Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Broiled or Grilled Parmesan Asparagus

I explained in the post yesterday that our local food bank has had lots of extra foods lately. A few weeks back, they had a huge pallet of asparagus. 
They came in these cool boxes that are super strong and held 12 bunches of asparagus and had water pads in the bottom to keep the asparagus moist. 

The tips were closed and beautiful and the asparagus was tasty and fresh. 
The food bank asked me to deliver it to people as there was no way they would be able to give it all out. I filled up my car and spent a day or two distributing it. Most people were thrilled to get a box and freeze some. 

I shard with people our favorite way to eat asparagus when I was dropping it off. 

Ruth, (See a post about her here) my friend that passed away this month, was the person to share with me how she made hers. She served it at Bunko one day. She did hers on the grill but I do mine with the broiler.  
I then made it this way for my girls and it soon became our favorite way to eat asparagus. 

Basically, you just cut off the bottoms so that they are fresh. Line them up on a cookie sheet and drizzle olive oil on them and put salt and pepper on them. Sprinkle Parmesan  cheese on top. 
You can cover it with aluminum foil for the first 8 minutes and then remove the foil for the last few minutes. Place under the broiler at about 450 degrees for about ten to twelve minutes total. If you don't cover it, it gets a bit dried but is still good.

Here is a video of how I froze the asparagus and how I prepare and use it. I am posting the same video on some other posts about asparagus so if someone looks up one post, they can see it as well.

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