Friday, November 4, 2011

All Nighter -First of Many for Wedding

I have many projects going for the wedding and am headed up to take such stuff up to Princess number one so she can "Approve" the projects so I can move ahead finishing said projects.

I am making a floating, or moving wall. Princess number one wanted "pinwheels" and "maps" as part of her decorations. So, I thought making a floating wall with pinwheels and moving hearts would be fun. So, here are the first attempt at pinwheels.

I also made hair bows and scarfs which aren't quite done yet. Major blessing however in the fact that my sister had all the circles cut and fabric edges melted in all the sizes of circles we needed and most of the chiffon and tulle cut and sewn as well. Don't know why she had so many in bright blue but I am glad she did. It made making them much easier.

I am making little tags for the "wedding favor" to go on magnets. A wonderful neighbor brought over some french doors today that are metal. It is a prayer answered as we were looking for something metal to stick the magnets on and now we have it.

I also made some brownie bites in muffin cups trying out several different options of adding flavors as the happy couple wanted several options. We may do some other things but I thought I would give this a try.

My sister brought over her "Cricket" craft machine and I am sold. I had to be up all night because she is headed out of town tomorrow about the same time we are and I needed her computer to use her machine so I had to get it all cut out tonight. I had a few mishaps as I haven't used one before but for the most part it was great. I don't know that I have it all cut out but did get lots done.

There is so much more to get done as I now have a garage full of doors and pre-lit Christmas trees amongst other things but I need to get a few hours sleep so I now at least have some projects finished to show Princess number one. Wish me luck on getting some sleep before we head up to meet Princess number one!

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