Friday, November 20, 2015

Soda or Pop Tab Can Lid Elastic Bracelet - Easy

I have posted several times about making pop or soda tab jewelry.

Here is a link to the first ones Princess Five made. Doesn't she look so young in the post? 

Here is a link to some others we made when we had our exchange student.

Here is a post where someone made a bag or purse out of them.

Here is one where they made belts out of them  I found it at a second hand store.

This bracelet I found the other day in a bag of jewelry I purchased. I hadn't seen this options before. In this one, it looks easy to make and they use thin round elastic. They just wove it through like you do a shoe lace. They tied a knot at the end. It was really easy and cute and what I liked about it is that it expands over you hand and you don't have to have a ribbon tied like the other jewelry we made.

I know they have white and pink elastic cording so you could use that and you could also paint the can tabs. They used a green one as an accent one but you could make it patriotic painting them red and blue and use white elastic to make it.Making one for Halloween by painting them orange and using black elastic etc.

It could be fun to make patters up. I just thought it was worth showing and I have had a really busy day as it is now 5 a.m. and I need some sleep.

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