Friday, September 28, 2018

Bunko Still Going Strong - Blessed to Have The Best

I am so blessed. I started a bunko group over 20 years ago and more than half of the original women are still in the group. We have had our biggest turnover by people moving out of town. I hear of people starting Bunko groups over the years and they fizzle out but our group is still going strong. 

One of the women moved this month and so she had the night at a Garden Nursery. It was a different idea but it worked out super well and Princess Five got to come and be a substitute for someone that couldn't make it. We both got a wonderful meal and had a great and fun night visiting with our friends. 

I started the night out with a bang rolling two bunkos in the first four rounds and winning the first six games but I was getting a headache on the drive over and took some pills in the car and as the pressure in my head mounted, the worse my playing got. Princess Five on the other hand won this adorable pillow and was happy with her win for the night. 

I took a few more pills after arriving home and am praying I can sleep it off as it feels like it is going to be a bad headache. So, this is the post you get rather than what I had planned as I don't have the energy to deal with the headache and posting so, enjoy the cute picture of Princess Five and some of my dearest friends and I hope you have a Blessed Weekend! 

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Teak Oil Will Draw In The Bugs - Don't Oil You Items Near Dusk or Near The Water

Princess Five and I have been working on finishing up the "waxing" of the trailer using Teak oil. I shared that I thought we would finish up today. 

Imagine my surprise when I walked out to finish and everywhere we worked last night was covered with bugs! While I was using the teak oil today, Two bees came sniffing around my rag as they were drawn to the teak oil. 

I have used this so many times on so many items that I was a bit shocked about how many flies and gnats were stuck to the side and door of my trailer. I have not seen that before and I have used up about four cans of teak oil on all sorts of items so I didn't understand why there were bugs only this time. 

I have worked close to dark every night this past week and have not had a problem until last night and today. I am wondering if the teak oil smell is more concentrated at the bottom of the can. The can we are using has been used on the picture window, the grill, the swamp cooler, the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and a few other items over the past year or so. It is nearly empty and I didn't want to purchase a new can so I have just been finishing up this one. 

I think the concentration of sediment is in the bottom of the can and now we are getting to that part of the can and it attracted the bugs. I laughed so hard when I went out to finish up the trailer. I had to go get my camera and take a few pictures and a video of all the bugs on the side of the trailer. I of course couldn't leave them there, so I started wiping them off but wanted a picture before I did so I could show Princess Five who was at work. 

I am happy to share for the most part, the bugs and goo came off the trailer but the moth wing marks in the bottom picture didn't come off. I guess it liked the smell but not the stick and marked up the trailer a bit. 

We finished oiling the front portion and I used it on the painted bumper and tongue / stabilizer hitch as well and the trailer looks fairly good and I am SO excited that the door closes well now. Considering how many times I have repaired it, I am happy it is closing and locking even thought it isn't perfect. 

It feels good to get something off the list which is SUPER long but I have to take pleasure in the small things. We are going to put it in storage tomorrow and it will be nice to have it off the street and then I can get working on pruning all the trees before winter! It would be nice to have them all done before Princess Five's farewell. It is coming up fast...… 

Have a Blessed and Bug Free Day! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Finishing Up the Trailer Door Caulk and Sorting a Jewelry Bag

I worked on the trailer today and realize that I am NOT good at caulking. I can't get and even bead and make it look good and be airtight in the crazy seams of the trailer. I have watched videos on it and used it for years in the showers, roof, etc but for some reason, I can't make a good seal and make it look good. 

It took me so much longer to seal around the door window and around the door window edging as well as the corners of the entire door. I also did around the door handle just in case. 

Princess Five helped finish the one side of the trailer with the door and now we just have part of the front. I thought I would have finished it today but have to be excited with what I did get done. 

I thought I would just post a jewelry video as I didn't take any pictures today. 

Have a Blessed Day! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Almost Five Years Ago, I teak Oiled My Trailer Instead of Waxing - Good Fast Option

Five Years ago this November, I spent lots of time working on my trailer. I put all new butylene tape in around windows and vents as well as replacing vent covers and teak oiled the entire trailer. 

