Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Music Sterling Scholar - Busy Month Ahead

This past few weeks, Princess Five has been working on writing a song for region sterling scholar.

This has been a super busy time and we have spent lots of hours picking songs and figuring out how to combine songs. She is doing a super job and I am really excited for what she has come up with. She keeps telling me that I don't need to sit and listen, watch and give suggestions but when I ask if my suggestions are helpful, she tells me that "they are" so I will continue to enjoy every second of her playing as I know that soon, she will be leaving for college and I will MISS her playing! 

Last week, we went on a road trip and took along her scrapbook so we could scan it at the library of a major university so she would have them all in a form to put them into the online portfolio that they require now for sterling scholar. 

I messed up when scanning them in and clicked "PDF" format rather than a "jpeg" format which led us to all sorts of stress as you can't look at pdf in thumbnail. We tried several different converters and most will only allow you to change over one file at a time and the other problem had to do with needing to upgrade our older computers to run newer programs. 

I was finally able to find one that offered a free trial and was super fast to download and allowed me to do the entire batch of files into several formats. I was VERY grateful for that program.

Since we were able to get the pages into jpeg format, she has been able to upload them into the form that the portfolio needs to be in for them to be judged. She has been working many hours the past few days creating pages for the judges and she has also practiced her song on the guitar for hours in the past week. 

I didn't want the other girls to do sterling scholar as I heard how much work it was and in the end, they already had scholarships so figured it wasn't worth the work. We had a teacher talk Princess Four into doing Science Sterling Scholar and she took runner up to the winner at region and won $300 or so. I didn't know they actually won money for doing it but looking at the amount of time we have spent on the scrapbook, scanning, organizing and writing of the essays, it may not have been worth it in the end unless she does win and move on. 

She could have worked that many hours at a job and made $300. It truly has been stressful to me as it has made her take classes in school she probably wouldn't otherwise have taken. We have to make sure that she takes pictures of every activity.  

We did the scrapbook for another scholarship opportunity through HOBY and she was awarded a scholarship but it was one she was already qualified for anyway so it was a LOT of work. Princess Four also did the scrapbook for the HOBY scholarship opportunity only to find out she couldn't use it differed as she was already going to a different university on scholarship and had an ambassador scholarship on top of the original scholarship so it has been frustrating to learn these things after the work. I wish there was a specialist just for scholarship opportunities at each high school or in each district that would rotate through the schools helping kids in the process to know which would be worth going for and maybe a class as a freshmen so they would know which classes they need to take for which scholarships. 

The counselors know about a few regular options but with so many students and a busy work load, I know my girls didn't know how to plan and what options were best for that. I look back and think that dropping one class and taking one class their senior year would have given then $3000 cash scholarship for four years of college. I didn't realize that until after four girls had missed out by taking drill their senior year. They had all the other qualifications for the scholarship other than that one English class as a senior. 

If I had another child up and coming, I would suggest the idea to the high school as I think there are so many scholarships out there and just helping them know what classes to take to be qualified for the scholarship. Or, helping them write impressive essays, or portfolios, or resumes. Most of the kids she talks with that are underclassmen have no idea of the leadership opportunities available and I don't know that the new counselors are aware of them as each year, there have been less and less going from the school. The counselor turnover has been great in the past few years. I noticed that someone that moved from our town to another was going to Freedom Foundation which Princess One attended but since that year, the counselor retired and I haven't seen the opportunity for any other kids to attend. 

I can't say that I am going to miss all these type of things when she graduates. I have been doing this stuff for many years. Of course, I LOVE my girls and enjoy seeing them do things they love, I just don't miss the science fairs, book fairs, fund raisers, class mom, PTA, community councils, parent teacher conferences and school politics in small towns! 

I look forward to seeing Princess Five perform her amazing song and show off her musical talents. I hope this is just the beginning for her!

