Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Forgotten Posts - Happy Birthday Grandpa & Princess Three

Princess Five and I have a standing joke for the past few months.My world revolves around taking care of my mother as I can't leave a three room radius for three months and if I have to go somewhere, I have to get a "mom-sitter" so she is "safe" being home.

Princess Five talks about boys, prom, cheer, tryouts, running for student body office, homework, drama, guitar and friends most of the time. We try to eat dinner together every night but beyond that, we each live our separate lives. My mother isn't always "there" mentally so she will sometimes compete for attention when Princess Five is around. Other days, she is fine, I just never know.

Princess will tell me about her day, then I will take a turn and talk about my day and by the end of dinner, we have had her conversation and my conversation without much cross over but at least she is expressing how her day went and I can express mine and we both feel "heard." and were able to "vent" about the excitement or stresses of our day. 

I can't believe with only one daughter home how crazy my life is. I thought by now I would be able to find a day job of some kind and be able to relax more in my almost "empty nest" of life. NOPE! I am as busy now as I ever was. It is worse for the past three months in the fact that I can't go outside and get my yard ready for the season or finish pruning the apple trees I didn't get to and now they are budding and if I don't get out there soon, I won't be pruning them this year at all. I hate when I don't prune them every year as by the second year, I get beat up trying to get to the center of the tree and I have scratches and bruises all over my arms and face.

So, I joked with Princess Five today that my blog has been suffering with my "Parallel" posts. Just like I do with her, I get on a subject and beat it to death posting about it all the time and never get back to the posts I had planned months ago.

Since my mother came to be with me this year, most of my posts are about her and my crazy world. Before that, much of the time I would post about the parasites I have been diagnosed with. I realize that many people don't like reading or hearing about parasites and had to stop posting about them as I think it really scares those that may have some symptoms that like to be in "control" of their life but knowing they may have parasites takes away that mirage that they are in control.

One of the most "proper" ladies I know has had all the symptoms I have for years even to the point of having her thyroid removed. Since she read about all the symptoms, she won't look at me or speak to me. She likes to be in control of everything in her life and I think she just can't be reminded of how she really isn't and never was in control. I have known her for 15 years at least and I am sad that she can't talk with me now for fears somehow I remind her that she can't be in control of everything.

For those reasons, I haven't posted more signs and symptoms in the past three or more months. I haven't posted updates on what I have tried or people contacting me. I went to get three of the girls taxes done last week and the guy doing our taxes had lines under his nails. I asked him if he had them all his life and he said they started the past few years.

I shared my story in a three minute time and asked if he had any of the symptoms and he said he had EVERY symptom of the parasites. So, is the parasite situation going away, no! I just have chosen to not share due to people freaking out.

But, with that, I know I will have to give some updates at some point as I know there are many people suffering but until I can find some relief, there isn't much to share as it will only freak them out without any hope of a cure.

So, I am going to post some things I found while cleaning my SD card off a bit today. My dad had his birthday this year while we were camping.  Here is a link to the only post I made about that week of camping. I am tired and busy in it and like I said at the beginning of this post, nothing has gotten better. I am still busy, I am still tired, and I still have health problems.

My dad always says, "DO NOT GET ME ANY PRESENTS!" for his birthday or Christmas. I am a gift giver. I like to notice what the person likes and get them something that may be useful. Over the years, he has grumbled under his breath that I "didn't need to get him anything" but he is just SO adorable when I do give him gifts that I can't resist. Usually, I give him something he can use in the garage, motor-home or hiking. This year, I gave him a bunch of humorous gifts.

I figured I could give him things to make him and those around him smile so I bought him a fun T shirt which is absolutely true. It said, "Never fear, grandpa is here!" My dad can fix anything with a paperclip. He is very creative and my entire life he would come up with fun uses for things. He created unique "jeep" type cars with beds etc. He really is amazing and I know my creative brothers get it from my father. The reason I never take my girls camping alone is I do fear doing that type of thing on my own and still being able to keep my girls safe. When my dad is around, I don't have that fear. There isn't a car or house problem he can't fix.

I wouldn't have the courage to do many of the things I do by myself if it weren't for my dad. He bought us our first "salvaged" car and then just started banging, pulling and spray painting it for us. When Princess One rear-ended someone's car, he took her to "pick and pull" to get a new hood and then helped her mask and spray paint the hood to match the rest of the car feathering in the color to match the best he could. There are so many times he has helped us that way but not just "doing" it for us, but showing us how to do it.

I took his lead and fixed my Lincoln Town car when I hit a deer awhile back. Here is my post about hitting the deer. And, here is the post about fixing the bumper and how I creatively fixed it using plumbers tape and spray paint.

I gave my dad a roll of toilet paper that had jokes about getting old on it. I figure it is something everyone needs and at least he can have a good laugh while he is using it! He read a few and then pulled up his pants around his waist and leaned forward like some old men do and made a few cracks about age on his own.

I think there were some other treats or something as well but I don't want anyone to go without a gift on their birthday or special days. It is funny that I am like that because I really don't care about gifts all that much myself. Maybe I just like the joy from sharing with others as I do really enjoy sharing. As I think about it, I share food from the food bank so it won't go to waste. I share information to help others on my blog as well as sharing about my family and life on the blog and youtube videos. I love to share conversations with others who also like to share so I think it is just part of who I am.

Princess Three wasn't home on her birthday as she is in a far off land for college so we gave her a few presents while camping as well. Her favorite gift was one I was VERY excited to find. She LOVES sriracha or "rooster" sauce. I have used a variety of their products over the years and always have a jar of the crushed red pepper and garlic sauce in my fridge and purchase it by the gallon. You can find all sorts of recipes on my blog using "crushed red pepper" in them.

When she went off to school, I guess she missed the spice because she discovered their sriracha sauce and has shared her love of it with the other girls and now they all use it. With that, when I saw they had a "Sriracha" sauce shirt, I couldn't help but purchase it for her. They only had large but I figured she could wear it to bed. You can see by her smile that it was a winner gift.

It is crazy that I couldn't get these pictures posted sooner and that I haven't cleaned them off the SD card since I hadn't blogged about them. I need to catch up on some of them or just give up posting them all together. I have over 50 blog posts that I started and never got around to posting which wouldn't be pertinent anymore. Some, I started, forgot that I started them, and then wrote another post on the same thing! That is frustrating since I am so busy. My least favorite is when I take pictures of something and think I  have posted about it and then tell one of the girls to search for it on my blog only to find I never actually wrote the blog post but just took the pictures.

For awhile, I had a file of  pictures I titled, "Need to blog about." but then it got so full and I never got around to looking at what was in it as I always have so much going on that I don't have to look for things to post about as they just happen daily. I keep thinking to myself that soon I won't have anything to blog about because the kids will be gone and I will be working or just doing all the things that need doing on the house and yard and I have already posted about all that type of stuff so it wouldn't be interesting.

It seems that won't be happening in my life anytime soon but I am SUPER grateful to be as healthy as I am and to have Princess Five at home to keep me young and also grateful for Three AMAZING parents. I have learned so much about my mom while she has been here. I am more grateful for my Step-Mom having my mom here as I look at all my step-mom does for our family by being such a great wife to my dad and mother to her children and all my family. I don't think my dad could do all he does without her. My mother has shared while here how grateful she is for my step-mother and how much she does do for our family. Then, there is my dad. He constantly asks how he can help us. Almost every car I have owned in my life, my dad has had his hand in getting for us or fixing etc. I am truly blessed with wonderful people in my world!

Happy Belated Birthday Dad! I LOVE YOU!

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