I shared that there was a man that shared with me about how I should use teak oil on my trailer and fiberglass while I was shopping at a local store. I was on the phone and he came up to me asking what I was going to "buff" as I was looking at a buffer wondering if it would work on the trailer as the rub on rub off waxing thing was an arm buster. 

I am SO GRATEFUL for that man interrupting my call to share with me about the wonderful use of Teak oil! It has been used so many times in my life from my bar-b-cue, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, garage door, aluminum siding and windows and my trailer. It is such an amazing product that and it is so inexpensive to purchase. For my entire trailer, it was less than one can which is about $10 at Walmart. 

Several people over time on my blog or channels have asked me to do an update on the trailer sides and garage door to show they are still in good condition. I can't tell you how much easier it has been this time to apply the teak oil to the trailer. The teak oil sealed the sides and there is some oxidation but there aren't the many, many dirt lines and sticky dirt stuck on it as there was last time. 

If you look at this blog post from when I did it the first time, you can clearly see how dirty and flat the exterior of the trailer was. I used mineral spirits to clean the trailer sticky or really dirty spots and I haven't had to use mineral spirits once to clean anything this time other than where I stuck duct tape on the door a month back before I fixed it. 

The sides were still quite shiny even if there was a little grit or dirt, it wiped right off with the Teak oil. The only place I cleaned before putting the teak oil on was under the front window cover as there was dirt trapped inside there and I didn't want to seal any of that in so I washed that area. 

I am not technically done putting the teak oil on yet as I  finished one side with Princess last week and I did the back and most of the other side today. I did purchase some caulk for the door window which I did not get done today but hope to get to that tomorrow so I can then finish up the door with teak oil.  

From there, I just have the front around the window cover to do. I am super excited to get that done and am thinking about doing another coat on the garage door while I have Princess Five to help me work on it. It will need a good rinse before coating it but nothing like what we had to do five years ago to get the sprinkler minerals off it. 

It will be nice getting the trailer put away for the winter. I found a spot to store it and will be glad to finish up that project. It seems like there is always another project looming.... Pruning time is upon us and at least Princess Five and I got all the apples off our tree dried for the season in a week or two this year. I have a list on the kitchen counter of many of the things I wanted to get done while Princess Five was home and I hate to share that I have not gotten much off that list. We visit and play games so much of the time but we have also done much service so I am glad that she is having those opportunities. I personally haven't been feeling the best that last week or two with another "bug bite" type infection on my leg that burns and oozes. I thought it was a mosquito bite I got while helping my sister move the other night but last night I got about 2 hours sleep due to the pain and burning of it. I have treated it with the iodine and diatomaceous earth and it seems to be calming down but between that and a cold of some kind, I didn't have the best weekend. 

Yea for hopefully finishing up the trailer tomorrow! Have a Blessed Day! 

Monday, September 24, 2018

Filling in Vinyl or Fiberglass Cracks and Aging spots on your Trailer - RV - Motorhome or Camp Trailer

I think I may have posted about five years ago when I was working on my trailer but I wanted to share with you in video and on the post this information as it works well and I think it is a brilliant way to make the trailer look updated or better in a quick way. 

My trailer has vinyl wording on the side and front. I am not sure why they chose to put the name on with a sticker verses painting it on but it is what it is. The stripes are painted on the side but the door has vinyl stripes on the fiberglass over it being painted. 

Yet, the front window cover has paint on the fiberglass cover with  a tree and mountain scene and for some reason, the striping on the fiberglass door is vinyl. 

It is weird how they did that but either way, the vinyl on both the door and name on the trailer is cracking and peeling some with sun damage, wind, and age. 

I take out several Sharpie markers of similar color types to the area that is cracked or peeling and test them to see which works best. Black actually worked best on the name vinyl so I used the black to fill in the cracked letters and show on the video how I rub it in using a gloved finger as it leaves a line mark if I don't feather it in with my finger while the marker is still wet. 

When it is wet, it melts into the other color better making that are not stand out as much as if I just use the marker without smearing the colors in before it dries. I have probably 15 posts about using Sharpie markers this way on furniture I am refinishing, scratches on black painted furniture or frames and I have used this method on my black leather boots and coats since I was 16. 

