. 

I have seen 111 so much as well. Tonight, I went to a play, and wanted to catch a few Pokemon at the venue where I attended the play as it was full of them. I was spinning to get a few more balls before leaving, and as I was leaving, it was midnight, and the first and last catch as I pulled out was this! A 111 rated Pokemon. 

I saw a double rainbow last night again and it started on one side of the sky, and a long time later, the other end showed up and the beginning side was gone. It is crazy to me how many double rainbows that have shown in the past many months. 

I loved being able to go to a play today and see a few friends on stage. I enjoyed supporting them and seeing them use their talents. I feel blessed to live in a country, state, and town with such talented people and the freedom to mingle and share talents! 

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Almost $400 in New Supplements to Try

I have been studying up on my health situation and researching all I can on thyroid and what can be done naturally to heal it. 

I have been struggling so much as I tried so many different medications and they just make me feel horrible and I gained 20 lbs over the several months I tried taking it. 

In doing my research, I found many things that look like they may help. After the last round of trying the medication for my thyroid, I was having so many heart palpitations that I couldn't sleep and I was having them all day. 

I stopped the medication, and then I still had palpitations for several days, and then I took my iron supplement and had a protein bar and the palpitations got really bad. Because the only thing I had taken or eaten were those two things, I looked on the ingredients portion of both, and they both had soy oil or isolates. 

I then looked up if soy can cause heart palpitations and come to find out that soy can cause palpitations. However, it is usually in people who have an issue being able to create their own amino acids out of certain foods. 

I researched more, and there is a substance called Taurine that they put in a category along with the amino acids, but it really isn't an amino acid. Most people can get it from red meat, but some people have genetic issues with not being able to create or utilize the Taurine. 

I have taken complete amino acids for a long time now, but Taurine isn't included in the complete amino vitamins because it really isn't an amino. There is another similar substance L-Carnitine which also isn't in my complete amino acids. The other thing I figured out with this is that I have never doing well with lecithin. I have had several people tell me to take it but I never felt good on it. I realized doing this research, that lecithin is usually made from soy products! It all started making sense as to why I didn't do well with it. 

I have heard that soy acts like an estrogen and affects the thyroid but I am thinking that maybe the soy is making me react more because of my thyroid problems. 

I have been taking these new supplements for four days now and haven't noticed anything. I think it may require being on it for a few months as I may be really depleted of certain things. I was able to find Sunflower lecithin and also purchased that to try. 

I am taking handfuls off pills each day! It is crazy how many pills I am taking. I hope that these pills will make a difference. I spent about the same amount in January on different supplements. 

I see the endocrinologist in several months but they will be checking my levels in a few weeks. I am praying that something I am taking will help improve the levels. 

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Little Angel Looks Like My Pokemon Buddy

My friend Matt is a generous soul. He has given me 10 gifts in about four months. I told him to stop spending his money on me many times as two of the gifts are REALLY expensive gifts! 

I asked him to stop sending gifts because I think he should be spending his money on buying himself a home or moving out of state as he isn't happy with the state where he lives. He would just laugh and tell me he has everything he needs and God provides and things like that. 

After I asked him to stop sending me thing a few weeks back, I thought we had an agreement. I was really upset last week when I went out to the mail box and found a box from Amazon. You can ask my children, but I am not a big gift person. If I need or really want something, I will buy it for myself. My kids have a hard time knowing what to get me, but they all know, I just love touch so ask for a foot or back rub instead of gifts. Time together and sushi for my birthday are also fun when we can all be together as it doesn't happen often anymore!

I opened the outer box just to make sure it was from him. It was. I didn't open the box and called him the next day telling him I was really uncomfortable with the gifts and he could tell I was upset. I told him I was trying to clear out my home and didn't need him spending money on gifts for me. 

I also feel indebted when people spend lots on gifts and explained to him that in my past relationships I was with someone who wouldn't purchase things I wanted as gifts, he would purchase items that would make HIM look good. I would always tell him that I was going to buy him a motorcycle helmet for his next gift. He didn't have a motor cycle and had no need for the helmet, and that was how I felt about the gifts he would purchase. We had the same conversation over and over about gifts. I think he felt that if he got me something I liked, or asked for, he was being controlled or manipulated somehow.

So, Matt on the other hand, has purchased me the most thoughtful gifts as far as physical gifts go! I am waiting to share a big one as it is needing pick up, but he had it custom made for me and is the perfect gift for me. When I told my girls what he was having made, they all said it was the perfect gift for me. 

