Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cinderella Dress - Bow and Neckline Ruffle

The top of the bodice for the "Cinderella Dress" was too big for Princess Five. It was made for a shorter and heavier girl. 
To make the bodice body fit, I took two darts in the back as you can see in the top picture from the outside and the second picture shows how it was bigger at the top and goes skinnier at the bottom. I actually had to take it in a bit more after the first try. 

I also took darts in on the front section just above the waist when I had the skirt off as well as she has a thin rib cage/waistline. 

We had this cream sash that came with a little clutch purse set and had a big broach holding it on and I bought a bunch of them on clearance one year and had a "tea party" birthday for one of the girls and gave everyone this little set. 

I pulled the sash out of the "dress ups" and made it into a bow and after tying into a bow, I stitched it into that position and then fastened it to the left side of the dress. 
I couldn't sew it on both as the zipper goes down further than we wanted the bow attached so after stitching it on, I used a medium sized snap and affixed the right side of the bow using the snap. I think it came out looking beautiful. 

For the neckline, it was just a bit wide and low so I took a strip of the train fabric and gathered it up, more pleated it actually, and then pinned it to the inside of the front of the dress. 

You can see it pinned and stitched on the inside in the picture above. 

You can see how it looked on the outside in this picture. 

I still need to get a picture of Princess Five in the dress and I am working on finishing the big surprise for her in the next few days. I didn't think it would take me so much time to finish but I know she will be happy with it when I am finished.

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