Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Golden Eye - HIDA Scan - Sounds Like A James Bond Movie

Over the past few months, Princess Two hasn't seen me often. She sees me and then it will be a few weeks until she will see me again. 

Over time, she noticed that in the natural light, my eyes have gotten yellow. I have noticed that my eyes look redder and that using the red out eye drops hasn't been working as of late. I mentioned in past blog posts that my eyes are red and goopy often with the parasites but the Visine Red worked great to turn them white. Here is a link to that post.  

I noticed it is true and my eyes are "golden." I had some blood tests run to see if my liver function tests were high. They were all on the high side of normal and one was high. 

I have been having gall bladder problems since getting the parasite. A few years back it was so bad and it was one of the main reasons I went in to see one of the first Dr.'s saying I felt I had a parasite but things calmed down some but now I am wondering if my gall bladder and liver are full of parasites and getting clogged.  Here is a link to the post about the gall bladder issues. 

I read about hook worm and thread worms setting up shop in the gall-bladder area causing problems so I wonder if this parasite being so similar is causing problems for me as it was one of the first symptoms of the infestation.

On a good note, some people asked if I had lupus thinking some of my symptoms could be related to that. The test for that came back "no" so that was good. 

My TPO and another thyroid test are still high but lower than they have been. Since my turning yellow, I went off my thyroid medication completely wondering if I was toxic on it as it causes me to swell and with the other meds I took this past year to try and rid myself of the horsehair nematomorpha parasites, my liver could have damage. 

I had an ultrasound of the gall bladder last week which was "normal" and today I had a HIDA scan and will find out this week how that went. I have constant pain in that area so the small amount of cramping during the test was no big deal but the yellow eyes are a worry and I pray I can get to the cause soon. 

I need to get Princess Four off on her mission and then can focus more on my health. There are so many things going on right now. I pray my life can be more peaceful soon.

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