He bought and overnighted my favorite sausage from New England. He purchased me a custom sign online with the name of my blog on it. When he came to visit, he left and envelope hidden at my home and told me about it when I dropped him off at the airport. He sent me a $50 iTunes card so I could purchase some Pokemon items so we could do gym raids together. He really puts lots of thought into his gifts. 

Even though they make me uncomfortable, they are really thoughtful. I dated a man a few years back who bought my girls iPods and bought me diamond earrings, and I also told him I was uncomfortable with his expensive gifts. I always feel like they will want something in return, or I am indebted to them somehow. 

I didn't open the box for a week or so and it caused some long discussions about the situation. I know he was hurt by what I said about not wanting gifts, but I was upset because we have discussed it over and over. We are just friends and I have never had a friend spend so much on me like that. Even when dating before and after my marriage, I never wanted to have any expectations from the man, so I didn't like receiving gifts. 

I opened the box yesterday and the little angel inside was a sweet little angel and it looked familiar in my head to something. It says "Thankful for you" on the front and is a precious moments figurine. 

It didn't take me long to realize it looks just like the Pokemon that I chose as my main buddy / pet in the game. I just picked one and then after, I realized that the Pokemon is white, has wings, has flowers in it's hair, and flies through the air! I think I chose it because it reminded me of angels and after that realization, I told a few people that. 

I realized that the angel looks just like my buddy Togepi! The big eyes, the white dress, the flowers, the wings, the little "u" smile and no nose. I laughed about it and took a photo to send Matt. He wrote "no need to thank me!" 

I had a little light switch go off in my head while eating some of that yummy New England sausage and looking at the angel. I realized that if someone told me I could not tell them thank you ever again, or I said it too often and to stop, I don't think I could do it! It is such a part of me. I then thought of Matt and realized that giving gifts to those he cares about is part of who he is. He just gave his fairly new truck to his only nephew with no expectations. He could have sold it for $25, 000 to $30.000. I told him about a friends daughter who needs a kidney transplant and he immediately told me to tell them he would be willing to donate his a few months back. 

He told me some situations while he served in the military about how he wasn't able to "shoot to kill" and would wound the enemy and then give them aid after the situation had calmed down. He is a tough New England exterior with a creamy filling! He has always been "tough" on the outside, but really sweet and kind on the inside. I have a video of him holding Princess One and playing with her as a toddler when he didn't know anyone was watching. He also gave the girls his "Hot Wheel" cars and all his Dr. Seuss Books when he was a teen and didn't want them anymore. I thought that was really sweet. My kids all have Seuss books and hot wheels in their "Saved items" to take eventually when they get a house! 

I had the epiphany, that me telling Matt that he can't give gifts, was like someone telling me I couldn't give or share gratitude, or me not being able to share myself with others in the ways that I do share with others! I called Matt and told him about my "light bulb" moment and it brought up many other discussions about him not liking gifts either and he also didn't like to be indebted to others, and so he understood why I didn't want him giving me gifts, but in the same way, I am ALWAYS taking gifts and prizes to my family members over the holidays. I always purchase the prizes on my own and give them away. Sometimes they will leave the event with many gifts! 

I finally understood a bit better why Matt buys me gifts. It is in his nature, just as it is in mine! I know he doesn't have lots of money and I asked him why he would spend what he does have on others. He said he used to be the type that would save and hoard money and worry about paying the bills and acquiring things, but then he realized after his heart attack that you can't take it with you, so what is the point of hoarding it. 

One final story he told me yesterday. At church, they are planning the girl camp for his congregation. They sent around a sign up for people to say if they had a camp stove, and if so, would they be willing to allow the girls to borrow it for camp. He signed up as having one and then went out and bought one so that the girls would have one to use as they didn't have enough sign up and needed one. That is who Matt is!

He did say that he will only give me gifts for my birthday and Christmas now to respect that it makes me uncomfortable having him spend so much on me, and I am grateful that he is respectful of my wishes and is willing to communicate to figure things out, rather than being vindictive which I have seen others do in similar situations. 

Thank you Matt for the thoughtful gifts! I am thankful for your generous spirit and kind heart and am grateful you found my YouTube channel so we could reconnect after 34 years! 

Have a blessed day!

Monday, July 25, 2022

Longest Call of His Life - 8 1/2 Hours on the Phone

I have had some long phone calls in my life, but I was on the phone today for over 8 hours straight. I was trying to describe something over text and had a text written, but it was taking a long time to type out, so I ended up just calling this person instead. 

I can't remember the last time I had that long of a call with someone, but it has been years. I can't say for sure I have even had that long of a call. He told me it was the longest call of his life for sure! Either way, it was like being on the phone for a full work day! 

