Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Avenging T Shirt Quilt For My Super Hero Princess

Princess Three is sometimes a bit of a tomboy. She likes t shirts more than dress shirts. She has one or two simple necklaces that she wears all the time rather than wearing larger pieces of jewelry.... I know what you are thinking, "How did I end up with several that wear large pieces of jewelry of MANY styles and have hundreds of pieces of jewelry and then Princess Three who wears only simple jewelry?"

I can only say that I wonder that myself! Five girls and they are all so different. I took them all to dance, piano, cheer, choirs etc and yet, they all have such varied likes and personalities. I for one, am glad, as I LOVE each one as they all bring something that the others don't and I was thinking the other day how grateful I am that I didn't stop at only one or two children!

With that, back to Princess Three's love of most things male! She "gets" our one Prince better than the rest of us and they have their own "speak" when they are talking about "Lord of the Ring", "Star Wars," "Zelda" etc. She just seems to think and act more like a guy that way. She doesn't like girl "Drama" and even when some of her sister "get into it" she won't.

With that, she is also into comic stuff. She isn't really "into" it but just enjoys it. She went on a date to "comic con" but she didn't buy a ticket. She gets all the "male" stuff above, she "gets" the whole "superhero" thing. I can take it or leave it but one day a few months ago, she dropped a "hint."

She said something like, "Wouldn't it be cool if someone made a T shirt quilt out of superheros shirts." Now, I kinda missed the first hint until I was shopping at a second hand store in another city while visiting. I found three "superhero" t shirt's cut into squares lined with backing like someone was going to use them for a T shirt quilt. Somewhere in my subconscious I remembered "someone" saying how cool that would be.

In another spot in the store, I found some "Superman" and "Thor" fabric pieces of cotton fabric about a yard in size for $1 as well. Princess Three happened to be with me at that store and I told her that "Someone" said how "cool" it would be to make a quilt out of the super hero stuff and she said, "Um... That was me." like I was VERY slow.

I laughed at myself and said, "Would that be something you would like?" There was an emphatic "yes" (or as emphatic as Princess Three gets which is about half volume of the other girls) with that and the idea was born. From then on, I checked the clearance racks at Walmart and other stores as well as several different second hand stores in several cities when I was passing through. I found my biggest gold mine at Walmart where they had large shirts on clearance for $3 each. I did pay up to $5 for a few shirts but on those, I could use the back and fronts of the shirt so I got two panels or squares for the $5.

I had my most luck for "different" shirts in the boys section as that is a popular theme for boys clothing so that was nice and for some reason, at that store, boys shirts were cheaper than adults which isn't the case at our local second hand store.

In all, the quilt will probably cost me $100 for the batting, all the shirts and the backing fabric. However, Princess Three RARELY if EVER asks for anything!!! She is the one that will give up something for peace and doesn't really care much for "things" and lives the most "simplistic" when it comes to clothes, belongings etc.

With all that history and back ground, I present to you, "Superhero!" by Queen Mom for Princess Three! It will only have a limited showing as it will be going into a "private" collection after the Christmas Holiday. I was happy to be able to include some new "Superman" pajama bottoms and a very cute Red matching Superman Retro type shirt which she can wear when showing off her Superhero T-shirt "Cape" on cold evenings.

If she doesn't like the "Superman" option, she can "WOW" all the other superheros in her life be sporting this lovely "Wonder Woman" footie pajama ensemble as she is a "Wonder Woman" in my eyes.

I am not going into details on how to make the quilt as I have SO many other t-shirt quilts and this one wasn't difficult as nearly every square is just that, a square. Whereas on many of the other t shirt quilts I have posted about, I have had to take apart hats, boxers, jackets, shirts etc.

It truly is a "One of a kind" Christmas present for Princess Three. The gift is more in the time as I have already spent probably 15 hours cutting squares, deciding placement, sewing and I have probably at least 10 more hours to finish, back it, tie it and bind it. Maybe even more than ten now that I write it all out. ha ha Every minute I spend on it is a minute I wish I were with Princess Three. I know at college, the nights are cold and that she will be wrapped in her "Snoopy" quilt or this "Superhero" quilt feeling the love!

I truly do LOVE Princess Three and am so PROUD of who she is!! ;-) 

I figured I would put links to all the different quilts I have made and some of the different items I have put on the quilts over the years and how I put those items on the quilts. It wasn't until I started putting up links that I realized how many things I have actually put onto quilts. It sure was fun looking at all the different quilts I've made for friends and family. I am grateful for the talent of sewing. It is something I got from my grandmother for sure. She could make anything.
Princess 1 quilt 1 link.

Putting a baseball hat on a quilt square. 

Putting zip up hoodie on quilt and baby outfit on quilt.

Putting boxers and short on a quilt

Putting "hood" of hoodie, sleeve and tank top on quilt.

Sewing part of back onto front for one panel and putting tie on quilt.

Jean overalls on quilt, sweatshirts and clothes you wore Pooh quilt.

Using pockets from jeans, overalls, pant side pockets on quilts Tweety Warner Bros quilt.

Charity quilt from donated clothes given back to family  that donated them as a quilt.

Memory quilt of life Princess Two.

The "B" quilt teaching others to make a t shirt quilt

Favorite square - Using the inside tags off the shirts to make a square.

Using Pillow fronts on quilts.

Removing snaps from baby clothes you want to put on the quilt. 

Sewing smaller shirts over the corners of several squares.  

Printing your own shirts for a quilt.

Camp t shirt quilt for camp leader.

Binding and finishing tying quilts. Snoopy.

Tips on Binding and Tying quilts

"Collection" theme quilts.

Painting hand prints from family for memory quilts.

First of FIVE quilts with cousin, aunts and uncles, grandparents, & siblings painted and stitched hand prints.

Finished "hand print" quilt one (there are three posts between the link above and this one. 

 Apparently, I didn't blog about finishing Princess Two's hand print quilt, must have been a busy time.

Hand print quilt number three finished. 

Hand print quilt number four finished product. 

Hand print quilt number five finished product.

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