Friday, March 4, 2016

Two Units A Week - Not Looking Good

My mother isn't doing well. She has started needing blood every week. She only lasted a few days before really going down hill. I hadn't left the house for days this last week. She got blood at the cancer clinic last week and it has been every two weeks she was getting blood. 

She seemed fairly good for a few days after getting blood last week but after about day four, she started to get tired and a bit confused like her oxygen level was down some. After day six, I could see she was just really tired. 

She was so tired yesterday when I took her to get blood and it is hard for her to think when she doesn't have much oxygen. With no red blood cells, she has no way to carry oxygen to her brain. With no oxygen, she can't think clearly. She get a little slower each day. 

It is hard watching someone you love struggle for the basic things we take for granted. My sister was here for a few hours tonight so I could go to a prom planning meeting and we asked my mother some questions and she was confused. When a few hours earlier, she was telling me a story about a girl that hurt her when she was little and we talked about forgiveness and she is still looking at the things she wants to let go of before she dies. I am so proud of her willingness to continue to heal herself mentally and spiritually even though there isn't much hope of healing physically. 

She was so cute tonight when I tucked her in bed and told her about my post the other day when I mentioned taking a picture of her with her glasses on her head. She thought that was so funny. She repeated the words she does each night as I turned out the lights and closed the door. "Thanks for all you do, I love you!" I always say the same thing back, "I love you too!" 

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