Anyone who knows me well knows I LOVE Sharpies. The more the merrier. I have several containers full. I wish they had more colors available individually as they did years ago as I would love one in EVERY color!!! 

I am working on my trailer again as I winterized if for the season and have filled a few gaps in the lights where it looks like water may be getting on the back wall and I fixed the bottom of the main door where the wood had rotted out. I am going to seal all the edges of the door with outdoor caulk to make sure that doesn't happen again. Princess Five is being a big help on this project doing all the high spots for me~!

I then decided I would fix up the exterior again as it looked a bit dull and so I spent a few days working on the names and the fiberglass on the trailer filling in any cracked areas with Sharpies and made a video for each area as someone may look up vinyl or someone else may look up fiberglass so I wanted to cover the bases of each in case someone looked up one but not the other. 

I have been blessed to be able to do all the maintenance on the trailer myself over the years which has been a blessing. Since we only use it one week a year, I have ignored it for the past five years but hope that us working on it for a few days will give us five more years of maintenance free usage. 

There always seems to be something needing repairs on the house or trailer and I am just grateful for two amazing parents who can fix and do anything needed as they taught me to think outside the box and not fear any project. 

As you can see from this blog, I do electric, sprinklers, plumbing, crafts, yard, pruning, dehydrating, wood working, cooking, cleaning, health, car repairs, emotions, and just about anything else you can think of needing work!

I am very grateful that my parents gave me a good work ethic and taught me to have no fear in learning new things and asking questions. I am always asking "how can I do this more easily or faster" and I believe that is how I have come up with some wonderful fix's to situations or problems that others may not come up with!

Thanks Mom and Dad for giving me a great base to be able to figure things out for myself! I am truly Blessed!

Have a Blessed Day! 

Friday, September 21, 2018

The Art Museum Home - I Could Stay for Hours

I visited a home recently that had the COOLEST art pieces I have ever seen in a home environment. 
I LOVE art now. I don't always get some types of weird or disgusting art but I
I think I have shared in the past that I didn't care for art much many years ago. It wasn't until my divorce that I started to incorporate color into my home and life. 

I just love all mediums and colors, sculptures and paintings alike. I also have always appreciated blown glass. I seriously am mesmerized by some pieces of blown glass and it is a wonder to me how they can make it so beautiful and delicate using tools and breath. 

I have my own little collection of blown glass but don't have it displayed well and it is a little frustrating in the fact that I enjoy art so much but don't have the type of house that I can display much. So many things are "art" to me that I wish I could have a different room for each type of art. 

I have found some really cool wood, carved, painted, pottery, native American sand art and many fun other things that would be great in a cabin. I have some original floral paintings I love but mostly florals go with Victorian styles. 

I have all my mothers instruments from all over the world and many are painted with artwork and several are hanging on my living room wall. I have all the glass pieces which I would LOVE to displace in lighted shelving like an open wall where you can see it from all aspects with the light showing through it. 

I have some sculpted marble and some hand carved statues which I love. I LOVE art! I wish I had a home that was more conducive to showing it off but I do love that I have a big wall in my front room where I can hang copies of my favorite artwork of Christ. I love coming to the house at night and having the spotlights on and seeing those beautiful works of art on the dark wall. It is beautiful. 

Imagine my joy going to this home and being able to see all these one of a kind pieces of art! They had the most fun home! 

They had collections in every room from different artists around the world that they have collected in their travels. They have a painting by a man who was the only artist to have a show at the Southersby auction if I remember correctly. 

They had some really cool intricate pieces and they have them displayed so well. I love the coloring of this glass swirled piece they have on the wall but they designed the glass feature light to the left and above and it goes through the length of the house and they had someone make all the glass coverings for it after they designed it. 

It is amazing to me how many talented people there are in the world. I would love to take art classes but keep thinking I don't know when I would have the time but "someday" isn't cutting it! I just need to set a date and sign up! Oh that would be fun! I just need to heed the advice of the sign she had hanging in her kitchen! It is so true. This is probably why their home is how it is! 

I am so grateful I got to enjoy the beauty of what I saw. I would love to have seen the rest of the house but I will take what I was blessed to see! Totally Beautiful Art! 

