Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cleaning Grease Off Your Counter Top Grill, Sandwich or Waffle Maker

I worked most of the evening in the garden after about getting heat stroke working on the flower beds earlier in the day. It was so hot that I couldn't be out there for more than an hour before coming in to a cold drink and sitting under a ceiling fan on high. 

So, today's post is going to be a bit shorter than normal as I showered after working long into the dark and eating dinner and clean up, I didn't want to take lots of time on another post I want to write but don't want to take that much time tonight. 

It may be an easy post, but it is one that I figure someone may need. I got this counter top grill from Princess One. I don't know if she used it or got it from someone used but I was going to sell it to help pay for summer camps for Princess Five as Princess One always passes the thing she is getting rid of to us to help that way. 

When I removed it from the box, it was greasy and actually got some grease on my carpet. I quickly took it into the kitchen and put it in the sink so I could "degrease" it. 

The grill looked new other than the grease so I used my favorite brand of cleaner. "Totally Awesome" orange cleaner. 

I have used "Totally Awesome" regular cleaner on my toaster oven, stove front, waffle irons and sandwich makers for years now. 

I LOVE it for cleaning the vent hood above my stove. It is such a great product.

I put the item in the sink and spray away inside and out. I let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe it clean. 

Make sure if you are using it on a cooking surface that you rinse the area several times making sure all the cleaning product is off the cooking surface. 

As you can see, it cleaned up nicely and I was able to get $12 for it. Princess One donates items, Princess Two puts them online and I make sure they get delivered or picked up. Princess Five just gets to enjoy going to camps without the worry of cost as her sisters want her to be able to enjoy the things they all enjoyed in high school. It is wonderful that they all support her in her activities. 

I am blessed with wonderfully amazing girls!

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