Friday, February 28, 2020

My Furnace is in a COLD Place - Furnace Meltdown

I have been keeping my heat low as I am alone in the house and it goes off if it gets super cold in the house and I have just been using a space heater in my room as I work or the kitchen / family room where I spent most of my time. 

I had my daughters family for several days and we turned the heat up while they were visiting. The past two days, I have been FREEZING! I took a nap and was so cold I thought maybe I was having a reaction to something I ate or something as I couldn't get warm. 

This morning, I was so cold I couldn't get out of bed. It was just so cold. I then went to check to see if maybe my daughter had turned down the furnace when they left as we had to turn it up when they arrived. It was 64 in the house at about 11 a.m. and I kept turning up the heat and there was a teardrop looking symbol and when I did a web search, I found that it was a "flame" symbol.

I went down to the furnace and I could hear a buzzing sound. I flipped the off switch and the noise stopped. I pulled out the filter and replaced it hoping it was some "auto shut off due to dirty filter" or something, but I knew that was not realistic. 

I pulled off the other cover on the furnace and was a bit shocked to see that there was a build up of some corrosive at the edge of one of the pipes. I could clearly see that there was some drips on the motor below the corroded pipes and see where there was water marks all on the bottom of that area. 

I sent these pictures to my friend who works for a heating and plumbing place and he said he could come before heading out of town in the morning about 7. I am so blessed to have a friend that is so willing to come in early so I can have heat for the weekend. 

I am so frustrated about this furnace. I have had nothing but nightmares with this. In almost 20 years I never had an issue with my furnace. Since this one has gone in, it has been SUCH a nightmare with one issue after another. 

I think I have finally figure it out and then something else will come up. It is crazy! Anyway, I hope he can figure it out and I can be done with furnace issues! 

Have a blessed and warm day!  

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Little Reminders Of My Grandchildren - Fun Little Things

My daughter and her family went on their way to their final destination. I was sad to see them go as we had a great time visiting and playing games. 

When they left, I waved them off from the curb and came in and saw this cute little hand print on the side of the piano. It was basically a smile maker. I laughed as I saw that little hand print. It is so hard to  herd them to the sink and wash after eating as they all finish at different times. 

It has gotten better as the older they get, the more in a routine they are with that type of thing but I still love seeing the little handprints around the house. 

I walked over to look out and see them at the end of the street and look down and the babies toy giraffe was stuck behind the magazine rack on the window base. I smiled again. 

I clean up their highchairs and pick up larger pieces of food off the floor and then shake out the towels I have beneath the clip on high chairs. 

I then head down to the family room and straighten everything up, put the bedding in the washer, clean the bathroom and was putting a video away and turning off the electronics and look over and see Godzilla hanging upside down off the bookshelf edge. I laughed out loud again! 

These kids are just so active and smart. The little bell next to the toy belongs upstairs, but one of the children took it downstairs. This is how it goes every time they leave. So many cute little reminders of their personalities. It brings me such joy to see them growing and having them be so healthy and enjoying the world around them. 

My grand-daughter was sitting in my massage chair while I was cooking and she said, "Grandma, when I grow up, I want to live in this house!" It was really sweet. I think I have made my house a "fun house" for kids. 

I shared with her that my house wouldn't be the same when she was older as things change but I told her that I loved that she enjoyed visiting my home. 

I am so blessed to have such an amazing daughter who picked an amazing husband, and the two are raising amazing children. I feel gratitude for the efforts they are making as parents.

I pray you are all as blessed! 

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Visiting With my Grandchildren - Love It All

I have had a wonderful time with my grandchildren this weekend. 

I am really tired and am going to share my favorite pictures of the day of each child. I am fighting off some illness as I keep waking up in the night with a sore throat. I take stuff in the night and then get busy in the day and forget and then feel horrible by night again. 

I have a busy week, but hope to get feeling better. I think I have more going on with the parasites causing some diabetes issues, but will go into that more later. I think that is why I have been so tired at night. 

Enjoy these cute faces! Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

People Are Crazy - Quote from NY - Princess Five has a New Companion

"People are just crazy" -Hermana Staz

This week was fun!

•we were looking for a former when a police officer started yelling at a man for relieving himself on the street, and then a Jamaican minister woman asked if she could use our phone, and in the mean time the police officer called back up, and so we decided to get out of there.

•we were switched from the all Spanish missionary district to the Korean/English/Spanish/Haitian-creole district which was sad, but it will be exciting for sure.