Have a Blessed and Artistic Day! 

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Wonderful New (to me) Washing Machine and Some Great Advice From the Repair Man - 111

Princess Four came home last weekend and brought her laundry home. She also brought some blankets from Princess Three who bought new bedding. Princess Four wanted to wash and take home her sisters bedding and get rid of hers as she wanted a bigger blanket as she had twin blankets and her sister had a full bedspread. 

We did laundry all day on Saturday as she was leaving early Sunday morning. We washed her jeans and when I went to put them into the dryer, there was all sorts of large pieces of rust in the wash. I thought maybe she had a rock in her pocket and it was a broken up rock or that maybe she had a magnet in her pocket. 

She assured me that she didn't have anything in her pockets and I sent Princess Five to get several large magnets and it was a metal as the magnets picked up all the rusty pieces and we got it cleaned out by putting several fills on the rinse cycle and then turning it to the spin cycle and when we got it all cleaned out, we washed the entire load again after shaking out any rusty pieces as I didn't want to dry any of them with rust on them so we washed it again. 

It seemed to work better the second time through and when I stuck the next load in the washer, I noticed a damp spot on the carpet under the washer. I was hoping it was from when we were doing the spin cycle and shaking out the washer etc. 

By the next load, it was more wet under the washer so I tilted the washer up and had Princess Five look under and she could see there was water dripping down under the washer so we put a cookie sheet under the washer as we needed to get the laundry done for her sister to take back to school with her as she only has one washer at her apartment complex and it is coin operated so she had lots of laundry. 

I did the wash and got it all done and we dumped out the cookie sheet in between each load and there wasn't a ton of water coming out but it was dispersed so the cookie sheet wasn't getting all of it. I put a fan down there to dry it up as I didn't want mold growing and it dried up over the rest of the weekend. 

I talked to my repair man who attends that same church services we do and he told me that it is the bottom of the wash tub rusting out and it will only get worse. I told him it will only be me home and I don't do more than a load a week by myself and asked if the cookie sheet would work and he said it could but if more of the basin rusted out, the washer may not fill and the water would continue to stay on pouring out through the bottom of the tub and could flood. 

With all the flooding I have had down there, I didn't want to even take a chance. I looked online and found a washer and the couple didn't live far from me. They won a new set in a drawing so she mentioned that she really loved her washer and wasn't sure she wanted to get rid of it but the new ones matched and were new so she broke up the set they were selling and sold me the washer for $75. 

My sisters husband sold his truck the week before and my neighbor with a truck was out of town so I called my repair man friend even though he doesn't do that anymore asking if he had his big moving dolly still and he did. He was so kind and hooked up his trailer, picked up the washer, helped me take out my old washer and put in the new one. 

I picked up new hoses at a store and wondered if I really needed to get new hoses as I had the steel braided hoses that looked fine on my old washer and he told me that there is still rubber in the steel hoses and that it degrades over time and that you should replace the hoses on your washer ever five years. I know someone whose hoses burst and flooded the house so I gladly bought new hoses for the new washer. 

I told him that one of the girls said they could buy me a new washer and he told me that any washer they make now, they make to last 5-6 years and that some brands were worse than others. He told me that I got a great deal with three speeds and temperature control and that the washer I bought was really top of the line and that this washer (if nothing was wrong with it which the woman said there wasn't) should last longer than any new machine the girls would have purchased for me. He said I got a great deal! That really made me feel good as there are times I would like to be able to just go to the store and purchase something new but don't always have the funds to do that so I was glad that in my frugalness, I got a good deal and will have something I don't need to worry about for awhile.

I was sad thinking that in taking my old washer out, I wouldn't see the "111" that is just on the inside of the washer in the back when I am filling the machine as a reminder that Gold loves me and wouldn't you know, as we were hooking up the new washer, it has the exact "111" on the tag at the back of the tub AND it has a 111 on the lid on the inside, so not only did I get my "111" reminder, I got TWO "111" reminders. God really is in charge and cares about me!

The repairman told me how to use a cup of bleach and the hottest water to get any hard water deposits out of the machine and then run a second load with heavy towels or jeans in it that won't be hurt if more of the hard water deposits come off in the next load due to the soaking bleach and hot water. 