Monday, February 27, 2017

No News Is Good News - Missionary in Japan

Princess Four hasn't written more than a little paragraph for the past two weeks. I know she was sick and thought that may be part of it but I think she is spending most of her hour allotment writing personal emails which leaves everyone with a small snippit and no one gets to hear or see what is going on with her. We got no pictures last week and got this one this week. I will write and suggest that she write one informative email as everyone has decided it is better to get one long non-personal with what is going on in her life rather than personal emails that are a few sentenses and we don't know how she is doing with the language, food, health and country. 
This is short but I waited for a few hours hoping we would get more but realized, this is what we get so I hope you enjoy it! 
"So sorry about last week! We went out to work, and didn't have enough time to send long emails. The pictures I sent didn't go through, but it was already too late to send them. So I just sent three emails this week I guess! You'll be so proud of me. I bought a diffuser! And my diffuser I mean a fish pump. It isn't very strong it's better than nothing. I'm not having any problems anymore. My companion can't get better, but we are going to the hospital today for her. She's very clean like you, so our house is mostly spotless. Our washing machine smells bad. How do you fix that. I think if there is mold that is where it's coming from. Would you just do a cycle with bleach? Also it doesn't put in hot water it only washes and cold. But I am really happy!we don't teach very many lessons, but we are still working hard! I want to send out my big email in 30-ish minutes. I miss sitting by you too. I miss giving foot rubs and back rubs. who would've thought!?
Also (Cool old boss) my boss told me you visited her. Good job with the apples! I really hope Princess Five can get a job there and make the ambassador team. She deserves some good things in her life. Transfers are this week, but I am pretty sure I am staying here with my trainer.
I love you,

Then she sent this... 

"I'm also going to need a wireless keyboard probably. Just any type of keyboard that uses Bluetooth will be fine. It can be connected to a case or not I don't have a preference.
I have seen the Bestek cover with a magnet keyboard, and my comp has the zagg one. Just a few ideas! Love you!"

And then the picture with this...

"Thanks for the emails and pictures this week! I love all of you!
Please have such a good week!"

The long email she said she was going to write, she never did. I hope we get a more informative one next week. I love that she says she is happy but it is a bit disheartening to not hear stories or see more pictures. I will just have to be patient for another week I guess. 

Hope we all have a good week! 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Last Minute Bunko Night

I have had a busy week and I had a friend in my Bunko group that got sick and couldn't host. I felt like I should call and offer to swap months with her.

I called her and offered and she was happy about that. As I got replies from people about coming, four had birthdays in the family, two were out of the state and today the woman that was sick relapsed and she and her daughter couldn't come. 

I didn't want to deal with getting seven substitutes so I just went ahead and held it with the five of us. 

I made a great meal and desert and it was a good night. Everyone ended up with a prize and we actually didn't even play one round as we just visited and enjoyed talking. I am glad I was able to help my friend but also know that I was supposed to do it in a few months when we are dealing with graduation, sterling scholar, scholarship applications, registering for college etc. It was probably a good thing in the end. 

I am taking a long drive in the morning and I will be super glad when the week is over as I am really tired.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

ShakeGenie Probiotic Yogurt Maker - Part 2 - SUPER GOOD

What do I do after the ShakeGenie has processed for the 8-10 hours? I am glad you asked!
I have two videos on this post. One shows what to do after your unit has processed the milk and the second is one I made showing what we did with some of the yogurt and how we flavored it! 

After 8-10 hours, you should see a little bubbling / separation of the milk / whey / liquid probiotics toward the top of the container. It can look a little yellowish and at this point, I would shake and taste it to see if it is the thickness you want or if you want it a bit thicker. 

I went with putting it in the fridge at that point as I figured it would still be culturing as it cooled and I am wimpy when it comes to the tartness of real yogurt.

In the morning, I pulled out the cooled yogurt and shook the container and then decided that instead of flavoring the entire gallon with something we may not enjoy, I had better do some flavor tests so that we can enjoy it! 

First I flavored a glass with a dropper of stevia and a few drops of lemon extract. I really enjoyed it and thought it was kinda refreshing. 

I pulled out all sorts of sugars that we could use to sweeten it as I wanted to try them and see which we liked better. The owner says he takes and pours off 1 1/2 cups of the yogurt and pours in 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 cups of sugar into the gallon and then puts in flavoring to taste. 

I don't like to add sugar to things if I can help it so I tried agave nectar, stevia, and fruit. You could also try honey, maple syrup, molasses (great if you need natural iron), date sugar, or any other type of sugar, even raw sugar. 

I then pulled out some flavorings and made different little containers adding flavorings and different sugars to see which we liked best. 

