Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Another Out of The Normal Day - Wishing I Felt Better

Once again, my day got away from me as I woke through the night many times with a horrible headache. I finally got up and took some medication but it followed me throughout the day.

I spent the day helping pack up bins as both girls moved home from working for the summer but Princess Four is headed to go to a college near where Princess Three is working so she needs to pack up some of her totes by tomorrow so that Princess Three can pick them up and take them home with her as we are going to see her tomorrow. 

The problem we have is that Princess Five needs to pack up her items that she will be packing away for 18 months and we can't have any food or other items in there that can leak or will go bad. Also, she will need some things on her mission so we have all the stuff Princess Four brought home from her mission that she will be giving to Princess Five to take on her mission.

Princess four has the stuff she wants to keep but won't be taking to college, the stuff she will be taking to college, and then stuff she wants to store or keep in her room that she left at home or wants for her future home. 

We are having the same problem with Princess Five getting all her stuff home from college and some of the stuff we used from Princess Fours college days and some was hers so we are having to go through each bin and asking if it is something she wants to keep for college when she gets back or if she is OK giving it to her sister or if it is something she is OK with giving away or if she wants to store it. 

We have bins and boxes all over the house. We have a reunion coming up at the lake and I have boxes of prizes, beach stuff, food and other things as well as we go through things, we really are in a total mess. I will be excited when everything is packed for Princess fives mission and Princess Four's college bins are all packed and their rooms are organized and packed up as we have so much stuff everywhere. 

I have given up on trying to get it clean for now. As I always tell them, "If the dishes are done and the lawn is mowed, I am happy." The lawn was mowed today and the sink is empty and scoured so I am good. 

I also fixed a broken sprinkler today that has been a broken for two weeks that I just didn't have time to fix but it wasn't near the house so I didn't worry much about it as I have been so busy and tired. 

Have a Blessed Day!

Monday, July 30, 2018

A Longer Than Planned Weekend - Trip Out Of Town

I am so sorry. I thought I would be posting about my trip today but being so tired made me do some research and I actually drove to a bigger city this weekend to get some testing done.

 I don't know that they will find anything but I got home last night about 11 p.m. and Princess Four and Five moved home from their summer job and arrived home near 1 a.m. and I had a full day today and as I was getting ready to blog, I had one of the girls asking me for help with a friend and so I ended up talking to her and giving her friend some advice until well near 2 a.m. and it is now 2:30 a.m. and my teeth are hurting and I am SO tired. So, the post you were going to get about my trip has turned into a short post of a jewelry sorting video. I have such slow internet it took over 10 hours to upload this one hour video so somehow in the listing, I had it marked private until I had time to edit the description etc and somehow it posted with no title or description. 

Sorry for my issues posting this past week and uploading. Obviously, I am super tired and out of it to have two problems this week.... I hope I start feeling better soon! 

Have a Blessed Day! 

Friday, July 27, 2018

Super Tired and Wondering Why...... Jewelry Sorting - Nothing Great This Bag.....

So, I drank lots of caffeine tonight hoping I would have a bit more energy to post something from my trip. It is just after ten and I have been uploading a jewelry video for the past 7 hours and I still have over an hour left for it to upload. I think I am going to take a shower and get ready for bed and hope it is faster than it says (wishful thinking, it never is faster) and by the time I am climbing into bed, I can just post the jewelry sorting video. 

I am SO tired. I seriously can't tell you how tired my body feels.... I haven't paid bills, done anything in the house, written in my journal, looked at my pictures, figured out expenses for the trip (we each paid for different things and need to square up the tab for things) and all I want to do at this very second is climb into bed.... 

I need a shower though and know I will sleep better if I take one so I will do that and pray that the upload is done when I am... 

Can't figure out why I am so tired but am hoping it doesn't last long! So I just scared myself seriously by searching bed bugs and being tired... I also got a phone call. I will share more about this later and hope that it is nothing.... I feel like I have mono, I am so tired. My body is on the verge of aches for the past few days and I keep thinking if I sleep more I will be able to shake it..... Pray that I didn't catch anything from the hotel..... 

