Thursday, March 31, 2016

Winning Moment for Princess Five - Career Day Tablet Blessing

Princess Five had a choir trip over the holiday weekend. She went to California to visit Disneyland for the first time she ever remembers.
We took her several times as a baby and I took her once when I won a trip. Click here to read about that.  I wish I were in a position to take all the girls but over the years, they have gone with choirs and friends and probably would rather be with their friends at such a fun place. 

Before she left, we had Jr. Prom and my mother was still here and getting ready to go home. I was super busy but for days, I kept asking Princess Five what I could do and what she needed from me. I asked when she needed me to do the wash etc. For the most part, she had snacks, clean laundry, suitcases all ready. Last minute she remembered things she had forgotten but since I had lots going on and planned early, we didn't have problems. 
The morning she left, she got a ride to the bus so I didn't get up as she knew I didn't get much sleep with my mom here. When I woke, she had a wrapped gift on the counter, a note and the flowers she had gotten as Prom royalty on the counter for me.   

For her to take the time to wrap a gift for me and even use ribbon when getting ready to leave for a trip was SUPER sweet. The note was so touching and I think having my mother here made her realize that not all mothers are doting. In the entire time my mother was here, only once did she ask if she could do something for me without a prompt and only one time did she rub my feet and that was with a prompt. She never cleaned up after herself or offered to help with anything.

My mother was a wonderful mother in many ways but with 8 kids, singing in a world renowned choir, traveling to beauty pageant reunions and traveling around the globe speaking as a motivational speaker, we just didn't see her much after I was about 10. Princess Five has only known me as a mother and as you can tell by my blog, I am very aware of everything going on in her world and do everything in my power to support her in whatever she chooses to pursue. I don't care so much what she chooses to do as long as once she commits, she follows through.

When I read the note, it did make me think having my mother here has been good for her. She has always had attention being the youngest, she hasn't had to compete for attention but my mother does like the attention so when Princess Five would show up, my mom would compete for the attention and Princess Five would just disappear. 

When I opened the gift, I was taken back by the contents as it was an expensive gift. It is a Irulu Expro 1 X 10 inch pad which runs on droid which is what my phone uses so it is something I am familiar with. 

I was shocked as I know she doesn't have any extra money and needed what she had for Disney so I didn't know how she got it. I texted her a "thank you" text asking if she won it or something. I guess they had career day the last day of school before the spring break and she won it! Yahoo for Career Day! 

I asked if she wanted to keep it and she said if it was an ipad, she would have wanted it because she is familiar with ipods and iphones as that is what she uses. So, I was the lucky recipient. I thought about selling it but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to keep it. I had a small pad from my sister with a cracked screen and no charger thinking I could find a new charger for it and the screen isn't all that bad but I have looked for months and haven't been able to find a charger at any of the stores, the quick stops, second hand stores and I don't want to spend lots or shipping for one as it is a cracked pad. 

So, I decided to open it, buy extra memory and put movies on it and we can use it on our trip in the car this weekend to visit Princess One and her family in their new home which none of us have seen in person! We can also use it when Princess and I have a few minutes sometimes while snacking, we watch youtube videos that are funny or an episode of "Chuck" or "Psych" or something so now, we can just leave it on the table where we visit and watch those funny posts etc. We used to watch it on her phone or mine but they are so small it isn't easy for us both to see it. Now, we can both easily see it! 

I also thought about how great it would be to listen to audio books while working on rooms in the house, I used to carry around a cd and tape player to the rooms while listening to the books but now, I can just download them onto the pad and take it around which is much smaller and easier.  

I can also use it at our church meetings as all of the manuals and scriptures are online and I usually am looking at my phone but sometimes I share with those near me and it can be hard on a small phone screen so I can see that it will be a blessing to enjoy. 

The last thought I had about enjoying a pad is that it is easy for the grand children to watch things on netflix or youtube and I used to have a tv/vcr/dvd player in each room but with all the new devices, those are a thing of the past. I can get rid of them cleaning out the rooms as many are small and the less in them, the better. 

I need to charge it for ten hours before using it but know that the girls will help me "Set it up" when it is charged and will download all the fun games for me. I am excited to see how the cameras work on it as my phone camera is terrible. If it works better, it may be easier for me to make youtube videos as I won't have to carry around the larger cameras and then take out the cards and upload them on the computer. 

This could really be a huge blessing in my life. My cell don't work well with the snap chat, skype or facetime apps so hopefully, this will and I can then skype Grand-Princess number one more often and in a few months, Grand-Prince number 1!!!! We are getting super excited about that event! 

Before deciding to keep it and open it, I was looking it up online but the box was very vague about what was in it. It didn't give details of what model it was or how much memory it comes with or any specs so I had to look up the general irulu expro to see what comes with it. The FIRST thing listed was the picture of the tablet with a $111 price crossed out. I laughed seeing my favorite number. For those of you who don't know why I like the number 111, here is a link to the first post about that. 

Basically, any time I see the number 111, it is God telling me that "things are good" and I think it is my guardian angels letting me know they are around as I see that number often when I need it. You can look up all the "111" posts as there are some wonderful stories, miracles, and blessings surrounding it. Just type "111" in the search box at the bottom of the page to find those posts.

I scrolled down a few of the tablets listed on my computer search and just smiled all the more when a seller on ebay had sold 111 of them. I felt like it was a sign that I should keep it and not try and sell it. I just wasn't sure how much I would use it but after that, I started thinking how it could be a blessing and felt that it was very thoughtful of Princess Five to give it to me as a gift and I will always think of her when I use it and her beautiful note. 

Princess Five really is lucky but I count myself blessed more than lucky as I have such amazing girls! God truly gave me an added measure when he picked out my children! I am truly blessed!

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