After I made some, I realized that you can actually use any flavoring that you would use for homemade suckers, candies, frostings etc. I have about 50 different flavors for making homemade suckers so everyone could make whatever flavor they wanted which is kinda fun! Click here to see the list of flavors I have. There are LOTS of them. 

I also pulled out nuts, granola, (banana granola which I made, click here to see that) fruit, frozen juices, (click here) and anything I thought would be good in yogurt! 

I also made some little yogurt pops in a few flavors and really enjoyed those! To make those, pour the yogurt into ice cube trays and put plastic wrap over it and poke toothpicks through the plastic. I couldn't find my little Popsicle makers so I made due. 
I figured you could freeze it into cubes and then use the cubes in your smoothies to make it into a fruit slushy or you could just put the cubes into a container and take them to work and by lunch, it would be melted. Take some granola or throw in some frozen berries in a baggie and you could have a parfait for lunch!    

Basically, the possibilities are endless! It is SO easy to make and Princess and I drank half a gallon today. We had a missionary for dinner and she wanted to try it and loved the lemon as well! Great protein boost when I was craving one and I think I may just throw some nuts in sometimes to increase the protein as I am always craving it! 

Thanks ShakeGenie for making it fool proof to make my own FRESH yogurt!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

ShakeGenie Probiotic Yogurt Maker - Part 1 - SUPER EASY

I got a new product in the mail this week. I was really eager to try this product as in the past, I have spent LOTS of money buying probiotics due to my digestion problems and allergies. 
I got the product within two days priority mail and since we don't drink milk, I had to go purchase some before I could make it. I talked to the inventor about it at length an he said he lost 25 pounds drinking the skim milk probiotic shakes. He wanted a way to make a high protein and efficient way to make probiotics for his kids. He uses the whole milk for them and the fat free for himself. 

He was able to share all sorts of health benefits and studies done when people take probiotics regularly. He spent many hours figuring out just the right temperature so that you can use a gallon or a half gallon of any type of milk and in about 8 - 10 hours, you have fresh cultured probiotic milk shakes with a high protein content!

The little culture packets I got with the ShakeGenie have five different cultures in them. This week, they are coming out with packets that have eleven types of probiotics in them! 

I am super excited for the eleven probiotic packets as I have always had a problem with chronic yeast infections due to the Hepatitis B shots which are based in yeast. I was also on lots of antibiotics for about ten years so my "gut" hasn't been the healthiest of places that way as all the natural flora had been killed by the antibiotics. 

The product is a heating element inside fabric that acts like a sleeve and goes over the gallon of milk. It is so easy to use that I couldn't mess it up! I told the owner when I talked with him that I tried to make yogurt before and messed it up. I tried to make yogurt cheese before and messed it up. I tried to make Kim-chi before and messed it up so I was a bit worried I may mess this up! 

I think they have a "Mess up free" product here! Basically, you pour a little probiotic packet into a gallon or half gallon of milk and shake it, then slip the unit onto the gallon of milk making sure the heating side is touching the non-handle side of the milk container. Plug the unit in and set a timer. Literally, it takes about 30 seconds to set it up! 
I show on the video in part one how easy this is to use and truly, for one who has never had luck with the yogurt thing, it was truly easy. I know Princess One makes yogurt all the time and I have been there and had to wash up the pan after she boils it and the jars on the counter and in the fridge, also leaving it in the oven etc. Lots of steps and lots of work. 

I truly did nothing to make this! It was so easy and because my house is a bit cooler than most, it took a bit longer than the 8-9 hours and I unplugged it at 10 1/2 or so as I didn't pay super attention but just kept setting the timer for another half hour until it looked and smelled done! 

I opened it up at about 9 hours and I could smell the "yogurt" smell coming out of it and tried a cup without any flavoring and it had a mild yogurt taste which I didn't mind. I did want more of the probiotics so I let it process for more time. Basically, the thicker and more tart you want the yogurt, the longer you leave it in the unit! I am not big on thick tart yogurt so I kept it fairly mild. 
Check in tomorrow for the second half to see the video of how it looks once it has processed etc. 

Seriously, EASIEST yogurt maker I have ever seen. I have probably purchased 10 over the years for emergency prep and have NEVER had luck making it even in the little jar units! This was by far the easiest, cleanest, surest method ever!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

It Should Be Illegal - A Years Salary for a Months Treatment

Good and yet bad news on the parasite front. I still have people writing me weekly or more asking if I have found a treatment for the Horsehair Nematomorpha Parasite with which I have been diagnosed. 

