Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Belated Valentines With My Girls

My sweet sister said she would take my mom for a day and she got my mom to give us a gift for Valentines of a date day. It didn't work out to be all day but we did squeeze in as much fun as we could in the short amount of time we had. 

The sadness of the realization that I have never taken my younger girls bowling that they remember came to me when we went bowling today. 

I think in some ways, it made them have mixed emotions. I did so much with the older girls and they had some fun vacations to Disney each year and eating out all the time, at least weekly and shake or treat stops at the dairy etc.

After the divorce, my financial drain for lawyers and other expenses drained that "fun" fund making it rare that we ever ate out as a family or spent money on things such as bowling. 
It isn't that I haven't tried to take the girls to do those things, they always just say that they would rather rent a movie or such. If we all go to the movie, it is $60 where we could buy a few new movies for that. 

Going to a movie and buying treats is very rare and usually only happens at the dollar theater. It isn't that I am complaining because we truly have everything we want and need but time out doing different activities is a wonderful thing. 

My sister got enough that we could go bowling, to a movie with treats and dinner. Since I had the unexpected treat of having Princess Four home as well today, she got to enjoy most of our fun before driving back to college.

We went to Mexican food and enjoyed some great salads and I forgot to get a picture there but grabbed one in the car with our "to go" plates. 
We then went bowling where I was the big looser and Princess Five who has bowled maybe once or twice with school groups was the big winner with at "Turkey" at the end with three strikes in a row. 
Since we are in a small town, the movie options aren't great, she chose to rent a few movies she wanted to see and we picked up shakes at the local drive-in to enjoy while we watched the movies. 
Princess Five made it home safely and guess what we found walking out of the restaurant? Yep, a penny to remind us to "Trust in God." 

Thanks Sis for "Mom Sitting" today so my girls and I could enjoy a Valentine Day out together as Princess Five has given up much of her time with me so I can help my mother. Thanks Heavenly Father for the reminders today to "Trust in you" and carry on with what is going on in our world.

It was a fun enjoyable Valentines day with the girls!

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