Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Musical Snow Day - Beautiful Day

A few weeks back, I wrote a post about David Bowie and how he influenced my life. His loss is a great one as he had decades of influence. I was watching an English BBC show on Netflix today and they made a reference to him on the show. I smiled as the disc cover I showed on my post reflected their comment. Here is a link to that post. 
In the above mentioned post, I talked about the cd's being stacked on my desk. You can see a picture in that post of many of my favorite bands. Most the the cd's are "Best of" or "Number One" compilations. 

I do so many things in my life because they need doing and it isn't until I am done or nearly done that I think to myself, "That would have been a good blog."

This week I have had two of those moments. One was when I spilled a cup of soup out of the fridge onto the floor in front of the fridge. That led to me cleaning the bottom grill and the tray that catches liquids escaping in the fridge and collects them under the fridge etc. 

Many people don't know that there is a tray under the fridge that you are supposed to clean frequently. I remember taking it out a few years back and the person who was at my home told me they had no idea that there was even a tray under there to clean. 

In thinking back, I think I was speaking to someone about their fridge having a smell and I asked if they had cleaned out that tray. Also, the back of the fridge depending on the age has some coil and tubes you can vacuum and also, under the fridge, dust balls and fuzz can get gathered up under the fridge and you can vacuum them out with a thin attachment.

Anyway, I got finished cleaning that out and thought I should have blogged about it as it is always good to know how to do that. I may still do a blog or video on it but it won't be today. 

I also have been finally uploading my cd's onto iTunes. Princess Two many years ago uploaded all her music on the account and my cd's never made it as she doesn't even know my music which I regret now. Since moving into the large house 20 + years ago, the stereo and 6 cd's player ended up in the basement and NEVER got used. When they were little, it was on all the time. 

As times have changed, my listening has changed to audio books when I drive as it keeps me awake during the long stretches without radio reception and also, I am quite tired all the time so it is good to keep my mind busy and alert. 

I used to listen in the kitchen but since the girls have iPods, we would just end up listening to their music rather than my cd's. Pandora and spotify also have changed the way we listen as they don't listen to "their" music as they don't want to fill up the memory on their phones with music so they just listen online or to the songs they have downloaded.  

I don't listen to any of my music anymore. The only time I listen to music is when I am working in the yard and the only music I had on my phone was from the music Princess Two downloaded many years ago from her collection so most of what I have is Disney Music, Religious favorites, or "Teen" favorites from about 15 years ago. There is nothing new on our itunes account since back then except a few downloads the girls wanted for activities etc but they never made it onto my phone but are on the account. 

For a VERY long time now, I think I would like to upload music I really like and also I can plug it in once in the car or working in the kitchen as now, most stereo's have the ability to link to your devices. 

So, my mother is here and I can't go far from her as sometimes she gets confused depending on the day and I need to be able to hear when she needs something. I can't be in the basement as several times, I go down and miss hearing the movie she is watching end and she will put herself back to bed, undressed and in pajamas no matter what time of day and she is quick, usually within about three minutes which is saying lots since she can't walk all that fast. 

The other problem I have had when going in the basement out of her "awareness" is, that I have scared her to tears a few times as she is facing away from the stairs and I come up behind her. The TV is on full sound as she is deaf with her head infection at the moment so she doesn't hear me come up the stairs and then she sees me or I say something and she gets so startled that she freaks out and starts crying so I have to be SUPER careful about that and basically only go in the basement to do washing. 

This has left me an opportunity to get to this project as I can't leave her for long, if at all, and it has been snowing tons lately which also makes it difficult to go out so I am taking this opportunity to upload all my cd's that have been going unused for so many years so I can upload them onto my phone finally!  

I am really looking forward to being able to listen to some of my favorite groups again. I just counted that I have 100 U2 songs on my iTunes and am not sure I have uploaded all my cd's of theirs yet so I could spend half a day just listening to my favorite band. Click here for a post about that. 

 Here is a link to a post where Princess Three sings one of their songs for me.
Yea for my favorite music and yea for getting the cd's off my desk top! 

With that, I will leave you with a link to one of U2's best "Beautiful Day" songs that truly is one of the only U2 songs my younger children know as they didn't have me blaring my favorite CD's all day while cleaning, cooking, etc. 

Today was truly a "Beautiful Day" looking out on everything being white and clean with snow, it inspired me to work on cleaning my desk top! 

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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