Basically, I had given up on treatment as I tried for years to get the pharma company that makes Vermox to work with my Dr. and the process would have been humorous had it not been my life on the line. I couldn't get them working together at any point but then all of the sudden, the product is now available in the US again?   

Of course the "Vermox" name is not available but the generic Mebendazole is now available under the "Emverm" name. I have NO idea how it wasn't "Safe" enough before to be used in the US but now under a new name it is available at $300 a pill! Truly, I am so frustrated with the entire thing I don't know what to do. 

Someone online told me that she researched it because she had symptoms and found that mebendazole is now available in the US since October. 

I was SO super excited as that was the only thing that worked before for me but then I couldn't get it after that as it wasn't available in the US anymore. When I took it before, I don't know what size or mg pill I took, I know it was old so I took two of the pills assuming that being over ten years old, the pills wouldn't have the strength they would have had. Not knowing the strength of what I took is now becoming a problem. 

When I found the drug was available, I called my Dr. office and we went back and forth and then what amount to order and how many days and the cost of it and the pharmacies not being able to get that much of the medication and other considerations caused a lapse in the time that I could get the drugs. 

I finally was able to get half a months supply and when I found out that it was more than six months of income for me, I was very sad and disheartened that no one would be able to afford treatment if it does work! It is available overseas for less than $100 for 100 pills! I can't guarantee you are getting what you are paying for but anywhere else in the world, you can clearly find they are no more than a few dollars a pill at the most! How can they justify the costs here if the pills are so cheap anywhere else? It really should be illegal!

I took the prescribed pills daily for about four days and felt absolutely nothing. Now, I am a large woman thanks to this parasite and I don't think that the small amount is doing anything. This is where the amount I took before is a problem. I think the pills were 500 mg pills which is a common treatment dosage from back then for vermox. In fact, my brother sent me a picture from his trip to Mexico of a Vermox pill at 500mg over the counter. So, I think I actually took Two 500mg pills a day for a few days. I need to visit with my Dr. about that but I stopped taking the frustrating pills as I felt like I was wasting $600 a day on nothing as it wasn't working. 

My eyes are getting horrible and they are getting so yellow I look like I have pink eye constantly. I also am not able to see clearly anymore. This happened last time I got a hyper infection and this has been going on since my surgery. I don't want to take anything that may tax my liver unless it is working so after discussing it with my Dr. I think I am going to take 500mg doses for a few days and see if it works as at this point, I feel like I am dying with how bad my lungs have gotten. Before, I NEVER woke up in the middle of the night not able to breathe with the lung burning and tightness and twice this past week I have woken due to not being able to breatheas my lungs were so tight!

I was talking to a neighbor this week and she told me her husband has been waking up with a really tight chest everyday. I spoke with him after that and he got a bit freaked out when I started discussing the symptoms as he has many of them. I could clearly see his wife was freaked out. I rarely talk about it anymore as it just scares people but as you can see in this picture, my eyes are so red I look like I have dark contacts in. 

I need to figure this out soon! I can't take the headaches, choking on my food, gaining weight, not being able to see, waking all night with either worm movements on not being able to breathe and on and on. Truly, I am not being very patient in my long suffering but if something doesn't change, maybe there won't be much longer to suffer! Please pray that we can figure out some way to kill these things off for good!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Online Movie Audition - First For Princess Five

I have an update on my dad's surgery post of Friday. He was doing so well after his surgery, they got him up and walking and then sent him home that night as he was eating and progressing well. 

I spoke with him yesterday and he said he was in a LOT of pain but he was up and walking to keep active but I could hear the stress in his voice. Even in his pain, he asked me how I was doing, ever concerned for his children's welfare. I am blessed with a wonderful father! Please keep him in your prayers that he will recover quickly and not have so much pain.Thanks in advance for that! 

I usually post Princess Four updates but she didn't write today which concerns me. I hope it is just that she is in meetings or it is a holiday or something. I only worry because she had the swollen eyes and sinus thing going on last week. I am sure if there was an issue, they would let me know. 

Princess Five did something new this week she decided to audition for a part in a movie. I am in an actors group or two and have been in a few movies but never go and look to see what is going on in them as my world has been so crazy the past few years.

