Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Making Twist On Clip Earrings into Hook or Pierced Earrings

I was at a second hand store, I was really excited when I saw these adorable sea horse earrings. They are REAL.

These earrings were twist back They were $8 which is WAY more than I like to pay for jewelry but I thought they were so cute that I couldn't resist. When I was about 9 year old. my dad took me on a "daddy daughter" date. My dad would take each of his kids out for a "daddy-kid" time every few months. 
It didn't last many years due to the various ages of my siblings and us moving when I was about 12. I remember vividly us going to a local trendy mall for one of my "dates." We walked around the mall and there was a tropical fish store. 

 I was a whole tank of little sea horses swimming around in one of the tanks. I was fascinated watching how they swam and was drawn to them.  

I asked for some for my birthday as we had a fish tank full of fish but they were fresh water fish and my dad didn't want to purchase a new tank for salt water with the different filters etc. 

Until seeing those cute real seahorse fish earrings with real coral in them, I had forgotten that memory. I looked at those earrings even though they weren't pierced and decided it was worth the $8 to try and make them into pierced earrings. 

It was much easier than I thought. You can watch my video above or I will just basically share how I did it. It only took about five minutes total since I had the supplies. 

Basically, use wire cutters or tin snips to cut off the winding section of the earring. Be careful not to damage the hole for the winding section. Once that end is cut off, twist the remain section out leaving the hole. 

Either buy or use hooks from a pair of earrings you may not want or use two that match from pairs where you may have lost one of each. 

I just basically flipped the back over up and over onto itself and then flattened it leaving the hole just above the top. If you have a shorter one, you could just flip it lower on the metal to give it varied height. 

Then just attach the hooks making sure they are facing forward before closing the hook. I thought they looked so great, I am excited to get to wear them.

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