Monday, March 9, 2015

This Princess has Found her Shoe - Gratitude Moment

I have been posting for a week or so about a dress I am making for Princess Five to use for a musical theater scene where she will be singing, "On the Steps of the Palace." 

Try outs are were postponed from last week to probably this week and I am still working on the one item for Princess's costume but we have been looking for shoes. I have been going to the second hand store almost daily looking for a pair that could work. 

I contacted friends and family hoping someone would have something that would work. Several people said they may have something that could work but no one got back to me. 

Princess had the day off this week for parent teacher conferences so I took her to the store with me and we found the gray satin shoes that were used and had a buckle for $8. 

For them to work, I would have had to cut off the strap, and "bedazzle" them to make they dressy enough to work. 

Princess like the heel style but when she tried to slip it off while running, her feet stuck in them.

I REALLY didn't want to have to cut, sew and decorate them as I didn't think they were cute enough. I spent about an hour looking at Amazon and eBay and searching Google trying to find an adult size of "glass slipper" or "Cinderella" shoes. I wasn't able to find any that looked like a glass slipper. 
Within four days of me asking everyone for help finding shoes, I felt really strongly one evening that I should go to the store right then. 

I had company and had to get dinner but rushed at 5:30 and the store closed at 6. I walked in, went to the shoes, freaked out and couldn't believe my eyes. 

There were brand new glass slippers for $5 in Princess Five's exact size!!!!!!

NO ONE can tell me that our Heavenly Father doesn't care about the little things. In my life I have never seen such a perfect "Cinderella" shoe.

Being in such a hurry, it wasn't until I was home that I realized that the actual name of the shoe was "Cinderella" style.

When Princess put them on and did her scene for me, the only problem was the writing on the shoe. They didn't look real because they had black writing on the inside. If she wore the shoe the entire time, it wouldn't have mattered but since the shoe gets stuck and she holds it up, you would see that. 

I figured it couldn't hurt to try and take the black writing off so I used a q-tip with fingernail polish remover on it at first to test if it would come off and when it did and it didn't hurt the silver under it, I finished the job using a cotton ball to remove the paint from the shoe. 

If you are going to try this on your shoes, make sure you rinse or wipe the shoe with a wet paper towel after to get the chemicals off the shoe before wearing it.  Make sure you test a small area first so you don't ruin your shoes as the polish remover can break many things down.

I was glad to learn how to take the paint off of the shoe but was THRILLED that we found the exact shoe that was new, fit and perfect for her scene. 

The school is doing "Cinderella" for their summer play so she is hoping to get the lead. It would be great to have the costume already if she did! Either way, I don't think she will ever forget the blessing she received from her Father in Heaven! It was an immediate response to a need. It reminded me of so many other times He has blessed us. 

I just had to share that amazing blessing.

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