I am going to take some GSE, Silver, Thieves, Vitamin C and anything else I can think of to take right now.... I hope I feel better tomorrow.... 

Enjoy the video of me searching for treasure..... Have a Blessed and energetic day!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

My Recovery AFTER My Vacation - SO TIRED

As you know, I was on a vacation and posted ahead for the past two weeks.... I didn't remember what day I finished blogging on and I hopped on my computer last night for the first time in two weeks and saw that I had a post for yesterday but in my exhaustion, I forgot to check if I had one posted for today.

Princess One called me mid morning while I was still sleeping, letting me know I didn't have a post up for today.  I am not sure what happened but the last day of my vacation, I had a sort throat and on the planes on the ride home, I had a sore throat. I think I must have caught something and it hit me hard. 

I have never been so tied driving home as I was the day we arrived home. Both our flights were bumped and delayed several times each, by the time we took the shuttle to get one car and stopped at a family members to pick up my car, it was really late. I still had to drop one of the girls off at her house in another town before heading home. 

I was so tired that I was chewing ice and drinking really HOT(burned my tongue for a few days hot) chocolate intermittently trying to stay awake to get home. I probably should have stayed at someone place that night but I wanted to get home and sleep in a comfortable bed after two weeks on the road. I also wanted to see Princess four and five in the morning before they left for a job interview and headed back to work in another town so I pushed through and left everything in the car and just showered and climbed into bed. I was SO tired. 

I got up at ten and visited with the girls for a few hours and then they left for the interview and to head back to work and I took a nap. I woke in the evening and was so tired I didn't pull out my computer, I ate something, unpacked, threw in my laundry and climbed into bed and was asleep about 10:30. 

I woke at 12:30 the next morning, went to buy groceries, mail a bill, purchase some NAC which I ran out of on my trip (check out my yellow eyes, iodine and NAC video and post on this amino acid and how it helps clear up my fatty liver and yellow eyes) I returned home so tired that I finished up my laundry and got my computer out only because I knew I had emails to reply to but was so tired I didn't check my blog to see if I had a post for today and didn't do anything other than check email. 

I was in bed by 11ish and woke up to a call this morning about 11 a.m. I took some zinc today along with LOTS of vitamin C as I am still super tired and dragging. I ran a few more errands today but can't seem to feel good enough to get much done. I have a broken sprinkler head in the yard and can't muster the energy to go and dig it up. 

I am excited to share my wonderful trip with you but I need to "wake up" as I am so tired and dragging. It is hot out, but I think it is some illness I am fighting as it is more than just heat as I can hardly function. I hope I feel better soon. I have so much to share with you~ 

For now, just enjoy these fun pictures and I hope to feel better and post more but you will probably be getting a "treasure bag" video tomorrow as I am posting this for today at 7 p.m. and don't think I will magically feel better in a few hours to post much else. 

Have a Blessed Day! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Short Post On Why I Have ONE Youtube Channel and Another Jewelry Sorting Video

Hello all you patient and busy people. I appreciate that people are understanding about my busy schedule and vacation and hope everyone just enjoys watching these Treasure hunting videos that I have made over the past few weeks. 

I wish I could make different channels where I could post parasite stuff on one, family history stuff on another, jewelry sorting on another, dehydrated on another and health stuff on another as I have people that watch my channel for all those type of things and even my "how to fix" videos get lots of views. I just don't have the time and now youtube has changed their policies on advertising and views to each video so if I tried to make all those into different channels, I wouldn't have enough views on any of the channels to get advertising and the advertising paid for my new camera and now covers my internet each month so I will just be continuing to post on my one channel for those reasons! 

I hope you are all enjoying your summer and taking time to enjoy your family! Have a Blessed Day!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Going on a Trip - Sorting Jewelry Before I go so You Can Have a Post

I shared that I am going on a trip and needed to post my blogs before I go. I have been on my computer all day posting all these posts and trying to clean off my SD cards. I can't believe how many hours it takes to clean off my SD cards.