I was so tired after only a few hours sleep the night before that I fell asleep in the chair again before even starting my blog post. I will have to share my regular post tomorrow as today, the chair and sleep are winning the race to post! 

Have a blessed day!

Friday, July 22, 2022

14 Karat Gold and Lots Of Silver in Thrift $25 Bag

I did another video of a bag I purchased awhile back that had gold and silver in it. I was glad to be able to get it as they don't always have them and not many bags in the past few months. 

It is so fun to go through the bags finding treasures. I feel blessed. I wish this bag had all of the sets or matching pairs of the earrings and cuff-links.

There were lots of "single" items in the bag. I actually carried a little baggie of the singles to the store after that to ask if they had the matching pieces. I never actually got to talk to the jewelry person as she had some acute illness so I realized just recently that I had it in the bottom of my purse pocket and I wondered why my purse was so heavy! ha ha. 

On a funny note, I found that I had FIVE protein bars in the bottom of my purse as well! So that is why it was so heavy. I was having low blood sugar about two days after I took them all out of my purse, and laughed that I didn't have one to eat. 

I am so blessed to live in a small town where there isn't as much competition for the bags! 

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Sterling items in A $25 Thrift Store Grab Bag

I bought a thrift store grab bag for $25 and I took a video of my finds. I got several sterling silver necklaces and a bracelet as well as a few other things I liked in the bag. I was glad to find the bags as they haven't had a ton in the past few months. 

I am grateful that they are starting to get more jewelry out and that I am finding silver again! 

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

3 Sterling Tiffany and Co. Bracelets and More Sterling for $25 Thrift Store Find


I went to one of the local thrift stores in town this week. There hasn't been any good jewelry for a month or two. 

There was a guy that was buying a bag when I arrived and was leaving and I saw this bag and the first thing I saw was the three tarnished bracelets and could see that they said Tiffany on them. I didn't look much further to tell them I would like to buy the bag as I wanted it for sure. 

I bought a second bag and wasn't able to go through them for a few days. I was really happy when I went through the bag and found three bracelets from Tiffany and Co. I was happy to also find more sterling in the bag. 

I will be posting some jewelry and other videos this week while I try and get some things gone through. If you don't want to watch the entire thing, just skip to the end for the recap! 

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

In God We Trust, 111, And Doing Todays Work Today

I shared how tired I was last night in my blog post for today. I saw a quote today on Facebook that I really felt went with how I have been feeling. I took a photo and it is at the top of the page. I really just need to do what I can do today as I am constantly feeling guilty I am not getting more done each day. 

I got calls early today from the Neurologist office about my reaction to the shot I gave myself last week for a migraine. 

I told the office it wasn't an emergency, but just wanted the Dr. to know that I had a reaction and wouldn't be taking anymore shots. I got a call after falling back to sleep from a Dr. wanting to know how my reaction was. I told her what happened and how I reacted and that I wouldn't be taking those shots anymore. I mentioned it wasn't an emergency and that I just wanted the Dr. to know the shots didn't work as our appointment was a month out and I didn't know if he wanted me to try a different medication before our next appointment. 

I fell back asleep and got a third call from the Dr. covering and she said that she had spoken to my Dr. and he said that they needed to report the reaction and that I shouldn't take any more shots and that they would notify my insurance that I had tried two tiers of medication that were unsuccessful for my migraines and they would hopefully now cover the medication that did work but isn't usually covered under most insurance plans until all other medication has been tried. I asked if there was a way I could donate the rest of the shots to somewhere so they could give it to someone who may need it that didn't have the funds to purchase it and she told me that they can't take it and the pharmacy can take it and dispose of it but can't do anything with it so I should just throw it out. I understand the reasoning, but it is such a waste of money.

I am SO very grateful for God's hand in my life. I wouldn't have even known to ask to see a neurologist if I hadn't gone to a radiologist in another city just to ask what they schedule was like that day to see if I could get my cat-scan of my lungs done there. I had a migraine and was talking to the receptionist when a nurse came to the desk and over heard me talking and mentioned that she also had one and I asked her if she had tried Nurtec for her headaches and told her that I had tried Nurtec and that it had taken the bulk of the headache away, but my insurance wouldn't cover it. 

She then reported that her insurance told her the same thing and that she had to go see a neurologist to get him to say that she needed that as the other medications hadn't worked. So, I am grateful that someone nudged her to come into the conversation so that I would know to ask my Dr. to give me a referral to the neurologist. 

