Thursday, June 30, 2022

Some Yummy New England Treats From Matt

I blogged last year or so about getting some Portuguese food ordering online and having it shipped to my home. Here is a link to that post. 
Yesterday morning I got a knock at my door and it was a package overnighted from New England full of chicken Portuguese sausage! We LOVE that at our house and the chicken is so much less fatty than the pork, so we usually order that.

Matt remembered that either from my post or in visiting and he ordered a box full for me. It was a very thoughtful gift as it is something our family loves. He is really good at seeing what I love and getting it for me. I have another gift being finished that I will share when it is done. He ordered a gift card for iTunes so I could get some coins for the Pokemon game and share with the girls so they can do remote raids. 

I put some of the sausage in the air fryer and really enjoyed eating it while talking to him. 

I was so impressed with Fed Ex getting it here overnight when it usually takes a few days since I live in the middle of nowhere. I was also impressed with the ShopPortugues company as they have been wonderful each time we have ordered. 

Princess One recently made a big order from them as well. They work with you making sure they get the breads fresh and packing the items really well. I took a video this time as well. 

If you like Portuguese soup, you can see how to make that Here! 

Thanks Matt for the yummy treat! I cut out the little "thank you" sign and am putting it on my gratitude frame!

Have a blessed day! 

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Life Update - Thyroid - Weight - Liver - Lungs - Radon - Parasites

I made an update video about all my visits to three different specialist Dr.'s and how they went. 

I share how I have gained 20 lbs in the past two months trying different thyroid medications. I have not felt any better and felt worse on the medications. 

I share how I have had more testing done with liver tests, lung scans, and more labs. I also mention trying another suggestion made by a watcher and how I didn't get any results from that. 

I don't want to take tons of time to type out all that information. You can watch the video for all that information! 

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Frisbee / Disc Golf - New Activity

Princess Fives boyfriend's family are avid Disc Gold players. They each have their own special discs that they play with and they have little carry bags and some have up to 8 different discs that they use to get different throws. 

I am actually good at throwing a Frisbee, but the discs are heavier and drop faster.  They taught me to throw the heavier discs, but they kept hitting my middle finger knuckle. I almost got a blister and had to change how I throw. I ended up holding it differently than how I would a Frisbee, and after two rounds, I was starting to get the hang of it with the lighter discs.

Princess Five is quite good and has her favorite discs and her own bag to carry them. She is really cute doing a grape vine step wind up. 

I was consistently double par on each hole but for my first time, that wasn't all bad. There is a bit of a learning curve. 

I also liked that we went late enough that it was cool in the evening so it wasn't so hot while playing. 

I would do it again and think the grandchildren would enjoy playing. 

There are courses all over the place and apps that you can look up different courses. I didn't know it was such a big thing. Now I do. It is a fun activity and I think people of any age would enjoy it!

Have a blessed day!

Monday, June 27, 2022

A Visit From Princess Five

A few months back, several of my girls mentioned they didn't like me taking pictures of them for my blog as it "takes them out of the moment." 

I have stopped taking photos at most family functions for that reason. She came down with her boyfriend for the first time this weekend. 

I took a photo of their shoes and will share the only other photos I have from the weekend tomorrow. It was a nice to get to know her boyfriend, and spend one day with them as they arrived at 11 p.m. on Friday night. they left today after lunch, so there wasn't much time to spend with them, but it was lovely to get to see her. 

Have a blessed day!

Friday, June 24, 2022

Double Rainbow Day with a "Shiny" Bonus

I was running errands yesterday and had a text asking if I wanted to do a Pokemon Raid for a Mewtwo which is a powerful Pokemon. It was at a gym that I didn't know existed in our town at a hotel near an exit. 

My dear friend and her husband showed up to play as well. When I pulled up next to them in the car, I rolled down my window and asked them if they know how the algorithms work for getting "Shiny" Pokemon as I hadn't gotten one in a long time. 

We played the game and we each got a different powered Mewtwo to "capture" at the end of the raid. I was giddy with joy when I saw that the one I got was a "Shiny" mewtwo! It isn't common for the Mewtwo to be in the gyms, and to get a shiny one is rarer still. 

Not that Shiny ones are all that powerful as they are rarely powerful, but they are just rare so many people just collect "Shiny" Pokemon. 

After leaving there, I went to a park as I needed to spin some stops to get more poke balls. I wasn't there long before I look over and see a rainbow! I thought, my mother was saying "hello" and then a second rainbow showed up! I tried to get a good picture but the second one didn't photograph well. I finished up there and start to head home and there is a rainbow in my front yard. I stop and take a photo. I then park in my driveway and get out of my car and the rainbow connects and my home is directly under the arch of the rainbow! 