I haven't cleaned out even two files on the first SD card as I have been posting all the stuff on them. I shared in the past how I take lots of pictures and videos and I realized today that it is usually when I have been traveling and then when I get back, I get busy in my life and just start blogging what was current when I get home and realized that I don't ever post the vacation stuff. 

I know I am annoying my followers on my channel as I have had to post all my videos today as blogger won't allow me to link to videos that are not currently posted. I tried to schedule the videos to post the night before the blog posts but it won't allow me to do that so I have had to post all the videos I was uploading to post while I was gone. 

As I suspected, I have lost a few subscribers due to the amount of videos uploaded today but it is what it is. I didn't want to miss posting as I never seem to catch up on things when I stop, things tend to pile on so I hate getting behind on things. 

I hope that you enjoy the videos and if not, just skip it for the next few days as I am posting sorting jewelry videos so I hope you are enjoying your summer! 

Have a Blessed Day! 

Monday, July 23, 2018

My Talented Fiber Girl - Princess One

I shared in my last post how Princess One is into doing natural fiber crafts such as crochet, spinning, weaving, and felting. 

She started out by crocheting after she returned home from her mission. She then got married and made up her own patterns crocheting fun baby clothes etc. Here is a link to Grand Princess One's first photo shoot and she is wearing a dress her mom made and laying on the afghan she crochet for her. 

Here she is four years later on that same blanket. Her mom wanted to make a different type of blanket for each of her children so she has learned different techniques and skills as she has progressed and each child has a different blanket from their mother. 

When I was there watching the kids for her youngest birth a few months back, she asked me to do a photo shoot of them in their blankets she has made.

It was a bit of a struggle getting a not quite 2 year old and a new born to both be looking in the same direction and not be blurred as they both moved around so much, but in the end, I did get some good pictures. I just went through and deleted about 100 pictures. :-) Not even exaggerating on the number deleted. 

My old camera was struggling due to being dropped a few too many times and the flash only worked if you pulled it down past a certain point and so half the pictures were dark, shadowed or blurry. 

In the end, the children ended up playing in their blankets like a "queen" or just wrapping it around themselves or rolling around on the ground on it. 

I was able to get a cute picture of them together and one with her and the new baby! Doesn't she look great for having just had him a day or two before! She is a trooper and a talented one at that. She looks GREAT for having three kids! 

The blanket the baby is on is her first loom work. She was trying out different techniques and patterns as a sort of sampler and I think she did a great job. I forgot to ask her how many hours it took her to make the blanket but I am guessing it was MANY hours. 

It was cute when the two year old decided he needed to wrap the baby up and cover him so I have about 20 pictures I saved of him starting at the top and working his way down making the baby into a human burrito in his woven blanket! It was so funny that I couldn't delete them. Someday they will joke about all those pictures. 

Have a Blessed and Crafty Day! 

Friday, July 20, 2018

Princess One is a Felting Artist - It's a Lost Art

Until a few years ago, I had never heard of "felting." Since getting married, Princess One has taken off with a love of anything that has to do with natural fiber. 

I was an exchange student in New Zealand at 16 and learned to knit VERY fast and well. I haven't done anything in years but came back with many homemade / handmade sweaters, gloves, vests and knit every chance I had for years. Here is a post about that.

I bought a spinning wheel when in New Zealand and have never really done any spinning as I got married soon after graduation and had moved across the country so my spinning wheel was stored for a few years. Now, I have it displayed in the basement room where the bear is on the wall. 

Maybe is was my love of wool and needle work but she has mastered all that is art and skill with fibers. She is doing things I have never even heard of! She picked up an art called "felting." The only thing I had ever heard of that way was milliners using felt on top hats. She is on many fiber groups online and picked up this interest and has even gotten commissions for work. Who knew? She has taught Grand-Princess One to do it and they have both made me a few small things. Enjoy this video of her work. 

