Friday, February 12, 2016

God and Nate Send Valentines - 111 Moment

If you read my blog much, you know that when I see a 111 in my life, I know my Heavenly Father is telling me that things are OK and that I am on the right path and things are going as they should.

You also know if you read my blog that the past few months have been stressful with my mother having many infections and I have been treating them around the clock not getting much sleep and it is like having a baby again. I need mom-sitters if I need to go anywhere for any length of time.

I posted about my mother yesterday and the struggle with if we should treat her or allow her to die. No one wants to have to make those choices for themselves and especially not about a family member.

With those stresses, I had a few good laughs today with God letting me know he was thinking about me on this Valentines day weekend.

My cousin Nate is a divorced dad and instead of feeling sorry for himself this Valentines Day, he thought about someone he could cheer up and so he contacted me last week asking for my address so he could send my mother a Valentine. He really couldn't have planned it much better.

There was a knock this evening at the door and we got a box with flowers in it in the mail. Now I am not one to look at the box much or look at an order number for something I have ordered or something someone else has ordered but on the card he sent, I couldn't help notice the order number because it was right there on the card where he wrote his Valentine message.

Of course, you have already guessed that the order number had a 111 in it. Right there at the beginning so I could miss it.

Now, I shared last week that when my mother went in for blood two weeks ago, her wrist band at the hospital had a 111 in it. I wondered at the time if all their wrist band numbers have a 111 in them and as she got blood this week, I had a chance to find out. NO, not all the hospital arm band numbers have a 111 in them. So, I know that God was letting me know "not to worry" when my mom was getting blood as her little wrist band number then was 111. Here is a post about that.

I included a picture of the card and show where the order number is in reference to the note. I really couldn't miss it as there isn't much on the card and "ORDER" is all in caps so of course, you notice it. My mother was really cute and told me I could "Share" her flowers from my cousin as I didn't have a valentine either. I thanked her but I have never felt bad over Valentines Day as God has given me some chart topping Valentines Day gifts, much better than any "Valentine" could so I never worry about that.

I sent my cousin some photos of my mom enjoying her gift. I guess I should have thought in the past to get my mother something but I usually call her and we joke about being each others Valentine but it really hasn't been a big issue for me as I have been happy single so I don't think that others may be sad on Valentines Day.

There was a box of chocolates in the box with the flowers but she decided that she has plenty of sweets from her Christmas boxes they sent her so she is saving that to share with my sister to thank her as my mother can't eat many sweets with her health the way it is. It will take her a few months to finish the bag I have for her that I dole out a little each day.

The flowers are fresh and will be opening just in time for the holiday and I put them right on the table next to where she sits to watch her movies so she can enjoy them all the time. She really was grateful to my cousin for his thoughtfulness. I am really grateful to my Father in Heaven for his thoughtfulness in sending once more a reminder that HE thinks of me and so my mother got her card from my cousin Nate and I got my card from my Heavenly Father at the same time.

It was only that much funnier when I got my mother to bed, visited with Princess Five and got her settled and then got on my computer to post and when I opened my adsense account which pays you to have ads on your youtube or blogs, image my joy when I saw that I had gotten paid today and you KNOW what the amount was!!!! $111.99. I laughed so much that He gave me the most money he could without ruining the total of $111. So funny. One more penny and it wouldn't have been my Valentine gift!

It takes me months to make $100 on there so to make exactly $111 on Valentine weekend is hilarious. I only get paid once a month and it is on combined advertising earnings from both my blog and my youtube and there is NO way I can influence how many people look at my blog or videos and even then, they not only have to watch them but click on them sometimes etc.

I am sure my guardian angels worked over time to make me get that exact amount on Valentines weekend!

I have a good bunch of stories on how God has one upped Himself on Valentines Day in my behalf. Here are some links to my winning and getting some amazing gifts from my Father in Heaven on the week of Valentines. 

Winning Cash post here, My first Big WIN!

Here is a post with Journal entries about winning a trip to CA and Disney for the kids on Valentines week.

Here is a post to a dream I had that came true on Valentines Week and I ended up with diamond Earrings and ipods for the girls.

Here is a link to part one about me winning a $20,000 Panasonic Package on Valentines week 

Here is a link to video of the girls finding out we won and more of the story.

Here is my entry letter for that Panasonic Contest

Here is link and video of us getting the prizes.

Here is a link to us getting our prizes from Panasonic.

Now perhaps you can understand why I am OK with my life and don't feel like I am missing out on Valentines Day! Seriously, God has truly blessed me when it comes to Valentines week and I will never feel sorry for myself again as He truly has blessed me more than anyone I know!

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