Monday, March 21, 2016

Where to Begin - Prom 2016 Princess Five - Her Hair

We finally figured out what we wanted to do with Princess Five's hair for prom. She really liked the braided rope look of this hairdo and so I did it for prom and then ended up doing it again to make it higher on her head before the date. 

We saw this hairdo on the web but altered it some to fit what she wanted. We did it a few times earlier and altered it some each time. Then on the day, we did it and she showed it to my mom and sister and that was when we decided to make it a bit higher on her head. 

The first thing we did was to use a straight comb to pull down some hair on the front and sides so she could have some wisps to curl on both sides of her head. We pulled them together and used a bobby pin to hold them together so I wouldn't accidentally pull it back into the braid. 
Then, in some of the first tries, I made large sections for the side braids and after some tries, we then decided to make them a little thinner sections making the center one that largest. You can  see from the picture how we parted it on the side and then used the straight edge to pull the hair into the three sections. 
Once you have the hair in three sections, you can "poof" the center section giving the back of the head some lift. We back combed the hair but she has so much and it is so long that it just was not what we wanted so we ended up combing it out and went back to the smooth slick look.
Because she has so much hair, I didn't want to put the center section into a pony before braiding it because it would make the first center braided bun too far out from her head. 
I just braided it at the bottom as french braiding would have changed the look so I just combed the hair smooth and lifted it up towards the crown of her head and then started braiding so that the bun could be up further on the head. 

Once you have it braided to the end, you can french braid the sides or do the dutch or reverse french braid so that the braid sticks up making it look more rope like. I braided the braids all the way to the ends so that they would be longer to wrap around the sides of the center bun braid.

Take the braids and bring them down and under the center braid and bobby pin the sides down into the sides of the hair. Then pin it flat around the sides of the braid in the center. If you don't pin it, it won't stay flat but will turn or hide under the main bun. 

I had to use quite a few bobby pins to keep them showing flat but pinned it in the center section of the braid rather than the sides edges of the braids so that you couldn't see the bobby pins in the braids and it looked good. 
Once the braids were pinned to the sides and the bun in the back looked good, we curled the little fringe hairs we took out at the beginning. We didn't curl them all together because we figured if we curled them together, they would stick together and curl at the same places. 
Once the hair was curled, we used bobby pins and hairspray on the top edge as it was sticking out from the head so we sprayed it and then used a bobby pin to bring the curls closer to the head. After a few minutes, we were able to take the pins out and it looked better. 
She said she got LOTS of compliments on her hair and many were from the guys in her large date group. She said they told her that it looked like "rope." She was happy with her hair after seeing many of her friends with "loose" hair having to keep it out of their faces all night. 

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