She decided to enter a Christian competition and wanted to make something that had meaning on many layers. Sheep are used so many times in the scriptures and bible to reference us and talk about Christ being the Shepherd so she decided to do a cross. She used wool from over 100 different sheep and from 46 different breeds of sheep. She got online and found breeders of different types of sheep and asked them to send her a small sample of that type of sheep's wool. As you can see, some are smooth and white, others have curls and texture to them, and others brown to black and grey in color. 

She went from the blood spilt red in one corner to the white purity and atonement on the right top corner going from bottom to top as is represented by our repenting and how the blood is washed away the closer we get to Christ. She also made the cross out of all the breeds of sheep she could find representing the different races and individuality of each of us that the time on the cross wasn't just for one, but for all his "sheep" cleansing us all of the sins and blood of the world. 

I LOVE the thought and inspiration that went into this piece and I wish I had taken a better picture of it. She is going to send a few I can put up if they are better than what I have. 

This piece of art reminds me of a piece of art my mother made with a very similar concept and she wanted me to have the art and I didn't take it and I don't now where it ended up and now I regret not taking it as I remembered making it with my mom. I am sad that I didn't take it when offered. I have a picture of this but it is in the boxes of stuff needing to be scanned. 

Maybe I will post a blog eventually of my mothers art. She was a talented artist. I found some of her painting just the other day while cleaning out the garage.  Christ was at the center and she had dowels cut off in individual sizes and stained them all different colors and put Christ tall and white in the center and the rest came together to him. It was fun to make mixing and matching the dowels. I can't help think that my mother was sitting beside Princess One when she was working on this as it is something my mother would have LOVED!  

I included the picture of her notes and ideas above as I thought it showed how much she pondered on how to make this. I can't imagine how many hours she spent working on this. I texted and she said she spent over 120 hours from design to finish on this! 

She shared with me that she felt strongly that she should learn how to spin, weave, and do fiber crafts as maybe someday she may need those skills. Talk about being prepared for an emergency! Princess One also bought a spinning wheel and a loom. She made her first blanket this year and I will post about that on the next blog post but she really is becoming a skilled artist developing those talents God has blessed her with.

Have a Blessed and Talent filled Day!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Spending Time Together on the Fourth - Birthday Boy and a Parade

This year, as you may know, I spent the fourth with Princess One and her family. I didn't post much about it as we were gone for a full week and I have been non-stop since getting home. 

Princess Five got her mission call to head out in a few months. Princess Four got super sick for the past few days and that meant Dr. visits and lots of mom attention and medicine. I also did her toenails and fingernails while she rested. We had some super good talks and she probably learned more about her mom than she ever wanted to know but she was asking questions so I was answering them. 

She has been considering going to Chiropractor school so we were discussion the options of where she could go and she wasn't sure she wanted to drop out of her planned school and career plan just yet so it was good "down time" for her to be able to ponder on things as she hasn't had any time since she got off the plane from Japan. 

Sometimes getting sick is our bodies way of telling us to slow down. I enjoyed the time with her but am a little stressed as I haven't started packing and I have over a weeks worth of blogs to write. I couldn't help share these cute pictures as I was cleaning off my SD cards, I keep thinking about how often I take video and pictures and then don't post them. 

The video is the first one on my new camera if I remember right. I am trying out the zoom features and sound so
it is a bit blurry and the camera person is a bit preoccupied with other things as you can clearly tell as I am asking Princess One about the wood stacks as they cut down one of the largest trees I have seen in my life last year. It has taken them almost the entire year to get it all cut and stacked and hauled off. It cost them thousands to get it cut and that was with them doing all the clean up work. 

Princess One was pregnant and had the two little ones and her husband works lots so the fact that they have gotten done what they did is wonderful. They have great plans for the future and I am excited to see what they will create in their cute yard. It was also Grand-Princes One's second birthday and his mom is the cleaver one. She used a watermelon and pineapple as the cake. We all loved it and he couldn't wait to dig in~! 

We had a wonderful time up at her house and hope to get back soon as we love spending time with her beautiful family! 

