Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dressing Up and Sititus, Party On

Not sure what is going on but three of the girls had 80's days this past week. Princess Four wore a dress I made when I lived in New Zealand my Jr. year of high school. I should have had her send me a pictures but didn't. 
Princess One has pictures on her phone of her outfits but since I have been up all night finishing the superhero quilt for Princess Three, I don't have access to it. She wore the beautiful outfit at the top of the page for "Thrift Store" day. I bought those pants for "Burt" when we did Sesame Street one year for halloween and she thought they were cool and wore them. The sweater is for "ugly sweater" day but she matched it with the pants for "thrift day. 

Princess Three had 80's day as well and wore the slouch socks, side pony tail and leggins with a large sweater. She also got these cool roller blades for her "white elephant" gift at her party the other day and was super thrilled that they fit her. 

I am so tired but am THRILLED to be done with her quilt. Now, I have a week to start and finish the "Sesame Street" T-shirt quilt for Princess Four for Christmas. I truly don't know if I can get it finished as this last one wasn't even that difficult but took me forever. I guess the being tired week really got me behind. 

I put this last picture in of my Grand-Princess One as that is about how I feel at the moment. Sitius must be hereditary as all my girls did this in the highchair as well. (If you don't know what "sititus" is, click here to read about it.) I am headed to bed and hope I can get a few hours in as we have some appointments today. Wish me luck on starting the next project!!! I'll post about finishing this project when I am not so tired.    

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