Thursday, December 10, 2015

Pink Game For Cancer - Halftime Cheer Routine

I was SOOOOOOO tired today. I actually climbed back into bed three times today. I still haven't gotten to working back on the girls christmas quilts and keep joking that perhaps they will become Easter quilts as I have been SO tired. 

I took some vitamins today in hopes they can help me feel better. I just cant tell you how tired I am. I got a few things done but even when I was in bed, I couldn't sleep. I have woken early the past week and just lay in bed tired. I think I am going to have the Dr. run a few more tests next month. 

I saw Princess five for a few minutes in between practice and performance as the local high school teams all perform together for the pink games. I put up a video so you can see how cute they looked dancing at the halftime routine. 

I really liked their shirts this year. Over the years, I have seen my share of the pink game shirts as each of the girls has had to dance halftimes and it has been at least 6 years straight with the younger three girls. I don't remember if they had them when the older girls were in dance. 

I stayed for most of the middle of the game missing just the beginning and the end as I wanted to get home and get to bed early but that didn't happen. We ate dinner about ten after Princess got home from the games. 

We did some chores and I got side tracked uploading videos and pictures but for some reason the pictures won't upload so the team can see them. I will have to try again tomorrow but I spent lots of time tonight trying to make it work. My internet goes out at least once every day if not more. 
I had a song running through my mind today as I dragged around from the musical "Bye Bye Birdie" called "Put on a happy face." What I got out of that song being in my head was "Grey skies are gonna clear up!" I truly hope they do but at one point when my stomach hurt and I was so tired I couldn't help but shed a tear as I felt so tired and sick. Guess what I found.... 
Yep two pennies at different times. One was when I was headed home from the Pink Game. I know God was trying to remind me to Trust in Him. At this point, that is about what I do all day! I am grateful he sends me little reminders that I will be ok.    

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