Script for Tapping or EFT Therapy

I have been using this method for years. Last summer I was CRAVING chocolate ice cream every night and I had to have bananas, nuts, Jr. Mints with it. This went on for three months. I gained 20 plus pounds. My kids were commenting on how we ate lots of ice cream now. In the past, I went months and sometimes years without eating it.

I had been telling my sister about tapping for some time and suggested she use it. While researching it, she came across a woman who had been addicted to ice cream bars and her EFT therapist had her talk about the reason she liked eating them while she tapped. Then, the woman didn't want to eat the ice cream but wouldn't throw it out because "You can't waste food." The EFT therapist then tapped out her thoughts and feelings on wasting food. After that, the woman no longer craved ice cream bars and threw the one away she had in the office.

I thought to myself, it couldn't hurt to try it. I used MY script which is different than any other I've seen. I tapped out the ice cream craving and any issues with the other things I was craving.

Fast forward to the next day. I hadn't told anyone I tapped it out. My 10 year old comes home from school and I am at the sink peeling potatoes for dinner. She asks if she can have some ice cream. I tell her "sure."

She gets a bowl out, puts several flavors of ice cream from the SAME containers we had eaten from the night before. She takes a bite. She takes another and says, "Hmm, this ice cream is gross, do I have to eat it?" She has NEVER thrown out ice cream. Cake, yes, ice cream NEVER.

My mouth dropped open. I told her "no" she asked if I thought my other daughter would want it. I told her we could ask. I threw away the ice cream. Since that time, I have had one or two bowls and each time I have regretted it as I don't enjoy it but it was more of a social thing. We used to go through several gallons a week. I have had the same container in there for months and they usually get crystals on them until we have company.

My 19 year old daughter heard me tell the story while she was visiting from college. She called me last month and said, "Mom, when you did the tapping thing on the ice cream, did you do it for me?" I said, "I did it for all of us." She then said, "Thanks for ruining it for me!" I asked what she meant. She said that her friends had been going on shake runs lately and that she wasn't enjoying them like she used to and finally figured out why but wanted to call and make sure. :-) 

This script is powerful but EFT works best if you can get in "touch" with the emotion or craving before you start saying the script. So, I usually wait until I am having a craving or am in pain either physical or emotional and then start tapping my hand and saying the script.

Here is the "script" or words I use instead of the one used for traditional Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT. It is also different from the one used on "".

I have used tapping for years and find it works VERY well to help my family let go of emotional issues and events which can then turn into physical manifestation and illnesses.

While tapping on the side of the hand I say, "Even though we have these feelings of (fill in whatever your issues or feelings or health problems are and try to create that feeling as it works better when you are emotional) we love and accept ourselves, deeply and completely and forgive those who created this issue including myself on every layer, level, time line, generational line, parallel lines, simultaneous lines, DNA missing or too much, cellular memory and miasm line and any other memories from past life experiences, levels, layers or lines we may not be aware of including learned behaviors, habits and programming along with blocks of any kind. Things we've been holding onto in any realm including irrational fears and the belief there has to be a cost, punishment, penalty or consequence of letting this go. We release this in the way we need to release it. In the name of Jesus Christ, and, thank you Christ, amen." I picture Christ in front of me and say it as a prayer. I picture myself handing him everything that just left me so I have no residue of any of the things I just let go. I then tap on the spots shown in the Tapping video which are the meridians spots like the eyes etc.

After you tap out the negative, you need to remember to tap in the positive. I picture Christ handing me his healing light and I picture that filling my body as I tap it into the organs etc.

Here is how I explain needing to put the positive back. If you were walking in your yard and took a large rock out of the grass, a hole would be left. If it rained, the hole fills with water making mud. If you put a handful of seed and a bit of dirt in the hole, now when that same rain and the same hole are involved, beautiful things can grow. The emotional rain comes into life and if you let something go without putting a positive in its place, negative will return. By putting the "healing light of Christ" in the hole, now something wonderful can be.

The places you tap are the meridian lines of the body dealing with our organs etc. When you do the eyes open and closed part it is accessing the conscious, sub conscious, logic center, reason, creative and other parts of the brain releasing the issues from all organs, and body parts. I say “we” in the script because you are working for family/DNA lines etc.

Many times the situations we feel stressed in are situations we learned to be stressed in because we saw parents stress in those situations. Others may be fine in the same situation that stresses us. Or, we create that type of situation because we are “comfortable” with that type of situation. It is familiar to us. On, he taps all the sites but I added behind the ear near the top where there is bone. This is the meridian for the triple burner and I "felt" like I should add that.

When I was first shown this, I thought it was stupid and couldn't work. Then I became a massage therapist and realized that all the tapping points are the meridians and when opening and closing eyes, you get to each lobe of the brain. That is why it works so well. You are removing it from all main parts of the body.

Happy Tapping!