Tuesday, December 22, 2015

No Peeking - Sesame Street T-Shirt Quilt

I finally finished everything for Princess Three's quilt and have started on Princess Fours Sesame Street quilt. She is the only daughter that doesn't have a t-shirt quilt. I have felt a bit guilty about that as some of the girls have three or four quilts but finally, I have enough shirts to make a quilt. I am making matching cases as well so I saved some of the items for those but you can see I laid out all the shirts and we spent an hour or two placing them for size, color and character. I have had three all nighters working on this and have a bit more to do today. 
My internet went out in the night so I had to reset it and am a little late with this post but will head to work on the quilt after I post this. I haven't started the pillow cases but am thrilled I will be able to get the larger portion done and the quilt at least will be finished for Christmas. 

The other girls will be home today sometime and I don't want to have the quilt on the family room floor while they are home and don't want to take time from them to be sewing so wish me luck on getting it finished and hopefully, I can get working on the pillow cases this evening. 

Since Princess Four has been home from college all week, I have tried to keep the quilt covered so she wouldn't see everything. I would like her to have a surprise of something on Christmas morning so I have a sheet covering the squares and I asked her not to peek so she could be surprised on Christmas as she know the other gift is repairing two of her favorite rings. I am hoping they make it back before Christmas. It would be nice to have them to her before she heads back to school. 

I know she is excited to take her new quilt back to school so I hope I can finish the pillow cases as well so she can take it all. 

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