Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Holiday - Unexpected Extention

We had a great weekend with the entire family here. It snowed but we were all cozy in the house enjoying our left over Thanksgiving dinner, playing games, watching movies, running around chasing a toddler and just being with family. 

I wish I had followed Grand Princess around a few more times and gotten a cute picture of her with each Princess but between getting meals, cleaning up meals and helping the girls get what they needed to take back for finals, it was a busy weekend. 

There wasn't one girl who didn't need something sewn, some supplies, visits about degree's, classes, boys or another subject which turned into late nights each night with a different Princess. In fact, as I was writing this, I forgot that I promised Princess Three that I would help her look up schools for masters degrees while she was home and we were so busy that I never did that with her. 
So, I just called her and we discussed it and I spent an hour typing up some questions for different Universities and School districts as she needs to apply soon. 

Now, an hour later, I am back to writing this post. I have LOTS of pictures I want to include in this post as well as some videos on how adorable Grand Princess is. I am hoping I can get these things all in but I may pull out some of the pictures as I don't want to be up all night writing. 

Grand Princess kept dragging this "rat tail" around and getting us to put it on our heads. It holds up phones, and devices so you can watch them standing up. We leave it at the table as Princess Five and I will sometimes watch funny videos after eating. 

We had some good fun with that. She also loved the piano and got some fun rhythms going on the electric piano. She also walked around with two sets of maracas and actually calls them by name. I would sing, "Cha, cha, cha" when she would shake them and she thought that was fun. You can actually see Princess Five holding them in the silhouette picture at the top.

We were playing a game at the table when one of the girls who was napping on the couch quietly got my attention. The baby was talking to herself in the reflection of my mom's national beauty pageant Trophy which is taller than her so she was looking up at her own distorted reflection and singing to herself. I quickly grabbed the camera and got a few cute pictures. 

She loved being at the "big" table as the highchair I have straps onto a chair so whenever we were at the table, she was with us. Isn't she just adorable! SO cute!!!

With the snow, she wasn't sure what to think but went out several times and enjoyed Daddy and Mommy time as the rest of us wanted to stay warm. 

The girls watched a VERY funny SNL (Saturday night live) skit about Adelles new music video recently. She starts her song with these words....
"Hello, its me, I was wondering if after all these years....." 

The girls would then get the baby to say them. Today, she kept saying "Hello" and when we would say, "Hello" back, she would say, "It's me!" We keep laughing about it because when all the girls were here, she wouldn't do it. 

They also taught her what the "fox says" as she knows all the animal sounds but it is cute that she starts dancing when you ask her what the "fox says." If you don't know what I'm referring to, here is that video link.

One thing that Grand Princess went back to OVER and over was the recorded book of "Twas the night before Christmas" that I had my parents record last Thanksgiving for me to put online for all their grand-kids. 

She read and reread it. She LOVES sitting and laying on the my coffee table and she and Princess Three sat and read it over and over and she just kept grabbing that book and for some reason, she would always get on her stomach when she read that book but would sit on your lap for all the other books. I think it is because she didn't need anyone to read it to her. Best choice ever on that one. 

On her sitting on the coffee table, Prince One suggested that because there are little pictures of Christ all over the table, she probably likes it so she can look at the pictures. Here is a video about that.

The girls and I left for a missionary farewell getting up at 4:30 a.m. We were worried about snow. We got to our destination about 3 hours away and got a text saying that Prince one was at the ER not feeling well. It turned out to be something he has dealt with in the past but not to that degree. 

They gave him lots of "Happy drugs" and we turned right around and headed home to help with the baby as Princess One wasn't feeling well and the baby had been up with croup cough while they were visiting so we drove 6 hours straight but I was glad I could be there to help. I am REALLY tired about now though. I was also up helping Princess Five with a few problems so I am ready for bed. 

I am sad they are leaving in the morning but since we are into the December holiday season, our nights are getting busier. I am on a new medication again and need to make some Christmas presents so it is probably good that I will be able to get to those after cleaning up and washing sheets, towels etc. 

We really had a good weekend and I hope Princess One's family gets feeling better soon as they also have lots going on this month. This last picture is so funny. 

She found these head phones we have for the electric piano and just carried them around wearing them. She never could listen to anything on them as they have the big jack on them but she just carried them around. Same thing with "cutie" oranges. Just carried them around and would get mad if you took them away. I LOVE being a grandma!!!!!

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