Friday, March 13, 2015

Easy Gormet Macaroni and Cheese

I was in a hurry for a dinner the other night. I pulled out this cream of Chicken soup box I had and thought how it may taste if I stuck noodles in it and added some cheese. 

I did just that and since the noodles weren't gluten free, I didn't eat it but Princess Five and her friend tried it and it was a hit. 

I have never enjoyed mac and cheese as an adult unless it was home made but now I think this will be an easy way to make it a bit creamier than the regular boxed type. 

Also, I think if I added some canned chunk chicken or saute up a chicken breast and cut it into pieces and added it to the mix, this would be a great meal. It would be a home made "Hamburger Helper" if you added beef as well.

Basically, just use any gourmet type cream soup as a base, throw in some noodles of choice and then add some fresh or frozen vegetables and some type of meat already cooked and let it simmer until done. 

At the last minute, throw in some grated or cubed cheese of choice and stir it until it has completely melted.

Princess enjoyed the rest after her friend left as I am not sure she wanted to share it all. That is just my opinion but she sure was quick to finish it off.

I am going to try this with the gluten free noodles and add some of my frozen asparagus and see how that turns out. I defiantly like the chicken idea as well.

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