Monday, December 28, 2015

Finished Marvel Superhero Comic Quilt For Princess Three

Originally, I uploaded pictures of both girls finished quilts for this post but after some thought, there is too much for one post. I will post about the cute Sesame Street Quilt tomorrow and show the finished product.  

Here is a short video where I show the finished product with the pillowcase and heating pad included. It came out so adorable and everyone that has seen it comments on it as it is so amazing!

Princess Three had seen the blog posts I think and I also skyped her to ask her opinion on the backing fabric etc so she wasn't super shocked to see the finished product but I loved that she went in and put on her new "wonder woman" pajamas and wrapped herself in the quilt as you can see in the pictures. 
She has a smile on her face as I know she really wanted the quilt and will appreciate it. I can tell you it is one of a kind!!! I guarantee that she is the only person in the world with this quilt! 
It took quite some time to make the pillow case but the quilt was a bit easier as most of the squares are similar sizing and I didn't have to add lots of little things and worry about cutting into the back patterns as they didn't have any. 

Working on most t-shirt quilts you have to worry about that type of stuff so I did appreciate that I didn't have those concerns but figuring out the extras on the case did take some effort. 

Fun fact on the backing, I bought a black sheet at Walmart as I couldn't find anything after going to several stores but found this wonderful flannel checker print at a second hand store for $2 for a king size. I washed it and showed it to her and she liked it. I get to take back the black sheet saving myself $15. Yahoo for that. 

We almost used the sheet we did on Princess Four's quilt but I liked the grey, green and black check more with hers as it has the hulk green on it and it is so much better for her quilt than the grey swirl pattern we chose to use on Princess Fours quilt. It is a high count cotton and looks amazing on the back of the Sesame Street quilt you will see tomorrow!

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