I told you recently how many 111's I have been seeing, but I have been seeing rainbows as well. Here is a link to my original 111 post. I really just feel like my mother is letting me know that things will be fine as I have been super frustrated with my health situation and how I can't seem to get the information I need from the medical community and specialists who should know "everything" about the part of the body for which they specialize, but they don't know things that should be known. 

I will be making an update video this week on my health situations and what has been going on. I really feel that my mother and God are letting me know that in the end, it will all be "OK." 

It was lovely that my home was at the end of the rainbow at one point and then directly under the rainbow in the end. It was such a lovely thing as rainbows are such a reminder of my mother. Here is a link to my original post about that.

Have a blessed day! 

Thursday, June 23, 2022

I Lost To the Birds - Cherry Tree Woes

I got so busy this week that I forgot about the cherries on my tree. I posted about them about a week ago, but I would remember that I needed to check on them when I was running errands, but when I would get home I would forget. 

Tonight, I remembered when I got home but it was after dark. I grabbed a flashlight and went out to the cherry tree which is in the back yard, and was so sad to see that the birds had eaten nearly all the cherries. 

I was sad about that loss as I usually like to share my fruit with the neighbors and there was mostly bird eaten pits left hanging on the tree. The worst part of the loss was that the tree has several different types of cherries on it. The sweetest bing cherries on the tree are the darkest red, so of course those were the cherries that the birds went for first. There were only a few of those on the tree that hadn't been eaten by the birds. They were so sweet and juicy. 

I picked what I could find and because I was in the dark, I ended up with lots of pits. I sorted them into two bowls. One with full good cherries, and one with bird damage on a small area. 

I was glad to have gotten any but most were the yellow cherries that aren't as sweet. I enjoyed the few red cherries I got.

I set an alarm for next year to remind me to check the cherries and put a bird net over the tree. It would be nice to be able to share the cherries with neighbor or even dehydrate some of them.

I am glad I could share with the birds, but I would like to have gotten at least an even share! ha ha. On to next year! 

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Finding a Box Took All Day - 111

I was writing in my journal last night and mentioned that I have been seeing 111 everywhere all day long for a few weeks now. 

Sometimes it slows down and I see it once a week or so, but even today I have seen it about 10 times. I needed to find a large box to ship a big chandelier. I went through all the boxes I had at home. I took the tops candelabra tops off trying to fit it in a box. 

I then went around town looking for a box at the few stores in town that may get shipments in a box large enough to put the light fixture in the mail. Walmart won't give boxes away unless you get managements approval, but they didn't have any large enough. 

I went to farmers supply to see if I could find one. I parked and looked down to turn off the car and noticed that the odometer was at 111.1 miles. I had to take a photo. I then went to Home Depot as all the other stores didn't have a box large enough and the first two people I asked said they had crushed their boxes and that I would need to talk to customer service. 

While walking through the store, I saw a person stocking the shelves and asked him about it, and he walked me to the back of the garden center and had a huge box! I was so happy that I asked if I could take a photo! It was the last store in town that would have a box big enough for me to ship the light fixture. 

I was so relived to get the box and also loved getting another 111 while headed home, I stopped at a few Pokemon stops. I am grateful for the constant reminders lately that things are all good! 

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Seeing Parasite Symptoms In Others

I am constantly seeing signs of parasites in friends, neighbors, and family. Also, they share that they have symptoms without knowing they are possibly from the parasite. 

I am still getting tons of comments on my website, YouTube channel, Facebook page, and my blog. It is so frustrating. I wish I had an answer for all these people as they are all suffering so much. 

I spend much of my time replying to people and trying to give them some kindness and hope. In reality, I feel like I am at a loss as I haven't found a cure or even much relief. 

In so many of my YouTube videos, I share things I have been able to fix or great ideas that I came up with that really work. I share health things that I have figured out when medical science didn't have an answer for something. 

With this parasite, I have spent so much time cataloging the information, describing symptoms, how they come, and just trying to get the information out to the world as I know there are so many others suffering who have no idea what is causing their health problems and discomfort. 

I went to Walmart this week and my receipt wouldn't print out at the self checkout, so I had to go to customer service to get a receipt for my purchase. I was waiting and waiting as they had to go into the "office" to print one up. I was standing waiting when I realized that the worker behind the counter had the same sores on her arms as I have. I then noticed that she had sores on her neck like I have as well. So many others have the rashes and sores on their neck hairline as well. 