The Dr.'s all mentioned the anti nausea medications and I now have several to try next migraine, but that doesn't help with the splitting head which causes the nausea, so I hope that the insurance will cover the Nurtec so I can stop having so many non-functioning days. 

There has been rain almost daily for a week at some point in the day, which is so wonderful as we need the rain, but it hasn't been the best for my head. 

On a wonderful note, I went to the store yesterday and there was a penny in the self-checkout I went to out of  the five there and I happened on my turn to get that checkout. Then, I got a statement for one of my retirement plans and it showed a $111,000 for the quarter on the statement and I just smiled as God is in the details of my life. 

My friend Matt sent a thoughtful gift and the routing number had a 111 in it. We were on a call and our call disconnected at 11:11 on its own, and on and on. I saw rainbows many times in the past few days, heard it said several times on shows, and am still seeing the 111 everywhere. 

I am not sure why it is so prevalent in my world right now, but I am grateful to have those reminders in my life. Here is a link to the 111 posts. Here is a link to the first rainbow post, and here is a link to the first "In God We Trust" post. 

I feel very blessed and I hope you are as well!

Monday, July 18, 2022

Just Under Six Hours On The Phone

I didn't get much sleep last night, so after church, I decided to take a nap. I had my phone on silent from church and forgot to put the ringer back on. 

I woke from my nap and noticed I missed a call from my girls and my sister. I called some of the girls as one was supposed to talk in church, but I couldn't reach her. I ended up calling another  daughter and spoke to her for nearly an hour. 

I then had a long call with my friend Matt and the call was disconnected. I called back and we had another long call. 

I had a long call back from my sisters who I called for a short call in between for a bit and then we planned the longer call about some family events coming up and talked about finishing my mothers estate distribution. 

I then got a call back from Princess Two who I had called earlier. So between the shorter calls and the longer calls, I was on the phone for nearly 6 hours. 

I am still so tired that I have fallen asleep three times while trying to write this. I don't usually talk on the phone like that for many years now. It was weird being on the phone that long. I am headed to bed. 

Have a blessed day!

Friday, July 15, 2022

Two Double Rainbows In A Week and It Continues

Just as I have been seeing 111 that I posted about yesterday, the last month I have seen so many rainbows! 
I saw something I have never seen before. It was a double rainbow that lasted about 45 minutes! I was visiting Princess One, and we were headed to a play, and it started before we left the house and continued while we drove to the play, and then for a good half hour after we sat in the rain at the play. 

It was SO beautiful, and framed her home and then at the theater, it framed the stage! 

A few days later as we were headed out to do some fireworks, once again, there was a double rainbow in the exact same spot! I asked Princess One if that was a regular occurrence and she said in the over 8 years they have lived there, she has seen maybe one other! 

I wanted to get some good photos of the family sitting to watch the fireworks they purchased, and as I was taking photos of her, she told me that the rainbow was coming down right over my head. I opened my mouth and everyone was laughing as I "swallowed" the rainbow! 

I got a few good photos, but the color was really dark on my camera. I should have used my actual camera to take some as there were THREE rainbows at one point. The two and attached to the lower rainbow was a third rainbow and the photos just didn't capture the colors. I wish I had used my camera instead of my phone.

I have seen several other rainbows and this morning my friend Matt sent me a text with a photo of a rainbow telling me he saw it today and thought of me. 

I was shopping at a thrift store and saw a rainbow on the back of a book. The book was about leprechauns and had a rainbow on the back cover! 

As I was writing this post, I was watching a Netflix show on fishing called "Battlefish" and just as I was starting my post, I was transferring the photos and labeling them "rain" to save them, the men on the show said, "A rainbow" and then joked about the tuna being at the end of the rainbow etc for a few minutes. It was weird I was watching it as I had watched it before, and there are so many things I haven't watched I wasn't sure why it showed up on the suggestions to watch, but since I just listen most of the time I just let it play. It was interesting that I was watching it for a second time just as I was posting about rainbows. 

 It is so interesting to me how at certain times in my life, the different things come up. Sometimes, it is all 111's, and other times it is certain songs, but lately, I have had lots of everything going on.  A few weeks back it was about finding coins! In fact as we went into the play seeing the first double rainbow, as we went to sit down, there was a penny just under our chairs. Grand Princess Found a coin another day while I was visiting as well! 

It seems like my mother, God, and the Cosmos is trying to let me know things are "OK" as they are all going on at once! 

I am grateful to have reminders to Trust in God, and reminders that my mother loves me as the rainbow is a reminder of her as she sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" to us each night! The 111's have just always showed up as I needed reminders. I have links above to each of my first posts about these things to help explain them more. 

