Monday, March 2, 2015

Cinderella Dress - Apron - Train

As I worked on Princess Five's "Cinderella" dress, since it had been cut and sewn a bit crazy, it made fixing it a bit more difficult. 

I don't think they used a pattern as the front comes to a "V" but the skirt wasn't cut and sewn to match the top. With that, I figured that it would look better with a sash/apron/train on it.

I bought a cream shawl that was still in the package and used it to make the sash type thing. 

To put the scarf on the dress, it needed to be gathered first so I used my fishing line and zig-zagged over the short edge of the scarf. Once it was gathered, I pinned the gathered edge to the front of the center to the sides seams. 

Once it is pinned, I hand sewed the gathered sash on. Once the front is done, I pinned the top of the long edge to the back top seam on the skirt to the edge of the zipper. 

I sewed that then and cut the sash in half at the bottom just a bit longer than the dress so it would drag a bit on the floor when she walked like a train. 

Once the train was cut, I hemmed the bottom edge and then I pinned the long edge below the zipper and I then hand stitched the back center of the train together so that it was one train rather than two halves of a train. 

It was great looking when it was done. I will show you how I finished off the neckline and a bow on the back tomorrow.
As I worked on her dress, Princess Five was working on getting the song down and the wording in time with the music. It is a bit of a hard song as there isn't a lot of music to count for timing. It has more of a clock ticking timing. She is getting it down and tonight I worked on a surprise for her. I think she is going to like it, I will post about it later this week. 

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