She also had horrible teeth issues. I couldn't take a photo of her teeth without being clearly obvious, so I just stood back waiting for the woman in the office, and took some photos of her arms and wasn't close enough to get a good photo of her neck rash, but I know this woman and have known her for about 20 years. It breaks my heart to see how it is affecting her health as I used to teach her Sunday School when she was a teen. 

How can there not be a cure for this plague? I pray I can find something soon! 

Have a blessed day!

Monday, June 20, 2022

A Fun 1111 and a Thanks to Matt

I am on a Pokemon local group that will text when there is a large pokemon raid going on. They will meet up or do a remote for the raid. 

I did a raid with them and even though we won the raid, I asked someone in the next car to try and catch the large Pokemon, they were not able to catch it for me. 

The next day, they had another raid for the same Pokemon, I was out at Walmart returning something so I stopped on my way home and we once again won the raid, but I threw three balls trying to hit it and missed all three. 

I got out and went to the car behind me and it just so happened that it was one of my bunko friends husband. I asked if he could help me catch the large Pokemon as my throws weren't always great. He was able to catch the Pokemon for me. 

I laughed as he had 2 games going at the same time. He had a phone and an ipad that he was playing on and was able to catch the large Pokemon on one, but not on the other. What I found out at that point was that not everyone in the raid catches the same Pokemon. I had no idea. The one that he caught for himself was a lower CP point than the one he caught on my phone. I didn't know that was a thing. 

I stayed and played a bit longer on my way home and caught this 1111 CP point Pokemon and smiled to myself feeling blessed that the many people I have been meeting playing this game have been really kind. There was a "task" that makes you trade Pokemon with someone else and nearly every person I have met that plays this very much plays two games so they can trade with themselves, get lucky and special / shiny Pokemon and trade them to their main game, and kick themselves out of Pokemon Gyms at strategic times to get coins etc. 

Since I already am wasting so much time playing one game, I cant justify playing a second game, nor do I want to do that, so I needed to find someone to trade with locally as that is something that can only be done in person, so I saw a young couple in the car next to me playing and knocked on their window asking if they would be willing to trade with me. 

They were willing and both traded with me so I could finish that challenge / task. I asked if they were in the local raid group, they weren't. I was able to put them into the group so they would get the texts when there was a raid going on. Then, I was able to share all the cool things I have learned from the others in the group who have been so patient telling me facts and tricks that even some of my girls don't know. 

Every person plays the game differently, but the main majority are trying to get perfect Pokemon and develop them into a few different levels so they have strong Pokemon at each battling level. I am learning and have been evolving the more balanced / perfect Pokemon and have been learning to win battles as I learn which Pokemon are better with different types of Pokemon. 

My friend Matt is sweet. As he has more time to play, he gets really far ahead of me in levels and then waits for me to catch up. I have been limited by not having enough space as you have to earn coins. You collect coins by putting Pokemon in gyms and taking over gyms. I guess he got tired of waiting for me to earn enough coins, so he purchased me a $50 apple gift card so I could use it to purchase Pokemon coins and build my space for Pokemon and items. I have had over $20 on credit on my apple account for a VERY long time. We had over $100 at some point, but the girls have downloaded songs over time and I didn't know I still had that amount on my account. Here is the post to someone getting us gift cards.

I figured out how to use the gift card and purchased some poke coins so I could expand my storage. I think I will use some of it to let all the girls / guys purchase some remote raid passes so we can all do some battles together! I have been doing several raids with Matt and a few with the girls, but mostly doing local raids when I happen to be out and someone posts one. 

I am really enjoying making new friends. My bunko friend added me as a friend when her husband arrived home after helping me catch the larger Pokemon and doing a few trades. So, now I have a bunko / Pokemon friend combination, which in my world, is better than any Pokemon I could catch! 

I wish Matt could find some friends playing near him to be able to do the larger raids with, but I think people in the west are sometimes more open to a stranger approaching them than those in the East. It is a culture thing. 

Thanks for the gift card Matt. I am blessed with good friends, and good Pokemon Go friends! 

Have a blessed day!

Friday, June 17, 2022

Purple Face and Pokemon

I had to move my trailer today and God is so good as I learned some information from the lady who is allowing me to put it in her yard. She shared some information that I think will help one of my daughters with a situation she is dealing with. 

