Thursday, March 10, 2016

It's Been A Good Run - The End of The Cheer Year

Princess Five has been so busy all year with cheer. It was a busier year than last as Jr year keeps the girls super busy as they have the most AP and honor classes and she has taken the ACT's twice this year. The top picture is her fellow Jr's.
This next picture is her stunt group. There have been so many times that I wanted to post cheer pictures and they seem to get lost in the crazy life I have going on the past few years. 

I went late to the end of year dinner last year for some reason and it was at a park. By the time I arrived, it was over. 
This year, they had it indoors and had a "pot luck" soup and salad bar. We took some soup but I had to laugh as they had about 8 of the girls bring soup. 

Three of the soups were the "Chicken Noodle" ones you can buy frozen with the large noodles in the freezer section at the store which is just heat and serve. Two were a cream soup which is the same brand and then my soup was from a powder mix, Broccoli Cheese soup by Grandma something.

I love this soup because you only have to add water and it doesn't take freezer space. I just add some frozen veggies either broccoli or the "California mix."   
Princess and I made these cute candy jars for the coaches and wrote each a note about how they made cheer "Sweet" for Princess Five. Cheer truly has been a "sweet" blessing for our family. I loved watching Princess dancing and performing each game! I know she loves performing also and am grateful for people who will take the time to coach as it is a full time commitment. We are blessed to have two such coaches!    

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