Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Who'd Have Thought? Soy Fish

Busy times going on this week at our house. Working on some repairs and didn't have time for much of a dinner so I opened some tuna..... or so I thought.

I used to eat tuna regularly but it doesn't taste like it used to and so we maybe eat it once in six months or so. I really didn't enjoy the tuna and started reading the label. It has soy as a filler. I took back the WalMart brand upset that everything has soy in it anymore. Soy is similar in make to estrogen and messes up the thyroid because they thyroid registers that you have excess estrogen in the body. This is mostly due to the soy having been modified genetically.

If you research, you will find and ever increasing number of Americans developing and allergy to soy because soy, soy protein or soy oil is added to almost all prepared foods. Now it is added to fish.

Many babies are allergic as infants because they are given soy formula. I have several friends whose children had horrible rashes for months they couldn't clear up because of loose stool etc. Finally after thousands of dollars of testing, they found she had an allergy to soy. At age two, she had to restrict most prepared foods because they all contained some soy product.

I pulled out the tuna I just bought to replace the ones I returned and pulled one of the same brand off the shelf in my storage room and even the two cans of the same brad were different. The Western Family off the shelf had soy in it. The case I just purchased doesn't. The only thing I can find that makes them different is that one is from Thailand and the other packaged in Vietnam.

They all have similar expiration dates so really, it is probably where the item is packaged as to the content of soy.

I will be more careful reading labels. Tuna is a high risk food do to the mercury content. They suggest pregnant women and children limit their intake of tuna. Now, after this new additional information, it is probably good to avoid it altogether if you are expecting.
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