I was out in the sun for about an hour and my head was banging and my face was purple. I sat in the air-condition car, drank an ice cold drink, and ate some frozen pineapple. Ten minutes later, I am still purple. I couldn't cool down. I don't think the thyroid medication is working. 

I was so purple that the woman helping asked if I was on high blood pressure medication. I was so hot that I just sat in the car trying to get my head to stop pounding. 

While I was sitting in front of the house where I stored my trailer, I was near a church and I noticed that there were four Pokemon spinners and a gym on the same block. I dropped four lures and an incense which draws Pokemon towards you. I got lots of fun Pokemon and was able to get the last few goldfish Pokemon as I needed 400 in order to morph into a large powerful fish. 

I then had a call from my friend Matt and visited with him while I played toward the middle of our call and we had the longest phone call of his life! ha ha. It kept me up very late, and since he is 2 hours ahead of where I live, he was up really, really late! 

I hadn't eaten all day other than the small frozen pineapple, so I made a chicken pesto wrap, ate and then fell asleep in the chair. I need to get some sleep as napping in the chair isn't good sleep. 

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Sorry About Yesterday - Thought it was Posted

I am on a new dosage of thyroid medication and it is messing with my weight, energy, and thought process. 

I wrote the post for today yesterday and thought I had posted it last night. I didn't notice until just now that I had everything done but the post time. 

I am planning on doing and update video on my many Dr. visits and my future scheduled appointments and the information I have learned since the visits. 

I wish I was thinking a bit more clearly, but I feel like I need to give the meds a chance. It has only been a few days, but I don't know if I will be able to stay on them. I hope that if they don't work, we can find something that will help this crazy ride I am on! 

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Cousins Lunch with Lots of Belly Laughs

I had a cousin who lives on the East Coast come to visit this week. She is one of the 50 plus cousins I have from my fathers side of the family.
This cousin was one of my closest cousins while growing up. My father was a triplet, and so the cousins that are kids of the triplets were closer than the other cousins as they were closer in age and of course, the triplets would have a close bond and so we spent time on camping trips and birthday parties etc together. 

The triplets were two identical boys, and one girl. So it was like two sets of twins in a way as there was an identical set that shared a sack and a fraternal set. My closest cousin was the daughter of the identical twin to my dad. She and I were close because my dad and his twin were close. She was also the closest to my age. 

We took a photo years ago with three of us, and then at each cousins party, we end up having this same photo taken. 

The wife of my fathers twin asked if she could join in the luncheon for the girl cousins, and we were thrilled to have her. We laughed and laughed. We laughed so hard and were talking about fun memories from our childhood going to the lake, reunions, different personality traits of the family line. etc. 

My sister and I ran errands and drove together so it was fun to visit with her and get updates on all her kids as well! 

I feel so blessed to have such a fun family! Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

The Day Was Fun - the Day Was Long

 I left early this morning and got home late tonight. I had 1 1/2 sleep before heading out of town, so by the time I got home, I was exhausted. 

The day was fun, the day was long, and I'm so glad, that now its done!

Monday, June 13, 2022

Gratitude for the Gratitude Pokemon - Shaymin

I posted recently about my friend Matt that came to visit and started playing Pokemon. He purchased tickets for a Pokemon Event, and I didn't really know what that was. He then sent me a link to a page talking about what would be going on in the event. 

I LOVED when I saw that it was focused on a new Pokemon called Shaymin the Gratitude Pokemon! 

I had things going on during the event, and wasn't able to play as much as I would have like, so I was sad that I wasn't able to find one during the event. Matt texted saying he got one a few days after the event. He was sweet telling me that if I didn't get one he would trade it to me!

I knew that I would get one at some point and looked forward to that as you know I LOVE Gratitude! I was so happy this week when I got the Shaymin Pokemon! It was interesting when it came up, it had a really flowery background and didn't have all the other items that usually show up on the sides or background. 

I loved the thought that in a huge worldwide game, they focused on putting out something on Gratitude! I do believe that Gratitude is "the secret!"

I hope to be able to get a few more as the game moves on, but I am very happy about the focus on Gratitude! 

Thanks Matt! Have a blessed day!

Friday, June 10, 2022

Bumper Crop of Cherries, Not Much Else On My Fruit Trees

I had some help cutting down two fruit trees last year from Princess Three and her husband. The trees weren't producing for years, so I figured cutting them down and putting in trees that will produce would be better. 

I was in the yard working yesterday pruning down my lilacs as the leaves get into my gutter if I don't prune them down before the leaves fall. I pruned my back shrubs as well, and was walking around the yard and checking out the fruit on the trees. 