Last week I had such a bad migraine that I couldn't sleep so I played games, watched movies, anything to distract myself and during one of the longer and frustrating moments, I found a post in one of my groups about this audition. I mentioned it to Princess Four and she LOVES to act so she had me tape an audition for her and I think she did really well. 

We won't know if she gets a call back for a week or so but either way, I am proud of her for putting herself out there and trying. She, as you know, keeps herself busy but this is one experience I think she would really enjoy. I liked being on the set and seeing how things worked and I am proud that she is willing to try and do new things. I LOVE watching her on stage and when she performs so seeing her on the big screen would be WONDERFUL! 


Friday, February 17, 2017

111 Week - Dad's Back Surgery

I got a email from my Step-Mom yesterday telling me my dad's surgery was today and that they finally finished their kitchen and painting before his surgery. 

I feel horrible about it as I didn't know my dad was going to have surgery. It really stressed me out thinking that if something happened, I wouldn't have gotten a chance to tell him I love him. By the time I saw the email, It was too late to do anything but write a note which I am sure she didn't see as surgeries are usually scheduled quite early. 

I said a prayer for him and have had him in my mind. I talked to one of my brothers today and asked if he had heard anything and he hadn't but while we were on the phone, he got an email saying the surgery went well and my dad may go home. 

I don't check my email until I am blogging in the evening so by the time I saw the email, I found that my dad was up and walking and they sent him home as he was eating solids. So.... I pray he continues to heal well and takes it easy and heals. As you know, I don't sit still well and get antsy needing something to do and I get that from both of my parents but in particular, my fathers side of the family as NONE of his brothers can sit for more than about 15 minutes before needing to go do something. I hope he will take it easy and actually heal!

I'll keep praying for him and hope he continues to do well and I am excited to get to see their kitchen remodel as I posted about that during the holiday season. Here is a link to that. 

On the lighter side, I keep seeing 111 all over and truly that makes me feel better as it is a reminder that things are going as they are to go and I need to trust that all will work out. In a week or so, three times on my blog/ youtube sites there has been a 111 and I have seen it other places as well but you can't always get a picture of it. I also found a dime today so that was nice. Just another reminder to "Trust in Him" which I can always use. Still recovering from a cold this past week, I am headed to bed earlier than normal and excited to be going!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

College Tour - Ambassador Interview - In God We Trust

This week we had some busy days. Princess Five scheduled some time for an Ambassador interview at the college of her choice. 
Another day, we were able to visit this beautiful temple for our church and go in and do some family history names for a friend by being baptized for his ancestors who had passed on and some other work as we had time.  

We traveled to the college earlier than her appointment as we wanted to visit with some people in hopes we could find Princess Five a job for the fall semester when she enters college. 
We were able to speak directly to two people and then speak with a woman who is a career specialist about when to apply and jobs that may be open. 

Small world, but I paid attention to details at the career office and when we went in to speak to a guidance counselor about classes and the best time to register, I noticed the similar name and we were speaking to the mother of the career specialist. It was a different building a mile away from the other so that was fun. She was super helpful and told us to call if we had any problems. 

Princess did well in her interview and seemed confident in how it went. Of course, you never know as they have hundreds apply for about 20 positions but as long as she felt good about how it went, that is all that she could hope for in an interview so that was wonderful.  

We got the names of several others we need in order to ask specific questions about the scholarships she received and if they can be stacked and how to accept them etc. 

We had a great surprise when she ran into one of the girls from her cheer squad from a few years back. Just when we were feeling a bit lost as she had forgotten the paper telling her the room for the interview, this girl just happened to have a roommate that was an ambassador and called her to find out where the interviews were being held.
Of course, it is as it always is. I found a dime on the ground right in our path after the interview as we went to get sushi to celebrate! We both took it as a good sign and Princess Five picked it off the counter when we got home and put it in the little bird feeder where I keep my "found" money until we add it into the "found" money jar. 

It was a long but fulfilling day as when we arrived, Princess Five said she "didn't feel old enough to be heading to college and was feeling a bit stressed" but after the day was over and we had her schedule picked out, the interview over, names for help with finances, scholarships, job searches, and housing, she told me she "felt she was more confident and less stressed about heading to college now!" 

