Friday, December 25, 2015

We'll Have a Blue Christmas Without You

Princess One and her family spent the holidays with her in-laws. We were "blue" to not have her with us this Christmas as we enjoy having her wonderful husband to bring balance in with all us girls and of course, Grand Princess One makes the holidays complete as she is just so adorable at this age. 

We had a fun night playing games, joking, traditional reading of Christ's birth and opening one present and getting new pajamas. This year we were all "blue" wearing Eeyore from Pooh. 
We also did some caroling and we wanted to share that with you here. Considering we don't sing together often and we had one singing tenor, I thought they sounded amazing. I have gotten in trouble with the girls in the past by posting them singing at home so I asked them if it was "ok" for me to post a few songs and they said it was. 

I LOVE when they sing together. It brings me such joy to hear them sing. I am so grateful for my ears. I truly LOVE music and harmony and stories in song. 

I also LOVE my eyes that I can see the beauty of my girls and God's creations around me. 

I gave gratitude lots this month for my eyes as I couldn't sew the girls gifts if I couldn't see and it would be hard to pick out gifts not being able to see what you were choosing. I appreciate color and God is so good to me. I sometimes can't believe how blessed I am. 

Just look at the beautiful smiling faces at the top of the page and no one can argue that I am truly one of the most blessed people I know! 
I also am grateful that my girls give gratitude. As we were getting things organized tonight, Princess Four shared that she had seen some shoes that Princess Five wore this week that she admired and wished she had a pair. 
She said that at Thanksgiving that Princess Three had purchased some boots online that she really thought were cute and wanted a similar pair and there was one other thing she wanted and she stopped at a second hand store today with Princess Two and what did she find? 

All three things within five minutes and they all look new! She wanted to share with us that cool story. How wonderful that my girls have learned the "Secret is Gratitude" as well. She didn't covet her sisters having those things but gives gratitude all the time to me for what she has. She has thanked me daily over and over for things, service and just being me. 

I love that her Heavenly Father would know the things I didn't know to get her and maybe not have the funds to purchase for her this Christmas but in five minutes and few dollars later, she had the desire of her heart. It is wonderful that she KNOWS her Heavenly Father and gives gratitude for the things He blesses her with. 

The girls decided they wanted to take some "awkward" Christmas Pictures so here they are along with some funny ones. After taking a few in front of the tree, I said, "Lets take a few "chair" pictures." as we have those great Christmas looking chairs I got last Christmas. (Click here for that post)  

All the sudden, Princess Three starts throwing herself into her sisters arms and climbing up their knees. We all gave her a weird look. She thought I said, "Lets take some "Cheer" pictures." I guess she still had Princess Five's game this week on her mind. We thought it was funny so we took some pictures of her "cheering." 

We hope your holiday is filled with Family, Joy and Love!

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