I couldn't believe how many cherries are on my cherry tree. One branch was so overloaded that the branch looks like it may break. 

I was sad to see that the hot and cold weather we had this spring had killed off many blossoms and other than a few branches on the multiple apple tree in my front yard, there wasn't maybe 20 pieces of fruit on the other trees. 

There were no peaches on the peach tree so the frost affected it the most, but it is also the smallest tree. 

I won't be dehydrating any fruit this year as there aren't enough on any tree. I look forward to enjoying the fruit that has survived, but am sad I won't be able to share as I usually deliver some to the neighbors. 

I also wanted to plant a few new fruit trees, but it has been so hot and cold that I didn't dig out the stumps enough to plant new trees. I need to burn them down or cut them out but will wait until it is a cooler day. 

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Liver Specialist - Fatty Liver Due to Hypothyroid Perhaps

I went to see a liver specialist as I have been dealing with some yellowing of my eyes for many years now. I had my gallbladder out as they thought perhaps that was the issue. Here is a link to a post about that

When my Dr. ran some labs in February, I had two abnormal liver results. When I did a google search on what could cause those two labs to be increased and found that if someone has both of those test elevated, it could be due to hypothyroidism! 

I then had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and it showed a fatty liver. I had a abdominal cat scan for my lung specialist appointment, and it also showed fatty liver. 

When I went to the specialist, they said that it could be either fatty liver, of a condition called "NASH" which causes scaring in the liver and makes it get hard, where as fatty liver leaves the liver soft but full of fat! 

They had me stay over and did a test that is where they do tapping on the liver area through the ribs and see how much resistance is in the liver. If it is hard and there is more resistance, then it is N.A.S.H. but if it is soft, it is fatty liver. 

I got the results today, and it is fatty liver. I knew it would be because of some genetic testing Princess One had done. It states that with her genetics, she is more prone to "Non-Alcohol related Fatty Liver" and I shared that with the Dr. 

I was so frustrated that they sent a note saying for me to exercise for 30 minutes a day and eat a Mediterranean diet. No mention of if it could be linked to my thyroid. No suggestions as to how to heal it etc. I am so frustrated that the doctors all assume that I eat a ton and don't do any exercise and that is why I am overweight. 

I wish our medical system would look at the body as a whole. There are so many specialists, that they only see their one organ or system instead of looking at how they react to each other. 

I just got online and one of the advertisements that showed up on my Facebook feed was one about how sluggish liver / bile is linked in studies to thyroid issues! 

In doing a bit of research, eating a grapefruit daily has helped reduce fatty liver. I was told by the specialist to not try herbs like milk thistle, but they have no medication that can help, didn't look at the thyroid issues, and told me to exercise and diet. Like I haven't tried that before! 

My last hope medically would be that they can figure out thyroid medication and that it helps my liver! 

It would be such a blessing to figure my health out!

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

111 - Thyroid Specialist - Tests Look Like Hashimoto Disease

Last week, I went to see three specialist in another city. One of the specialists I saw was an endocrinologist as I had some abnormal thyroid tests. I have been dealing with thyroid issues for many years now and thought going gluten free was going to help as my TPO, which is an indicator that something is wrong, was 590, but eating gluten free, it went down each year when I would get retested. 

My local Dr. didn't run the TPO test even though I wanted to see where it was at after 5 years. I was hoping it would be much lower with how I eat. 

When I saw the specialist, she asked me the standard questions about symptoms common with thyroid issues. I have all of the symptoms. She wanted to run her own tests, so basically, I just had my blood drawn and she said she would order medications after she saw the labs. 

I haven't heard back from her office, but was able to look up my labs online. I was so disheartened to see the TPO was over 800 after all those years of not eating gluten! So sad! 

So the tests results that I have that are off, are all the indicators for Hoshimoto's disease. This is not anything new to me as I figured with all the symptoms I have that I had it. I tried several thyroid medications in the past few months, but the thyroid specialist said that the amounts I was taking were way high so I hope that my body will be able to find the right balance so I don't have to go through the horrible symptoms and weight gain that I had trying the meds last month. 

What I hope more than anything, is that no matter what happens, that I can start feeling better. I have so many things that need to be done but when I look at them, I just think I can't start them because I know I won't have the energy to finish it! 

I had to smile when looking at my test results as I had a 111 as one of my test result numbers! I feel like it was God letting me know that things will work out! I am grateful that I was able to get in to the specialist and to start moving forward with my health! 

Have a blessed day!