Here is a link about their big tree. Once again, I KNOW I took pictures of her big tree with my dad standing in front of it but after 15 minutes of searching, I can't find it on the blog

Maybe I didn't post it as happens very often. Either way, have a Blessed Day!  

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Princess Five and I searching for Treasures

I am heading out for a 2 week vacation with a few of my girls. Sadly they all couldn't come but perhaps once we know the lay of the land, we can include them next time! It has been a choice as how to handle my blog during that time since I haven't really had any long vacations since starting to blog all those years ago. I would just blog ahead some and that has worked. I am trying to get that done but some of the posts will be short as I just took some videos along the way that I have been uploading. Others will be full blogs as I have the stuff to do it ready. 

I have been enjoying having the girls sort jewelry with me and we win sometimes and lose others but it has been enjoyable just sharing with you how I have found silver and gold for so many years now. I didn't know that other people did what I did and videotaped themselves. Some people may not like the videos of that type, but hopefully, they will be patient looking for the other types they do enjoy as I can't have lots of channels, putting them all on one makes my life so much easier! 

Enjoy this video of Princess Five and I sorting for gold and silver. We were a bit tired so the end may drag but such is life. Sometimes you have energy and other times you don't! 

Have a Blessed Day! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Gratitude Refrigerator Moment - New Crisper Drawer

We have had our refrigerator for many years. It has to be over 20 as we purchased it when we bought our house. 

It has been a wonderful fridge and still works well. There have been a few sagging door issues as the girls hung and swung off of it but we bent it back up and it has been great. One of the crisper drawers got a crack in it as it is usually full of heavy fruit so I duct taped it many years back and it has worked but the other day, I thought to myself that it looked somewhat "ghetto" having a duct taped fridge part. 

I don't have the money right now for a new fridge and even if I did, I am the only one home so it really doesn't matter much. I keep it clean and it works great so I haven't thought much about it since that day. 

I went to the second hand store with one of my girls this week and would you believe that my exact crisper drawer was there for $1. It was so wonderful. It seems like every time I "think" about something in my life like that wish I would like to be better or fix, the exact thing I need shows up about a day or two later. 

I brought it home and washed it and then took a short video and swapped out the fruit and put the new one in the fridge and it has been so wonderful to be able to use a new drawer without being gentle on the handle as it was cracked. 

I know my Heavenly Father Loves me as He shows me daily in so many ways! 

Have a Blessed Day!  

Monday, July 16, 2018

Packing For A Gluten Free Trip - Gluten Free Snacks and food in Checked Suitcase

I haven't traveled much in the past few years with all the craziness of my mother living with me, passing away, Princess Fives roll over accident, new grandbabies being born etc. 

I was invited by Princess Three to DC for a work trip and to stay in her hotel and Princess Two decided to go along as the other girls have work and family. It has been many years since I have visited DC but thought it could be fun.

As we talked about the trip, I shared about family members and friends living along the East Coast that we could visit and we talked with some but the distances and length of the trip caused us to whittle the visiting down to DC and NY. I have two cousins that live in NY and one that lives in DC and we have plans to visit with them and I also have a cousin in Pennsylvania and a sister in law that also lives near NY in Pennsylvania but we aren't going to have the time to make the trips to visit them and hoped maybe they could come visit us in NY but some are doing a play and another is volunteering as a nurse at a camp so that didn't work out either. 

I am sad we won't be able to visit them and other friends and family near Boston but we are excited about our trip. 

I have been a bit worried due to my feet swelling during my yard sale but they are thankfully back to normal and I have been feeling better so I am hoping that the days are super hot and there is some cloud cover so we can enjoy our sight seeing without much stress and heat. I am still not regulating the heat and cold well but will let the girls do their thing if I can't keep up. 

Since I am gluten free, I can't just grab a pretzel or pizza slice so I decided to check a bag through with gluten free snacks and some apples so that I can have things I am able to eat with me. I really wish I could just order stuff and have it delivered to the hotel room. It would be cool if hotels offered those options for gluten free or special needs and I am sure the higher end places do but we are on a budget so this is how I opted to do it. 