We have done several loads now in the new washer since I cleaned it out and it works GREAT! We are SO grateful for my wonderful friend and Handy Man! He helped us get the old one up and out for the garbage men and hook up the new one. With funds being tight, I was super grateful I didn't have to buy a new one and pay someone to remove the other for me! I am TRULY BLESSED with wonderful friends! 

Have a Blessed 111 Day! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

It Is Time For a Gratitude 111 Moment Share

I used to share these 111 moments all the time and I feel like I have been so busy and crazy that I have them but have so much other big stuff to share that I haven't been sharing as much gratitude as I used to share. I had such a moment today I would like to share. 

I think I have shared that my bills have been rolling in since Princess Five got her assignment to serve as a missionary. It seems like as soon as they make that commitment, that the bills get crazy. It is like Heaven is blessing us and Hell is cursing us trying to keep them from going out as a missionary to serve and we are stuck in this rollercoaster of ups and downs as we get ready to send her off. 

Each of my girls has gotten kind of grumpy before leaving, picking fights and I would point out there were being snippy or grumpy and it took me a few of these little "pecks" to realized that they were distancing themselves from me and by starting a squabble, they could leave more easily as it is easier to walk away from someone you are upset with than leaving and being homesick to someone you rely on and will miss. 

With the financial stresses and Princess Five getting a temporary job this week, we have been feeling grateful that she was able to get a job for the next five weeks and also give her something to keep her busy. However, I am still stressed with finances and my goal these past few weeks is to not spend more than $10 at any store. For the most part, I have been able to do that.

With my parasite, I crave protein. With my other health issues, I am limited as to what I can eat as I react more and more if I accidentally ingest gluten in any form. I can't eat most red meat or much fat with my gallbladder out and fatty liver. I can't digest beans or broccoli family foods so lately, I mostly eat salads but need protein and it is difficult to get much protein with such a limited fat diet. 

I went to the store today to pick up bananas, some pomegranate juice and some chicken. I figured I could make it out of the store for under $10 as I have been quite good. 

They had 20 lbs boxes of chicken breasts on sale for $29.80 and I am craving protein so much that I thought if I bought it, it could help get us through to when she leaves and keep me from needing to go to the store as often. I asked some questions as I noticed it has "chicken broth and flavorings" and so I asked the butcher if it had gluten in it. He didn't think it did and it looked like the type I buy bulk usually so the box had been opened and was the last of the sale. I asked if they had any in the back and he said they didn't but told me if I wanted  the box, he would give me $2 off the sales price as it was the last one. 

I also noticed that the box had 111 on it so I thanked him for giving me the discount and took it as a sign that God is aware of the financial struggles and stress I am under as I have other situations going on today. I was SO grateful for the butcher giving the discount and knowing that I would have some protein I can eat for the next month and that Princess and I could make some great meals before she leaves as I have been teaching her how to make some of our favorite meals as I shared on a post recently. 

Today, she even started dinner without me as I had a meeting around that time and she did a wonderful job. When I got to the check out and purchased my three items feeling a bit stressed that I went over my $10 goal but grateful that I had gotten chicken breast for less that $1.50 a pound, as the next priced chicken up was $2.99 a lb. I went to pay my total and noticed that my tax on the purchase was...… You bet it was $1.11~ I KNEW God was letting me know things are "OK" and the stressful things that went on for the day would all be "OK" and that I didn't need to worry about it. Yes, I still have to deal with all of them and they aren't all easy things and yes, the parasite are horrible right now and my lungs are feeling worse than ever but I am BLESSED with so many things..... 

We watched an episode of" 72 deadly animals in Asia" while eating dinner, and they showed India and gave some staggering statistics and we both commented on how blessed we are. Another friend shared some very distressing news about her husbands leg being removed today. It made my heart so sad. One of my best friends is starting Chemo this week.... There are so many BIG things in life that alter our being, that being tight on money and having negative people in your realm are small in comparison. 

I am so blessed and so grateful for the little reminders that God is over all and He has each of my friends in His arms and is aware of all their needs much more than we are. 

I hope you all have a Blessed 111 Day~