Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Announcing Grand Prince Number ONE!!!!!

Princess One announced today that they are expecting a boy in July! Of course all the Princesses are extremely excited to have another "toy" to play with when we get together.

I thought this picture below was so funny when Prince One stated that now he will have a full basketball team! Princess One seemed a bit tired when I called her to talk about the news. They purchased and moved into a house last month and have had some plumbing issues so not only did they find out about having a boy, they had lots of plumbing fixed today!

She was also asked to be a teacher to the adults in her new congregation this past week and her husband was asked to work with the scouts. They have moved more in their short marriage than I have in my adult life!

I know she is ready for things to calm down but I dare say that in July, it will be anything but calm with a 2 year old and a new born! Happy thoughts of seeing the two of them together. We LOVE seeing Grand Princess One.

The other day, we face-timed her and she said, "Hi Gamma!" It melted my heart. I am so excited to be getting another grandchild! 

We are truly blessed as everything seems to be normal with the baby! Looking forward to seeing what they will name him!

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