Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hello from the Outside - Cute Thanksgiving Baby - Thanks Adele

I couldn't resist posting a few cute videos of Grand Princess One in all her glory. I shared a few things with you earlier closer to the holiday but as I was cleaning off the SD cards to make room for some cheer videos for Princess Five, I couldn't help myself but to post these cute videos and some funny other videos not of our family. I may have put up pictures of these and mentioned a few things on the other post but today I uploaded the videos as she is just so adorable. The picture at the top it shows the day she arrived, we had to rock her on the horse. By the last day, you can see in the video, not only can she ride it forward, but backwards as well.

I shared a post last year about how I took some "read-a-long" books to my family Thanksgiving dinner and had each of my parents and other older family members record a page or two on several "recording" books so that if anything happened to any of my parents etc, my grandchildren would at least know their voices. It isn't like a child is going to sit and watch videos of old parties etc. I can't even get my kids to watch videos of me growing up so they wouldn't care about older family. Usually, people just want to watch videos they are in or ones that are super funny.

With that, I had the book, "The Night Before Christmas" out with our other Christmas books but we usually put them on the coffee table. I shared in my post last week (click here) that the baby TOOK OVER the coffee table as her "Spot" to read, play, sing, dance and just about anything else. 
She LOVED that "read-a-long" book and carried it all over. She would pick up a few other reading books and drop them and wouldn't view them long but over and over I found her reading this book with the music and voices she recognized. 

The interesting thing which she didn't do with any other book was that she always laid on her stomach to read the book. You can see in the video above with her on the table that she will sit up and then when she gets ready to read, she lays on the table on her tummy. I am not sure why she did this but EVERY time I found her reading the book, she was on her stomach. It was so cute.

It was like she was getting down to business with this book. She carried around a little child song book with her but never actually opened up the song book but I found it many places around the house but as far as reading books, this was the HIT of the weekend. I have about five different read aloud books I had my family do and one the girls did. Here is a link to the post where I have pictures of my parents etc reading it and also "how to" and some suggestions on the best way to do this etc. I had the girls do a book like this but it was "sing a long" and here is the link to that post. 

This next part is funny, I mention it a little in one of the posts but if you haven't yet watched the Saterday Night Live spoof on the newer Adele song "Hello" I think it is worth watching. If you watch the actual music video of the "Hello" song, it is even more funny but I watched the SNL spoof before watching the real MV and still thought it was funny. 

Watching the Adele video first does make it funny but I really didn't like her video but after watching the spoof, it just IS funny. 

With all the girls having watched both the real music video and then the SNL spoof, they spent the weekend teaching Grand Princess One how to sing it. Over and over they would get her to say, "Hello, it's me, I was wondering....." You can see in the video above, we were eating our Thanksgiving dinner and they kept asking her over and over to say this and that.

Then throughout the weekend, they continued getting her to say it. As I was uploading videos for this blog about her saying "Hello" Princess Four uploaded this video to our family IM chat group. I laughed out loud when I saw it as I didn't even know she made it.  

Today while I was flipping through facebook, Princess Two had a little vine with grand Princess One saying "Hello". I will try to capture it and see if I can post it on here as they all thought it was the funniest thing! 

I wish I could edit our dinner video above but my computer has never worked burning cd or dvd or editing. When they installed the extra HD stuff somehow the editing and burning didn't "speak" so you will get the longer version. She stops saying things because she ate some of my "Dixie salad" and got a pomegranate seed in her mouth and she didn't like those and spit them out so she gets distracted half way through the video. 

I spent some time trying to get the vine from Princess Two's facebook but can't seem to capture it off her facebook site. I even IM'd it to myself and couldn't figure it out. Oh well. I will leave you with the actual Adele "Hello" video. I keep asking the girls why the song is so popular as I don't even think it is that amazing. Don't get me wrong, I love Adele but this song to me isn't that great and you hear her x in the background talking through the song so it is distracting to me. Maybe it is because I was kinda happy when I had my breakup so I don't understand the sentiment of the song. Whatever the reason, all the girls thought it was just hilarious enough that two (that I know of) made videos with the baby saying it and I got a few myself. 

The funnier part of this entire thing to me is that after the girls left and we had just Princess One's family here while they were all recouping, the baby would walk around the house singing, "Hello, it's me" over and over but I wouldn't know when she was going to say it so I never got it on video. I guess they just didn't stay long enough for her to get it. Of course she was learning to rock on a rocking horse by herself and she was reading lots of books and she learned to peel a mandarin "Cutie" orange and screamed over and over to get one off the counter only to peel it and not eat it. She had a busy weekend so one can't blame her for not getting the song down until after they left. It still brings smiles to my face just thinking about it.

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