Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Mystery Gratitude Flowers Case is Soved

I woke to a knock this morning but I have had three days of horrible headaches this week, one which kept me in bed all day one day trying not to move with nausea. 

I was so tired, I didn't get up to get the door and went back to sleep. I then woke to a phone call, but still being tired, I didn't answer it. 

I finally drug myself up but at least I didn't have a headache today. I listened to the message on my phone to find out that the knock at my door this morning was the flower delivery people. They asked me to call when I would be home. 

I called and they delivered the flowers about 45 minutes later. The arrangement was so fall, and the first thing that caught my eye was the two little ears of indian corn. The colors are so cute. I thought it would be fun to use the kernels and grow some next year. It is funny the thoughts that flash through your head in a second. 

It took me back to when I was about ten and my mom had some ears of corn in all colors and she had us plant some of the kernels and it was such a fun year harvesting all those different colors of corn. We ate some and it wasn't the most tender of corn but it sure was fun to grow and look at.  

I looked at the card and it just said, "Thank you for everything!" I called my friend Julie and asked if she sent it and she said she didn't. I then called my dad and step mother asking if it were from them. Nope, but I did have some great conversations and updates with all of them. Then, I texted my girls. I figured if it were from them, they would sign the card. 

One of them texted back later that it was from "one" of them but the sender wanted to be anonymous. I laughed that I called several people before them and actually asked my friend Deanna when I picked something up from her house as well. I just couldn't figure out what "Everything" meant and kept trying to think if I had done something for someone lately. I thought perhaps they were from the food bank but usually when we sent gifts or flowers, it goes through the board so doubted that was the case as I am on the board. 

I appreciate them and they will liven our Thanksgiving table up nicely so I am really looking forward to this holiday with all my family here. What a blessing it is having a family! I am so grateful for them! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family! We are truly blessed! 

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