Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Read and Sing Along Book - Funny Mistake

I have several different children books that are "read along" where you have someone record themselves reading or singing the story.
In the past, I have purchased a few and had the kids grandparents read the books doing a few pages each. 

For my grandchildren, I thought it would be cute to have their aunts each do a page along with grandma. 

I have had my parents and I read a few different books so even when they pass away, the grandchildren will know their voice. Check out my blog post about that here.

I even have the grandparents reading "The night before Christmas" and video taped it and put it on youtube so that all the grandchildren no matter where they live can enjoy being read to by great-grandparents. 

This is an idea you can do for your grandchildren. You can read a book and video you reading it while showing the pages and then post it online so the kids can watch and hear it whenever they want. Wouldn't it be cute to do a book a week for your grandchildren that are far away so when they do see you, they will recognize your voice. 

On the top video, the girls messed up their song and I wanted them to rerecord it but we decided to keep it as it was funny. Hope you enjoy it!

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