I bought all sorts of Gluten free bars, gluten free beef jerkey, GF granola in different brands and flavors so that if I react to one, the girls can eat it and I can move on to another, GF freeze dried yogurt and berries for the protein and lastly, I am taking Isagenix shakes. They are gluten and soy free. I can't eat a whole shake as I have some blood sugar reactions or something but I usually drink 1/3 of the mix in water and drink so at least I will have fluids and vitamins and amino acids. 

I hope that I can keep my energy up the entire trip and feel good enough to enjoy the time I get with my girls in the big cities. I am looking forward to visiting family and am grateful to my cousin in NY who is allowing us to sleep in her apartment a block from Grand Central Station. It is a good location to nearly everything and I know having three people added to the small apartment can't be all that fun for her but I appreciate that she is willing to let us stay as I know we couldn't have afforded it normally. 

We have two Broadway shows booked and hope to be able to get into others if we can get tickets cheap and have seen what we want to visit in NY already. I love NY and have been several times but I have never actually gotten to see a Broadway show on Broadway.... I know our seats are probably not the best but it will still be amazing just being there. We are going to see Wicked and Phantom as they were the cheapest and none of us have seen Wicked before so that will be a new experience for us all. 

Anyway, I made a short video sharing the gluten free snacks and I hope you all enjoy a Gluten Free Blessed Day! 

Friday, July 13, 2018

Teaching Idea on Talents in a Group Setting - Makes You Feel Good

I had a friend teach a class in Sunday School at our church and she did this fun idea for her class. It was an adult class, but we all really enjoyed it and felt so good about ourselves after the class that I thought I would share the idea with you. 

She gave everyone a paper and pencil and asked them to write down their talents that they feel God gave them when they were born. Things that were easy for them or that they felt they did well or were just something effortless that others may struggle with. 

Some people numbered their lists, I found that I rarely number my lists as I usually just make lists of things I need to do and they aren't in any order of when or how they need to be done, they just all need to be done so I may do the fifth thing on the list first so I rarely number my lists and found that many of the others in the room did number theirs. It was just an interesting observation on my part showing how different people think...

I wrote down things that I feel I do well but didn't feel that I do any one of these things better than another so maybe that is why I didn't number them either as maybe in my mind that was giving more importance to one talent over another. 

Once everyone had their talents listed, she then had each person in the room list off two of their strongest talents. Then she had others in the room share what talents we thought that person had. I had something to share about each individual as I have known many of them for 20 years. It was interesting that they listed off things that we may have not known about them and we shared things we thought were talents that they hadn't thought of.... 

Of course, some of the compliments make people blush as in our society it isn't polite to just tell people what we love about them in a public setting unless someone is getting an award or something. I found that after we shared what we thought were there talents, they would ponder on it and then nod their head in agreement but usually with a "I hadn't thought of that" look on their faces 

We were running out of time when I got my turn as we all shared on each person so I just read off the top two things on my list and we moved to the last guy and just before the closing prayer, a woman jumped in and came back to me and said, "You have raised such wonderful girls, they are so kind to others, always looking for ways to help those in need and they are so non-judgmental, you have done a good job and being a good mom is one of your talents. 

I thanked her and the meeting ended, but I noticed that everyone left the meeting with a smile on their faces. I think sometimes we just need to hear positive, and what we are doing right, as so many times people focus on what we aren't doing right. It was a self esteem building exercise and made us all feel good and let us know how others see us in interactions. It was nice. 

I thought it would be a great lesson for girl scouts, boy scouts - bears, wolf, cub groups especially. Also young men and women's groups, church youth groups, school groups and primary aged groups and any class where the people know each other well. Maybe even in prison groups as they really could use some positives in their lives. Prisoners would probably really enjoy this exercise. 

I am grateful to my friend that felt inspired to use this for the lesson as it was such a positive for all involved. 

Have a Blessed and Talent Filled Day!