•we were in a richer part of our area we've never been to before, but we were early to a dinner appointment so we decided to look for some apartments to knock before heading over. We looked for the mailboxes that had Spanish names on them, but we ended up decided to knock the ones without names, because none of the ones there were Hispanic. We knocked the two on the ground floor. But no one was home so we went up to the other apartments and when we knocked the door flung open and it was the member we had a appointment with. But I was so shocked because I thought it was just another door not knowing she lived there, and my companion was super confused because it was her 4th day in the area.

•this week we were planning on teaching our friend Rosa the Plan of Salvation but at the beginning of our lesson she opened The Book of Mormon and asked us who "Nephi" was, so we decided to watch the first Book of Mormon video with them, they enjoyed the video and were intently watching it. One of them had a question about why Lehi left, if there people were going to be destroyed, why didn't he stay and help them. So we read a little from The Book of Mormon, and in the end they were both very interested. we will be sending them verses every day to help them keep reading and staying interested.

And that's it.

Hermana Princess Five
Our friend Alea who is coming back to church
Rosa's daughter!
Car selfies, and motivational graffiti

Monday, February 24, 2020

Making Clear Dye Free Jello For Kids With Red Dye Allergies - How to make Healthy Jello

I have some children that could not handle red dye in food very well and I struggled raising them with that issue and most of the time would just have to deal with hyperactivity when they would get lots of red dye in candy or food. 

Princess One prefers her children to avoid red dye saying it is hard on them for a day or two after they have it so I have had to get creative when I am with them as it is super hard for the kids to not get treats when there is a party or holiday. 

A few years back I found some Jello that was dye free that was used to make Jello shots. I bought it and was able to make some fruit flavored Jello for the kids and they loved it. The next holiday, I tried to find that same Jello and they don't carry it anymore. I was sad I wasn't able to make the kids Jello. 

I was cleaning out  the cupboards as I am trying to get them free of anything I can't or don't eat anymore being gluten free and on a specific diet. I found some Knox gelatin. I then remembered that you can make your own Jello using the Knox. I was so excited to make it for the grandchildren. 

What I love about using gelatin is that you can make it any flavor with flavorings. I thought that the kids would love berry flavors so I made "blue raspberry" without any coloring. I am also using all the bottled fruit trying to clean out the storage rooms.  

Basically, you use 1 packet of Knox for 2 cups of water. One cup is boiling water and the other is cold after you dissolve the Knox and some sugar. I didn't put as much sugar as they suggested, but I put in about 6 large tablespoons of sugar, two packets of Knox gelatin and boiled it in water. Once the sugar was melted and the mixture was boiling, I added the apple juice from the apples I was putting in the Jello and filled the measuring cup up to 2 cups with ice. I find that ice makes the Jello gel faster. 

Pour the cold juice / ice in the melted gelatin mix and stir. Once the ice has melted, if there are any small pieces of ice left, I take them out so they don't make a pocket of watery areas in the Jello. At this point you can add any flavoring you wish. I used sucker flavoring, but you can use any flavoring you like. I then pour the Jello in a container to set by placing it into the fridge. Sometimes I serve it with Whip Cream or Cool Whip. 

I forgot to take a picture of the finished Jello and there is only one serving left. The kids LOVED it. I didn't think about it until after but I bake Beets all the time and could have used beet Juice or pomegranate juice to put some color into the Jello. 

I made a video so you can watch that if you have any questions. 

Have a Blessed day and ENJOY that Jell-o! 

Friday, February 21, 2020

Sit-itus Strikes Again. - This is the Third Time This Week

I am so sorry. I am not sure what is wrong with me. I think it is a large amount of parasites hatching as I can't stay awake after sitting for a few minutes. I am so tired. I have been going to bed fairly early for my norm and then wake up tired hallway through the night and then can't get back to sleep. Forgive me, I am not going to post. Hopefully, I will feel better soon. Have a blessed day.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Sit-itus and a Fun Table Find

I have fallen asleep about 20 times just sitting looking at the screen. I need to go to bed. I thought I would share this cool table I found for $15. 

Princess Two said she would like the table for her place so we will figure out if she wants it painted or refinished. 

Have a blessed day! 

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Indoor Garage Sale - Selling Online Sometimes Works

I am trying to clean out the house as I will have Princess Four moving her stuff home after she graduates with her Bachelors degree. She has applied and been accepted to be a service missionary in a small island in the south pacific. 

I will share more about that situation in the future but I am in a bit of a panic because her entire apartment needs to come to my house. At about the same time she comes home and then leaves for her mission, Princess Five will be coming home from her mission. This means, I will have both of their items in the garage stored for their college apartments and then need to drag out Princess Fives apartment so she can head back to college before Princess Four gets back from her service mission. 