It was well worth taking the College Day off of school to help her feel more prepared to attend in the fall. I do know we will be headed over to look for a job this summer but at least she is more comfortable with the campus and the direction she is headed.  

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

It's a BEAUTY Disney Princess Date

I shared yesterday that Princess Five asked the brother of Princess Fours current missionary companion to a girls preference dance. 
She jumped in last minute so many of the Disney couples were taken. It worked out that I already had white t-shirts at home so she chose Princess Anna. I personally was glad it wasn't taken so it was easy for me. 

Her sweet best friend's mother should be sainted as she did all this cute planning for the date and they cut out the vinyl for the shirts and then hosted this all, including the adorable "Beauty and the Beast" - Be our guest dinner! 

I am including the cute picture scavenger hunt and most of their cute pictures below so if you want to do this idea, you can clip and paste most of it. Truly an adorable Princess Themed date! Enjoy the clues.... They had them cut up inside the bag so they chose one out at a time to do.

This is a Disney Riddle Picture Rally! You must figure out the place each picture is to be taken and the action that should be portrayed in the picture as well! A lot of clues are two-fold, so make sure and read them all the way through and do as the clue says to do! Everyone in your group must be in each picture, so find a willing stranger at each location to take it for you!
Go to the place that you can find,The tales as old as time
Open a book and a story it must tell, Make sure the main subject is a cute little “belle” (Wasn't open so they couldn't get the book but they put "Belle" in the front)

What is Peter Pan’s favorite restaurant?
Find it and you will see
The sun will cast this behind you,
But in front of the sign you must be.(Wendy's)
RANDOM QUESTIONS: If her shoe fit so perfectly, why did it fall off?
Find a place where your princess’s slippers are sold. Her prince must then her shoe hold.
A picture of you all, but don’t take too long
For midnight will strike and she will be gone.

Life can be rough, but Dory tells us what we must be willing to do,Find that place you can do this and pretend you are doing it too! Don’t get too wet for there are clues left to find,Hurry up, don’t leave your sea friends behind!

A crown of gold that is fit for a KING you must find, But don’t leave poor hungry Pumba too far behind. The crown upon your head must be seen, Inside the car—but not Lightning McQueen!(Burger King Crowns inside the car)

Where can you find a little Mermaid?
Of course under the “C”
Which by the way is a great place to be!
Go to the largest one in town
and under it you must all be found!
PS This clue has a lot in STORE for you, hope you get the MAIN idea!

Yes, Some day my prince will come
But while I wait, I have a small sum
To purchase one of these so juicy and red
The fairest must take a bite and act as if she is dead!

My house is made of those freezing liquid cold, But the cold never bothered me anyway, I’m told. I’m kept in large chest all over town, so finding me is a breeze!
Stand as close as you can—make sure my word shows, but don’t freeze!

My best friend is blue, although not from the cold, He’s magic, and funny and also very bold. Upon this I do SALE through the night sky, So stop by and give my method a try! Hold on tight to your Jasmine, it’s just one more PERK, Off to this store where the Carpet guy works!

A true Hero is not measured by the size or his strength, But by the strength of his heart!
Take heart and soul and body to the middle of this field, Where 11 man teams do a score try to build, Hercules strength is not needed for this very next move, A pyramid of you all must be made, so get in the groove!

Your Disney Riddle Picture Rally is finally through. So bring your pictures and come find what next you must do. The city Park is the next stop on your way,To finishes all the Disney challenges you have for today!
You clue may be found at the bottom of the slide, You may have to look a little bit for in the rocks it will hide.

This is what you find under the slide:
Tarzan Challenge: Swing as high as you can and toss your shoe off at the highest point. Couples will add their shoe toss total together for their score.

Frisbee golf (Tarzan style) Only can hit things in the park that you can link to a Disney movie. First couple to 3 wins!

Head back to the house for the Tangled Challenge: Each boy must braid his date’s hair in the best braid they know. Pictures must be sent to the mediator (phone number here) who will send them on to the judges.

Sleeping Beauty Challenge: All princesses will put a blindfold on and be led by her prince in putting together a Frozen puzzle! You can talk, guide their hand or whatever, but you are not allowed to put any pieces in place! If this exceeds 10 minutes, we will switch spots and continue.

Seriously, they should win an award for the cutest date planned ever! Thanks for making it so fun!