I almost forgot. As I was scrolling through Facebook tonight, one of my extended family members posted a complete double rainbow on their feed. I looked to see if it was maybe one of the ones I saw as that isn't such a common thing except this year for some reason. Hers was new and not the same city. So, in the past month or so, I have seen three double rainbows myself. One in my town and two in Princess One's town. Here is the link to the one in my town just a few weeks back. 

As I was looking at my YouTube Channel tonight, I laughed when I looked at my income for ads as it was $191.11. Once again, a 111!

I am blessed!

Thursday, July 14, 2022

The 111's Are Stacking Up - Even for Friends

I have been seeing 111 everywhere and I mentioned it on a recent post. This past week, I have seen it several times a day. 

I finally started taking photos of the last few days. I get Pokemon often that are 111. However this week, I opened up my "items" bag and I had 111 of a certain type of ball. 

I catch a pink 111 Pokemon and happen to look at my car clock and it was 1:11. I laughed and took photos of each. I then noticed that I had 111,000 plus "Star dust" not long after that. 

I get online this week to blog and notice I made $1.11 on my blog advertising. There are other 111's throughout the days, and even yesterday, when I took my shot I blogged about yesterday, as I was posting, I noticed that the upc number on the shots had a 111 in it. 

I get a text from my friend Matt who saw all the 111's in my life when he visited me a few months back as we toured several states. I told him that it was a little reminder to me that God is in my life and he said, "I don't see it." yet every day, he started to notice he was seeing it as well but maybe not just as aware of it. 

He texted me the other morning saying that he had been reading scriptures and listening to some Christian music and started to play Pokemon and the first Pokemon he caught was 111 cp and sent me a photo. 

He then sent another photo of something and it didn't come through, however, it showed up as a "loading" photo, but I laughed and took a photo to send back to Matt showing him that it was 111 kb in size. 

It is amazing to me that 111 can show up so many times in a week! God is good and I feel blessed! I love that my friends are seeing them as well. 

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Taking a Shot Backfired - Migraine Day

I woke to go to the bathroom and had a headache. I then fell back asleep hoping I could sleep it off. I woke an hour later and still had a headache.

I met with a neurologist last week about the migraine situation as I have tried so many things to try and deal with them for over 35 years now.  With today's headache, I thought it would be a good time to use the new medication the neurologist ordered. He ordered self injection shots with a medication called Sumatriptan. I have given myself shots in the past during my pregnancies so that wasn't a big issue for me. 

I gave myself a shot. Within seconds I started having a reaction. I was walking to go lay down and my arms started feeling weird, then the back of my neck was in pain in lots of spots like I could feel the medication going up into my veins, my chest tightened, and my eyes felt like they were bugging out, I was dizzy. The reaction was so quick and intense I was worried I may need to call 911. 

I went and unlocked the front door, grabbed my phone to call 911 if needed. I put the medication box and info on the floor by the door and wrote down what symptoms I was having and then I read the side effects insert to see what the situation could look like. I didn't read the possible side effects before trying it as I don't want to see all that "could" be issues and create a thought on it. 

I started having nausea etc. I went to the bathroom and noticed that the shot site was inflamed and raised. It was the size of my pointer finger. I read the insert and every symptom I had was in there. The one that scared me the most was the tight chest, and it was tight to breathe. I finally felt safe enough to lie down for a few minutes and my feet had pin prick pain which also was a symptom.

I was somewhat disappointed that the shots didn't work for me as they were quick to work. My headache did leave but came back four hours later. However, with the reactions I had, I think I could develop more violent reactions and it isn't worth taking that risk over a headache and vomiting. 

I will need to call the Dr. tomorrow and let him know of my reaction so we can try other things. I would love to have some relief from my headaches. The forecast is rain for the next three days or so. 

 am grateful to have a Dr. working with me as I have always avoided trying anything due to needing to be functional as the only parent and not wanting to take any chances of not being functional for my girls. Now that I don't have anyone home, I can try other things. 

For insurance, you have to do a tier situation with medication. You have to prove that you have tried different cheaper meds first, and if they don'[t work, then you can try the more expensive medications. In trying the samples, I know that the more expensive medication works but it is crazy how expensive each pill is. 8 pills are over $1000. I think they should regulate how much companies can charge for each pill as that is crazy. 

I am glad I didn't react so much that I needed to go to the hospital. I am grateful that I am working on getting on top of the headaches. I am also grateful that there are new meds that can help me not having so many non-functional days. 

Have a blessed day!