In trying to clean out the house, I have been collecting boxes of stuff for a yard sale. I realize that with all the girls coming and going, I probably won't have time to have a yard sale and I need the space to store all of the apartment stuff until Princess Four returns from her service mission. 

I decided to put some of the smaller thing stored in the garage online in local yard sale pages today. I was pleasantly surprised that I sold quite a few items and made $70 today. I am hoping to sell more in the next few days so that I can have a place to stack Princess Four stuff in a few weeks.

Have a Blessed day!

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The World Is Ending - Princess Five in NY

This week was another wild one!

We had transfer calls this week and I'm staying in New City, but I'm getting a new companion tomorrow, her name is Hermana Stow!

Some fun things that happened this week:

•as we were contacting a man on the corner of a busy street, a bus driver starting talking to us over his bus speaker while he was turning, he said, "you're doing awesome ladies, sharing the word of God, that's great, keep up the good work, the world's going to end."

•we were video chatting a friend who speaks English and he was talking about how he thinks he cant sing and he would rather hum at church, he said," why cant it just be a "humm" book, because then we wouldn't have to sing, it wouldn't be that hard you'd just have to change the spelling a little bit on the cover of the book."

•we stopped by a house on valentine's to visit a man that had told us before to come by later, he let us into his entry way to share a quick scripture, but before we did we asked if anyone else was home that would like to hear it, so he poked his head in and asked if his wife would like to hear it, and she said sure, we walked in and we visited with them for a while, we were able to talk a little bit about the book of mormon, and they were really excited to hear our message. They said they would love for us to come back and gave us some chocolate covered strawberries before we left, it was super sweet. Hopefully we will see them again soon!

We had a goal as a zone to contact 20 people everyday per companionship. It ended up being really fun! We did a lot of street contacting and we talked to a lot of interesting people who had little interest in our message, but it felt good to be sharing it any way!

I want to share with you my new favorite scripture from the Book of Mormon I found this week, it's from 2 Nephi 10:23 it says:

23 Therefore, cheer up your hearts, and remember that ye are free to act for yourselves—to choose the way of everlasting death or the way of eternal life. 

I hope you all choose for yourselves this week to do something to move forward on the way to eternal life! 

Hermana Princess Five

How we feel after 2.5 hours of weekly planning

My beautiful comp and I on our last Sunday together

Our Sunday school class❤

Rockland bakery 

Monday, February 17, 2020

Oh The Frustration of It All - Google Issues Won't End

I can not tell you how many hours I have spend dealing with google issues in the past two years. I have had a problem with my blog for two years now, since google started ramping up their analytics. 

I got a text.file code error for my blog and my income dropped over 75%. I have made almost nothing on my blog with 2500 posts in the last 2 years. I spent HOURS and hours trying to figure out how to insert the ad text with horrible help sites and kept getting redirected to the same pages. 

I FINALLY today, was able to find ONE video on how to do it and it literally took me five minutes or less. I watched many videos on it before, read their tutorials, followed link after link. Posted some code in my page, and on and on. 

I am not quite sure it fixed the problem, but my guess is it will. I have to wait 24 hours before the changes can take effect. However, I made four times the money today than I did yesterday, so my thought is that the fix worked. 

However, I am still having no success from YouTube linking to the google console because I signed up with a different email on YouTube ten years ago but I changed the contact to my current email and it won't allow me to link my YouTube pages to my web pages. So, that is one current and ongoing issues I am having with google. 

The other issue I am having is that google ads doesn't like free web pages so if you use a Wix or WordPress site, it won't allow you to put ads on the site until you buy a domain name for it. I purchased one through another site and then found that I had to purchase a premium package on Wix to be able to forward a domain name. So, I have the domain at one place and Wix has the site but I guess Google ads won't allow me to post ads on the Wix page without listing it because I am routing the domain through another site. So, I have spent the better part of the day trying to figure out how to Link ads to the Wix pages. 

I really wonder how I will figure this all out. Some days I want to just give it all up, but I realize that by posting all this, people can find the pages and may someday we can find a cure for the awful illness draining people of life. 

I wish I could just hire someone to figure it all out. I also spent 2 days working on YouTube trying to figure out their new analytics. I think I am getting a better understanding of it all, but you have to search lots of links for each new video taking even more time.  

I think all the staring at the screen gave me a whopper of a headache and I was in bed all of Friday, and until midnight on Saturday fighting it. Nothing worked and I haven't had coke in two weeks so didn't want to start drinking that again. So, I am super tired and have Sit-itus going on. I have fallen asleep probably 20 times writing this. 

Have a Blessed Day!